10 Things to Do in Menorca in April

While this charming Balearic island is a hotspot for thousands of tourists in the summer months, visiting during the spring offers unique activities to enjoy.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Menorca in April

Ciutadella de Menorca | ©Pablo Fernández

April marks the beginning of spring for the easternmost island of this Mediterranean archipelago. During this time, the terraces of restaurants and cafés begin to be reborn in all their splendor thanks to the increase in temperature and a much more benevolent climate than the low temperatures of winter or the suffocating heat of the summer season.

This pleasant climate and the advantage of having fewer tourists during this time of the year than in the summer season gives a unique attraction to this month of the year. In addition to all the usual things to see and do in Menorca, there are some activities that are especially recommendable during this month. Do you want to know them?

1. Walk around the island along the Camí de Cavalls

Along the Camí de Cavalls| ©Damià Vinent Olives
Along the Camí de Cavalls| ©Damià Vinent Olives

Although this activity can be done all year round, my recommendation is that if you travel to Menorca in April you should book a tour of the Camí de Cavalls on horseback because it is the best time to get to know it.

It is an ancient path of 185 km that circles the entire island of Menorca and is currently a route with 20 sections of between 5 and 13 kilometers long, with varying degrees of difficulty and can be traveled on horseback, mountain bike or simply on foot.

What makes it special in April? Mainly its pleasant climate. During this month you can find great temperatures that will allow you to do the whole route in five or seven days. In addition, in April you can also contemplate the flowering of forests and meadows along the route.

What to see on the Camí de Cavalls?

  • Its more than 50 coves.
  • The forests of the Albufera des Compte.
  • The ancient fortresses such as the tower of Alcalfar.
  • Lighthouses such as Punta Nati.
  • The entrance to the charming towns of Maó and Ciutadella.

Its origin is not entirely clear, but it is said to have been built during the 14th century as a defense system in which soldiers on horseback could protect the entire perimeter of the island.

Book a horseback ride along the Camí de Cavalls

2. Discover beautiful landscapes from the sea by kayak

Nature and good company| ©Thomas Lardeau
Nature and good company| ©Thomas Lardeau

With temperatures maybe not warm enough to take a dip, but tolerable enough to book a kayak tour, doing this activity during these dates also has the advantage that there will not be so many people in the sea.

Kayaking in Menorca is, without a doubt, an unforgettable experience, which is why there are so many kayaking and snorkeling activities on the island.

Its crystal clear, shallowwaters and the diverse landscape offered by the coastline with caves, small bays, cliffs and places barely intervened by man, make kayaking an ideal activity to admire nature while respecting the environment.

The most recommended excursions in kayak in Menorca

Book your kayaking activity in Menorca

3. Get to know all the possible beaches

Menorca Beach| ©Nicolas Vigier
Menorca Beach| ©Nicolas Vigier

Although at this time of the year the water temperature is not the most pleasant for swimming, if you happen to have a sunny spring day or you are one of those brave cold water swimmers, this will be the ideal moment to dive into one of the more than 100 beaches of the island or to book a boat tour around the coves of Menorca.

These beautiful beaches, most of them considered among the best preserved in the Mediterranean, offer a great diversity of landscapes. In the north are the red sand beaches, more difficult to access and therefore better preserved. In the south are those of white sands and crystalline waters, favorite of tourists during the summer months.

You can also stroll along some of these beaches without having to take a dip to contemplate the best coves of Menorca, or stay until sun set in a quiet environment free of mass tourism.

Book a boat trip to the coves of Menorca

4. Take a bath of music in the jazz festival of Menorca

Person playing Jazz| ©Chevanon Photography
Person playing Jazz| ©Chevanon Photography

Every spring, different forums in Ciutadella, Maó and other towns on the island host a variety of local and international jazz artists. It is a tradition of more than two decades in which both tourists and islanders enjoy in April in Menorca.

Concerts, dances, master classes, lectures, workshops and exhibition of films and documentaries are some of the varied activities offered by this festival.

Practical information

  • Where: in various theaters and locations around the island, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Price: depends on the performance, but they are usually very inexpensive.

5. Sign up for performances at Maó's theater

Main Theater of Maó| ©Félix Casals
Main Theater of Maó| ©Félix Casals

Just the visit to this beautiful theater, an architectural jewel of the 19th century, is in itself a spectacle.

The Teatro Principal de Ma ó is known for being the oldest opera house in Spain. Of classic Italian design and with its characteristic horseshoe shape, it hosts the spring theater season between March and May.

In addition to being one of the main venues for the jazz festival, the theater's spring season each year presents a varied offering of opera, dance, drama, music and, for the little ones, the now traditional children's theater festival.

Practical information

  • Where: Costa Deià, 40.
  • Price: depends on the performance.
  • Are there guided tours? Yes, and they are offered by the theater itself so that you can learn about its history and architecture.
  • For more information... Visit the theater's official website.

