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Experience Highlights

Walk in the clouds, scrape the sky, watch and feel the world’s most dynamic city go around. Experience the Big Apple like never before from the Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck of the 93-story One Vanderbilt building, New York’s fourth tallest skyscraper. This first of its kind observatory delivers four truly wow, living large experiences and a ton of share worthy photo opps:

  • The RISE elevators will rocket you from street level to 1,020 feet in the air in less than 50 seconds (prepare the adrenalin!)
  • LEVITATION, two enclosed viewing balconies that appear to hang on the side of the tower offering amazing 360º views of midtown Manhattan, the Chrysler Building and the Empire State
  • AIR, a collection of four mind blowing exhibits that bridge digital and physical realities, designed by Yayoi Kusama, the world renowned artist known for her incredible mirrored infinity rooms
  • Plus ASCENT, two external elevators (yes, external), that take you higher than the actual building, to what would have been the 100th floor (available as an option)

What’s included

  • Entrance to the 3 floors of the SUMMIT, including RISE, LEVITATION, and AIR
  • The ASCENT external elevator ride is extra.

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Step by Step

Exhilaration. Surprise. Wonder. Smiles. Appreciation. And maybe a sweaty palm or two. 

The Summit One Vanderbilt experience is unlike any other in New York and maybe even the world. From the moment you enter the RISE elevators to your final selfies before you come down to earth, you and your friends will be moved in multiple ways. 

The One Vanderbilt tower opened in 2020 and immediately became one of New York’s most popular attractions, thanks to its award winning architecture and the immersive Summit three story experience. It all begins on the 91st floor, after your rocketship-like ride on the RISE elevators. You’ll exit into one of the first AIR exhibits, a hall of mirrors that will keep you guessing which way is up and prompting you to not look down. On a clear day the mirrors capture the light and reflections of the surrounding skyscrapers just so, creating a kind of inverted prism that you will never forget. Oh, it gets really bright, so don’t forget your sunglasses. 

As you climb to the 92nd floor you will likely gulp when you walk into Levitation, the two glass viewing cubes that hang on the side of the tower, a mere 1000 feet above street level. Palms getting moist? Dry off and get your camera ready for some of the most stunning panoramic views of the city that never sleeps, a 360º perspective that goes for almost 80 miles. 

And when you need some air, check out the open viewing terrace on the 93rd floor, along with Apres, a Nordic style café designed by the famous designer Snohetta, and Boutique, a great little gift shop. The ASCENT* elevators are accessed on this floor.  

From the whoosh of the RISE elevators to the wonder of the AIR exhibits, and the almost infinite number of wow photo moments, the Summit One Vanderbilt will fill your heart and your photo library. It’s a must do when you want to live large. 

*The ASCENT experience is not included in this ticket. You will need to purchase separate tickets at One Vanderbilt. Sorry!


· 29725 Reviews
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    Very good experience to enjoy individually or in a group.
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    The best experience of my life
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    At first I was a little scared, but everything is so spectacular that I was enjoying it right away.
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    My family and I were delighted, we are even planning when we can repeat the experience.
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