12 Best Things To Do in Menorca

A guide of everything you should see and do to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Menorca.

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

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12 Best Things To Do in Menorca

Cala Mitjana, in Menorca | ©Joao Branco

The Balearic Islands are a place in the world that impresses even the most experienced traveler, and whether it is the first time you travel to Menorca or a destination you go regularly, the beauty of its coves and sunsets always catches you off guard.

The charm of Menorca lies in the tranquility and natural beauty of its coast and the magic that hides its interior. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful island, take a look at this list of what to see and do in Menorca, where you will find things to do in several of its corners.

1. Enjoy a boat trip along the coast of Menorca

Sailboats and catamarans sailing the coasts of Menorca| ©Franco Vannini
Sailboats and catamarans sailing the coasts of Menorca| ©Franco Vannini

If you want to live live live the maximum splendor of its crystal clear and turquoise waters, I recommend you to take a boat trip during the day or join an excursion that takes you to know the hidden coves of Menorca. Here is a list of the best boat trips in Menorca. Depending on where you stay you can choose different options as you have available boat trips from Fornells, boat trips from Ciudadela, boat trips from Mahon and, but you can also take a boat trip from smaller places like Cala Galdana.

To discover the crystal clear waters

The coves in the south of Menorca are the best known: Macarella, Macarelleta, Mitjana or Trebalúger are surely already on your must-see list (and if not, they should be). The best way to make the most of its turquoise waters away from the crowds of the beaches is to take a boat trip to visit the southern coves.

To see the sunset

When the sky turns orange and the sea becomes a melting pot of reflections of the last light of the day, it's worth being in the right place to enjoy the spectacle. And there is no better place than in the middle of the sea, so a sunset boat ride along the southwest coast of Menorca will give you the best views of the coves and cliffs of the island with an unbeatable natural filter.

To enjoy a day of relaxation in catamaran

Another of the great plans that the island offers you is to cross its waters and its wonderful coves aboard a catamaran, where I assure you that time will stop and you will take your vacation to another level. If you feel like taking a catamaran trip in Menorca, you have several options, depending on the route, duration, etc. I tell you all about it in my article on how to take a catamaran trip in Menorca and, if you prefer, you also have the option of choosing a sailboat as a boat to go around Menorca.

Compare the best boat trips

2. Go on a Jeep safari around the island

Visit the island by Jeep| ©Nan Palmero
Visit the island by Jeep| ©Nan Palmero

The Sunset Jeep Safari Menorca experience has everything a trip to the jewel of the Balearic Islands should include: a drive through the interior, discovering forests, meadows, ravines where game birds live, and even some cliffs, and a close-up of the sunset while enjoying organic products from a nearby farm. An experience especially recommended for those who travel to Menorca with children, as they will be delighted with the adventure.

This is one of the best activities you can do in Menorca. Thanks to it you will have access to private places of the island and therefore you will see things that the typical tourist will not be able to imagine, ending the day in a forest on the edge of a cliff to enjoy the sunset in all its splendor. If you feel like doing the activity, you can consult this article with everything you need to know about the Jeep safari in Menorca.

3. Tour the Menorcan coast in kayak

Tour the coast of Menorca by kayak| ©Joan Mesquida
Tour the coast of Menorca by kayak| ©Joan Mesquida

Another experience that you will always remember from your trip to Menorca is a kayak tour around the coves and sea caves of Menorca. This is an activity in which you can choose to tour the bay of Fornells and admire the Sargantana Island and its watchtower built by the British in the nineteenth century, or take a route along the cliffs and discover the Cueva de los Ingleses, a sea cave that is one of the best places to snorkel in Menorca.

Precisely because of its combination of physical activity and an introduction to snorkeling, kayaking along the coast of Menorca is a very complete way to spend the morning, especially with the family.

