10 TV & movie locations in New York City

No one doubts that New York is a city of movies. If you want to know the corners that have served as location and set of the most famous films and series, read on.

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10 TV & movie locations in New York City

The Empire State Building of *King Kong*. | ©Hellotickets

Hollywood has captured it like no one else on screen, but seeing some of these locations in person is a blast. Are you ready? 3, 2, 1... action!

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Doing this tour on your own you can visit each place at your own pace, but the experience is much cooler with the movies and series tour in New York, because at all times you will be accompanied by a local guide / actor who knows a lot about this topic and about curiosities that happen behind the scenes.

At the end of this 3 hour tour you will see New York with different eyes and you will learn many curiosities about movies and series, which is what it's all about: Friends, Ghostbusters, Girls, Seinfeld, Spiderman, I Am Legend, Glee or How I Met Your Mother, among many others. It is, without a doubt, one of the best tours you can do in New York during your trip. You will love it!

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1. The Friends apartment, in the West Village

The famous *Friends* apartment| ©Hellotickets
The famous *Friends* apartment| ©Hellotickets

Since its premiere in 1994, the legendary series Friends has never stopped adding new fans to its ranks who are totally hooked on the adventures of this group of friends in their twenties to whom all kinds of funny situations happen as they try to find their place in New York.

It's been almost twenty years since the series ended, but it managed to find a place in the hearts of viewers and we fans have not forgotten Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe. In fact, it is still in the news as many of us are hoping for a reunion of the main characters in the near future, either in film or television.

While that long-awaited day arrives, we will always have the fantastic episodes of Friends to review and the opportunity to see in New York some of the locations where it was filmed with this TV and film tour of New York City. This is the case of the building where Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey lived and where most of the action takes place in the series.

Where is it located?

It islocated in the Greenwich Village neighborhood, specifically on the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street. As you will see, the exterior appearance of the real building differs a bit from the fictional one since it does not have the terraces from which the group spied on their famous nudist neighbor.

Unfortunately, the apartments of the stars cannot be seen from the inside as Friends was filmed in studios in Los Angeles.

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2. The Ghostbusters Firehouse in Tribeca

Ghostbusters Fire Station| ©Wikimedia
Ghostbusters Fire Station| ©Wikimedia

*Ghostbusters is one of those 80's movies that never goes out of style. We all remember the team of parapsychologists who roamed the streets of New York looking for pesky ectoplasms that got trapped in this world and went on a rampage.

Over time Ghostbusters became a cult movie and has so many fans that, in fact, in 2016 a remake was made with an all-female cast.

In New York you can relive the nostalgia of this movie by visiting some of its locations. The most emblematic of them is the headquarters of Ghostbusters in Tribeca, another of the stops on the TV and film tour of New York.

Where is it located?

It's located at 14 N Moore Street, in one of New York's trendiest neighborhoods known for its old industrial buildings that have been converted into residential lofts and trendy cafes and boutiques.

The famous Ghostbusters headquarters is a building that has served as the firehouse for Tribeca's Hook & Ladder Company 8 since 1903. You'll identify it by its distinctive red door.

The offices featured in the movie were a set so the interior of the building cannot be visited. However, the firemen who work in the Hook & Ladder park are aware of the fame of the place so they live with the flashes of the curious who come here to take a souvenir photo. You can take advantage of your visit to Tribeca to get lost in the neighborhood and explore its designer stores, art galleries, restaurants and bars.

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3. Carrie Bradshaw's apartment from Sex and the City on the Upper East Side

Carrie's house on the Upper East Side| ©Wikimedia
Carrie's house on the Upper East Side| ©Wikimedia

Between 1998 and 2004, Sex in New York was broadcasted, the unforgettable comedy that, with a fresh and funny look, showed the universe of dating in New York through a group of friends in their thirties to whom all kinds of vicissitudes happened in their quest to find love.

Such was its success that a few years after the end of the series fans missed it so much that two more movies were filmed. So much is the nostalgia for Sex and the City that a sequel to the series has even recently been released entitled And Just Like That...which will explore the reality of life and friendship for these women past their fifties.

This miniseries promises to add new locations to the Sex and the City location tour to the delight of fans, the most iconic of which is Carrie Bradshaw's Upper East Side apartment. However, in real life her apartment is located in a different neighborhood.

Where is it?

Carrie's apartment is actually located at 66 Perry Street, in the West Village. In the series the protagonist lives on a much less photogenic street on the Upper East Side, at E73rd Street. No wonder they chose the West Village to film!

You will recognize it by its facade, the typical brownstone, and the little staircase Carrie Bradshaw used to climb to enter her house. If you were a Sex and the City fan, you will surely want to have a souvenir photo at the mythical entrance. However, the influx of curious onlookers is such that the neighbors had to put a chain to prevent the passage.

