10 Rome's best ice creams

Although money can't buy happiness, it can buy Italian ice cream, which is practically the same thing!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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10 Rome's best ice creams

Assorted ice creams | ©Jéshoots

You knew that in Rome you could find the best pizzas, but what about ice cream? If you travel to Rome and you love ice cream you are in the right place because Italy is the country where this delicacy was invented.

The city is full of ice cream parlors where you can have an authentic "gelato", so you can't leave without trying a few. In the following post I show you 10 ice cream parlors in Rome where you can enjoy the best ice cream in the city, you will want to repeat!

1. Giolitti

Entrance of Giolitti Gelateria| ©Kalboz
Entrance of Giolitti Gelateria| ©Kalboz

Before visiting the Pantheon of Agrippa, I recommend you to visit the temple of ice cream in the city: Giolitti. One of the oldest and most popular ice cream parlors in the city. In fact, many consider it to be the best ice cream parlor in Rome.

Since it was founded around 1900, Giolitti has made many generations of Romans happy with its ice cream. Nothing has changed since it opened its doors. Neither the vintage decoration (which remains faithful to its origins) nor the wonderful variety of flavors of its ice cream.

There are chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon, tiramisu, pistachio... and in all its forms. Whether in cone, tub, cup or cookie, they are delicious! Now, if you want to put the cherry on top of your Giolitti ice cream, don't forget to ask for the delicious doppia panna (double cream), a treat you won't be able to resist!

And if you feel like a sweet treat afterwards, this ice cream parlor also sells homemade Sicilian desserts that are delicious. Take advantage and try them!

  • Address: Via Uffici del Vicario nº40
  • Recommended ice cream: Chocolate with doppia panna.

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2. Frigidarium Ice Cream Parlor

Delicious ice cream in Rome| ©Gelateria Frigidarium Roma
Delicious ice cream in Rome| ©Gelateria Frigidarium Roma

Another of the ice cream parlors in Rome that you have to visit when you are on your way to see Piazza Navona is Frigidarium. One of the most popular in the city for the quality of its ice creams, which are made with natural ingredients following the traditional method.

In this way, Frigidarium 's ice creams acquire a soft and natural flavor that will make your mouth water. There are chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, fiorentina cream, stracciatella, etc. that you can assemble on a normal cone or waffle.

The finishing touch to these ice creams is a delicious white, dark or cream chocolate coating that adds a more intense and creamy touch.

  • Address: Via del Governo Vecchio, 112
  • Recommended ice cream: Hazelnut with chocolate topping

3. San Crispino Ice Cream Parlor

Various flavors of ice cream from the San Crispino ice cream parlor.| ©Su-Lin
Various flavors of ice cream from the San Crispino ice cream parlor.| ©Su-Lin

After visiting the Trevi Fountain, it's time to take a break in your route through the city and savor one of the delicious ice creams from San Crispino Ice Cream Parlor.

The secret of their ice cream is that they use only natural ingredients, no preservatives or dyes that may alter the quality of the product. No wafer cones either, as Heladería San Crispino maintains that the cookie masks the pure flavor of the ice cream. That is why here all ice creams are served in tubs.

In San Crispino Ice Cream Parlor they take very seriously the care of the product. That is why when you enter the establishment you will be surprised to see that at the counter, unlike other ice cream parlors in Rome, the ice creams are covered to protect their flavor and the specific temperature of each one.

In this ice cream parlor they have a wide variety of flavors but I recommend you try the house ice cream: the San Crispino, a cream made with Sardinian arbutus honey that will take your breath away.

  • Address: Via della Paneteria, 42
  • Recommended ice cream: The San Crispino

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4. Fior di Luna

Entrance to the Heladeria| ©mdfeeds
Entrance to the Heladeria| ©mdfeeds

Cross one of Rome' s bridges that connect to Trastevere to explore this quaint bohemian neighborhood and have a delicious gelato at Fior di Luna while you're at it.

This gelato shop is famous for its organic gelato, which is made using only local ingredients (fresh fruit, cocoa, hazelnuts, honey, etc.) and artisanal techniques, and the result couldn't be better. The result couldn't be better, these ice creams are to die for!

At Fior di Luna the variety of flavors is not too extensive but there are some very original ones like the pepper chocolate. The sorbets also deserve a special mention like the pineapple with ginger because they are very good. Although in this ice cream parlor there are also flavors for the more traditional ones like hazelnut, vanilla or pistachio.

  • Address: Via della Lungareta, 96
  • Recommended ice cream: Chocolate with pepper

5. Fatamorgana

Ice cream at Fatamorgana| ©Sabrina Rossi
Ice cream at Fatamorgana| ©Sabrina Rossi

Without leaving the Trastevere district, another of Rome's ice cream parlors that you must visit if you want to escape from the routine of chocolate, vanilla or hazelnut flavors is Fatamorgana.

Here you will find very original proposals to surprise your palate such as wasabi ice cream, karkadé rose ice cream, basil ice cream with pine nuts and honey or licorice. Do you dare to try a different flavor?

However, Fatamorgana has also thought of those who especially like traditional flavors and has a small variety of very good creamy ice creams.

