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Rome St. Clemente and Quattro Coronati Church Tour

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Duration: 3 hours
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Discover Rome's religious architectural wonders on this approximately three-hour tour of the Basilicas of San Clemente and the Four Crowned Saints.

Experience a journey back in time to the 1st, 4th and 12th centuries in small groups of 13 people maximum, as you explore these two temples of ancient Rome filled with Baroque frescoes and medieval details that faithfully reflect their history.

  • Visit the Basilicas of San Clemente and the Four Crowned Saints
  • Learn about the history of both religious temples with an expert guide.

Contemplate Baroque frescoes from the 1st, 4th and 12th centuries.

What’s included

  • Visit to the Basilica of San Clemente
  • Visit to the Basilica of the Four Crowned Saints
  • Expert guide in history
  • Entrance fees to the basilicas

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What to expect

Relive the religious history of ancient Rome by visiting the Basilicas of San Clemente and the Four Crowned Saints, on the Via Labicana in the 'eternal city', very close to the Colosseum.

A professional guide will reveal all the historical and scientific details of both religious temples, two of the most long-lived and legendary in the Italian capital, which you can access with personalized attention in small groups of 13 people maximum.

You will be able to explore the Basilica of San Clemente, a church with three amazing levels, each built in a different century.

The upper level, from the medieval period, features a 12th century atrium and the beautiful mosaic that covers the inner area of the apse.

One level below is the second religious structure, dating from the fourth century, with medieval frescoes alluding to San Clemente. The third level corresponds to a temple of worship from the first century, where the god Mithras was worshipped.

Passing through the Basilica of the Four Crowned Saints, you will discover the legend of Severus, Severinus, Carpophorus and Victorinus, the martyrs after whom the church is named.

Inside, frescoes from the Middle Ages and Gothic style are a delight of art and history that you can contemplate.


· 217 Reviews
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    More than satisfied, super fascinated with this tour!
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    One of the best things I did in Rome, it is always much better to go with a guide to this kind of monuments because if you go alone you do not get to understand well each space or details of history that are good to know and appreciate live!
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    100% satisfied with this excursion, I highly recommend it!
  • C
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    I learned in detail all about the Basilica of St. Clement and each of its floors. Especially about St. Alexius and St. Clement, their frescoes are impressive! I had a fabulous guide on the side who guided me very well every step of the way with all the history of the place.
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