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Living large sometimes includes being reminded of the fragility of life. And in this case embracing the memories of those that have suffered senseless tragedy and trauma. The 9/11 Memorial and National Museum are a solemn and powerful ode to the thousands of innocent people who lost their lives, to the millions of people who have honored them since, and to the resilience of human beings... The museum delivers a heart rendering depiction of that infamous day, through personal artifacts, gut-wrenching first-person narratives, and vivid displays of arguably one of the most terrible moments in American history.

What’s included

  • This ticket gets you entrance to the 9/11 National Museum (make sure to pre-book the day and time)
  • The rest of the 9/11 Memorial is outside and accessible seven days a week.

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Step by Step

We recommend that you spend some contemplative time in the 9/11 Memorial outside area before entering the National Museum. The original footprints of the two World Trade Center towers have been brilliantly redesigned as a stunning memorial titled “Reflecting Absence”. Two incredibly deep and wide reflecting pools are edged by granite railings that carry the names of the nearly 3,000 victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. You will no doubt experience the families and friends of loved ones lost on that day grieving, leaving notes and flowers, and finding comfort in the etched words left behind. You will perhaps grieve too, for the unfair loss of life and be reminded that every day is a gift.

After a time, head to the 9/11 National Museum, just a few steps away. Once you enter the museum you may stay for as long as you like (until closing of course!). You will be able to move from exhibit room to exhibit room at your own pace, reading, listening, and watching stories of that terrible day, as told by survivors, first responders and others who came to the aid of the stricken. The experience will likely render you speechless at times while motivating your deep appreciation for the courage of humans. Plan on spending at least two hours at the Museum, and three in total for the memorial.


· 17133 Reviews
  • M
    Monique Defoer
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    If you walk true the memorial it feels like you've been there yourself......very impressive. I was for one day in New York and I choose the 9/11 museum, it was worth it
  • A
    Avril Russell
    (0 Reviews)
    Well presented - very good
  • K
    Karen Saywood
    (0 Reviews)
    Informative and powerfully moving
  • G
    Gavin Pidgeon
    (0 Reviews)
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