  • Address: Via Laurina 10 (via del Corso area)
  • Recommended ice cream: Of chestnuts and myrtle

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6. Gelateria del Teatro

Visiting the Gelateria del Teatro site| ©Natalie
Visiting the Gelateria del Teatro site| ©Natalie

Before crossing the Vittorio Emanuele II Bridge to visit the Vatican or Castel Sant'Angelo, take a break and get your strength back by tasting Gelateria del Teatro's ice cream.

Located near the beautiful Piazza Navona (where every Christmas is organized one of the most beloved Christmas markets in Rome ) you will find this artisan ice cream shop at the bottom of a medieval staircase where once there was an ancient theater from which it takes its name.

The location of Gelateria del Teatro is very coquettish (in fact, it won the award for the ice cream shop with the most photogenic setting) so while you queue to order an ice cream you can take a few photos for your social networks.

Once inside you can choose from a menu of classic flavors (tiramisu, strawberry, pistachio, coffee...) or opt for a more original flavor obtained with the infusion of aromatic herbs such as white peach and lavender ice cream, raspberry and sage or lemon, honey and rosemary. All of them are made with fresh seasonal ingredients, and it shows!

Whatever you choose, what you can't miss to complete your ice cream is a crunchy cone (don't look for the tubs!) because Gelateria del Teatro also won the award for the ice cream parlor with the best cookie cone.

  • Address: Via dei Coronari, 65/66, 00186 Roma
  • Recommended Ice Cream: White peach and lavender

7. Gelateria dei Gracchi

Chocolate and coconut ice cream by Gelateria dei Gracchi| ©dj schwend
Chocolate and coconut ice cream by Gelateria dei Gracchi| ©dj schwend

If you feel like treating yourself to an ice cream while visiting the Vatican City, my advice is to avoid the tourist traps around St. Peter's Basilica and go to Gelateria dei Gracchi, a sure hit.

This is one of the most popular ice cream parlors in Rome for artisanal ice cream made with seasonal ingredients and fresh milk without adding any preservatives or coloring, something you will appreciate at first bite because they are delicious!

The menu at Gelateria dei Gracchi offers a wide variety of flavors to choose from. From the classic lemon, dark chocolate, yogurt or stracciatella to the more original ones like ricotta and pears, pomegranate, chocolate and rum or eggnog.

Whatever time of year you visit Rome, you are sure to find the perfect gelato for you. A tip? The refreshing mint and apple ice cream for summer and the chocolate and rum for winter.

  • Address: Via dei Gracchi, 272, 00193 Roma
  • Recommended ice cream: Pomegranate

8. Ciampini

Italian Ice Cream| ©Katie Parla
Italian Ice Cream| ©Katie Parla

If you are looking for ice cream parlors in Rome where to have a classic Italian ice cream, simple and without frills but full of flavor, you have to go to Ciampini in Piazza San Lorenzo, not far from the Trevi Fountain or the Pantheon of Rome.

Unlike other gelato shops in the city, this small but elegant place in Piazza San Lorenzo has no creative flavor combinations that give rise to daring proposals but a delicious creamy gelato that melts in your mouth with the traditional flavors of a lifetime. What more could you ask for on a hot day in Rome?

I suggest you order one of the most popular ice creams at Ciampini such as chocolate, pistachio or vanilla accompanied by pieces of candied fruit for an extra touch.

  • Address: Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina 29
  • Recommended ice cream: Pistachio

9. Al Settimo Gelo

Enjoying an ice cream from Al Settimo Gelo| ©Al settimo gelo
Enjoying an ice cream from Al Settimo Gelo| ©Al settimo gelo

Not far from Piazza Mazzini is Al Settimo Gelo, a small gelato shop that you can reach by strolling through the Prati area after visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

Its artisanal gelato made with top quality local ingredients promises to take you to seventh heaven. That's why many Romans often drop by to sample their offerings. Al Settimo Gelo ice cream parlor is a bit far from the center but if you are an ice cream lover, it is a must on your list.

They have several flavors, some of them very original such as chocolate ice cream with chili, pistachio ice cream with rose water and saffron from Iran or passion fruit with dark chocolate. However, you can also choose more classic flavors such as almond, stracciatella or vanilla.

  • Address: Via Vodice, 21, 00195 Roma
  • Recommended ice cream: Pistachio with rose water and Iranian saffron.

10. La Nazionale Gelateria

Coconut and strawberry ice cream at La Nazionale Gelateria| ©Suze
Coconut and strawberry ice cream at La Nazionale Gelateria| ©Suze

If during your tour of Rome you get the craving for a good Italian ice cream, you will not have to go far from the Colosseum or the Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore because in the vicinity is the ice cream parlor La Nazionale Gelateria.

This place is great because you can see how they prepare ice cream right there in an artisanal way. They have a wide variety of flavors and the fruit flavors (mango, coconut, strawberry...) are so intense that you will think you are eating a whole piece of natural ice cream.

Also, if you love frozen yogurt, La Nazionale Gelateria also has some. It will be difficult to choose the toppings to accompany the tub because they have a lot: from fruits, syrups and nuts to cereals and chocolates.

  • Address: Via Nazionale, 206
  • Recommended ice cream: Mango