Best Jet Ski Trips in Menorca

Live a unique experience touring the coves of Menorca at full speed on a jet ski, one of the most fun and that will give you your good dose of adrenaline.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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Best Jet Ski Trips in Menorca

Menorca | ©Enric Rubio Ros

There are endless things to see and do in Menorca, for all tastes. Of all these experiences, one of the most popular among travelers is to drive a jet ski. A mix of adrenaline and nature, you will be able to visit caves, cliffs, paradisiacal coves and much more from a unique and privileged point of view. Speed up and get to know the most beautiful treasures of Menorca.

The island is located in the Mediterranean Sea, and is the owner of dream landscapes. If lying under the sun is not your thing, and too much peace starts to bore you, enjoy one of the most amazing water activities Menorca has to offer.

1. Excursion from Fornells to the north coast

On a Jet Ski| ©Asad Photo
On a Jet Ski| ©Asad Photo

The north coast of Menorca enchants its visitors with its calm sea of transparent and warm waters, and its natural landscapes offer a delight for all senses. If you are the adventurous type, I recommend you to take a tour of these great sites on a jet ski.

As if that were not enough, the northern part of the island has some of the best coves in Menorca and its beaches are a true paradise. And what better idea than to enjoy all this in a different and fun way?

If you have never been on a jet ski before, there is no need to worry, since on a guided excursion you will be accompanied all the time by an expert, who will watch over your safety and will also guide you along the way.

Of course, before starting you will be given all the instructions and indications on how to ride the jet ski.

One of the most popular options is to start from Fornells and go along the North Coast of Menorca. These rides usually last between 30 and 60 minutes, and include everything you need to enjoy the tour safely, such as life jackets and the supervision of the guide.

Useful information about Fornells

  • Price: from 100 €.
  • Where it takes place: Fornells
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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2. Visit the South of Menorca by jet ski

Jet Ski| ©Mudassir Ali
Jet Ski| ©Mudassir Ali

If you are one of those who can't live without that adrenaline rush, a great option is to take a jet ski ride along the beaches of the south of the island.

In this tour you will get to know magnificent landscapes, reaching places that are very difficult to access, but with the jet ski it becomes much easier.

Among the best spots on this route are Cala Turqueta, Cala Macarella or Son Saura beach, with its abundant vegetation.

You will see that all these places are true paradises. Even in certain sections you will be able to observe the rocky cavities that are located in some of these beaches, a unique spectacle.

The route of the southern beaches can be done in about 60 minutes approximately. You have the option to rent a jet ski and do it on your own, if you have the necessary experience, or you can hire an excursion, in which you will have the company of an experienced guide, who will take care of your safety and will also tell you interesting facts about the sites you see.

On this tour you can even reach the coast of Ciutadella, located further north, and take the opportunity to see some of the most emblematic sites of Ciutadella, such as the Punta Nati Lighthouse, according to the tour you hire.

Useful information

  • Price: 275 €.
  • Where it takes place: Ciutadella
  • Duration: 120 minutes

3. Enjoy the sunset on a jetski

Sunset on a Jet Ski| ©Menorca Diferente
Sunset on a Jet Ski| ©Menorca Diferente

One of the main attractions that you can enjoy are the majestic sunsets of Menorca. The most impressive shades of sunset end the day on the island with a unique spectacle. And what better than witnessing this majesty from your jet ski?

During your stay on the island, you can hire guided excursions exclusively planned to watch the sun set on the northwest coast of Menorca. With the guidance and supervision of a certified instructor, you will make a trip from the south coast of Menorca, heading northwest to arrive just in time to watch the sunset.

Among the main places that stand out to enjoy a Menorcan sunset are the lighthouse of Punta Nati, the lighthouse of Cap d'Artrutx, the Tower of San Nicolas, and the most popular point of Menorca: Cap de Cavalleria.

Usually, the companies that offer this excursion, give you a delicious glass of champagne or wine to enrich the moment even more.

This is a very nice experience, so it can be a romantic plan for a couple. The average duration of this tour is about one hour.

Useful info

  • Price: 180 €.
  • Where it takes place: Ciutadella
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Rent your own jet ski

Motorcycle Ride| ©Manuel Torres Garcia
Motorcycle Ride| ©Manuel Torres Garcia

As we have seen, in Menorca there are a lot of tourist agencies that offer all kinds of activities and adventures. Renting your own jet ski can be very different from just taking a ride. Imagine having the absolute freedom to tour the island at your leisure, without schedules, without marked routes, without a guide.

