Monte Toro in Menorca: all about your visit

A must visit in Menorca is Monte Toro. There are certain activities you have to do if you sign up for this tour.

Andressa García

Andressa García

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Monte Toro in Menorca: all about your visit

Monte Toro, Menorca | ©Munin.moon

Monte Toro is the highest point of Menorca, so its main attraction is the panoramic views of the whole region. Besides that, in Monte Toro and its surroundings you will be able to discover multiple places and experiences that you will not be able to overlook. This makes it one of the places to include among the things to see and do in Menorca.

Both at the top of the peak and at the foot of the mountain, there are interesting places that you will surely want to visit. One of the things I recommend you to do is to try the typical gastronomy of the place, whose intense flavors will leave you wanting to come back.

1. Appreciate the incredible view of Menorca

Fornells from Monte Toro| ©Luca Sbardella
Fornells from Monte Toro| ©Luca Sbardella

On the clearest days, Monte Toro can give you one of the best sunset views of the whole island and its surroundings. If you are lucky, you can even make out neighboring Mallorca. During the day this is a magical tour that everyone who visits Menorca has to do.

When you get to the top and start looking around the whole island, you will realize how small Menorca can be in terms of geography. Being located about 358 meters above sea level, Monte Toro becomes a perfect option to appreciate the island.

The views that Monte Toro offers are so impressive that it continues to surprise locals and visitors alike. This view will surprise you if you visit the place for the first time, because you will not only see the sea as it is usually thought, but you will be able to see the great extension of land that comprises the island.

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2. Visit the highest mountain of the whole island

In Monte Toro| ©Eduardo Ortín
In Monte Toro| ©Eduardo Ortín

The trip to the top of the mountain can be done on foot, by car or by bicycle. In case you decide to go on foot or by bicycle, it would be best to stop a few times to appreciate the scenery at every moment of the ascent.

Climbing the mountain is not difficult, anyone can do it and once you get to the top you can walk around the area. If you are going as a family, definitely going up by car is the best option.

Once at the top, the most important thing is to enjoy the scenery and walk through every corner of Monte Toro.

In case you want to go hiking, (undoubtedly one of the best activities in Menorca) my recommendation is to leave your vehicle in Es Mercadal and continue the climb on foot.

On the way you will find several attractions, where the characteristic mountain atmosphere prevails. If you venture to walk up, it will take you about an hour, but it will be worth it once you get to the top.

3. Visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro| ©Eduardo Arostegui
Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro| ©Eduardo Arostegui

This sanctuary is considered the most isolated and secluded ecclesiastical temple on the island of Menorca. In fact, it is located in the highest point of the island.

The urban legend tells that the Sanctuary and the mountain bear this name because in ancient times they were guarded by a bull that kept all visitors away from the place.

One day, a group of religious men set out to climb the mountain even if they had to face the bull. When they reached the top and the bull realized that they were carrying crosses in their hands, he led them to a cave where the image of the virgin was.

During the tour inside the sanctuary you can learn firsthand the living history that represents this monument. It is currently managed by the Franciscan order of Mercy. The monks who inhabit it today, kindly open the doors so you can get to know the place from beginning to end.

The Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro stands out for its great architecture very much in the Gothic style and that reflects an example of what represents the culture and history of the Mediterranean.

Inside the sanctuary is an image of the virgin carved in wood, a nice plus that you can not fail to admire.

4. Wait for the sunset at the top of the mountain

Sunset at Monte Toro| ©tonycrake
Sunset at Monte Toro| ©tonycrake

Although it is not common to go up at night, Monte Toro gives us one of the most spectacular sunsets of the island. To be able to see how the sun goes down over every corner of Menorca is one of the experiences you will not want to miss.

In case you want to see the sunset at Monte Toro, I recommend you to take into account the time to go up.

The climb can take up to an hour depending on the type of vehicle you are traveling in. The best time to arrive is in summer because the atmosphere is much clearer and the view will be clearer.

The sunset is a wonderful spectacle that you can enjoy with friends, family or as a couple. If you want to enjoy a nice view while having a refreshing drink, Monte Toro also offers a good option for you to spend a pleasant afternoon looking at the horizon.

5. Admire the great statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus| ©R Flickr6
Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus| ©R Flickr6

At the top of Monte Toro is located the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is located right at the lookout point and is an attraction that you cannot miss when you climb the mountain. This statue represents Jesus with his arms outstretched, as if welcoming and embracing the whole island equally.

The statue represents the faith and spirituality of the island's inhabitants, and that is concentrated in both the sanctuary of Mount Toro and the figure of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This monument is a replica of Brazil' s Christ of Corcovado, although considerably smaller than the Carioca image.

This monument is divided into two sections, the first of which is the base that was inaugurated to the public in 1928. Initially this base was placed there as an offering to the fallen during the war in Africa.

