Best Snorkel and Kayak Experiences in Menorca

Menorca is the ideal place for lovers of the aquatic world. With its transparent waters and a surprising variety of underwater species, enjoying the sea in Menorca is as natural as breathing.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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Best Snorkel and Kayak Experiences in Menorca

Snorkeling in Mernoca | ©Rene Strgar

If you are thinking of spending a few days lying in the sun on this beautiful Mediterranean island, and you also want to know what to see and do in Menorca I will tell you that the options it offers are endless, although it must be said that water activities are everyone's favorite.

That is why this time I will tell you everything you need to know about where to do two of the most interesting activities in Menorca: snorkeling and kayaking, which are the best places to dive, the spots and attractions you can visit, and much more. Are you ready? Let's dive in!

1. The best coves to enjoy snorkeling

Snorkeling in Menorca| ©Steve.
Snorkeling in Menorca| ©Steve.

This island has incredible coasts, but without a doubt its biggest attraction are its coves. Here you will know some of the best coves in Menorca, although all of them are exceptional, some are a better option for your snorkeling than others.

To the north of Menorca, you will find Cala Morell, this cove is characterized for having very peaceful waters and for being an area sheltered from the wind. In Cala Morell there is very little depth, that is why it can be an ideal option if you have gone with children to Menorca.

Diving in its waters you can see incredible marine species such as sea urchins, sea urchins, sea urchins, anemones and various snails.

Also in the north is Cavalleria beach, which has a rocky seabed and a sandy one. This makes it interesting to vary the views you can have while swimming.

Very close to this beach you will find Cala Rotja, this is a virgin beach ideal for snorkeling, because thanks to being uncrowded the marine fauna is less altered and you can see many more species than in crowded tourist areas.

Cala Tamarells is located within the Natural Park of Albufera des Grau, and is subdivided into three small unspoiled coves, which are also very quiet in terms of number of people. This makes them splendid to enjoy with your snorkel.

Although if you like the depth, I suggest Cala Macarella and Cala Macarelleta, in its waters you can come across starfish, fish such as amphibians or groups of moret fish. Undoubtedly they are one of the best places to practice snorkeling in Menorca.

Another cove with deep waters is the famous Cala Fondo (Ses Olles). Its crystal clear waters will allow you to have a very good underwater view, this makes it almost a natural pool where you can see fish such as mullet, bream and maidens.

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2. The best routes in Menorca to enjoy in Kayak

Marvel at the beautiful views from your kayak| ©Laurene Gicquel
Marvel at the beautiful views from your kayak| ©Laurene Gicquel

Kayaking in Menorca is an increasingly popular and attractive activity, both for amateurs and for getting to know this beautiful Balearic island in a different way. With a kayak you can explore coves and pristine beaches that are difficult to access, and also have a lot of fun while doing it.

You will be able to do several routes, both guided and on your own. One of the best kayak routes is crossing the Bay of Fornells. This route is close to the shore and runs along 11 kilometers of virgin beaches. The trip lasts almost 3 hours.

Cala Galdana - Cala Mitjana is another excellent place for kayaking, it is a total of about 5 km to know one of the most beautiful treasures of Menorca.
Doing about 8 km you can make the route Es Grau-Cala sa Torreta. This is one of the most popular areas for kayaking.

The beach of Santo Tomás-Cala Escorxada is one of the best unspoiled beaches that you can visit on foot kayaking, making only about 8 kilometers of route. Although it is difficult to access, it is worth visiting for its great beauty.

Going to the southern sector of the island, an excellent route to cross by kayak is Es Grau-Cala Mesquida. Doing it round trip will take you about 3 hours and a half at a leisurely pace.

Finally, the two longest of the best routes to kayak in Menorca are: Cabo de Cavalleria, with approximately 20 kilometers, where you can visit the beautiful Cala Tirant and S'Olla; and the route Cala Viola de Ponent-Cala Pregonda, of almost 16.5 kilometers. Its length is compensated by its exceptional beauty.

3. Enjoy guided kayak excursions in Menorca

Nature and good company| ©Thomas Lardeau
Nature and good company| ©Thomas Lardeau

Kayaking is an experience that you should not miss during your stay in Menorca. Thanks to the small dimensions of this light boat you will be able to travel around the island in a unique way, discovering its countless wonders as you go.

Kayaking will also allow you to exercise a little, drive at your own pace and enjoy the scenery in a relaxed way.

