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10-Day New York City Itinerary: a guide to discover New York

The city that never sleeps is ready to welcome you with open arms. If you want to live an unforgettable experience, in 10 days you will be able to enjoy the most vibrant city in the world.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

17 min read

10-Day New York City Itinerary: a guide to discover New York

New York Skyline | ©Patrick Tomasso

Stroll through movie sets, see New York from above or enjoy a gastronomy of mixtures and contrasts are just some of the many activities you can do and see in New York.

Whether you have already visited the city, or you are a repeat visitor because you fell in love at first sight, you will know that you have to get organized, as the possibilities are endless if you only have two days.

But don't worry, you'll discover that if you invest your time well, you'll come back from your trip with your dream come true. Let's get started!

1. Best of the Big Apple Day: From Times Square to 5th Avenue

Walk in Time Square| ©Matt Wade
Walk in Time Square| ©Matt Wade

Start the day with energy in Times Square

Start the morning, take a coffee to go and attend one of the most vibrant sensory spectacles. In this mythical square, the nerve center and place of passage of thousands of people, you can enjoy from one of the steps of its famous red staircase, the real New York atmosphere.

Let yourself be amazed by its dozens of LED screens or amused by some unique characters that you will find in costume. Times Square is the place of a thousand selfies and you won't want to leave without taking yours.

Climb the Empire State Building for the best views

A pleasant stroll down Broadway will take you to one of New York's must-see attractions that is part of the city's skyline: the Empire State Building. Who doesn't have the image of this architectural icon in their head?

But undoubtedly, what will leave you speechless, will be to climb the Empire State, specifically to its 86th floor. Nothing like being able to see the whole city in 360º and enjoy the American dream at your feet, with a myriad of skyscrapers that will make you feel like an ant. By the way, you should know that you can also climb the Empire State Building at night, so if it's a cloudy day, postpone this great plan for sunset.

A tip to avoid wasting time? Do not run out of tickets, book online and save the queue to climb the Empire State Building.

Book your ticket to the Empire State Building

Stroll down Fifth Avenue

Just around the corner from the Empire you will find the famous Fifth Avenue. A classic of New York City is to cross this commercial artery that will leave you speechless. Of course, it is not for all budgets, but without a doubt, strolling down the most famous street in New York is one of the first things you should do as soon as you set foot in the city.

Its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its connection with the main points of interest in Manhattan such as St. Patrick's Cathedral or Rockefeller Center, make Fifth Avenue the favorite place for visitors to know the must-see of Manhattan. It's up to you to indulge yourself, but remember it's only the first day.

Stop for a bite to eat in the trendiest new neighborhood

And just when you thought you knew everything about New York, they go and build an entire neighborhood on the west side of Manhattan, Hudson Yards.

Before we get to the points of interest, let's make a technical stop to eat at one of the most famous places for having the seal of the renowned and award-winning Spanish chef Jose Andres, the Little Spain Market. You will also find other interesting culinary options in the shopping center The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards.

See the highlights of Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is one of the points of interest that, whether you know the city or it's your first time, I think it's highly recommended that you check it out.

A neighborhood that is expected to be completed in a few years, you can admire The Vessel, a sculpture in the form of a beehive that will not leave you indifferent with its crisscrossing stairs or climb The Edge, the highest open observatory in the Western Hemisphere, a dizzying experience.

It's time for a great burger dinner

To talk about hamburgers is to talk about the United States. You can find multiple options to savor a delicious Cheeseburger.

At Burger Joint you will find a variety at a very affordable price. Another icon for burger lovers is the legendary Five Guys, which you may already know, as it is a chain of restaurants that are already installed in Spain, but enjoy the original ones in a place like New York is an experience you can not miss.

And if you want all the flavor in a cozier atmosphere, I invite you to get to know Napkin-Burgers. Undoubtedly, an experience that you can repeat at any time of your trip.

Anyway, here is a list of the best places to eat in New York in case you feel like exploring other options.

