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Boat tours in Menorca

You have not been to Menorca if you have not discovered its secret coves by boat, enjoying its crystal clear waters and away from the crowds: do not miss this essential experience.

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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Boat tours in Menorca

Sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean | ©Franz Schmitt

Menorca is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean Sea: its beautiful beaches will bring you peace and touring its towns and villages will give you a certain joy that can only be found on vacations.

But this vacation will not be complete without enjoying the most beautiful and unique view of Menorca. Seeing the island from a boat in the middle of the sea is a marvel, and while you're at it, take a walk around it and discover its coves and swim among the fish. Do you want to know how to take a boat trip in Menorca? Keep reading!

Our favorite

Menorca Coves and Beaches Sailing Trip

The best value for money excursion for a full day of sailing in Menorca

We will visit the most popular coves in the south (Macarelleta, Son Saura, Es Talaier and Turqueta) with lunch included and making several stops for swimming and snorkeling.

Duration: 7 hours

While taking a boat trip on your trip to Menorca seems to me an essential experience to discover the best kept secrets of this beautiful island, spending a whole day at sea is a luxury that I encourage you to give yourself if you have enough time.

This excursion lasts about seven hours and will take you to discover the most famous coves. You will leave around 10 am from Ciudadela and head for the southern beaches. You will pass by Cala Macarelleta, Son Saura, Es Talaier and Cala'n Turqueta, among others.

You will have enough time to make several stops in the middle of the sea and some of the coves, where you can swim among fish and see the seabed. It also includes lunch, a typical dish of paella and drinks so you do not have to worry about anything but enjoy your vacation.

Why I like this option: As I said, it seems to me without a doubt the best value for money option. It is the longest tour, includes food and drinks and you will stop for swimming and snorkeling in the best spots along the coast.

Recommended if... you have enough time and you feel like spending a whole day at sea without breaking your travel budget. If you are traveling with children, it is also a very good option, since you will be sailing in a medium-sized and quite stable boat.

The cheapest

Menorca: Half-Day Boat Tour along The South Coast

A shorter excursion but at an unbeatable price

If you don't have much time (or much budget) to sail, this is the best option to discover the most popular southern coves of the island (Turqueta, Macarella, Mitjana or Trebalúger) and make a stop for snorkeling.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

This boat trip along the south coast of Menorca departs from Cala'n Bosch and takes you to see spectacular coves that are only accessible on foot or from the sea, such as Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella, Cala Mitjana and Cala Trebaluger.

Also, as part of the experience, the boat will dock at one of the coves for you to swim on the beach, snorkel or observe the marine life through the glass floor. You can also order a drink at the boat's bar or sit and listen to an audio guide who will tell you all the details about the coves. The boat has slides, which will make the swim stop more fun.

The schedule of this activity is quite flexible, as you can choose to do it in the morning at 10:00 or in the afternoon, leaving at 14:00 (if you choose the afternoon option, there is an extra stop in Cala Galdana for embarkation and disembarkation of some passengers, which makes the excursion last about thirty minutes longer). In any case, you will enjoy a calm sea and without crowds, because as I said, these coves are inaccessible by car.

Why I like this option: this half-day tour will take you to discover the best coves of the island, which are inaccessible by car. During the day, you can swim, snorkel and even enjoy drinks on the deck of the boat. And all this at the lowest price on the island.

Recommended if... you are short of time and can only dedicate half a day to this activity or if you simply want to discover which are the best coves to dedicate more time to your favorites during your trip.

For groups

Half Day Boat Rental in Menorca

A private boat with captain for you and your companions for half a day.

If you travel to Menorca in a group, it is very likely that it is worth booking this private option: the boat can accommodate up to 12 people, which would mean a cost per person of 50 €. You will be able to customize the itinerary and the stops for swimming.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Perfect for groups, this boat trip lets you and your friends, or family, or partner decide the route and places to visit by boat. With drinks and snacks included, and the possibility to use a paddle surf board to explore the waters of Menorca at your leisure, plus a snorkeling experience included, this customizable Menorca boat tour is the best if you are looking for a private tour to spend the day as you decide.

The boat departs from Cala Galdana and from there, you choose the itinerary. The captain has a suggested route, but you can ask him to take you wherever you want, being able to make as many stops as you want for the year. In addition, the boat has the necessary equipment for you to snorkel and paddle surf in the sea. There is also a bathroom on board and you will have drinks and snacks during the day.

