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Sailboat Trips from Menorca

Few sensations compare to sailing to the sound of the wind and waves. And if you do it in the crystal clear waters of Menorca... the experience becomes a luxury (affordable) that you should take advantage of on your vacation.

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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Sailboat Trips from Menorca

Sailing on a sailboat at sunset | ©Josh Sorenson

Menorca is probably the most natural and best preserved island of the Balearic Islands. There you will enjoy the sea and nature as in few places in the world, especially if you join a boat trip in Menorca. If instead of a boat you choose to complete the trip with a sailboat ride, you will want to stay and live there (he who warns is not a traitor).

Let yourself be carried away by the swaying of the waves, the strength of the wind and the silence of the most spectacular unspoiled coves in Europe. I'll tell you about the best options to embark on this adventure:

The best option
Full Day Sailing Yacht Trip in Menorca

A full day excursion by sailboat in the northern bays

You will embark in Fornells on an authentic sailboat and the skipper will follow the rhythm of the wind to make the experience as authentic as possible. You will discover the northern coves and have time for swimming and snorkeling.

Duration: 8 hours
From $ 126 at Hellotickets

The coves in the north of the island are characterized by being practically virgin. Not only will you not be surrounded by tourists on every beach, but you will also travel on a sailboat with only 10 other passengers, which makes this excursion a more intimate and authentic experience.

You will depart from Fornells in the morning and you will have the whole day ahead of you to let the wind (and the skipper) decide the route to follow. The crew guarantees that you will sail most of the time and you will be able to enjoy the best spots in the north of Menorca.

Prepare towel, swimsuit, sunglasses and a cap and don't worry about anything else. Throughout the day you will make several stops for swimming and snorkeling to complete a perfect day.

Why choose this tour: for a very good value for money you will spend a day at sea discovering the best coves in the north. Lunch is included and the boat is equipped so you can snorkel and discover the underwater life of Menorca.

Recommended if... you want to do a sailing trip in Menorca without having to break your pockets renting a private boat. This is the best option for an intimate trip in very small groups.

At sunset
Sail Boat Sunset Trip in Menorca

Celebrate the end of the day with a sunset sailboat tour

The best sunset on the island can be seen from the sea: take a dip in the late afternoon and take advantage of the last rays of sun to have an aperitif on board and enjoy the peace of the Mediterranean at the end of the day.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
From $ 0 at Hellotickets

It is clear that sailing is something magical, but if you do it late in the day the result will be, for sure, the most romantic evening of your vacation. Shortly before 19:00 you will embark on a real sailboat to set course for the coves of the north. A few hours ahead of you, you will enjoy the wind, the waves and the sea.

You will have time to take the last dip of the day , soaking up the sun's rays before it sets, and you will return to the boat to finish watching the sunset while an aperitif is served on board. Take some clothes to change because you will return late at night to the port. The sensation of sailing in the darkness of the sea is something you will never forget when you return from your trip.

Why choose this tour: this excursion will allow you to put the finishing touch to a perfect day on your vacation. The sunset lights, an aperitif on board and the sunset from the middle of the Mediterranean will take care of it.

Recommended if... you feel like joining a quiet plan to enjoy nature.

How much does a sailing excursion in Menorca cost?

Sailing on a sailboat| ©Unsplash
Sailing on a sailboat| ©Unsplash

The prices of the sailing excursions are a bit higher than those of the more crowded boat trips. Keep in mind that you will be traveling in small groups and the experience is much more exclusive, so you will have to pay about 60 € for 4 hours of sailing or 110 € for the whole day.

Of course, keep in mind that sailing excursions usually include drinks and snacks. In the case of the full day excursion, food is also included on board so you don't have to worry about anything else. If you are looking for something more economical, you can always join a larger organized tour, such as some of the excursions that pass through the coves of the south (priced at 50 € the whole day and 28 € for four hours).

Why a sailing excursion is worthwhile

The paradisiacal beaches of Menorca| ©Unsplash
The paradisiacal beaches of Menorca| ©Unsplash

The answer is clear: the experience is much more premium. For starters, the sailboats will accommodate, at most, 12 passengers, which makes them practically private tours. You will sail away from the crowds (and the noise) of the masses and the excursion will allow you to enjoy nature even more.

On the other hand, you will be able to get closer to the crew, ask your questions to the skipper of the sailboat, discuss your favorite spots so he can stop and you can swim, etc. In addition, sailing is not comparable to embarking on a much larger boat (there are boats that can accommodate more than 200 people).

At this point it is indisputable that the crystalline waters of Menorca are enjoyed much more and better from the sea. However, the offer of tours on the island is quite varied and you will find routes and excursions for all budgets. If sailing excursions don't suit you, don't worry, there are more options.

How to book a sailing excursion

Enjoying a swim at sunset| ©Unsplash
Enjoying a swim at sunset| ©Unsplash

The easiest way is to do it online. In Hellotickets you can check schedules, price and availability. The main recommendation is to make your reservation in advance. Sailboats have a very limited capacity and if you travel in summer, the demand tends to be very high. Book your boat trip as soon as you have your plane tickets so you don't run out of space on board.

How long does a sailing excursion last?

Sailing with a sailboat| ©Unsplash
Sailing with a sailboat| ©Unsplash

If you are planning to book a sailing tour, you will be able to choose the duration. You will usually find full day tours (the price is around 110-120 €) or half day tours. In the case of the half-day sailing excursions, they usually last about 3 and a half hours and it is usually enough to see the most important coves in the area.

Excursion schedules

Enjoying the clear waters of the island| ©Unsplash
Enjoying the clear waters of the island| ©Unsplash

If you choose the full day trip you will have to embark in the morning (usually around 10:00) to make the most of the daylight hours. You will return to port around 17:00 after having spent a spectacular day sailing along the coast of Menorca and having had lunch on board. If you choose the afternoon excursion, you will embark around 19:00 to watch the sunset from the boat and return to the port late in the evening.

Sailing excursions itinerary

Boats sailing in Menorca beaches| ©Unsplash
Boats sailing in Menorca beaches| ©Unsplash

Normally sailing trips usually depart from the north coast of the island. The home port will always be Fornells and from there you will sail, literally, wherever the wind takes you. And this should not worry you. First, because with the experience of the skipper you will reach the most spectacular and hidden places in the north and second, because the whole area is spectacular, so wherever you go, you will be amazed.

The most famous coves of the north coast are Cala Tortuga, Cala Pregonda, Cala Pilar and Cap de Cavalleria. You will be amazed.

Other boat excursions in Menorca

Swimming in Menorca| ©Unsplash
Swimming in Menorca| ©Unsplash

If you want to explore the turquoise waters that bathe the island of Menorca but you are not convinced to do it aboard a sailboat, I also recommend the option of taking a catamaran excursion. Otherwise, you can always consult my guide on the best boat trips in Menorca to know the best routes and the whole range of prices available.

If you want to make sure you find a boat excursion near your hotel or apartment, I have also made a list of the best boat excursions departing from every cove or major town on the island: