10 Best Activities in Menorca

Go on the hunt for the most incredible places in Menorca while enjoying experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. Here you have the best plans for your vacations.

Alex Grande

Alex Grande

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10 Best Activities in Menorca

Diving in the waters of Menorca | ©Daniel Ferrandiz

If you are preparing a trip to Menorca and the only plan you have prepared is to go from the hotel to the beach, let me tell you that this article is perfect for you. There are a lot of interesting things to do on a vacation in this wonderful island and, luckily, I have put them together in a practical guide with everything you need to know.

From boat trips and snorkeling and paddle surfing experiences to visits to dreamy villages: Here are 10 great things to do on your vacations in Menorca so you will never forget this trip.

1. Discover by boat the best coves of Menorca

Trebaluger Cove| ©hugos007
Trebaluger Cove| ©hugos007

Taking a boat trip along the south coast of Menorca will make you have a great time visiting some of the most beautiful coves of the island such as:

  • Cala Turqueta
  • Macarella Cove
  • Mitjana Cove
  • Trebaluger Cove

You will drop anchor at one of the beaches visited during the experience and you can choose how to spend your time: swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling to discover the marine life in motion or just staying on the boat watching the bottom of the sea through the glass floor while you have a drink. In this article about the best boat trips in Menorca I tell you which are the best options.

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2. Take a catamaran ride at sunset

Sunset at sea| ©Samuel Pagel
Sunset at sea| ©Samuel Pagel

Sailing on a catamaran is, without a doubt, one of the most exclusive and relaxing experiences you can book if you are thinking of taking a boat trip around the island.

Menorca offers a spectacular view from the sea: coves with crystal clear water, rock bridges set in the sea and cliffs where the waves break. From this sunset boat trip along the southwest coast of Menorca you can admire the beauty of the island in its purest form and end the day in the best possible way: watching the sunset over the waves.

During the route, you will pass by:

  • Pont D'en Gil
  • a natural rock bridge,
  • Cap d'Artrutx lighthouse, of which you will be able to take some very nice pictures tinged with the orange light of the sunset.

Read more information to enjoy these catamaran trips in Menorca.

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3. Kayak in the sea and snorkel in the best coves in Menorca

Kayaks on the coast| ©Benjamin Hollis
Kayaks on the coast| ©Benjamin Hollis

This is a half day kayak excursion through the coves of Menorca, where you will also discover sea caves and see what is hidden between the cliffs that is impossible to reach otherwise.

This is an experience that will put you in contact with nature, with a little adrenaline but also relaxing hearing the sound of the waves and smelling the sea breeze while sailing in the kayak. At the end of the route, you will stop at a beach to rest with a drink and snack included in the price.

Sounds good, right? If you are already convinced that taking a kayak tour in the waters of Menorca will be one of the best moments of your vacation, you can check more information here: kayak tours in Menorca.

4. Dive into the crystal clear waters of Menorca

Diving in Menorca's waters| ©Jacob Owens
Diving in Menorca's waters| ©Jacob Owens

The waters of Menorca are of a magical blue, also its marine flora and fauna are spectacular, so I recommend you to make this little adventure making a dive in the waters of the island.

You will be able to see live animals and marine plants that until now you have only been able to see in documentaries. A real wonder that you should not miss.

5. Reach the hidden beaches and caves paddle surfing and snorkeling

Snorkel| ©Mari Martin
Snorkel| ©Mari Martin

If kayaking to a secret cove, riding a paddle surf board and discovering the life on the sea surface by snorkeling sounds good to you, renting a paddle surf will make you enjoy an unforgettable time on your trip to Menorca.

Perfect for nature lovers and if you especially like experiences that respect the environment and allow you to do some physical activity during your vacation, you will also enjoy a little rest on a beach with a soft drink or water.

By the way, because of its short duration this experience is perfect if you are going to be in Menorca for a short time or if you are going with your family with teenagers.

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6. Discover how life used to be in rural Menorca in Binissuès

Typical and delicious Mahón cheese| ©manuel m. v.
Typical and delicious Mahón cheese| ©manuel m. v.

