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Experience Highlights

Delight your palate with the explosion of flavours of Italian gastronomy. During this guided tour of Rome, you will taste the best pizzas, pastas and suppli, fried risotto balls. You will visit a restaurant in the legendary Jewish Quarter.

Savour delicious Roman cured meats at a place known only to locals. Enjoy a wine tasting and dessert to complete your culinary experience.

  • You will be accompanied by a local guide.
  • Exclusive tour for about 12 people
  • Taste various types of pizza
  • Taste typical Roman pastas, including carbonara.
  • You will pass through emblematic places such as Campo de' Fiori or the Jewish Quarter.

What’s included

  • Rome Walking Tour
  • Local guide
  • Lunch
  • Wine tasting

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Step by Step

Enjoy a guided tour of Rome dedicated exclusively to the wonderful Italian gastronomy. You will eat the best pizzas and pastas. Taste the suppli, fried risotto balls. You will taste cheeses, hams and salamis. Complete your gourmet experience with a wine tasting and a delicious gelato. You will also pass by emblematic places such as Campo de' Fiori, Palazzo Farnese or the Jewish Quarter, among others.

This tour will be attended by a group of about 12 people so that your local guide can give you personalised attention.

During your walk, you will see the Campo de' Fiori. A square with a flea market (in the mornings) selling flowers, food and a variety of other products. In the evenings, you can visit the shops in the area. Stop for a delicious espresso or cappuccino.

On your visit to the old Jewish Quarter, you will enter a historic restaurant to try typical Roman pastas, including the famous carbonara. In this neighbourhood you'll also sample delicious cheeses, hams and salamis in a place known only to locals.

On your walk, you will see the Portico of Octavia, where you will see the ruins of a walkway that linked two Roman temples, and the Palazzo Farnese, now the French embassy in Italy. The construction of this 3-storey Renaissance palace began in 1515 and was inaugurated in 1541.

You will also see the Fontana dei Fiumi or Fountain of the Four Rivers located in Piazza Navona . The work represents 4 great rivers of the world: Ganges (Asia), Nile (Africa), Danube (Europe) and Rio de la Plata (America).

You will also discover the Largo Di Torre Argentina square. Here you will find 4 Roman Republican temples and the remains of the Pompey Theatre. This is the place where the emperor Julius Caesar was assassinated.


· 93 Reviews
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    The Roman monuments are incredible and full of history, the food is formidable and so are the regional drinks. We enjoyed the most wonderful flavors of the city and the most splendid view with an excellent guide.
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    Great, excellent way to taste the best of Rome.
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    Magnificent excursion, I recommend it and I will repeat it as soon as I can!
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    What a great culinary journey we went on!!! Everything was great. We were 12 members of my family and there wasn't a dish we didn't try that we didn't love!!!! Palazzo Farnese is beautiful, all of Rome is beautiful.
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