Why I like this option: Although it may seem overpriced, large groups often end up paying more if they decide to join a large organized group. If it makes up the bills, this tour is much more premium, private and customizable. You'll spend a day aboard a luxury vessel sailing at your leisure.

Recommended if... you are traveling in a group and prefer to enjoy a private experience with your companions.

We compare the 3 excursions

How much does a boat excursion in Menorca cost: prices and what they usually include

Sailing in Menorca
Sailing in Menorca

A boat trip in Menorca can cost between 30 and 150 € per person per day. It all depends on the type of boat, the duration of the excursion or how many people are on board the boat. Some excursions include food, drinks and equipment for kayaking or snorkeling and these extras will increase the price of the excursion.

Fortunately, the offer of boat trips on the island of Menorca is quite varied: you will find options for all tastes (and all budgets!). In general, the first thing you will have to choose between doing a private boat trip or joining a tour already organized with other travelers.

Another variable will be the duration of the tour. Obviously, a private boat will have a higher price and you can rent it with or without skipper. For example, the Hellotickets private boat tour has a price of 600 € but can travel up to 12 passengers, so the price per person is 50 €.

The price will also depend on the size of the boat. For example, spending the day on a catamaran in a small group (with only 10 people) can cost about 110 € per person (including equipment for snorkeling, paddle surfing and food and drinks included). The same option but only half day costs 66 €.

How to book a boat excursion in Menorca

Snorkeling in Menorca| ©Jacob Owens
Snorkeling in Menorca| ©Jacob Owens

It is best to book online and in advance, especially if you plan to travel in high season (mid-June to mid-September). Choose the number of passengers on board, the time and departure point and book your excursion. You will have to pay at the time of booking to secure your place.

You must take into account that the places for the boat trips are quite tight (Menorca tries to avoid overcrowded tourism) so as soon as you book your flight or ferry to get there, get a place on the boat trip of your choice.

There is also the possibility of booking the boat trip once you arrive to the island (you can always go to a yacht club or pier and ask the professionals there) but I do not recommend it if you are traveling in the middle of summer: not only they do not make last minute offers but you run the risk of being left without a place in the schedule or route you want.

Another tip when booking your boat trip is to try to do it during the first days of your trip. First, because it will help you to find your way around and discover several coves in one excursion, which you can then return to on your own, but also because if the weather is bad -which is quite unlikely in summer, but you never know-, you will have more opportunities to postpone the excursion and not be left without it.

Doing a boat trip in Menorca with kids

Menorca with kids| ©Torsten Dederichs
Menorca with kids| ©Torsten Dederichs

Practically all the companies that organize boat excursions in Menorca are adapted to receive the little ones: they will be able to swim, have a fun time on board and eat on the boat with the whole family. On the larger boats there is space to store their strollers and the calm waters of Menorca make it practically impossible for them to suffer seasickness. In addition, there are usually reduced rates for children and teenagers and babies travel for free. Be well informed before booking.

So, are you still wondering if encouraging the whole family to join the boat trip during the vacations is a good idea? Of course it is! Children enjoy being on board almost more than grown-ups. In case they need it, they can be provided with a vest or you can bring them some muffs. In some cases, as for example in the half-day boat trip, the boat has slides that make it even more fun to take a dip.

All the boats have bathrooms, which also facilitates the day on board with the little ones. All of them have shaded areas, where they can rest without having to be under the sun all day long. For one day, you will not have to walk under the heat to the most inaccessible coves, so they will surely appreciate it. Don't forget the hat and sunscreen... and enjoy with the whole family!

How to rent a boat without a license in Menorca

Enjoying a dip| ©Daniel Ferrandiz
Enjoying a dip| ©Daniel Ferrandiz

If instead of joining a tour or booking a private excursion with crew you prefer to rent a boat that you drive yourself, this is also possible. Normally they are usually small boats and engines of fairly tight power so you can drive it without risk. You will find them from about 200 € and as the size of the boat increases, the price will go up. The rent is usually paid by the hour.

For example, in Nautal you can book it online and the day of the excursion the person in charge will give you the indications you need to know how to drive it. Make sure you know how many passengers can fit on the boat (they are usually quite small) before renting it and plan a little bit which coves you would like to visit, as it will be more practical to rent the boat in one port or another to access more quickly to the area you are interested in.