Later, around 1944, the statue of Jesus was inaugurated just above the first monument.

6. Taste the best of Mediterranean food

Mediterranean Food| ©Angelo Mossuto
Mediterranean Food| ©Angelo Mossuto

Sa Posada del Toro is a restaurant located at the top of Monte Toro. Here you can enjoy exquisite tapas and Mediterranean dishes that only in the best restaurants on the island you can enjoy.

It is a good place to rest after an intense climb, especially if you have been walking. This restaurant offers a wide and varied menu to enjoy with the family.

This restaurant is open from the morning, so you can have a drink or a snack at any time of the day. If you come up in the afternoon, the house offers a wide variety of snacks and types of coffee or soft drinks. In the case of main courses for lunch, you will be able to taste paellas, lobsters and other Mediterranean dishes.

If you want to try the most typical sweets of the island, this is also the right place to do it. The pastry menu ranges from crepes to cakes and mantecados.

The food can be accompanied by a good selection of wines that are also available in the restaurant. Among the wines you can taste are white and red.

All the food, desserts and drinks that you can have at Sa Posada del Toro, you can enjoy them appreciating the beautiful view that the place offers. Undoubtedly a gastronomic experience of height at the highest point of the island of Menorca.

7. Get to know the town of Es Mercadal

Es Mercadal, Menorca| ©Damià Vinent Olives
Es Mercadal, Menorca| ©Damià Vinent Olives

White houses with an air of antiquity, Es Mercadal is a good place to visit before or after climbing Monte Toro. This village is located right at the foot of the hill and represents the geographical center of the whole island.

Es Mercadal has different attractions to visit for a couple of hours at most.

One of the best things you will notice in the town is the friendliness of its inhabitants and above all the renaissance architectural design that can be found all over the place.

One of the most special buildings to visit is the parish church of San Martin. The mill is also a great attraction of the small town.

To eat in Mercadal you have multiple options, especially typical dishes of the region and the whole island of Menorca.

The most recommended recipe and that you can not miss is the caldereta. Other dishes that you should also try if you visit Es Mercadal are stuffed squid, baked skate and rice with seafood. Undoubtedly, visiting this small town and enjoying its gastronomy is a magical and exquisite experience for the palate.

8. Buy souvenirs in the souvenir store

At the foot of Monte Toro| ©Diego Francisco Molina
At the foot of Monte Toro| ©Diego Francisco Molina

If you go to Monte Toro, it is a must to take souvenirs to remember your trip. To do so, you can stop at the souvenir store located upstairs near the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Monte Toro.

In this store you have a great variety of souvenirs to choose from, both to give to your relatives and to remember your trip.

The place where this souvenir store is located has an old structure where you will surely feel at home, with a warm and pleasant atmosphere so you can make your purchases with peace of mind.

Some of the things you will find in this place are: key rings, books, diaries, statuettes and other curiosities that make reference to Monte Toro and the island of Menorca.

9. Take lots of pictures at the top

Photo of Monte toro| ©Heather Cowper
Photo of Monte toro| ©Heather Cowper

If you are looking for good photos and to create beautiful memories, Monte Toro is definitely one of the best places on the island to get some nice postcards. If you go with your family or couple, the place will provide you with the most beautiful landscapes for your photos to be of quality.

If you go up during the day, you have the option of taking pictures inside and outside the sanctuary. I advise you to bring a camera with excellent resolution so you can capture every little detail of the views of the island, the sights at the top and the Sanctuary of the Virgin.

In the afternoon and late at night, the pictures get even better, thanks to the sunset that the island offers.

You will have the opportunity to take pictures of both the sun and the rest of the island at sunset. The best postcards of Menorca are the sunsets that can be seen from the top of Monte Toro.

Inside the Sanctuary you will be able to take as many pictures as you want of each space of the monument. However, it is important that you first consult with the monks who take care of the place, which are the restrictions regarding the photographs you can take.

10. Visit Cala en Tosqueta

Turqueta Cove| ©Enrique Maestro
Turqueta Cove| ©Enrique Maestro

If after visiting Monte Toro you want to have a beach visit, it is a good time to visit a cove very close to the highest mountain of the island.

It is nothing less than Cala en Tosqueta. It is a real gem, an unspoiled beach that is located very close to the town of Fornells and Es Mercadal. One of the best things about this cove is that it is not very crowded and really small, nice to spend some time with the family.

It is a good destination if you want to leave Monte Toro to have a comfortable and comforting evening after a good visit to the mountain. It is a destination you can visit with family or friends.

It is a good option for activities to do with children on the island, given the tranquility of its waters.

You can reach this place by taking the Camí de Cavalls which is one of the best routes to access it.

If you also want to visit another beautiful and virgin cove very close to Monte Toro, you can reach Cala Pudent. Definitely the best activities to do in Menorca you will find them on the coast.

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