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Duration: 2 hours
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Enjoy a guided walking tour of Greenwich Village, a bohemian neighbourhood located in southern Manhattan.

Experience the essence of New York's most cultured neighbourhood where poets and musicians such as Edgar Allan Poe, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan used to gather.

  • Tour of approximately two hours led by a local guide.
  • You will visit Washington Square Park, considered the centre of NYC's cultural activities.
  • You will learn about the history of Greenwich Village and anecdotes about the famous people who frequented the neighbourhood.

What’s included

  • Local guide
  • 2 hour tour of Greenwich Village

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Step by Step

You'll enjoy a two-hour guided tour of the Greenwich Village neighbourhood. You'll also visit Washington Square Park, a favourite haunt of New Yorkers for concerts, plays, impromptu performances and more.

To visit Greenwich Village is to enter a world of culture and art. In the past, it was frequented by intellectuals, writers and musicians. A meeting point to debate and generate ideas.Full of cafes, shops and restaurants .

In this residential area there are many green areas and you won't see the typical Midtown skyscrapers. You'll be able to relax in an intimate atmosphere and enjoy the sunshine more than in other parts of the Big Apple.

Stroll through Washington Square Park, located on the famous Fifth Avenue and surrounded by New York University. A number of movies have been filmed - or inspired - in this park, among them:

  • I Am Legend.
  • When Harry Met Sally.
  • Barefoot in the Park.
  • Mascots (animated film).
  • Ghostbusters.

If you're a lover of history, film, music and culture, a visit to Greenwich Village is a must on your travel itinerary.


· 159 Reviews
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    I learned a bit of history on this tour.
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    Beautiful places.
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    Definitely worth the reservation.
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    I hope to be able to repeat this tour at some point in my life.
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