Book a gastronomic tour in Manhattan

2. Manhattan to Brooklyn Day

Ride on the Brooklyn Bride| ©Hellotickets
Ride on the Brooklyn Bride| ©Hellotickets

Start by boarding a ferry to the Statue of Liberty

If you were jet lagged yesterday, wake up early - what could be more exciting to start the day than a visit to the quintessential symbol of New York! The lady originally greeted the immigrants who came to seek a living on the new continent and today is the banner that continues to admire every visitor who wants to approach Liberty Island.

There are several options to enjoy this unforgettable experience, although it is true that everyone wants to get close to see it, so I recommend that you get up early to take a ferry to Liberty Island from Battery Park.

If you feel like it, you can also visit the nearby Ellis Island, but the best advice I can give you is to book your ticket in advance to the Statue ofLiberty (some include transportation and a guided tour) so you don't miss out on seeing the majestic Statue up close...

Book your ticket to the Statue of Liberty

Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most famous bridges in the world and that you will have seen in movies hundreds of times, is the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects this neighborhood with Manhattan. Any time of the day is a good time to take a walk on this suspension bridge from which you can't stop taking pictures. The Manhattan skyline is impressive from this perspective.

You will feel like a real superhero like Spiderman, but without webs to climb, just taking time to enjoy the unforgettable scenery at the foot of the Big Apple.

A stop for lunch and a view of the Manhattan skyline from DUMBO

And after a morning full of experiences, I suggest you try the best pizza in New York in Brooklyn. Just under the Brooklyn Bridge at 1 Front Street, you'll find Grimaldi's, it makes your mouth water! Looking for other options? Take note of where to eat in Brooklyn.

After satisfying your palate, I suggest a leisurely stroll to see all that Brooklyn has to offer and visit DUMBO, a bohemian and artistic neighborhood where you can enjoy the most modern design with the sober industrial architecture. To finish the walk, what better than taking a picture from Washington Street with the skyscrapers in the background of the Big Apple.

To close the day, experience a thrilling evening of live NBA action

And to end the day, you are going to vibrate: an NBA game in New York is not just a basketball game, it is a real spectacle for young and old. It is pure emotion that will make you feel like an American supporting the team of your choice, even if you have no idea how it goes.

If you are still in Brooklyn, book tickets for the Brooklyn Nets, playing at the Barclays Center.

If you prefer to go back to Manhattan, then your game is at Madison Square Garden and you should book New York Knicks tickets. Are you ready to scream like a true fan?

Book NBA tickets

3. Day A city of contrasts: Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn

Entrance to Yankee Stadium| ©Andres Alvarado
Entrance to Yankee Stadium| ©Andres Alvarado

Discover, as the first option of the day, the surroundings of Manhattan with a Tour of Contrasts

A new day, a new experience. Today I recommend you to get out of Manhattan again and experience the contrasts of New York with the famous tour of contrasts that runs from Brooklyn to the Bronx, passing through Queens, and that will immerse you in the culture, history and architecture of New York.

  • Learn about the history of Harlem and its typical "Brownstone Houses".
  • Be amazed by Yankee Stadium, New York's famous baseball team.
  • Photograph the most famous graffiti in the Bronx.
  • And see Queens County, the largest and most multicultural county in all of New York City, among many other things...

Book the Contrasts Tour

Wlliamsburg in Brooklyn, not just the Jewish Quarter

The Sky Room Terrace| ©
The Sky Room Terrace| ©

Speaking of contrasts, Williamsburg is also the hipster neighborhood. This neighborhood with an industrial profile is full of street art, young people, signature stores and boutique restaurants. If yesterday you were left wanting more on your walk through Brooklyn, take advantage of the tour of contrasts that leaves you in the area to walk around and discover Williamsburg, its cafes and vintage stores.

Fancy a brunch?