What to visit by boat in Menorca

The turquoise waters of Menorca| ©Ricardo Frantz
The turquoise waters of Menorca| ©Ricardo Frantz

In Menorca there are mainly two areas that capture the interest of all visitors: the southern coves and the northern coves. The southern coves are usually better known for their fine white sands and crystal clear waters. The northern beaches tend to be more rugged, but you will find practically nobody, which makes the navigation very special.

The coves of the south

The best known are Macarella (and its little sister Macarelleta), Turqueta, Son Saura...etc. The truth is that it is impossible to choose just one, so the boat trips that pass through the southern beaches usually go through all of them and depending on the wind of the day or the influx of visitors, the skipper will choose the best place for you to stop for snorkeling. Some of these beaches are flanked by caves and rocks where a great marine life accumulates. Take the opportunity to dive in with your goggles (almost all boat trips include snorkeling equipment) and marvel at the colorful fish - no one will be able to tell you are not swimming in the Caribbean!

The coves of the north

On the other hand, there are the virgin beaches of the north: here you won't find beach bars or so many tourists. Most beaches are totally inaccessible on foot, so visiting them by boat is a great idea. Cala Tortuga, Cala Pilar, Cala Pregonda or Fornells are spectacular. Here the sand is not as fine, but the water is just as clean, transparent and turquoise as in the southern coves, but you will be practically alone. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Doing a sunset boat trip in Menorca

Enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Menorca| ©Johannes Plenio
Enjoy the beautiful sunsets of Menorca| ©Johannes Plenio

During your trip you will see the sunset from incredible places of the island: its lighthouses, capes and hidden corners make every sunset magical. But if you are looking for something really unique, you can watch the sunset from the middle of the sea, having taken a dip taking advantage of the last rays of daylight and enjoying a snack on board.

Around 7 pm in summer some boats enter the waters of Menorca for the enjoyment of those looking for a unique experience. On the way back, you will sail back to the harbor late at night, which completes the day with a bit of adventure.

Anyway, if your favorite time of the day is sunset, here is a guide on where to enjoy the last light of the day in Menorca: Best sunset spots in Menorca.

Boat trips from Fornells

Sailing in a sailboat| ©Jacob Meissner
Sailing in a sailboat| ©Jacob Meissner

Boat trips departing from Fornells usually go along the northern beaches. The bay of Fornells is particularly beautiful and little frequented by visitors to the island, so parking there to embark on the excursion will be quite easy.

For example, this sailing excursion will take you to the rhythm of the wind to discover the northern beaches. You will stop to swim and snorkel along the way and although the itinerary may vary depending on the wind direction, the skipper will make sure you get the most out of the sailing. In Fornells you can also take a kayak excursion that will add a little adventure to your visit to the north of the island.

Boat excursions from Cala Galdana

The crystal clear waters of Son Bou| ©Elizabeth Lies
The crystal clear waters of Son Bou| ©Elizabeth Lies

Cala Galdana is one of the busiest beaches in the south of Menorca. There you can find two of the biggest hotels of the island and many of the boat excursions to the south depart from Cala Galdana. In this same beach you will find service of deck chairs, umbrellas, etc and for that reason it does not have a special enchantment at the time of sailing by it, but it will be very useful to have it as point of reference if you are lodging there or in its surroundings to embark in an excursion.

Macarella, Macarelleta or Turqueta are quite close, so paradise is just a few meters away. For example, this half-day excursion by boat through the southern coves has a special stop in the afternoon to pick up and drop off passengers. Of course, if you decide to embark or disembark here and you have to travel by car, be patient to park and expect it to take a while, you don't want to be late for your date with the boat!

Boat trips from Ciudadela

Ciudadela| ©Jr Harris
Ciudadela| ©Jr Harris

Ciudadela is probably one of the most beautiful places on the island and perfectly combines the beach vacation you are dreaming of with the charm of a beautiful town full of atmosphere at all hours of the day. Because it is one of the most popular points of interest among tourists, there are many options to join a boat excursion from Ciudadela.

In fact, the most popular boat excursion on the island, this boat tour of the southern coves departs from Passeig del Mol in Ciudadela and returns to the same starting point. On the way back from the boat trip, take the opportunity to stroll through the little craft stalls in the port area, its little bars and terraces and its cobbled streets.