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4. The famous Tiffany & CO jewelry store, from *Breakfast at Tiffany's Diamond *, on Fifth Avenue

Scene from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's
Scene from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's

Based on the novel of the same name by journalist Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's became an immediate critical and box-office success upon its release in 1961 and a cult film ever since. It is a loose adaptation of the story of Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn), a somewhat eccentric young woman who dreams of success and an idealized world that doesn't exist.

She eats breakfast every day in front of a stunning jewelry store and her life takes a turn when Paul Varjack, a failed writer who also craves success, arrives in her building. When their paths cross, nothing is ever the same again.

Where is she?

The first time we see Holly Golightly is dressed in her iconic Givenchy black dress and pearl necklace having a coffee and croissant for breakfast in front of the window of the famous Tiffany&Co jewelry store at 727 5th Avenue.

During your trip to New York you can book a TV and movie tour of New York and recreate the scene with one of Midtown's most delicious croissants very close by at the Eclair Bakery on 53rd Street.

Other Breakfast at Tiffany's locations in New York City

  • Holly's Apartment: Although the movie claims that Holly lives at 167 71st Street, it is actually number 169 of this building located on the Upper East Side. You will recognize it from the scene in which the protagonist calls a cab with a loud whistle.
  • Central Park: New York's most famous park is featured in the film when Holly's old husband travels to the city to see her and has a frank conversation with Paul about her and how he met her. The scene was shot at The Bandshell gazebo and Conservatory Water Lake. Central Park is located between 5th and 8th Avenues and 59th and 110th Streets. Book a tour of Central Park with movie locations and discover it.
  • Seagram Building: This office tower designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe is the setting where Holly tells Paul that she loves New York sitting in front of the fountain of this 1950s building. You'll find it at 375 Park Avenue, between 52nd and 53rd Streets, not far from the Tiffany jewelry store.

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5. On the trail of Kevin, from Home Alone 2, at the Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel on the right| ©Hellotickets
The Plaza Hotel on the right| ©Hellotickets

One of the movies of our childhood and a Christmas classic, who doesn't remember the mischievous Kevin McCallister? Two years have passed since he defeated with his wit two clumsy thieves who were trying to rob his Chicago home. This time, the boy is again separated from his family during the holidays and ends up in New York where he is reunited with the thieves.

From this point on, the film presents us with the Big Apple on the eve of December 25, so it looks spectacular. I recommend you take the Home Alone 2 tour at Christmas, when it looks just like in the movie. You also have the option to book a TV and movie tour of New York and comfortably discover some of its locations.

Where is he staying?

Kevin stays at the luxurious Plaza Hotel in New York, located next to Central Park and Fifth Avenue. A symbol of the city with more than a century of history. With his father's credit card, Kevin books a suite where he marathons movies while gorging on ice cream and frolicking in the hotel pool making bombs.

Other locations of Home Alone 2 in New York City

  • Statue of Liberty: The symbol of American freedom and New York's most famous landmark. In fact, a key activity is to book a Statue of Liberty tour. In the movie the scene where the statue appears is very significant because it represents Kevin's independence from his family willing to have a good time. It is on Liberty Island, southwest of Manhattan.
  • Wollman Rink: This is Central Park's ice rink, which is located in the southeast corner of the park very close to 59th Street. Here the thieves Marv and Harry plan their next heist on Christmas Eve.
  • Duncan's Toy Chest: Although this store is featured in the movie, it doesn't exist as such in New York. If you're looking for a toy store of this style it's FAO Schwarz at 767 5th Avenue that most closely resembles it. In Home Alone 2 this is the place where Kevin and the robbers meet again and... the chase begins.
  • Times Square: It has become the best known image of the city thanks to its billboards and flashy lights. In the film, when the McAllisters arrive in New York, the mother desperately runs to Times Square to try to locate her son. Located at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue, did you know that you can book a horse-drawn carriage tour of Central Park, Rockefeller and Times Square.
  • Rockefeller Center: Every year, New York inaugurates Christmas with the lighting of lights on the huge tree at Rockefeller Center. A tradition that dates back to the 1930's. In Home Alone 2 here takes place the emotional reunion of Kevin and his mother after so many days apart. One of the most tender scenes of the film. It is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and 49th and 50th Streets and the best way to get to know it in depth is by booking a guided tour of Rockefeller Center.

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6. *The Avengers at Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan

Grand Central Terminal| ©Hellotickets
Grand Central Terminal| ©Hellotickets

New York has served as inspiration for the recreation of Metropolis or Gotham City, fictional cities where the adventures of superheroes like Batman or Superman took place. The streets of the city have served as the great set of many films of this genre so that we can say that New York is a city of superheroes.

If you love Marvel or DC comics, you can't miss the locations of some of the most famous superhero movies in New York. For example, book a visit to Grand Central Terminal, one of the largest train stations in the United States that was featured in the first part of The Avengers.