The Williamsburg Cafes are an essential stop to enjoy a delicious brunch and different types of international cuisine.
At Cafe Mogador you can taste delicious Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes in a cozy atmosphere.

Also, you can taste the flavors of French and New American cuisine at Cafe Colette. Or let yourself be surprised by an appetizing brunch just steps away from the many attractions of Bedford Avenue, at Marlow & Sons.

Book a tour of Williamsburg in Brooklyn

A leisurely tour of the Jewish Quarter

And from the hipster area I invite you to walk through the Jewish Quarter of New York, an area where you can observe the customs of Orthodox Jews with humility and austerity.

Close the night with a cocktail on a rooftop with a view

You can't miss the opportunity to get to know the New York nightlife in the city that never sleeps. Can you imagine being able to enter the most prominent clubs in the city and enjoy a delicious cocktail while listening to live music and enjoying the best views of the city?

Just choose your favorite from this list of the best rooftops in New York, chin chin!

4. Harlem and Central Park Day

An afternoon in Central Park| ©Hellotickets
An afternoon in Central Park| ©Hellotickets

Start the day listening to gospel mass in Harlem

The best way to get a taste of Harlem culture is to attend a live gospel service at a local church in the district. There are different options to visit the neighborhood away from the skyscrapers depending on your availability.

That's why I advise you to take the Harlem Gospel Mass tour and let yourself be carried away in unison by the dozens of voices of the congregation. A unique experience to remember.

Book a tour of Harlem with Gospel Mass

Afternoon bike ride in Central Park

Today is the day to enjoy New York's largest urban park without limits and take advantage of all there is to see and do in Central Park.

Rent a bike, unfold the picnic tablecloth and contemplate nature and the colors characteristic of the time of year you are in. More than 4 kilometers to enjoy calmly, breathe fresh air and, why not, do some sport. This is undoubtedly one of the best parks in New York.

5. A day full of culture: The best museums and art in abundance

MoMa entrance| ©Wikimedia
MoMa entrance| ©Wikimedia

A must-see to start the day: The MoMA

The Museum of Modern Art in New York is home to some of the world's most iconic artists such as Picasso, Warhol, Van Gogh, Dali and Miro. Get your MoMa tickets in advance to save time and money and immerse yourself in a colorful and design universe.

The duration of the visit can last as long as you are passionate about modern art - it's up to you!

Book your tickets to MoMA

Stroll around the Upper East Side and visit the Museum of Natural History

After the visit to the MoMa, you will head to the most chic and expensive neighborhood of New York, with Madison Avenue and its designer stores or Barney's, a luxurious shopping mall divided half for men's and half for women's stores.

I recommend the Sfoglia restaurantfor lunch, among the many options you have in this neighborhood. Of course, the classic style of the establishments predominates in this residential area of neighbors with high purchasing power.

And if you still want more, I invite you to visit one of the best natural science museums in the world, the American Museum of Natural History. Whether you go to New York with children or not, you will have a great time, almost as much fun as the protagonists of the movie "Night at the Museum".

Book your tickets to the Museum of Natural History

To close the day, sail on a night cruise on the Hudson to see the lights of New York City

New York nightlife has its charm on land, but when it comes to enjoying a DJ and a delicious buffet while sailing on a yacht on the Hudson and East rivers, there is no better way to end the day! There are several options (and budgets for all budgets).

Some of the best Hudson River cruises include dinners are more premium and require black tie attire. Others are more casual and will still allow you to enjoy the views while enjoying a buffet dinner. The choice is yours!

6. New York Movie Day

The famous apartment from the series Friends| ©Hellotickets
The famous apartment from the series Friends| ©Hellotickets

Get ready to start the day with a New York Film and Series Tour

New York is a city of movies, but you already know that. You have in your retina hundreds of memories of scenes that have made you cry, laugh, get scared and above all dream.

This is the time to stop time and let yourself be carried away by the city to discover the best locations of movies and series filmed in New York. You'll find hidden treasures and take movie photos!

