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Catamaran Tours

Navigating the waters of Menorca on a catamaran is the most authentic boat trip you can do on the island: here you have a guide on how to book it and some tips to enjoy it to the fullest.

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

5 min read

Catamaran Tours

Enjoying a catamaran ride | ©Miquel Gelabert

To really enjoy the beauty of Menorca it is necessary to connect with its nature: its sea, its coves, its cliffs and of course, its spectacular sunsets.

Taking a boat trip around the island with no direction other than the wind and depending on the swell is a beautiful way to enjoy the sea the old fashioned way. Here you have everything you need to know about the catamaran excursions around Menorca.

1. The best options to take a catamaran ride in Menorca

Enjoy the sea aboard a catamaran | ©Patrick Lalonde
Enjoy the sea aboard a catamaran | ©Patrick Lalonde

2. Half day catamaran excursion

Nature and relaxation in the same experience | ©Jordan Irving
Nature and relaxation in the same experience | ©Jordan Irving

Unlike other boat trips around Menorca, this excursion around Menorca by catamaran does not have a fixed route: the captain decides it at the moment according to the wind direction, which makes this experience a very genuine way to enjoy the sea. Depending on the route, you will head to the west of the island, towards Cala Pregonda, or to the east, towards Cala Mongofre.

The catamaran departs from the port of Fornells and returns to the same place. The schedule is flexible, and you can choose to do the excursion in the morning or in the afternoon, although I recommend doing it in the morning if what you want is to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the views of the wonderful cliffs and coves that the island offers.

For me, the great advantage of catamaran excursions compared to other boat trips is that they are very authentic experiences and not crowded at all: the catamaran can accommodate a maximum of 12 people so it is not the typical tourist boat trip. This experience is more about connecting with the nature of Menorca in the most authentic and special way possible.

  • Recommended: If you want to enjoy the sunset in a unique experience with a small group away from the more touristy activities.

3. Catamaran ride at sunset with appetizer

Sunset at sea | ©Loreta Pavoliene
Sunset at sea | ©Loreta Pavoliene

This sunset catamaran trip has the particularity that the departure is around 19:00, so the trip takes place between sunset and night. This, added to an aperitif with drinks included, makes this experience the perfect way to celebrate an event or to say goodbye to Menorca at the end of the trip.

In this tour you will also leave from Fornells but, unlike the previous experience, the route is more established and you will not do such an extensive tour, since the plan is to put run to the middle of the sea and park there to enjoy the waves and the sunset. Once the boat has stopped, it's movie time: jump into the water to swim and even snorkel with the snorkeling equipment provided by the captain.

At sunset, you can toast with your friends or partner or with the other members of the group (which in this case is also a small group of maximum 7 people) and enjoy an aperitif. You will see Menorca from a unique point of view, with the sunset bathing its coves and beaches, and after a night walk you will head back to Fornells.

  • Recommended: If that of sailing the Minorcan waters at night with a glass of wine sounds very, very good to you.

Alex's Traveller Tip

Take a bag or backpack, preferably waterproof, to store your things. The catamarans have lockers for personal use where you can put your belongings if you don't want to leave them anywhere when you go for a swim or snorkel.

4. Why it is worthwhile to take a catamaran excursion

The most beautiful sunsets | ©John Morgan
The most beautiful sunsets | ©John Morgan

In my experience, the smaller the groups of people participating in an activity, the better the experience, as you will have a personalized treatment and you will enjoy a more intimate and authentic time than in a crowded excursion. In the case of these catamaran experiences, you have all the good things of a boat trip around Menorca, but with the added bonus that you will be in a small group, something that is definitely worth it.

You will see the best sunset on the island.

On the other hand, what really makes these boat trips essential is that they offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sunset from a privileged viewpoint, in the middle of the sea and without any obstacle, while you feel the sea breeze on your face and take a dip in the water. It is truly a plan that tastes like summer and the Mediterranean Sea like few others.

Speaking of sunsets, if like me they are also your favorite time of the day, I have written a guide on where to see the most spectacular sunsets in Menorca (although I already tell you that from the bow of a boat with a glass of wine you can see them very, very well): Best sunset spots in Menorca.

5. Before booking

Navigate Menorca in an unforgettable experience I ©Alix Greenman
Navigate Menorca in an unforgettable experience I ©Alix Greenman

What if the weather is not good?

A prerequisite for these boat tours is good weather. If it rains or there are strong winds, the experience will be cancelled and your money will be refunded or you will be offered to postpone it to another date.

If the weather is bad, an activity that is beautiful even in the rain is the Jeep tour through Menorca. It is also one of the most demanded on days when kayaking and boat trips are cancelled. Read more about this experience in the link below.

What should you bring on the field trip?

Take bathing clothes, sunglasses, a towel, a bottle of water and sunscreen: you will enjoy sitting in the sun for a while and enjoying a refreshing swim in the water.

What do you need to make a reservation?

To book a catamaran tour, you will have to choose a date and a number of participants. Then, you will be asked for some personal information and your e-mail address (it is important that you give one that you normally use), and once you have validated the payment you will receive a confirmation e-mail, which will be the one you will have to show to the captain of the boat on the day of the excursion.

How far in advance do I need to arrive before boarding?
As a general recommendation, it is a good idea to be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the start time of the experience.

6. Other activities you may be interested in

Safari by Jeep in Menorca | ©Andrew Hurley
Safari by Jeep in Menorca | ©Andrew Hurley

Besides catamaran rides, there are many other boat experiences available in Menorca, perfect to give that special and unforgettable touch to your trip. I tell you everything you need to know here: Boat tours in Menorca.

Another essential activity is to explore the island from the inside, and what better way to do it than on a Jeep excursion where you will discover forests, meadows, cliffs, woods and even visit an organic farm where you will taste the Menorcan gastronomy. If you want to know more, click here: Jeep Safari in Menorca.

And since Menorca is a destination that deserves to be squeezed to the maximum, here you have a list of great plans to include in your trip to live an unforgettable vacation, something difficult to achieve if you only had planned to lie on the beach and sunbathe: 10 Best Activities in Minorca.