Where is it?

Grand Central Terminal is the most important train station to see in Manhattan and one of the architectural gems of the 19th century. It is located at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue and you will recognize it by its exterior facade designed as a Greco-Roman triumphal arch and its main concourse called Main Concourse decorated with frescoes of constellations, three large arched windows and its iconic clock.

In The Avengers movie, the team of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow defend New York from an attack by the Chitauri fleet and Grand Central Terminal is razed to the ground.

Grand Central Terminal also served as the lair of Superman's enemy, Lex Luthor, in the first film starring Christopher Reeve. Likewise, this building also appears in the Gotham series.

Other superhero movie and series locations in New York City

  • Midtown Comics: Although it is not a movie location, it is the temple of the comic book world. Since 1997 this store near Times Square has been a reference for fans of this genre and a source of inspiration so if you are enthusiastic about the subject you have to go to Midtown Comics at 200 W. 40th Street (corner of 7th Avenue).
  • Times Square: It has been the scene of several superhero battles. For example, Spiderman vs. the Green Goblin in the Tobey Maguire movie or Electro in the version with Andrew Garfield. This plaza also appeared in Captain America with Chris Evans.
  • Flatiron Building: One of the most emblematic buildings of New York was used to recreate the editorial office of the Daily Bugle, the newspaper where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) works as a photographer in the first Spiderman movie.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: It appears in The Fantastic Four when The Thing tries to prevent a suicide and results in a big accident that destroys part of the famous bridge that crosses the East River connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn.
  • Financial District: In this neighborhood takes place one of the most amazing pitched battles that closes the trilogy of The Dark Knight. At the foot of the stairs of Federal Hall, on Wall Street, Batman and Bane face each other with fists.

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7. The Museum of Natural History where Night at the Museum takes place.

The Museum of Natural History| ©Time Out
The Museum of Natural History| ©Time Out

The little ones will surely remember the movie Night at the Museum, where a night watchman named Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) had to deal with the creatures and objects inside the Natural History Museum as they came to life each night because of a magical Egyptian artifact.

Although in real life his collection doesn't come to life at nightfall, it's worth booking tickets to the Natural History Museum and seeing it because it's considered the largest on the planet and a must-see in New York.

Where is it located?

The Museum of Natural History is located on 79th Street west of Central Park. Here you can visit its ten permanent exhibits spread over more than forty rooms, some of which appear in the film.

Locations of Night at the Museum in New York City

  • Theodore Roosevelt Memorial: This room at the museum's most famous entrance, Central Park West, houses the official memorial to Theodore Roosevelt, Governor of New York State and President of the United States. In addition, it also exhibits the giant skeleton of a Barosaurus.
  • Mammal Halls: The exhibition dedicated to mammals is a carefully mounted display of the characteristics of small mammals, Asian mammals, African mammals, North American mammals, New York mammals and the primate hall. His dioramas are among the most celebrated on the planet.
  • Human Origins and Cultural Halls: This exhibit explores the history of human evolution, as well as the different cultures of peoples in Africa, Asia, North and South America and the Pacific.

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8. Columbia University, birthplace of Spiderman, in Morningside Heights

Columbia University| ©Cheny Guan
Columbia University| ©Cheny Guan

The Spider-Man franchise has spawned several movies over a couple of decades that have New York as their setting.

The story begins when student Peter Parker takes a field trip to Columbia University's genetics lab, where a genetically modified spider bites him and accidentally acquires superhuman powers that will help him fight crime.

Where is he?

Columbia University is located at 116th Street & Broadway, in the Morningside Heights neighborhood that borders Harlem to the north. It is one of the most prestigious in the United States and the fifth oldest in the country.

It was born in the eighteenth century as King's College but after independence changed its name to Columbia College. In the early twentieth century this university was a pioneer in scientific and medical research and today is one of the most important research centers on the continent.

Other Spiderman locations in New York

  • Midtown Comics: Although not a movie location, it is the sanctuary of the comics. This store near Times Square has been a source of inspiration and a reference for fans of this genre since 1997 so if you love comics you have to go to 200 W. 40th Street (corner of 7th Avenue).
  • Flatiron Building: This iconic New York building was used to recreate the headquarters of the Daily Bugle newspaper, where Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) works as the superhero's photographer in the first Spiderman movie.
  • Joe's Pizza: It is the pizzeria where Peter works as a delivery boy in the second movie. It is located at 233 Bleecker Street but is now actually three doors down at 7 Carmine Street. According to Woody Allen, the best pizzeria in New York.
  • New York Public Library: It is the place where a robber kills Uncle Ben. The tragic event changes Peter's life forever. It is located on Fifth Avenue, between 41st and 52nd Streets.
  • Staten Island Ferry: In this scene Spiderman tries to fight Vulture and breaks the Staten Island Ferry in half. Things get ugly, but thanks to the intervention of Iron Man everyone is saved.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Peter proposes to Gwen with a big spider web on the bridge that says 'I love you' and she sees him from a cab.