The historical tour of Binissuès begins with a visit to the Binissuès Ethnological Museum, where you will see archaeological remains and objects such as utensils and tools, as well as elements of rural Menorcan life that have been preserved over the centuries. You will also see a typical peasant house and a 19th century manor house, to see with your own eyes what life was like in Menorca more than two hundred years ago.

You will also visit the Natural Science Museum of Menorca where you will find species both native and from the rest of the world, with specimens of:

  • butterflies
  • spiders
  • reptiles
  • surprisingly large and rare insects

And finally, as the most interesting point of this experience, you will visit a farm where you will learn how to make the typical products of Menorca, such as Mahon cheese, as well as baking bread, milking cows and growing wheat. A very nice and interesting activity to do with the family.

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7. Visit the coves of the north of Menorca on a jet ski

Feel the speed with the jet skis in Menorca.| ©Bas van den Eijkhof
Feel the speed with the jet skis in Menorca.| ©Bas van den Eijkhof

Head for Cala Tosqueta and the cliffs of La Mola in this jet ski experience full of adrenaline and speed. Passing by Punta Pentinat, a rocky tongue northwest of Fornells from where you can observe the sea, you will stop at Macar de Sa Llosa, a wonderful natural environment by the sea to rest and have a refreshment.

On your way back to Fornells you will pass by sea caves and inaccessible coves where you can marvel for a few seconds if the speed of the jet ski allows you to do so.

8. Discover Menorca by Jeep

Enjoy Menorca by jeep| ©Andrew Hurley
Enjoy Menorca by jeep| ©Andrew Hurley

This experience combines a Jeep tour of Menorca with a visit to a private ranch in the north of the island, at Cabo de Caballería, where you can see animals and have a snack with drinks. At the cape you will see the Lighthouse of Caballería in the middle of nature, from where you will have incredible views of the sea stretching to the horizon.

For me, the most interesting thing about doing one of these Jeep excursions in Menorca is to discover some of the wonderful surroundings that you can find in the interior of the island, and I think it is an essential activity to combine with a boat trip to discover the true beauty of the jewel of the Balearic Islands.

9. Relax with a drink in Cova d'en Xoroi

Cova d'en Xoroi| ©Steve.
Cova d'en Xoroi| ©Steve.

One of the most fashionable places in Menorca is Cova d'en Xoroi. It is a series of caves on a beautiful cliff by the sea, where you will find several terraces and viewpoints where you can enjoy breathtaking views during the day, at sunset or at night.

During the summer, Cova d'en Xoroi is a very lively place with parties, live music and open-air bar. A great plan is to spend the afternoon in Cala en Porter, near the caves, and then go to finish the day in the caves.

To go to Cova d'en Xoroi, I recommend you to book a table on the terrace on their official website to ensure the perfect place from which to see the last light of the day over the sea.

10. Break Instagram with a photo in Binibèquer, a village of white houses

Binibèquer| ©Jordi
Binibèquer| ©Jordi

If there is a village that shines with its own light in Menorca, that is Binibèquer: located south of this Balearic jewel, its white-walled housesare a canvas on which the sun paints a varied palette of colors throughout the day.

It is truly a very special place to get lost and record in your head images that seem to come out of a postcard. This beautiful village is the quintessence of a village on the shores of the Mediterranean, where you can breathe a tranquility that smells of sea breeze and the views of the coast have a captivating charm.

If you are staying in Mahón, or visiting it, I recommend you reserve some time to stop by Binibèquer as it is only 10 kilometers away from the capital of Menorca. You can also plan a full day excursion to the village, as following the roads that leave from it you can reach some very nice coves and beaches such as Biniparratx, Binisafuller or Binidalí.

Other activities in Menorca

If you have free days on the island and want to experience other activities, I recommend:

This option is a different way of touring the island through natural and quiet roads. A private excursion, ideal to do with family or friends and that lasts around 1 hour and a half. Together with a professional guide you will explore the Camí de Cavalls, an inland route to Cala Mitjana and in summer, you will reach a beautiful viewpoint.

In this impressive experience you can enjoy two hours watching stars and constellations in Playa de Algaiarens, in La Vall. The groups are of about 15 people, which will allow you to appreciate with time and tranquility all the spectacle offered by the sky of Menorca, away from light pollution. To observe the celestial bodies and other astronomical phenomena you can use binoculars and telescopes.