Best sunset spots in Menorca

There are many places on the island from where to watch the sunset, but only a few from where to turn this moment into the most magical of your vacation. Discover them here!

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

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Best sunset spots in Menorca

Watching the sunset from a boat in Menorca | ©Loreta Pavoliene

When the sunlight begins to change color over the calm sea and the last bird songs are heard, the most special moment of the day has arrived: the sunset.

Watching a sunset in Menorca is something spectacular and unique, and I remember few places where I have had this same feeling. A whole palette of orange colors reflecting on the sea in a moment as simple as precious, and to enjoy it like a local, here are the 5 best places from where to watch the sunset in Menorca.

1. The best sunset, from a catamaran in the middle of the sea

Catamarans on the shore| ©Brett Jordan
Catamarans on the shore| ©Brett Jordan

Taking a boat trip in Menorca is a plan that should be included in every trip to this wonderful Balearic island. There are many possibilities and options to enjoy this experience, but of all of them I recommend this special catamaran trip around Menorca.

Both for the small number of people that fit on the catamaran compared to the crowded boat trips you can find on the island, and for how special and unique it is to sail on the catamaran following the direction of the wind, which adds a certain element of surprise to the ride, this excursion will become one of your favorite moments of your visit to Menorca.

This excursion can be done early in the morning or at sunset, and logically I recommend you the option to see the magical sunset from the sea, but being a flexible option you decide how to combine it with the rest of your plans in Menorca. For your information, the tour lasts 5 hours and the price of the experience is $41

In case you want to explore other possibilities to take a sunset boat trip in Menorca, you can read the following article where I tell you everything you need to know: Boat tours in Menorca.

How to get to Menorca

This Catamaran experience, like many others, departs from Fornells, in the north of Menorca. The only way to get there from Ciutadella or Mahón is by car.

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2. End the day with the views from the Pont d'en Gil

Pont d'en Gil| ©Miguel Escobar Gómez
Pont d'en Gil| ©Miguel Escobar Gómez

There is no better place in Menorca to enjoy the sunset. Pont d'en Gil is a natural rock bridge that goes into the sea and leaves an opening from which, with the right position, it is possible to see the sun hiding in the water.

You can cross the bridge to take some beautiful pictures and admire the immensity of the sea and then open a bottle of wine or a few beers to toast with the last light of the day.

If you feel like extending the excursion to Pont d'en Gil, you can go a couple of hours earlier and follow the Camí de Cavalls to the lighthouse of Punta Nati, a beautiful construction from the beginning of the 20th century, and on the way you can walk through a desert landscape that at times will give you the sensation of having been transported to a remote part of the world.

Alternatively, from the Punta Nati lighthouse you can also enjoy a spectacular sunset.

Another option that I definitely recommend is to go by boat to Pont d'en Gil|et, on an excursion in which you can also take a tour around Ciutadella, enjoy the breathtaking views of the cathedral and admire the Cap d'Artrux lighthouse in the distance.

How to get to Ciutadella

On foot or by bicycle from Cala en Blanes (Ciutadella). You can also get there by car or motorcycle, and going by boat to Pont d'en Gil is a beautiful experience.

3. Enjoy the sunset at Son Bou beach

Sunset in Son Bou| ©Steve.
Sunset in Son Bou| ©Steve.

The charm of the Balearic Islands, and even more, of Menorca, is in its beaches and beautiful coves of crystalline waters and pristine sand. There are many of them from which to witness an unforgettable sunset, but none like the beach of Son Bou.

Along this extensive beach you can find a place from which to turn a plan as simple as sitting on the towel with a small picnic, even light some candles and open a bottle of champagne, in one of the best moments of your vacation.

For the unobstructed views you will have of the sunset and the grandeur of the open sky in front of your eyes over the infinite sea, and for the fiery red color of the scene just before nightfall, watching the sunset on Son Bou beach is something you not only have to do at least once on a trip to Menorca, but at least once in your life.

By the way, if you have already seen the sunset from the south of the island, you have the option of taking a Jeep excursion to the northern beaches of Menorca with Safari, a very complete experience in which you will visit a private ranch and enjoy the sunset from the Cape of Cavalleria.

How to get there

Son Bou beach is in the south of the island, more or less between Mahón and Ciutadella. It is essential to use the car to get there from either of the two cities, with half an hour drive in both cases.

Alex's Traveller Tip

Try to arrive to see the sunset two hours before sunset, which will allow you to get a spot before the crowds arrive.

4. With a cocktail in hand, the sun also sets from the Hola Ola beach bar

Have a drink and enjoy the sunset at Hola Ola| ©Inko 6
Have a drink and enjoy the sunset at Hola Ola| ©Inko 6

Although the sunset views are not as spectacular as those of other spots in Menorca, the 'vibe' of Hola Ola beach bar makes it one of the top places to enjoy the last part of the day with relaxing music, tropical drinks, and benches and lawns to sit on with your partner or friends.

The hippie look of the place, which is next to the beach, added to the varied cocktail menu with some dishes to share and nibble, make Hola Ola one of the favorite places for both locals and travelers to enjoy the afternoon.

Before you decide to go, I think it is necessary to point out that it is not a very 'friendly' bar to go with children, as there is nothing to keep them entertained and perhaps the atmosphere is not the most suitable for them.

How to get there

Hola Ola is in Cala Blanca, a 7 minute drive from Ciutadella heading south. You can get there by bike relatively easily as well, with a short 15 minutes route by road or path.

5. The last sunrays of the day, from Cala Morell

Morell Cove| ©Martin Robson
Morell Cove| ©Martin Robson

Cala Morell has, in a way, a bit of the essence of Santorini: streets of little white houses running along the mountainside, to reach a cove enclosed by twin cliffs framing one of the most beautiful sunsets in all of Menorca.

What makes the sunset special in Cala Morell is that the silhouettes of the cliffs are drawn on the horizon against the light when the sun begins to set, so you will enjoy a different view to the typical postcard of the last light of day.

Another advantage is that it is a point from which to observe the sunset much less known than other more typical ones, such as the lighthouse of Punta Nati, Cala Blanca or Castell de Sant Nicolau, which although they are still places from which to witness a wonderful sunset, the large number of people who go there can make the experience something less intimate and special.

How to get to Cala Morell

Cala Morell is a 15-minute drive from Ciutadella (you can also walk there if you want to live the full hippie experience, but it's a two-hour drive on a car road, not too recommendable).