In the afternoon, visit Ground Zero and the Financial District

You'll recognize New York's Financial District as soon as you arrive by the businessmen in suits hurrying through the streets. Stop for a bite to eat at one of the many fast food joints lining the streets.

On the way to Ground Zero you can stop to watch the New York Stock Exchange or pet the famous buffalo for good luck.

If you want to let yourself be carried away by the emotion, you can not miss visiting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the place where the Twin Towers stood imposing.

If you are in the area, don't miss the new Oculus, full of stores inside and where thanks to its incredible design you can play with your camera for a while.

End the day with your favorite musical on Broadway

And why did you decide to travel to New York? Well, among many things you dream of seeing your favorite musical in the mecca of musicals, on Broadway.

The Lion King, Aladdin, The Phantom of the Opera or Wicked are just some of the examples that await you this season in New York. Don't know which one to choose? Check out this list of the best Broadway musicals.

Book a Broadway musical

7. Day Take a bite of the Big Apple

Chelsea Market entrance| ©Hellotickets
Chelsea Market entrance| ©Hellotickets

A delightful stroll along the High Line and Greenwich Village

What if I tell you that there is an urban garden where you can walk along the old train tracks...? Yes, it's true, the High Line is real and it is a very pleasant walk.

A route of about two and a half kilometers that mixes art and nature with large rest areas until you reach the Meatpacking District in Greenwich Village.

Enjoy the flavors of Chelsea Market

Nothing better to eat than to go to Chelsea Market to enjoy a delicious bite of whatever you feel like. You can't miss the market's specialty, seafood.

Before leaving, take home a gastronomic souvenir, such as a good bottle of wine or a delicious sweet that make this place a highly recommended place.

An entertaining afternoon in Chinatown

Getting lost in Chinatown is one of the things I like most about New York. The endless market stalls and bazaars will make you feel as if you were far away from the city, but without a doubt, it is quite an experience. If you feel like eating or buying something to eat, these are the best places to eat in Chinatown, although I recommend that you save room in your stomach for the night.

In general, in Chinatown you can find all kinds of objects and accessories at very cheap prices. You can not miss the famous imitations of Canal Street, noise and bustle combined with the art of bargaining.

Mamma mia! The best of Little Italy awaits you for dinner

As soon as you start to see, on the edge of Chinatown, checkered tablecloths and feel the Italian atmosphere ... Stop, you've arrived in Little Italy. Try the delicious cannelloni at Da Gennaro and, since no one is bitter for a sweet, you can't miss their famous Cannoli.

8. Day It's time for a shopping spree

Magnolia Bakery's shopping bag| ©Ralph Daily
Magnolia Bakery's shopping bag| ©Ralph Daily

A sweet start to the day at Magnolia Bakery

Today you woke up with the inspiration of a star of the legendary Sex and the City series and you feel like having a cupcake at Magnolia Bakery, with a cup of strong coffee, to let everyone know that today is your shopping day.

SOHO and West Village: shopping paradise

Explore the designer stores in the SOHO neighborhood and visit the most exclusive New York Rooftop with breathtaking views and a great atmosphere.

Stroll through the beautiful Washington Square Park with its symbolic triumphal arch, to end up immersed in the magical streets of the West Village. Bleecker Street is home to numerous must-see sights such as the Friendsapartment building.

Did you say Outlet? We're on our way

I recommend going straight to spend the afternoon at Woodbury Commons, the best outlet in New York. There, you can choose to eat at one of several typical American chain restaurants such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Shake Shack and Chipotle.

Another option is to take something to eat in your backpack so as not to waste time and have dinner there when you have finished your shopping. Enjoy the best brands and discounts of up to 50% and 70%.

Book a trip to the Outlets

9. Day A unique experience


Flying over the Big Apple

You woke up with so much energy that on your last day you want to do something special. Well, I give you an idea that will make you as excited as adrenaline in your body.

