Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour

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Duration: 5 hours
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Experience Highlights

Explore Liberty Island, where the famous Statue of Liberty is located. This activity lasts about 5 hours and you will have the opportunity to see the island where this great monument stands on foot.

You can also visit Ellis Island, where the National Museum of Immigration is located. You will be accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you about the history behind these two places.

  • Get to know Liberty Island and Ellis Island after arriving there by ferry from New York.
  • A local guide will explain the history of Liberty Island, where the famous Statue of Liberty is located, and Ellis Island.
  • Avoid the queues at the checkpoints for a more relaxed experience.
  • Enjoy the Statue of Liberty Museum with admission tickets included

What’s included

  • Ferry from New York
  • Access to Liberty Island and Ellis Island
  • Priority entry in the queue of control facilities
  • Entrance to the Statue of Liberty Museum

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Step by Step

Explore two of New York's most famous islands: Liberty Island and Ellis Island. In an activity that lasts around 5 hours, you will have the opportunity to get close to the famous Statue of Liberty. To learn more about its history, you will be accompanied by a professional guide throughout this experience.

Avoid the queues at the island checkpoints with this ticket, which also gives you access to the Statue of Liberty Museum, which opened in 2019. In case you didn't know, this is a monument that the people of France gave to the people of the United States in 1886. But with this reservation, you won't have access to the inside of the monument.

The Statue of Liberty, besides being the most important monument in New York, became a symbol in the United States and the world. This statue was the first sight that European immigrants had when they arrived in the United States after crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Another stop is Ellis Island, which was the busiest immigrant inspection and processing station in the United States. There you'll find the National Immigration Museum, where you can learn much more about its history.

On this ferry ride on the Hudson River, you'll have wonderful views of Manhattan Island. It's the perfect opportunity to take some photos of one of the most visited places in the world.


· 23020 Reviews
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    We enjoyed beautiful views and a very good company of the group we were with and the people who guided us. All easy to access.
  • K
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    The service on the cruise was A1. The price was also very much according to what we paid. As we say in my country, it has the 3 Bs: good, nice and cheap!
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    The weather was perfect for our visit, really that would be my only recommendation. Beyond that, we had a spectacular day.
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    The audio guides were a great complement to this experience, it is the best way to learn at your own pace.
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