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The Edge in New York

If you want to (literally) see the city from the top, this is the place for you. Here's how to get tickets to climb Manhattan's newest skyscraper: The Edge

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

9 min read

The Edge in New York

Views from The Edge | ©Hellotickets

At 113 feet, The Edge is the tallest open observatory in the Western Hemisphere. Since its recent opening in March 2020, this glass-floored architectural marvel offers stunning, never-before-seen panoramas of the city.

The best option
Edge Observation Deck - General Admission

The most affordable access to The Edge observatory

Secure yourself a spot at New York's newest skyscraper observatory by buying your ticket online in advance and save time by skipping the lines at the box office.

From $ 41 at Hellotickets

Buying tickets for The Edge online, by $ 41, is the best option because it guarantees you the availability of access on the date you want and you will also save some money by being a little cheaper than at the box office.

The Edge is the latest observation deck to join the list of New York observatories along with Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, and One World Observatory. Each shows a different facet of the skyline of the City of Skyscrapers. If it wasn't already difficult to choose one, now you can also enjoy the experience that this spectacular viewpoint provides.

It is located west of Manhattan in the luxurious neighborhood of Hudson Yards, an up-and-coming area that is becoming an essential place to see in New York. The skyscraper that houses The Edge is called 30 Hudson Yards, one of the most popular in this area and whose silhouette has transformed the Manhattan skyline.

Why I like this option: this amazing open-air observatory is shaped as an arrow that projects into the New York sky from the 100th floor of this massive building at 113 feet, making The Edge the tallest open observatory in the Western Hemisphere. Secure your ticket by purchasing it online in advance.

Recommended if... you want to visit The Edge at the best price without wasting time at the box office queue.

How to buy tickets at The Edge box office

The Edge's glass floor | ©Hellotickets
The Edge's glass floor | ©Hellotickets

If you prefer to buy your tickets at the building's box office, my advice is to do it first thing in the morning as soon as they open doors. These are the prices you will find there:

  • Child (6 -12 years old) $ 33
  • Adult (13 - 61 years old) $ 38
  • Adult (+62 years old) $ 36

What you'll see inside: the interactive exhibit

Interactive exhibit inside The Edge | ©Hellotickets
Interactive exhibit inside The Edge | ©Hellotickets

Upon entering the observatory, the first thing you'll find is an interactive exhibit that addresses the construction of the Hudson Yards neighborhood as a testing ground for different ideas to help the city improve its sustainability and care for the environment.

The ultra-fast elevator

Images of the interior of The Edge during the ascent | ©Hellotickets
Images of the interior of The Edge during the ascent | ©Hellotickets

Afterward, the corridors of this exhibit will lead you up to the elevator that will take you to the very top where the thrills await. Since only groups of ten people at a time can take the elevator, the wait in line is enlivened with videos of the 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper and an appetizer of what awaits you from the Outdoor Sky Deck on the 100th floor.

The Indoor Observatory

City views from The Edge | ©Hellotickets
City views from The Edge | ©Hellotickets

After 52 seconds aboard the elevator, also with interactive screens, the doors open to give you passage to a fully glazed interior observatory that shows an absolutely spectacular panoramic view of the city, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park. Seeing the Hudson River from above in all its splendor is truly breathtaking.

The exit to the outdoor observatory The Edge

The exterior of The Edge as seen from below | ©Hellotickets
The exterior of The Edge as seen from below | ©Hellotickets

Now, when you step onto the outside terrace and approach the angled windows is when you truly understand the reason it's called The Edge. You'll see East and South New York as if you were suspended in mid-air.

The outdoor sky deck is a 7000 square feet glass terrace. There you will feel the impact of the air on your face and have unparalleled 360-degree panoramic views of New York. In addition to Manhattan Island, you can see as far west as New Jersey and even 800 miles deep into New York State on days with good visibility.

You will feel on the edge of a cliff and, yes, if you suffer from vertigo your hair will stand on end. Experience adrenaline rushes while walking on its glass floor and contemplate the New York traffic under your feet hundreds of feet above the ground. It's a really exciting feeling.

Finish your visit in style with a cocktail

To complete the experience, on the 100th floor there is a bar offering signature cocktails, champagne, and light snacks to enjoy inside or outside on the terrace overlooking the New York skyline.

Where is The Edge and how to get there

Location of The Edge in Manhattan
Location of The Edge in Manhattan

The Edge observatory is located in Hudson Yards, New York, and the easier way to reach it is by subway on line 7 (34 St. - Hudson Yards stop).

How to get there

Views of the Hudson from the Edge | ©Hellotickets
Views of the Hudson from the Edge | ©Hellotickets

The Edge is probably the most breathtaking viewpoint in New York City. Being located west of Manhattan, it has a very original perspective of the city and quite different compared to other viewpoints, being closer to the river and far from the center of the island. To go up The Edge with your ticket you need to enter The Shops at Hudson Yards and go to the fourth floor.

Opening Hours

Views from The Edge's glassed-in observation deck | ©Hellotickets
Views from The Edge's glassed-in observation deck | ©Hellotickets

The observatory is open daily from 8 a.m. to midnight.


  • For visitors with reduced mobility, The Edge is wheelchair accessible
  • Service animals welcome
  • Accessibility stroller available

Isabel's Traveller Tip

Spend an afternoon calmly strolling the High Line and finish your walk at sunset by defying vertigo on The Edge for the best views of the city.

