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Boat trips from Fornells

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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Boat trips from Fornells

©Jonathan Smith

If you are thinking of going sailing during your vacations in Menorca, Fornells is one of the key points to take into account when booking your boat excursion.

Of course, as you can imagine, the offer of boat excursions in Menorca is enormous. The immense amount of paradisiacal beaches invites you to let yourself go on a boat and not to worry about anything but deciding which cove you will anchor in for the next dip. So that this is really so and you do not have to worry about anything else, I tell you what are the best options to make a boat trip from Fornells.

Our favorite
Menorca: Half-Day Catamaran Trip

Discover the northern coves aboard a luxury catamaran from Fornells

Departing from Fornells and sailing by catamaran, you can discover the inaccessible virgin beaches of the north coast of Menorca. Stops for swimming and snorkeling. Snack and drinks included.

From $ 0 at Hellotickets

If you visit Menorca in summer it is more than likely that you will find some beaches full of visitors eager to enjoy the turquoise waters of the island. But if you visit the north coast of Menorca, the panorama is quite different. Leaving from Fornells, you could sail for a long time without crossing dozens of boats and the landscapes are so wild and virgin that they seem to be taken out of another continent.

The northern coves are well worth a visit, but they are not always accessible on foot or by car. That's why sailing the north coast and accessing these wonders of nature by boat is a great idea. On this excursion you will disembark at the port of Fornells and sail on a luxurious catamaran. The skipper will lead you literally wherever the wind takes you. Don't worry about the route because, with his expertise, he will make sure that you will comb the essential corners of the north coast.

The tour lasts more than three hours and during this time you will have the opportunity to bathe, snorkel (the boat is perfectly equipped, so you will be provided with goggles and snorkel) and you will discover the amazing underwater life of the island. On board, you will enjoy a snack and drinks to recharge your batteries.

Why choose this excursion: you will sail enjoying all the luxury of comforts on board, but you will discover the most authentic coast of the island.

Recommended if... you want to do something different during your trip that allows you to enjoy the turquoise waters of Menorca away from the tourist crowds.

Catamaran excursion at sunset

If it is already romantic in itself sailing is romantic, doing it under the last rays of the sun of the day is unbeatable. With this sailing excursion departing from Fornells through the coves of the north of Menorca, you will embark before 19:00 to be able to see the sunset from where it is best seen: in the middle of the sea. But not before stopping in one of the wonderful coves of the north to take a dip and snorkel.

If what you are looking for is to enjoy the crystal clear waters in its maximum splendor, it will be better to do the tour in the morning, but if what you want is to live a unique experience that will mark your trip forever, this is your option. On the way back, when the sun has set and night begins to fall, you will sail back to the port. You will only hear the wind and the sea. Are you up for it?

Why choose this excursion: there is no better way to end a day of your vacation at sea, taking the last dip of the day and enjoying a romantic evening at sunset.

Recommended if... you feel like enjoying a unique experience to connect with the sea and nature.

How much does a boat trip from Fornells cost?

Jacob Meissner:::

Joining a boat excursion from Fornells will cost you around 60 €. Obviously, the price will depend on the duration of the tour, the type of boat and how many people are on the excursion. You can book it at Hellotickets::.

Taking into account that the north coast of Menorca is more exclusive and less frequented by big groups of tourists, the most normal thing is that you will find tours in small groups, more authentic boats and less crowded excursions. The good thing is that in the two excursions we propose the boats come fully equipped with snorkeling equipment and have drinks and snacks included to make your stay on board perfect.

How to book the excursion

Enjoying the crystal clear waters | ©Unsplash
Enjoying the crystal clear waters | ©Unsplash

The most important thing is that you do it in advance, especially if you travel in high season, and for this it is best to do it on the internet in pages like Hellotickets:, where you can compare schedules, prices and routes. The boats usually have a small size and their places are limited, but the demand in July and August is usually very high.

There is also the possibility of going to Fornells once you land on the island and ask at the port which boats are available, but you run a high risk of being left without a place or not being able to choose the time and date you want.

Boat trip schedule

Sailing during sunset | ©Loreta Pavoliene
Sailing during sunset | ©Loreta Pavoliene

The offer of boat trips from Fornells is varied, so you will have the opportunity to choose between doing the trip in the morning, mid-afternoon or late in the evening, to see the sunset. For example, early risers have the option of navigate by catamaran: leaving at 9:30 am, which allows you to escape the central hours of the day with more heat and see the turquoise waters at their maximum splendor. This same excursion is available departing in the afternoon, at 15:00.

If you prefer to say goodbye to the day from the sea, you can board a sailboat shortly before 19:00 and watch the sunset on board, after the last dip of the day.

How long are the boat trips from Fornells?

Enjoying the snorkeling | ©Jacob Owens
Enjoying the snorkeling | ©Jacob Owens

If you are thinking of taking a boat trip departing from Fornells Bay, you will have the opportunity to choose between half-day tours and full-day tours. As you can imagine, the rate goes up if you want to spend the whole day on board, but you can always write to Hellotickets to check price and availability.

If what you want is to make an excursion to discover the north coast, with the three and a half hours tours you will have more than enough time to explore the most spectacular spots, swim and snorkel.

Itinerary of the boat excursions departing from Fornells

The sunset from the sea | ©Johannes Plenio
The sunset from the sea | ©Johannes Plenio

What is most appealing about the excursions along the north coast of Menorca is that the wind will determine the route: the base port will always be Fornells: and during the three and a half hours of sailing the route may vary a little: ** Pregonda cove** will be the most westerly point of the expedition and ** Mongofre cove** the most easterly point to visit.

Boat excursions from other coves

:::image|size|medium|url=|caption=The beaches of Menorca | ©Unsplash :::

If you are still not sure where you are going to stay, don't worry. First, because Menorca is not excessively big and in less than an hour you can drive from one end to the other. But even so, if what you want is to ensure greater comfort, there are boat trips from the main coves and towns of the island.

From Cala Galdana

This is probably the most frequented cove in the south of Menorca. It is home to two of the largest hotels on the island and although it is usually quite crowded, it is the perfect location to discover the rest of the paradisiacal coves of the south in one boat excursion from Cala Galdana:.

From Ciudadela

You will fall in love with Ciudadela from minute one. Its small streets full of people, its lively terraces and its small port are its main attraction. In addition, from its promenade you can join a boat excursion from Ciudadela: to discover the most outstanding beaches of the south coast of the island. Just don't leave without exploring its streets!

From Mahón

Mahón is the largest city on the island and its port influence can be felt from the moment you set foot on its streets. Its central location makes it the ideal place to take a boat trip from Mahón: and jump into the water to discover both the coves in the south and the coves in the north, as they are at the same distance from the city.

Other interesting things to do in Fornells

About to go kayaking | ©Ksenia Z
About to go kayaking | ©Ksenia Z

To discover the coves of the north of Menorca you already know that you don't have many options: the most spectacular ones are inaccessible if you want to get there walking or by car. Therefore, another good option to explore them is to join a kayak tour that will take you either to the bay of Fornells or to the spectacular Cuevas de los Ingleses.

In any case, in the expedition you will always be accompanied by an expert monitor who will tell you what you have to do and what is the best route so as not to miss a single detail. Oh, and do not worry if you are not in great physical shape, as it is a relatively quiet walk that does not require excessive physical exertion. If you want to know more, don't miss my guide about the best Kayak tours in Menorca:.