10 Rome's best pizzas

Do you love pizza? With the permission of Naples, nowhere will you eat better pizzas than in Rome, where they take it to the maximum expression!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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10 Rome's best pizzas

Pizza | ©Krisp Cut

If there is a pizza that can look like the Neapolitan pizza, it is the Roman pizza. With a thin and crispy dough, in Rome it is customary to eat it at night and rarely for lunch, although it is such a delicious dish that it is always good at any time and certainly one of the things to do in Rome.

When you are in the Eternal City, you will surely ask yourself the million dollar question: where do you eat the best pizzas in Rome? Take note! Here are the 10 best pizzas in Rome.

1. Pizzeria da Baffetto

At the entrance to Pizzeria da Baffetto| ©Mike Wegner
At the entrance to Pizzeria da Baffetto| ©Mike Wegner

The lines that form at the entrance attest that Pizzeria da Baffetto serves some of the best pizza in Rome. That's why you should go early to get a table as the place is small and many people come here to eat an authentic wood-fired pizza.

Pizzeria da Baffetto 's pizzas are thin crust, crispy and with quality ingredients. The size is substantial, so you won't leave hungry. The service is fast and while waiting to be served you can watch how the "pizzaiolos" prepare the pizzas. Looking at them it looks easy but there is a trick to it!

The pizzeria is located in the vicinity of Piazza Navona.

  • Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, 00186 Roma
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Salami

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2. Pizzeria La Montecarlo

Pizzeria La Montecarlo's Pizza al Prosciutto| ©su-lin
Pizzeria La Montecarlo's Pizza al Prosciutto| ©su-lin

Pizza is the star dish at Pizzeria La Montecarlo. One of the best pizzas in Rome made in a wood oven with a thin crust and crispy edge that will make you want to repeat.

They have a wide variety (Neapolitan, spicy salami, marinara, with vegetables ...) but in Pizzeria La Montecarlo also offer other specialties of Italian cuisine very good as pasta, salads or crostini.

The service is fast and they attend you immediately. They also have an ideal terrace to enjoy a delicious pizza on summer nights in Rome. The atmosphere is usually quite lively.

This pizzeria is also located near Piazza Navona, not far from Pizzeria da Baffetto.

  • Address: Vicolo Savelli, 13, 00186 Roma
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Napolitana

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3. Sforno

Pizzeria Sforno's premises| ©Igor W. Schiaroli
Pizzeria Sforno's premises| ©Igor W. Schiaroli

This pizzeria is not very central in the city but in the Subaugusta area but it is worth the trip because Sforno serves one of the best pizzas in Rome and has become a cult restaurant among Romans.

In charge of Sforno is the chef Stefano Callegari, one of the most prominent in the world of pizza as the creator of the trapizzino, a spectacular pizza filled with the most varied ingredients (meatballs in sauce, eggplant parmesan, cheeses ...). When you see them your mouth will water because they look very good!

The service is attentive and fast. The atmosphere is very good and the prices are reasonable. Although it is a little off the beaten tourist track, it is well worth a visit.

  • Address: Via Statilio Ottato 110/116, 00175 Roma
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Clemente

4. Il Fiorentino

Enjoying a good Italian pizza at Il Fiorentino| ©Tiziano J
Enjoying a good Italian pizza at Il Fiorentino| ©Tiziano J

You will find Pizzeria Il Fiorentino not far from the Basilica of St. John Lateran, in the San Giovanni /Pigneto area. This is a typical Italian pizzeria serving large, homemade, wood-fired pizzas. A perfect place to get the boots based on pizza.

The place is small, unpretentious, but quite cozy and the atmosphere is familiar. The service is charming and attentive. They take care of you right away. After ordering the pizzas you can see the ingredients and how they are made in the wood oven in the kitchen.

Il Fiorentino 's pizzas are some of the best in Rome. They are delicious and the prices are very cheap. In addition, the owners are also pastry chefs and their sweets are very famous.

The restaurant is only open for dinner after 7 p.m. Keep this in mind if you want to visit them!

  • Address: Il Fiorentino, Via del Pigneto, 87, 00176 Roma
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Margherita

5. Panattoni Ai Marmi

Enjoying the variety of pizzas in Pizzeria Panattoni Ai Marmi| ©Aimarmi
Enjoying the variety of pizzas in Pizzeria Panattoni Ai Marmi| ©Aimarmi

If you're strolling through the Trastevere neighborhood and suddenly your guts are growling, go to Pizzeria Panattoni Ai Marmi to quickly remedy it. They prepare one of the best pizzas in Rome!

It's a busy restaurant, sometimes it's common to see queues waiting at the entrance to get a table. Although no one likes to spend a long time waiting, looking on the bright side it means that the pizzas at Panattoni Ai Marmi are to die for.

In fact, you can see how they are made right there as the oven is in full view in the dining room - no catch, no catch! Although the star dish is the pizzas, this restaurant also prepares other dishes such as suppli al telefono (rice croquettes, mozzarella and hard-boiled egg) or cod fillet.