Interesting facts about The Edge

At The Edge's glassed-in observatory | ©Hellotickets
At The Edge's glassed-in observatory | ©Hellotickets
  • It opened on March 11, 2020.
  • Designed by Koh Pedersen and William Pedersen, The Edge observation deck is an impressive 80,000 square feet achievement of engineering.
  • The outdoor sky deck extends 65 feet outward on the 100th floor. The platform weighs 382 tons and is composed of 15 sections that are joined together at 113 feet high like a puzzle.
  • The glass walls of the observatory are anti-reflective and were created at a 6.6-degree outward angle to avoid any obstruction to the panoramic views.
  • The Edge's glass floor is the only one of its kind in New York.
  • The skyscraper where this observatory is located, 30 Hudson Yards, was built in just four years and has 110 floors. Inside is a 650-ton pendulum that controls the balance of the building.
  • The Edge's elevators take less than a minute to ascend from the entrance to the observatory. They ascend at 18 feet per second.
  • 30 Hudson Yards houses the offices of such famous companies as HBO or CNN.
  • On the 101st floor of the building is located Peak, a café restaurant with one of the most amazing views of New York.

Get to know the surroundings: Hudson Yards

A stroll through Hudson Yards | ©Hellotickets
A stroll through Hudson Yards | ©Hellotickets

New York is a lively and constantly changing city. Not long ago, the luxurious and modern residential neighborhood that is today Hudson Yards was born, in an area formerly used as a train depot.

Such a large and central area has been the object of desire for builders and entrepreneurs who saw a gold mine in this sector of Midtown New York. For the moment, going up The Edge is the best excuse to discover Hudson Yards, but not the only one, as you will find about in the practical guide I've written about Things to do at Hudson Yards.

Get to know the surroundings: stroll along the High Line

Walking the High Line | ©Hellotickets
Walking the High Line | ©Hellotickets

The High Line dates back to the 1930s when trains that furnished New York with supplies ran along its tracks. Over time it fell into disuse and an association saved it from being dismantled, and this piece of history of this great city was turned into a space full of vegetation, mural art, and sculptures.

Plotted by garden designer Piet Oudolf, landscape designer James Corner and the Diller Scofidio + Renfro studio, the park created on the old elevated train tracks between Gansevoort Street and 34th Street offers a different perspective of the city along with mixed vegetation, art installations, wooden furniture and the preservation of the iconic High Line train tracks.

The 1,24 mile walk that Hudson Tards provides takes about an hour to complete in a straight line. It is worth a visit any time of the year but I advise you to visit especially in spring or summer. You can read more in my article about Guide to the High Line in New York City.

Get to know the surroundings: enter The Vessel

Posing in front of The Vessel | ©Hellotickets
Posing in front of The Vessel | ©Hellotickets

Did you know that this avant-garde structure was designed by English architect Thomas Heatherwick, author of the London 2012 Olympic Games cauldron? This futuristic steel building that many resemble a beehive, a vase or even a shawarma has become the icon of Hudson Yards and since its opening in 2019 has been an instant hit.

Halfway between an artwork and a tourist attraction, The Vessel rises over 147 feet off the ground having 16 levels from the base to the top floor. It consists of 154 flights of stairs connecting 80 landings where you can stop to take in views of the Hudson River, The Shed cultural center, the High Line Park, or the surrounding skyscrapers.

But it is as spectacular on the outside as it is on the inside. The building's internal structure is also mesmerizing as you look down at the views to the ground.

In its short life, it has become one of New York's most popular attractions and long lines form at the ticket office to get tickets. Luckily, getting your tickets for The Vessel in advance will guarantee you access and let you skip the queue.

Other skyscrapers with amazing views of the New York skyline

Views from the Top of the Rock | ©Hellotickets
Views from the Top of the Rock | ©Hellotickets

It is clear that New York is enjoyed both walking and from up high, and you must know by now that there are several buildings (some more or less iconic, others more or less modern) that offer viewpoints and observatories for the delight of its visitors. I have made a comparison table so that at a glance you can know the big differences between them:

  • Empire State
  • From $ 45
  • Observatory: open air
  • Floor: 86
  • Views: Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue and from afar One World Building
  • Location: Midtown Manhattan
  • Book now
  • Top of the Rock
  • From $ 42
  • Observatory: open air
  • Floor: 70
  • Views: Empire State, Central Park and from afar One World Building
  • Location: Midtown Manhattan
  • One World Observatory
  • From $ 35
  • Observatory: interior
  • Floor: 102
  • Views: Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and from afar Empire State Building
  • Location: Southern Manhattan
  • Book now
  • The Edge
  • From $ 41
  • Observatory: open-air and glass floor
  • Floor: 110
  • Views: Empire State, Midtown and from afar One World Building
  • Location: Manhattan West
  • Book now

How to visit the most famous skyscrapers in New York

City views from the Top of the Rock | ©Hellotickets
City views from the Top of the Rock | ©Hellotickets

There is no doubt that the architectural innovation of The Edge is well worth a visit, but if you prefer to stick to the classics, you should probably consider going up the Empire State Building or the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. I'm sorry, I can't just pick one for you, but I can give you more details about both so that you can choose the one that you like best. Here are the articles I have written about Empire State Building Tickets and Top of the Rock Tickets.

If you feel like exploring past Midtown and dive into the hive of skyscrapers and hypnotic lights of the financial district, then your best option will be the One World Observatory, the tower that was built as a tribute to the Twin Towers. Here are all the details you need to know before visiting it: One World Observatory Tickets and Tours.