In Menorca you will find a wide range of guided excursions with a planned route, so you can make the most of the ride and get to know more places. Many of these excursions go all the way around the island, so that you can get to know all its beaches. Other excursions have several routes with different beaches grouped according to which one you choose.

Hiring a guided tour is the best option if it is your first time kayaking or if you have little experience, this way you will learn the techniques of navigation and you will have the security of going under the supervision of an experienced guide.

There are many companies that offer guided kayak excursions, but among the most recommended are:

Menorca in Kayak
Kayak Menorca

**These excursions have an average duration of between two and three hours. The cost for adults starts at 35 euros and for children from 25 euros.

4. Kayak around the island

Sport, sun, sea and beach| ©Artem Zhukov
Sport, sun, sea and beach| ©Artem Zhukov

Kayaking around the island of Menorca is an adventure that many choose to experience. As always, you have the option of doing it on your own or in a group with a guide. Let me tell you that this expedition takes a total of 7 days, and you will have to paddle an average of 4 to 6 hours a day.

You should keep in mind that, although you don't need to be an expert to live this adventure, it is recommended to make some short trips beforehand to get used to the kayak itself and become familiar with the basics of this sport.

If you do it on your own, you should carry all the necessary equipment, change of clothes and snacks in the watertight compartments of the kayak.

The same kayak rental centers will provide you with the maps and indications to successfully complete this trip, in addition to giving you the best tips to consider. The maps will indicate the coves where you can stop to sleep or rest, as well as the places where you can stock up with whatever you need.

Being an excursion that takes several days to complete, I recommend you to plan it in advance to correctly coordinate your stay in Menorca.

The approximate cost of this activity is between 40 and 60 Euros per day for the kayak rental, plus lodging at each stop and food expenses.

The guided activity has an average price of 740 Euros, lasting about 8 days and 7 nights.

5. Tour the Menorcan caves in kayak

Cala Blanca, Menorcan cave| ©Arianna Rosso
Cala Blanca, Menorcan cave| ©Arianna Rosso

The coast of the island of Menorca is full of caves that were formed naturally over the years. A peculiar and privileged way to appreciate the landscape formed by these caves is from the sea, and what better way to do it than aboard a kayak.

In Menorca there are guided tours that make the so-called route of the caves, these tours usually cover from Cala Porter to Cala Coves. The latter boasts the most sea caves and impressive cliffs on the island.

In this guided activity you will learn much more about the history of these caves and get to know fascinating places.

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6. Talayotic Necropolis of Cala Coves

Talayotic necropolis of Cala Coves| ©Carlos de Paz
Talayotic necropolis of Cala Coves| ©Carlos de Paz

Between Sant Climent and Alaior, in the heart of the Menorcan coast, is the famous Necropolis of Cales Coves. This is an imposing necropolis located in an enchanting natural environment.

It is known that this place served its function around the 11th century B.C. during Roman rule. It has about 90 cavities in the ravines and rocky walls of the coast, and is now considered an important archaeological heritage site.

Many remains found in these tombs, as well as in the surrounding seabed, have been sent to the Museum of Menorca.

An excellent way to access this point is of course by kayak, whether you take the caves route or a guided tour of Cala Coves.

On this route, in addition to visiting the Talayotic necropolis, you will be able to contemplate interesting limestone cliffs, countless rocky cavities, fossil dunes that stand out for their beige color, and of course enjoy the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I recommend you take a snorkel goggles, because this point is also ideal to stop and take a good dip to know the Minorcan depths up close.

This activity can be done through a guided tour with an approximate cost of 40 euros per person. If you want to do it free the value of the daily rental of a kayak is between 40 and 60 euros.

7. Snorkeling in the Natural Park

Snorkel| ©Jakob Owens
Snorkel| ©Jakob Owens

A perfect place to enjoy the most amazing underwater flora and fauna is the Natural Park of s'Albufera de Es Grau. This authentic green lung located in the northeast of Menorca stands out for its beautiful landscapes and great biodiversity. Its coastal area has majestic beaches such as Cala Tortuga and Platja d'Es Grau.

This site is usually accessed almost only by kayak, approaching the beaches of Sa Torreta, then from Tamarells swim with your snorkel mask contemplating the underwater spectacle that is this protected area.