Boat excursions from Mahón

Es Mercadal street, in Mahón| ©Héctor J Rivas
Es Mercadal street, in Mahón| ©Héctor J Rivas

Mahon will be an obligatory stop on your trip to Menorca. When it seems that you are lost, you will find a street with an exit to the sea and spectacular views and its port is, surely, one of the most beautiful in Spain. So you don't need more reasons to take advantage of the visit to make a boat trip from Mahon.

The great advantage of making an excursion from Mahón is that its central location will allow you to decide whether you prefer to visit the northern or southern coves, as both are at a similar distance from the city.

Sailing excursions in Menorca

Sailing in Menorca| ©Jr Harris
Sailing in Menorca| ©Jr Harris

Traveling by sailboat in Menorca has a romantic touch hardly comparable to other boats. Letting yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the wind and the direction of the waves gives a touch of authenticity to the excursion that other boats do not achieve. In addition, the small size of the sailboat (always compared to other boats) means that the groups are always smaller, so you can better connect with nature and the landscape: at the end of the day you will have the feeling of having spent a relaxing day enjoying the Mediterranean.

However, you should keep in mind that, for better or worse, the speed of the sailboat is not excessive, so if you are looking for an all-terrain excursion in which you can see the more, the better, this is not for you. Anyway, don't worry because the skipper will make sure you make the most of the route according to the weather conditions.

Catamaran excursions in Menorca

Sailing in catamaran| ©Miguel Gelabert
Sailing in catamaran| ©Miguel Gelabert

It is hard not to be attracted by the luxury of joining a catamaran ride around Menorca. The boat is very stable, most of the time it uses the momentum of the wind to sail under sail and has plenty of space for sunbathing on board in total comfort.

On board a catamaran usually fit at most between 10 and 12 people, so privacy is assured. Get your camera ready because you are going to be the envy of all your friends!

Can I get seasick during a boat trip in Menorca?

Sailing at sunset| ©Loreta Pavoliene
Sailing at sunset| ©Loreta Pavoliene

It is quite improbable. For starters, the waters around the island are very calm and there are rarely waves, even if it is windy. Even so, if you tend to get a little seasick when sailing, I recommend that you avoid sailboats (when sailing they tend to get carried away more by the rhythm of the waves) and look for an excursion that is done in a large boat. Catamarans, llauts and large ferry boats are very stable and you won't notice anything at all.

What else you should know about sailing excursions in Menorca

Sailing in Menorca| ©Franco Vannini
Sailing in Menorca| ©Franco Vannini
  • All the activities I have told you about take place only if the weather is good. In case it is very cloudy, rainy or snowy, the boat trip will be cancelled and you will be offered to reschedule the experience or receive a full refund.
  • Bring swimwear, sunglasses, a towel, a bottle of water and sunscreen: all the experiences have a stop at a beach and you will enjoy lying in the sun by the sea.
  • If you are looking for a more intimate experience, I recommend the catamaran ride or the private tour, as the other experiences sometimes have larger groups.
  • When you confirm your reservation, you will receive an email with all the information you have provided. Check that everything is correct and save it to show it to the captain of the boat on the day of the experience.

Other experiences that may interest you

Diving in Menorca| ©Marco Assmann
Diving in Menorca| ©Marco Assmann

Besides taking a boat trip in Menorca, there are many more things to do on the island to enjoy an unforgettable trip. If you want to read what else you can't miss on your vacation, keep reading here: What to do in Menorca.

And if after the boat trip you are left wanting more maritime adventure, don't worry, Menorca has plenty more to do. Why not take a kayak race? Read how here: Kayak Activities in Menorca.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it worth taking a boat trip in Menorca?

    Yes, without a doubt. Only from the sea you will know some of its best coves and you will be able to avoid overcrowding. If you don't want to worry about anything, the best thing to do is to join an organized tour, since you will be sure to visit the best beaches and they will indicate the best spots for swimming.

  • Which is better, the boat trip to the northern or southern coves of Menorca?

    The southern coves are the best known: Macarella, Macarelleta, Turqueta, Mitjana or Pregonda are paradise on earth. Always with calm sea and crystal clear waters, they are also the best place to swim.

  • Can I rent a boat without a license in Menorca?

    It will depend on the size of the boat and its engine. Currently there are boats available for rent without a skipper, but joining a guided excursion is the easiest option.

  • Which boat excursion is more worthwhile if I go alone or as a couple?

    There are very economical options in which you only pay for each passenger, which makes them perfect if you are traveling alone or as a couple. If you go in a group, it is usually worth the private excursion to have the boat just for you and yours (only the skipper will accompany you).