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There’s a reason the American Museum of Natural History is consistently voted New York’s number one family attraction: it resets our understanding of ourselves and our planet, and leaves us with a sense of wonder about the power of nature and science to sustain and form life. Whether you are eight years old or forty eight, this experience will present you with big thoughts to ponder and new insights on the history of the world. Get ready to live large by connecting with the natural world and our natural history.

One of the world's largest and most famous museums (for good reason), it’s an incredible archive of over 35 million objects, from Stone Age animal fossils to Space Age minerals, and everything in between. There are over 50 permanent exhibits including the Butterfly Vivarium, an Insectarium, and an immersive experience called Invisible Worlds. There is so much to see, to learn, to feel, to experience. We suggest you plan a full day here. (There are plenty of food options for every age group.)

What’s included

  • There is a premium ticket option that includes general admission to the American Museum of Natural History (includes the permanent collection and the 50 permanent exhibits) plus your choice of a special exhibition, a 2D film on a giant screen, or a 3D space show.
  • A general ticket includes entrance to the Rose Center for Earth and Space

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Start by downloading the Museum app on your mobile phone to plan your tour of the Museum. We recommend you select the premium ticket to get the additional choice of a special exhibition, a 2D film on a giant screen or a 3D space show in the Hayden Planetarium.

Some of the most popular stopping points on your journey through the history of the world include:

  • Mammal Hall: imagine life size wooly mammoths, a moose that looks like it wants to eat out of your hand, or bears that might eat you! Mammal Hall delivers stunningly realistic taxidermies of mammals both extinct and present day.
  • Ocean Life Room: a 28-metre-long blue whale is the star of this experience that tells you all about life in the magical and mysterious underwater world.
  • Hall of Fossils and Dinosaurs: This really should be called the Hall of Crowd Pleasers. One of the most popular exhibits in the museum, the hall is home to the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus, considered one of the largest and most vicious of all the dinosaurs, and a Triceratops, one of the ugliest! Surround these two prehistoric monsters are countless displays of dinosaur egg nests, massive footprints and proof beyond proof, dinosaurs did at one point rule the world.
  • Gems and Minerals Halls: the word is stunning. From multi-dimensional geodes to diamonds the size of a tennis ball, some are 135 million years old, some were fabricated by science a short time ago. Gemstones and jewels have made the human world go around ever since the beginning of us.
  • Rose Center for Earth and Space: Have questions about where our planet came from? Curious about what’s “out there”? The Rose Center has the answers. Explore the universe without leaving the building, from constellations and galaxies to meteorites and planets, the Rose exhibits deliver a clear and compelling picture of how space works. The Center also houses the Hayden Planetarium. Admission to the Planetarium is only included with the Premium Ticket)


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