Going on your own has a different color. I recommend you to study a little bit the areas where you will move to be safer. You can even organize your own tour according to what you find most interesting.

I assure you that it is a unique experience. Of course it is advisable to have a minimum experience in driving this type of vehicle.

Some advices

Afternoon of Jet Skis| ©Emilio De La Peña
Afternoon of Jet Skis| ©Emilio De La Peña
  • If you have never ridden a jet ski, you should know that it is a vehicle that can reach speeds of about 110 kilometers per hour. Therefore, although it is usually used for tourism and fun, it must be driven responsibly and taking into account certain issues.

  • First of all, and although it may seem obvious, you must follow the instructions and indications of the certified guide who is in charge of your excursion, he is the one who knows best all the details for your safety. Always respect the speed limits indicated by your guide.

  • Remember that you are not alone, so be aware of your surroundings and those around you. You may come across many other people doing other water activities, Kayak Activities in Menorca It is a very common experience, as well as snorkeling.

  • You must be very careful not to hit anyone who is submerged, as snorkeling in Menorca is also very common, so you must be cautious and respect their spaces to avoid any kind of accident.

  • As for the motorcycle itself, take all the time you need to familiarize yourself with it if it is the first time you drive one. Stay calm as the guide is used to it and will be patient.

  • Do not try to gain a good speed at first, start accelerating progressively and very smoothly, the first thing you must learn is to control the bike, and this is achieved by going at low speed. With all these recommendations in mind, you will have nothing more to worry about. Enjoy to the maximum this particular adventure in Menorcan waters.

  • As for the requirements, a jet ski can be driven from 16 years of age, with parental authorization, and as a companion the minimum age is 12 years.

  • As a general recommendation, I suggest that you bring a bathing suit, shoes that can get wet and clothes to change into after the ride.

  • Also, as in all water activities, wear a good waterproof sunscreen and bring your towel with you. The motorcycles generally have room for two people, so you can choose between being the driver or the co-driver.

What is the best time to enjoy this activity in Menorca?

Generally speaking, the whole year is splendid to enjoy Menorca, since its climate is kind to tourists all year round. But if you plan to enjoy water activities, and more specifically a good jet ski or jet ski ride, there are certain months that are much more favorable for this purpose.

My recommendation is that you choose for your trip the months from May to October. In this period the temperatures are much warmer and there is almost no precipitation that could interfere with your plans.

In addition, at this particular time there are about 12 hours of sunshine per day on average, so the days will be much more efficient to organize your tours in Menorca.

During these months the water temperatures are between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, another reason to organize your trip at this time of the year, especially if you want to go on a jet ski excursion.

That is when the high season officially begins, so you will have many more options and availability of places to stay, many more restaurants and places to eat in Menorca, and of course agencies to book excursions and activities.

However, although the winter months in Menorca, i.e. November, December, January and February, are not the most favorable for jet ski rides on the island, they also have their pros.

In low season period, the island is much more unoccupied and quiet, so you can enjoy much more the routes without crowds of people, and if it is your first time on a jet ski you will feel much more comfortable and at ease to learn to drive it without the hustle and bustle that is perceived in summer.

By the way, in this period you will also get much lower prices thanks to the low demand. If you choose this option, of course you should get a neoprene suit, to avoid feeling cold in the water.

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What to bring in your suitcase if you are going to take a jet ski ride?

If you are about to travel to Menorca determined not to come back without having toured its waters on a jet ski, you may be wondering what to include in your suitcase to enjoy this activity. The most important of the elements you will need to enjoy riding a jet ski, will be given to you by the tourist agency where you rent the jet ski. Basic elements such as a life jacket, for your safety in case of any eventuality.

In fact, what you should include in your suitcase thinking about this exciting activity, is not very different from what you should bring for any other water activity, that is: a swimsuit, a good sunscreen to take care of your skin, and highly recommended but not essential, a cap and sunglasses.

Remember that this activity will expose you to the sun for a long time and you will need to protect yourself adequately. It is usually a good idea to wear some kind of beach shoes or flip-flops that fit your feet, to avoid losing them on the way, which in addition to harming you, pollutes the waters of the island.

I also recommend you, for the day of the excursion, to take a bag or backpack with some extra clothes (because yes, you will get quite wet), a towel preferably quick-drying (these do not accumulate moisture and take up little space), and a bottle of water to keep you well hydrated.

The great advantage of these items is that they are not exclusive for your jet ski ride, they will be very useful to enjoy other water activities such as snorkeling and kayaking on the island of Menorca.

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