6. Live the traditions of Holy Week

Easter in Menorca| ©Stuart Moss
Easter in Menorca| ©Stuart Moss

If you are traveling during this time of the year, it is likely that you will be able to witness how the Holy Week is lived in Menorca (although some years it is celebrated in March).

In those dates, you will be able to contemplate processions in the streets of the main cities of the island, accompanied by an endless number of local traditions that give life to this important commemoration of the Christian world.

In addition, going to know this celebration is the perfect excuse to visit all the attractions of Ciutadella, a town that is well worth a visit.

Most important traditions of Easter in Menorca

  • The procession of the Holy Burial in Mahón: it takes place every Friday and you will be able to see the different religious groups and go through the most emblematic points of the city accompanied by music and religious songs.
  • Matances des Bujots: is a pagan tradition celebrated in Ciutadella. It consists of hanging dolls of public figures in the streets, usually from the political class, to be the target of symbolic shots as punishment for their bad practices.

7. Tour the villages of Menorca by car

Driving| ©Tobi
Driving| ©Tobi

At this time of the year, when the island is quieter due to the lower number of visitors, it is the ideal time to experience the quiet pace of life or slow life that is breathed in the different villages of Menorca.

In just one day you can drive around this small island and see most of its picturesque towns, as the distance between the most extreme points does not exceed 60 kilometers.

Immerse yourself in the charms that each town has to offer, interact with the local people, visit the historic centers, museums, stores, cafes and the typical markets that are usually installed every week in the centers of each town, where you can buy handicrafts and gastronomic products characteristic of the island.

8. Participate in the running event and the duathlon

Fornells Half Marathon| ©forteen
Fornells Half Marathon| ©forteen

With its orography, good weather and great atmosphere, sport in Menorca has become another attraction. Local and foreign athletes and enthusiasts participate in some of the races held in April.

If you like to run 5 or 10 kilometers, half marathon or combine running with cycling, you can find three interesting races during the month of April. You can also simply come to experience the special atmosphere that surrounds them.

  • The Corre Mô race: a popular five and ten kilometer race organized by the town council of Maó.
  • The Fornells Half Marathon: for the most advanced runners. Also with a ten-kilometer race for less demanding athletes.
  • The duathlon of the city of Alaior: also for more experienced athletes. This competition has different categories depending on the distances.

9. Get to know Menorcan gastronomy at the Arrels Fair

Arrels Fair| ©Fira Arrels
Arrels Fair| ©Fira Arrels

At the end of every April, Maó Arrels, the fair of local products and Menorcan cuisine, is held. It brings together the most renowned local and international chefs, as well as exponents of artisan production, to show the world the richness of Menorcan cuisine.

You can find:

  • Farmers who cultivate ancestral varieties of fruits and vegetables.
  • Products such as olive oil, the best cheeses of the island, local wines with Mediterranean character and other gastronomic treasures of the island.
  • Live cooking sessions.
  • Tastings.
  • Cooking workshops for children.

Practical information

  • Where: Maó-Menorca fairgrounds.
  • When: the last weekend of April.
  • Hours: Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Duration: two days.
  • To continue enjoying... Discover the best restaurants in Menorca.

10. Enjoy the gastronomic richness of the island

Food at Molí des Comte Asador| ©Judith_travel87
Food at Molí des Comte Asador| ©Judith_travel87

In Menorca in April, the restaurants closest to the coast begin to prepare for the summer season by opening their terraces overlooking the sea.

The gastronomy on the island is varied, of rural origin and with great influences from various cultures. It combines pastoral, agricultural and fishing cuisine resulting in a variety of fish, sausages, meat and seafood dishes. Not to be missed:

  • The lobster stew.
  • The Oliagua, a soup with vegetables, oil and aromatic herbs.
  • The partridge stew with cabbage.
  • The famous Mahón cheese, recognized worldwide for its denomination of origin.
  • The typical sweets during Easter and the traditional Formatjada, a typical local pie filled with different ingredients.

The weather in Menorca during April

Sunset in Menorca| ©Chris Combe
Sunset in Menorca| ©Chris Combe

Generally speaking, the weather in April is quite pleasant, with temperatures around 18 degrees during the day.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the weather is quite unstable during this time, so be prepared for some cold days or the occasional rain. So it does not hurt to pack a coat or a raincoat in your suitcase.

Prices in Menorca during April

Money in Euros| ©Pixabay
Money in Euros| ©Pixabay

April is still considered low season, mainly due to the fact that the influx of tourists is considerably lower than in the summer.

This has the advantage of being able to get much cheaper prices on accommodation, airline tickets, car rental and perhaps some excursions offered by local tour operators. Yet another reason to consider visiting this charming island at this time of year.