The atmosphere is young and informal. Very pleasant. They have a terrace to eat there when the weather is nice.

  • Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
  • Recommended Pizza: Pizza Capricciosa

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6. Dar Poeta

Entrance of the Pizzeria Dar Poeta| ©Marco Verch
Entrance of the Pizzeria Dar Poeta| ©Marco Verch

Without leaving Trastevere, to eat another of the best pizzas in Rome you have to go to Dar Poeta, a small place located in a small alley in the neighborhood. The good location of this restaurant will allow you to get there quickly even at rush hour for lunch.

Sometimes there are queues at the entrance of the restaurant so I advise you to go early or book a table if you are going to entertain yourself by seeing the Basilica Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the most beautiful and famous churches in Rome.

In addition to good pizzas, at Dar Poeta you can try other dishes of the best Italian cuisine. We highly recommend the calzone and the pistachio tiramisu, they are from another planet. And to drink, a glass of white wine. If the day dawns sunny, I recommend eating on the terrace, it's great!

  • Address: Vicolo del Bologna 45 00153 Roma
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Roma

7. Porto Fluviale

Serving a Pizza from Porto Fluviale| ©Porto Fluviale Pizza
Serving a Pizza from Porto Fluviale| ©Porto Fluviale Pizza

If you are looking for a pizzeria away from the tourist circuit of Rome that is frequented by Romans rather than tourists, Porto Fluviale is a very good choice.

Located in the Ostiende neighborhood, this is a nice, spacious restaurant with a youthful, modern feel. A little different in its decor from most pizzerias in the city. The service is fast and attentive.

The pizzas are tremendous and at Porto Fluviale they serve both thin crust and Neapolitan style high and fluffy d ough. But why choose, it's best to order one of each!

I recommend you book a table in advance, as it is a very popular place with the Romans and gets crowded easily, especially on weekends.

  • Address: Via del Porto Fluviale, 22 - 00154 - Rome
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Napolitana

8. Pizza e Mozzarella

Vegetarian Pizza of Pizzeria Pizza e Mozzarella| ©Cindy Kurman
Vegetarian Pizza of Pizzeria Pizza e Mozzarella| ©Cindy Kurman

If you've lost count of the tourist attractions you've already visited during the day and need to take a break to recharge your batteries, there's nothing better than a good Italian pizza at Pizza e Mozzarella. The name says it all! This pizzeria is Italy in its purest form.

The pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and the quality is evident in every bite. The dough is just right in terms of salt and thickness, the result is unbeatable!

The place is tiny, as it is more focused on take away, but it has a lot of charm. Pizza e Mozzarella is ideal for a quick bite to eat, rest a bit and continue visiting Rome.

The service is very pleasant. To repeat!

  • Address: Via del Piè di Marmo 32, 00186 Roma Italy
  • Recommended pizza: Pizza Margherita

9. Trattoria Da Francesco

Local of Trattoria Da Francesco| ©Da Francesco
Local of Trattoria Da Francesco| ©Da Francesco

Close to Piazza Navona, in Piazza del Fico, you will find this typical Italian family trattoria where you can taste some of the best pizzas in Rome: Trattoria Da Francesco.

Being in such a central location, you might think that if you go without reservation the wait to get a table will be long but this is not really the case. Although sometimes there can be queues at the entrance of the restaurant, the service is so fast and efficient that you are immediately served and in no time you are enjoying a huge pizza inside the restaurant.

Trattoria Da Francesco 's pizzas are super thin and crispy, perfect for those who dislike thick dough in pizzas. The menu is extensive (capricciosa, four cheeses, with truffle, with sausage, with ham and mushrooms...) so if you are very hungry I advise you to order several to try a bit of everything. Or you can accompany your pizza with a plate of pasta or burrata with sundried tomato, it's all delicious!

  • Address: Piazza del Fico 29, 00186 Roma Italy
  • Recommended pizza: Boletus pizza

10. Pizzeria Italia since 1987

Touring Pizzerias in Rome| ©Pizzeria Italia dal 1987
Touring Pizzerias in Rome| ©Pizzeria Italia dal 1987

If you have in mind to take a long walk through Villa Borghese (one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Rome ) either because you want to visit the Borghese Gallery located inside or just because you feel like enjoying a bit of nature during your trip, I suggest that before or after your visit you make a stop at Pizzeria Italia dal 1987 to recharge your batteries.

It is not a very big place but it is the perfect place to take a break and eat something quick and delicious. You can even order pizza to go and have a little picnic in the park.

At Pizzeria Italia dal 1987 they have a wide variety of pizza flavors and the owner of the restaurant is super friendly, he takes his time to explain the manu to you. If you are attracted to curious flavors, order the Nutella pizza, you will be in for a treat!

  • Address: Corso d' Italia 103, 00198 Roma Italy
  • Recommended pizza: Sausage and cheese Calzone