Take a helicopter ride over New York City, it is a dream that you can make come true and that you will always remember when you return and you will want to tell about it. Different prices for all budgets and different itineraries await you.

Book a helicopter tour

Climbing the SUMMIT, another alternative to see New York from above

If helicopters aren't your thing, there's one skyscraper you can't miss. SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, recently opened, has one of the most original views of the city. Why? Among other things, because of its architecture, its design and its almost 360º panoramic view.

If you do not have vertigo, the glass floor will surprise you and I assure you that, in addition to providing you with incredible photos, it will leave you with one of the most special memories of this trip. Of course, get your tickets in advance because there will be a waiting list.

Get off the beaten tourist track

A good plan for your last afternoon in New York is to visit one of the 10 secret places and other original plans that you can not miss before you leave. Did you know that you can enjoy authentic waterfalls without leaving the city approaching parks like Greenacre Park? Shhh..., it's a secret!

10. Day The City You'll Always Want to Return to

Roosevelt Island Cable Car| ©Patrick T Kindt
Roosevelt Island Cable Car| ©Patrick T Kindt

It's time to say Bye and what better way than to shout it to the four winds from the heights of the Top of the Rock. It will be your moment, a magical moment, an image to remember. I recommend going up first thing in the morning to avoid queues. And then? Personally I love to return to that special place that I liked the most of the city on the last day of the trip, but if this is not your case I leave you other options.

Other museums that will win you over

I recommend you to go back to Central Park when you go down from the Top of the Rock to get to the Museum of the City of New York. In addition to enjoying its exhibitions, the fun store inside is the ideal place to complete the last purchases you have pending before ending your trip. And speaking of shopping, do not miss the article of the best things to buy in New York and review the list before leaving the city.

And since you still have time left, another museum you will love: Madame Tussaud's, better known as the New York Wax Museum. During your trip you have discovered the city and its customs, but with this visit you will also have the opportunity to meet the personalities that make New York New York, plus, of course, celebrities of international stature.

A farewell in style

If the experience of seeing New York from above has been one of your favorites, I have the last day plan you need. I have just the last day plan you need: the Roosevelt Island cable car. Located in the Upper East Side neighborhood, also near Central Park, it will offer you the views that will stick in your memory and make you want to come back again and again to New York.

Finally, here are the 10 best places to eat in New York, so you can come back with the best possible taste in your mouth. The city that never sleeps will be waiting for you with open arms when you want to return.

Get the New York Pass to save on attraction tickets

New York Pass| ©Viaggio Routard
New York Pass| ©Viaggio Routard

Plan your trip by getting one of the following tourist cards and take advantage of two of the most important things when visiting a city: save money, but also save waiting time!

Use the sightseeing bus for convenience on the go

Sightseeing Bus on the Time Square Promenade| ©Hellotickets
Sightseeing Bus on the Time Square Promenade| ©Hellotickets

More than 30 stops for you to visit the most important points of interest in New York on an open top bus at your own pace. The best tourist buses in New York make it easy for you not to waste time in your travels.

Get a public transit pass to save time and money

Exit from the Metro station| ©Hellotickets
Exit from the Metro station| ©Hellotickets

If you plan to move by subway or bus, since there are many days in the city, you can buy the MetroCard at any subway station in New York. I recommend using the 7-day card, as the 30-day card is overpriced. Check the map and schedules of the [subway and bus]( de la ciudad de Nueva York){target="_blank" rel="noopener"} network and follow my guide to the New York subway.

Consider getting out of the city if you have time to spare

Visit Niagara Falls| ©Tim Gouw
Visit Niagara Falls| ©Tim Gouw

New York is amazing and we would never finish seeing it all, but if at some point in your trip you feel you have the energy and time to take advantage of its privileged enclave within the country, do not hesitate to take an excursion from New York to complete your vision of the United States.

There are several options with round-trip day trips, such as tours to Washington, tours to Niagara Falls and tours to Boston.