Book a kayak tour in Menorca

4. Eat Menorca (literally)

Enjoying one of the gastronomic experiences of Cómete Menorca.| ©Cómete Menorca
Enjoying one of the gastronomic experiences of Cómete Menorca.| ©Cómete Menorca

In recent years Menorca is moving towards becoming a world reference for its gastronomy. Not only for its exquisite local products, but also for the creativity, high quality and professionalism of its chefs.

If you are thinking of going to Menorca on vacation, organize your lunches and dinners to make the most of its culinary delights. Initiatives like Cómete Menorca make it easy for you: in its search engine you can choose the restaurant that best suits your tastes and needs: by location, menu, type of menu, etc. So, making the right choice has never been so easy.

Join their gastronomic experiences

In addition to its magnificent search engine to choose the best restaurants in Menorca, you can join one of its exclusive experiences: whether you go alone, in a group or as a couple, there is an option for you.

In the Menorca Gourmet Tour, for example, a specialized guide will make you a gastronomic tour around the island in which you will visit the places where the typical products of Menorca are elaborated, you will taste them and you will take home a product from each place visited as a gift.

Take a traditional cooking class with a local chef

If what you feel like is to get down to work, there are also several options to take a local cooking course, in small groups, in which you will be taught to prepare the most delicious dishes and then, of course, you will have the opportunity to taste them. If you want more information and prices of this and all the experiences offered by Cómete Menorca, you can write to them at [email protected] or book from their website. Bon apetit!

Book a Mahón cheese workshop

5. Stroll through Binibèquer, a small village of white houses by the sea

The roofs of Binibèquer and its contrast with the blue sky.| ©Núria
The roofs of Binibèquer and its contrast with the blue sky.| ©Núria

Bathed by the waters of the south coast of Menorca, Binibèquer is a little fishing village of white houses where an almost magical peace reigns. The whole village has an aura of inexplicable harmony, added to the white color that covers all its buildings and that are reflecting the colors of the sun as the day goes by as if it were a canvas.

There are many things to do in Binibèquer or Binibeca and it is also easy to get there. The village is only 10 kilometers from Mahón, but even if you are staying at the other end of the island it is worth going to spend the afternoon and enjoy the sunset at Bambú Menorca, one of the classiest restaurants on the island where you can have a glass of wine and taste the local gastronomy.

6. Discover the corners of Ciutadella

Ciutadella| ©JR Harris
Ciutadella| ©JR Harris

Ciutadella is the old capital of Mahon and has a very special charm to discover in its narrow streets and arcades between sun and shade, and its viewpoints from which to enjoy the peace of a summer afternoon.

It is a visit that everyone who travels to Menorca should make as there are many options to enjoy Ciutadella such as strolling through its streets, visiting its picturesque bars or shopping in its unique stores. Its historic center has some really nice points of interest, such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria or the Church of San Francisco de Asis.

A great way to end the day is, if you have a car, to go from Ciutadella to the Punta Nati Lighthouse to watch the sunset. And speaking of sunsets, if you are going to be several days on the island, you should go out to see the sunset from the best spots on the island. In this post I leave you a list of which are, for me, the best sunsets in Menorca.

7. Explore the streets of Mahón, the capital of Menorca

Mahon| ©Mario Sánchez Prada
Mahon| ©Mario Sánchez Prada

Mahon, the current capital of Menorca, is a city somewhat larger than Ciutadella but still retains the charm of the coastal towns of the Balearic Islands. Streets criss-crossed by stone arches of medieval buildings, wonderfully simple churches, white houses with reddish roofs, and small bars and restaurants make for a very pleasant stroll on a sunny midday.

It is a city you can explore without a map or guide or a predefined plan: just stroll through its cathedrals, museums and markets, where you have to taste the cheeses, sausages, artisan breads and canned fish made in Menorca itself.

For this visit, I recommend you to bring a good camera or always have your cell phone handy, as Menorca is photogenic like few other cities in Spain.