You can get snorkeling excursions in the Natural Park of Menorca from 40 Euros per adult. Because it is a protected area only guided dives are allowed.

This place is not only fantastic for snorkeling, but it really is one of the most beautiful places in Menorca, so you can't miss it during your stay here.

8. Boat excursions with snorkeling stop

Snorkel Tour| ©Chamey
Snorkel Tour| ©Chamey

Boat trips in Menorca are one of the classics of the island. An unmissable experience in your trip, since its crystal clear waters and beautiful landscapes, will make your trip unforgettable.

Hiring a boat excursion, you will get to know the most paradisiacal beaches and coves. Almost all these excursions make several stops at different points of the sea, so you can swim and enjoy the many natural wonders of the seabed with your snorkel goggles.

This is an activity that can be adapted to all tastes, since among the options you can choose boat trips that last all day and include meals and drinks, or midday trips if you want to combine this excursion with another activity.

There is even the possibility of renting a private boat for you and yours (in case you travel in a group), with the advantage that you can choose the route and make stops with the duration you want. This is usually a very popular option among groups of friends.

**A guided tour of this type has a duration of 3 and a half hours, and the average price is 46 euros per person.

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9. Enjoy the peace and quiet of Cueva de los Ingleses with your snorkel

Snorkeling in the Cueva de los Ingleses (Englishman's Cave)| ©Damian D
Snorkeling in the Cueva de los Ingleses (Englishman's Cave)| ©Damian D

On the north coast of Menorca is the so-called Cueva de los Ingleses. This site can only be reached by kayak or by small boat from the Bay of Fornells.

In the Cueva de los Ingleses you will find a large number of rock formations, semi-submerged and away from the hustle and bustle, so the feeling of peace you get here is unparalleled. Due to the characteristics of the area, the marine species that inhabit it are very numerous and diverse.

The area of the Cueva de los Ingleses is a very good place to dive in Menorca if the snorkeling does not allow you to dive deep enough and you want to go even deeper.

This tour is often included in the Cave Route, and although you can also get there on a boat excursion, the feeling of paddling in your own kayak is incomparable, and makes the experience much more interactive.

10. Learn how to kayak in Menorca

Enjoy the sea in a special way| ©Ksenia Zakharova
Enjoy the sea in a special way| ©Ksenia Zakharova

If you have already lived the experience of kayaking and you have been so fascinated that you would like to learn much more about this sport and its techniques, you can do it in a kayaking course designed especially for anyone who wants to get started in this activity.

In places like Menorca en Kayak, you can take courses where you will learn the origins of sea kayaking, the different parts of the boat, the regulation of the kayak and paddling techniques, the types and techniques of displacement, and even how to rescue a partner in an extreme situation.

This course can be taken by anyone from 12 years old, and although it is not necessary to have previous experience with kayaking, it is a prerequisite to know how to swim.

You can even continue your learning by taking a more advanced course, in which you will learn other safety techniques to apply in situations of accidents or danger, improvement of the paddling style, to improve your performance in this sport, and in even more advanced instances, maneuvers to return the kayak to its position in case of capsizing, without getting out of it.

The great advantage of taking a kayaking course is that you will have the freedom to handle this craft independently, being able to navigate your own routes at your own time, and knowing how to handle yourself correctly in case of any eventuality that may arise during navigation.

**On average, the courses have a value of 65 euros per person, each level.

Recommendations for your suitcase

Preparing your luggage| ©Marissa Grootes
Preparing your luggage| ©Marissa Grootes

If you are a fan of water activities, when packing your suitcase it will be important to include appropriate items, starting with a good quick-drying towel.

Usually, on boat or kayak excursions you'll take more than one dip for snorkeling, and there's nothing more unpleasant than dealing with the stench of a wet towel among your belongings. A quick-drying towel, as its name suggests, dries in just a few minutes, so you can put it away almost immediately without transmitting moisture or odor to the rest of your belongings. In addition, thanks to its material, it takes up very little space when folded.

In the case of snorkeling, it is a completely free activity if you have the necessary elements, so I recommend that if you enjoy this activity invest in your own snorkel mask, it will be much cheaper than renting one every time you want to take a dip, and also you will not see limited time of use.

Even better if you can also get your own swim fins to move more easily in the crystal clear waters of this beautiful island.

Don't forget to bring a light coat, since after being in the sea for a few hours, your skin becomes hypersensitive and you may feel a little cold.