Legoland London: tickets, prices, how to get...

Legoland Park in London can be one of the best experiences when it comes to children's entertainment during your visit to the English capital.

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Legoland London: tickets, prices, how to get...

Legoland Park | ©Abel Cheung

Booking your tickets for Legoland Park, located just outside the metropolitan area of the city, is an excellent decision if you are looking for plans to see or do on a visit to London.

This is even more interesting if you have young children in your group, as this is something that can entertain them much more than the architectural beauty or cultural significance of the rest of the city. In order to enjoy this visit, it can be useful to have information about tickets, prices, schedules, means of transport to take you there and much more.

How much do tickets to Legoland Park in London cost?

Legoland in London| ©Henry Burrows
Legoland in London| ©Henry Burrows

The prices of the tickets to Legoland Park in London are surprisingly cheap compared to the admission tickets of other theme parks with similar proposals in terms of children's entertainment.

Depending on where you buy them, tickets can range from €100 to €110 per person, with a transfer included from the city center to the architectural complex where Legoland is located.

These ticket packages with transfer included can be obtained online with attractive benefits if you are looking to book in advance. At the same time, you are guaranteed that you can cancel the reservation if you give enough notice.

If you buy the tickets directly at the park, something that is an excellent alternative to buy them under different modalities, such as annual passes, you have to know that their rates are changeable depending on the time of the year.

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What types of tickets are there for Legoland Park in London?

Legoland in London| ©Jamila Hanan
Legoland in London| ©Jamila Hanan

For Legoland Park in London there are several types of tickets that change depending on the time of purchase or the duration of the visit. The most common and the one you should be interested in is the one that is reserved for a single day on a specific date, thanks to an advance purchase.

That is the one usually sold by online shopping sites that offer you the convenient travel to this theme park located on the southern outskirts of London, specifically in the town of Windsor.

It is followed by tickets that are purchased at the box office, the same day of the visit, but they drop to a lower rung of convenience due to the fact that they double the price of tickets with reservation.

There are annual passes that allow you to visit the park as many times as you want during that year and include some discounts on purchases and consumption within the facilities. However, they are not very convenient for someone who is only visiting the country for tourism.

Finally, you get to the tickets that are included with your stay at either of the two resort hotels, as well as the other Legoland partner hotels in the Windsor area. But again there is the fact that their prices and availability are very much conditioned by the time of year when you visit.

For example, the Christmas season will be full of tourists, as visiting this park is one of the best things to do in London during Christmas if you are traveling with children.

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Are tickets to Legoland Park included in any London sightseeing pass?

Legoland in London| ©Rob Young
Legoland in London| ©Rob Young

As a private, rather commercial attraction that has little connection to London's cultural identity, tickets to Legoland Park are not included in any discount tourist passes or tours of the city.

However, that does not mean that it is not one of the best things to do in London with children. For in all fairness, you have to understand that children also need entertainment that is fully focused on their needs.

So this park, which combines the best of the entertainment machines with the particular beauty of the well-known Danish legos, is a good escape in the tourist planning.

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Are there guided tours of Legoland Park in London and are they worth it?

Wembley Stadium, Legoland| ©Rob Young
Wembley Stadium, Legoland| ©Rob Young

Just as with tourist passes, the scenario arises where it is a bit illogical to want a guided tour for an amusement park where the whole layout of the place is very intuitive.

In fact, few places are more signposted than an establishment like this that receives thousands of visitors daily and has plenty of areas for the entertainment of these people.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is an activity that includes a guide for the fact that you enjoy the learning that comes directly narrated by a specialist in the history of that place, you can participate in the tours of the best tour buses in London.

Excursions to the outskirts of the city are other viable alternatives. In fact, as Legoland is just outside of Windsor, it is not a bad idea to book a tour of Windsor Castle and the historic center of the town for the next day of your trip.

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Are there special tickets for children or seniors?

Lego Dragon at Legoland| ©Josh Hallett
Lego Dragon at Legoland| ©Josh Hallett

There are no tickets with any kind of additional services for age groups, but at Legoland Park in London there is a discount of approximately 12% for children between 3 and 15 years of age.