Book a guided tour in Mahón

8. Visit the Naveta des Tudons, the Menorcan Stonehenge

Naveta des Tudons| ©Sole Perez
Naveta des Tudons| ©Sole Perez

The origin of these megalithic tombs of Menorca is somewhat uncertain, but it is known that its construction dates back to about 3,000 years ago. Throughout the island it is possible to find other prehistoric constructions like this one, but the Naveta des Tudons is one of the most attractive to tourists and locals alike.

Legend has it that it was built by a prince in love with a princess, who made it a condition of marriage that he build a home for both of them. But just before finishing the naveta, the prince was buried by the last stone he was carrying on top of his head. Perhaps this is the origin of the funerary origin of these constructions.

Around the Naveta des Tudons you can see the taulas, monuments of superimposed rocks that inevitably remind us of the mysterious Stonehenge.

Book tickets for the Naveta des Tudons

9. Climb Monte Toro, the highest point of the island

Views of Fornells from Monte Toro| ©Luca Sbardella
Views of Fornells from Monte Toro| ©Luca Sbardella

Monte Toro is the best viewpoint to observe the island of Menorca and enjoy unbeatable views. It is a must on your trip, especially for the last days.

You can go up by car or prepare a short hike to the top, presided over by the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Toro, consecrated to the patron saint of the island. To visit Monte Toro, the easiest way is to go to Fornells and from there take the short 8 km road there.

10. Have a good cocktail while enjoying the sunset in Cova d'en Xoroi

Cova d'en Xoroi| ©Steve.
Cova d'en Xoroi| ©Steve.

Cova d'en Xoroi is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in hand in Menorca. Located between the cliffs of Cala en Porter, this beach bar is perfect to say goodbye to the island at the end of your trip.

In summer, the Cova d'en Xoroi becomes a club with live music and disco where you can dance rocked by the sea breeze. Due to its popularity, it is essential to book online a table at its viewpoint well in advance. Undoubtedly, a star activity in the nights of Menorca.

11. Make the most of the coves of Menorca

You will have already realized the wide variety of landscapes that Menorca offers. It is really worth visiting all or most of them either on an organized excursion to the coves of Menorca or on your own. For that it is essential to know which are the best coves of Menorca:

Book an excursion to the coves in the south of the island

12. Exploit your adventurous side

In addition to the snorkeling and kayaking experiences that you can book in Menorca, you also have other options to make your trip to the island a real multi-adventure. Horseback riding, diving lessons, or jet ski rides are just some of the alternatives you have at your disposal.

Other tips to make the most of your trip to Menorca

You have already seen that there is a long list of activities and places to visit in Menorca, but will you have time for everything? Planning details such as airport pick-up will allow you to make the most of your time, so take a look at the Menorca airport transfer options before arriving to the island. You will also save time if you hire one of the many guided tours in Menorca.

Choose well the days you are going to be in the island

I warn you: if you have never been to Menorca you will fall in love from the first moment you step on the island so count on it. Visiting Menorca in one day or spending two days in Menorca is possible, but I recommend you to book a minimum of 4 days for your trip. If you want to make sure you don't miss anything during your stay I leave you some ideas to do in Menorca in 4 days and all the plans you can do if you spend 5 days in Menorca.

Organize your travel plan according to the time of the year you are going to Menorca

If you travel to Menorca in February or visit the island in March you will not avoid the cold and the occasional storm. You have to count with it, but also with the fact that this is low season so you can find quite attractive offers. Visiting Menorca in months like December may not be ideal, but that does not mean that there are no things to do, so do not rule it out.

On the other hand, if you are looking to escape from the overcrowded summer but want to have more chances of success in terms of weather, consider visiting Menorca in April, visit Menorca in May, go to Menorca in September or go to Menorca in October. You will have for sure some beach days and you will be able to enjoy all the activities that the island offers without prices as high as in the summer months and without so much cold as in winter.