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9. The New York Stock Exchange from The Wolf of Wall Street, in the Financial District

The New York Stock Exchange| ©Hellotickets
The New York Stock Exchange| ©Hellotickets

With its distinctive skyscrapers and suits, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange building is the heart of the Financial District. Precisely, everything that happens on this trading floor has been used to tell stories in films such as The Wolf of Wall Street.

Based on a true story, The Wolf of Wall Street tells the story of the rise of broker Jordan Belfort, who makes his fortune by fraudulently buying and selling shares on the American investment market in the 1980s. His extravagant life, marked by excesses, marked a before and after in the history of Wall Street.

Where is it?

This narrow street in lower Manhattan is one of the most famous in New York and the most important in the Financial District. If you want to see the atmosphere of Federal Hall and the Stock Exchange Building, the most important buildings in the area, I advise you to visit Wall Street during business hours from Monday to Friday. On weekends the scenery is completely different.

Other locations of The Wolf of Wall Street in New York City

  • Equitable Building: This building houses the offices of the New York State Attorney General's Office but in the movie it represents the offices of the LF Rothschild bank. It is located at 120 Broadway.
  • World Financial Center: Belfort had his yacht Naomi moored near the World Financial Center when it is taken into police custody and is visited by agent Patrick Denham.
  • West 30th St Heliport: The location where Agent Denham arrests Belfort in the middle of filming his TV commercial.
  • Milan Building: After achieving success, Belfort and his wife Naomi move into a luxury apartment complex at 300 E 55th Street, between First and Second Avenues.

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10. Serena's return to Grand Central Terminal from Gossip Girl

The interior of Grand Central Terminal| ©Hellotickets
The interior of Grand Central Terminal| ©Hellotickets

It's been almost a decade since Gossip Girl ended but we fans haven't been able to forget this series that left its mark on both the fashion and television worlds. In fact, there's a reboot adapted to the new times that once again features the voice of Kristen Bell as the show's narrator to the delight of fans.

The plot revolves around the lives of a group of wealthy Upper East Side teens whose affairs, betrayals and secrets are exposed on the Internet by a blogger named Gossip Girl. All set against the backdrop of New York's swankiest luxury.

The first episode premiered in 2007 and begins with the unexpected return to the city of Upper East Side queen Serena van der Woodsen from boarding school in Cornwall. Her reappearance surprises her former friends and not everyone will be happy to see her.

Where is she?

The first scene of the series shows Serena arriving at a busy train station after a long and mysterious absence, something Gossip Girl takes care to spread the word to her fans. It is Grand Central Terminal, one of the most famous train stations in the United States because of its impressive hall called Main Concourse.

You can take advantage of your trip to book a guided tour of Grand Central Terminal in New York and take a few souvenir photos and snacks in one of its cafes or restaurants. The most famous and oldest of these is the Oyster Bar, which dates back to 1913. It is located at 15 Vanderbilt Avenue.

Other Gossip Girl locations in New York City

If you want to see all the locations where the Gossip Girl Queen did her thing, you can join a Gossip Girl location tour. On this bus tour you will be able to take pictures in some of the scenes of the series.

  • The MET: The stairs of this museum were a favorite place for Blair, Serena and their friends to sit after class. This is where the tension chews when Blair doesn't invite Serena to her party after her homecoming. It is located at 82nd Street and Fifth Avenue.
  • Museum of the City of New York: The facade of this building was used to recreate the Constance Billard School of Girls. The museum takes a look at the history of the city, its present and its future. You'll find it at 1220 Fifth Avenue and 103rd Street.
  • Bethesda Terrace: The place where Blair and Chuck got married! It is considered the heart of Central Park. The ensemble is presided over by the Bethesda Fountain, but the upper part of the terrace and the beautiful lower passageway decorated with tiles and arches is a highly recommended place to see as well.
  • Dan Humphrey's House: Unlike his peers, Dan did not live in the exclusive Upper East Side but in the Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO, which was not bad either. It is said that his house was at 455 Water Street.
  • Serena's House: The Van der Woodsen family lived in the Milan Building, a luxury apartment complex at 300 E 55th Street. In the series they were said to live on the Upper East Side but in reality the skyscraper is located in another area of New York.
  • Bass Family Residence: The residence of Bart Bass, Chuck's father, is the Lotte New York Palace Hotel, where every Christmas one of the most beautiful trees in the city is mounted. It is located at 455 Madison Avenue.
  • Columbia College: This private university is one of the most illustrious in the United States. Serena and Nate are enrolled here and as a curiosity it was also where Barack Obama studied. It is located in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, at 116th Street & Broadway.

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