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Trastevere, Campo dei Fiori and Jewish Ghetto Food Tour

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Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
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Combine sightseeing with gastronomy and live a luxury experience in a tour of about 3 hours and a half. Walk through the streets of Trastevere, Campo de' Fiori and the Jewish Ghetto while tasting delicious Italian dishes. Enjoy a guided tour for about 12 people.

  • You will taste typical dishes such as pasta and gelato. Also some local favorites like fried artichoke.
  • If you choose the morning guided tour option, you will be able to see the famous Campo de' Fiori market. If you choose the afternoon tour alternative, you will be able to see the local stores.
  • You will taste red or white wine during your walk through Trastevere or the Jewish Quarter.
  • You will be accompanied by a local guide.

What’s included

  • Walking tour of the Jewish Ghetto, Trastevere and Campo de' Fiori.
  • Tasting of typical Italian dishes.
  • Glass of red or white wine
  • Ice cream.

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What to expect

Enjoy a gastronomic tour of Rome for about 3 hours and a half. Visit emblematic places such as the Trastevere district, Campo de' Fiori square and the Jewish ghetto. You will also taste classic dishes such as pasta, pizza and Italian wine.

The tour is designed for groups of about 12 people so that your guide can give you personalized attention.

During your visit to Campo de Fiori, if you choose the morning tour option, you will be able to see its famous market where they sell food, flowers and various products. If you choose the afternoon tour alternative, you will have the opportunity to browse the stores in the area.

In Campo de' Fiori you will also see the Statua di Giordano Bruno, who was accused of being a heretic and burned alive at the stake.

You will visit Trastevere, the busiest neighborhood during the evenings in Rome. Its streets are full of restaurants, nightclubs and stores.

You will walk along Via Portico d'Ottavia and taste fried specialties. Pizza lovers will love the stop at Antico Forno Roscioli, the oldest bakery in the capital, renowned for its delicious Roman pizzas.

You will arrive at the Jewish Ghetto and be transported back in time some 500 years ago. Pope Paul IV created this neighborhood in 1555 in order to isolate the Jewish people. Nearly 3,000 Jews lived here in overcrowded conditions. On your walk through this area you will see the Templo Maggiore, the oldest synagogue in Rome.

You will be delighted with the Tiber Island, a small island of 270 meters located in the Tiber River. To reach this islet, you will pass by the Fabricius Bridge, built in 62 BC, being the oldest of the time and originally preserved.

A good dessert is a must on this gourmet route. An artisan ice cream parlor will be waiting for you with its exquisite natural ice creams. In its menu you will find pistachio, orange, strawberry, melon, almond and many other flavors.


· 73 Reviews
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    Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto are full of aromas and formidable histories that give Rome today a unique gastronomic identity. Thank you for this tour.
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    There is so much history in Rome and its food! Fantastic experience.
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    Very nice tour!
  • L
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    I knew Campo de' Fiori was an exceptional market with a great reputation, but having the opportunity to go and shop was fantastic.
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