That means that online purchases where you secure a transfer from the center of London and a return to the same point, usually lower their rates per person to about 93 euros approximately when it is for someone who is in those stages of their youth.

Children under the age of three pass free of charge and there are no additional charges for using baby strollers to get around the park areas.

You should also be happy to know that this is an amusement park that is excellently set up for wheelchair mobility. In fact, those in wheelchairs are often given priority in the lines to enter the attractions.

Why is it better to buy tickets online instead of at the ticket office?

Letters throughout Legoland| ©Abel Cheung
Letters throughout Legoland| ©Abel Cheung

There is a serious variation between the prices of a ticket purchased in advance online and one purchased on the day of the visit at the London Legoland Park ticket office.

At some times of the year, the savings on advance purchase can be as much as 50% off and in the case of an online purchase with transfers the savings are just as significant when taking into account the percentage of the service that goes towards the booking and purchase of the ticket.

In addition, another decisive factor that makes online purchases the best alternative is the issue of park capacity, as arriving on a date when there is excess tourism in the London area could imply a risk of being left out.

Opening hours of Legoland Park in London

Legoland Lego Bob in Legoland| ©Josh Hallett
Legoland Lego Bob in Legoland| ©Josh Hallett

Every day of the year the London Legoland Park opens at 10 am, without exception. What does adjust depending on the time of year is the closing time, as it is usually at 5 pm, but on weekends and in the high seasons, touristically speaking, it is extended until 7 or 8 pm.

As for the amount of time you can dedicate to this visit, it is something very varied, since it all depends on the degree of interest you have and the number of times the children decide to participate in the mechanized attractions.

When it is a transfer from the city with a private service, it is usually about 8 hours and a half from the point of departure to the pick up at the gates of the park for the subsequent return to the center of London.

Although you should take into account that the best alternatives are those that offer a round trip in buses that provide direct service to park employees. The reason is that the frequency of departures is maintained from the early hours of the morning until one hour after closing, allowing you to leave the place when you feel like it.

For this reason, the visit to Legoland Park is one of the excellent plans to do in London during a 7-day visit, since you can occupy half of one of them, but it will ** leave you free the morning or evening** to do whatever you please in the rest of the cultural alternatives of the city.

What is the best time of year to visit this park?

Stonehenge at Legoland, London| ©Josh Hallet
Stonehenge at Legoland, London| ©Josh Hallet

Fully enjoying a visit to Legoland Park in London is not conditioned by the time of the year you decide to visit.

Both the winter and summer seasons involve a significant amount of visitors, especially when it coincides with school vacations or Christmas and New Year's festivities.

So the best thing you can do to adjust to the conditions of your visit is to understand the context of the time of year when you book your tickets. In the summer it is predictable that there will be a few extra lines for children to participate in the attractions, but it is certainly more favorable weather than the rainy panorama you might encounter on a rainy autumn afternoon.

A visit to London in April, for example, can be a balanced time between a moderate influx of visitors and relatively pleasant weather. Don't misunderstand the recommendation, though, as even on the coldest December days, filled with Christmas tourists, you'll have a great time in this entertaining place.

How to get to Legoland Park from central London?

Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett
Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett

Clearly, the best way to get to Legoland Park is to book a transfer like the one offered by the online shopping with the same ticket that comes with advance purchase discounts.

However, as mobility in London is so good not only to the city center, but also to the outskirts, it is logical to know that there are public transport alternatives that can take you to visit Windsor from London in record time.

From Victoria Station, specifically in Bulleid Way, buses depart at different times of the day. There are trains departing from Paddington and Waterloo stations that take you respectively to Windsor and Eton Central and Windsor and Eton Riverside stations.

From the two train stations located in the urban area of Windsor there are buses with direct transfers to Legoland Park.

You must take into account that as it is a location outside the London metropolitan area, the mobility cards that you will surely buy as a recommendation of the practical guides to use the London Underground do not work anymore.

What are the attractions at Legoland Park in London?

Millennium Bridge and London Eye in Legos| ©Gareth Milner
Millennium Bridge and London Eye in Legos| ©Gareth Milner

As you can imagine, everything related to the world of building architectural wonders with Lego pieces are the main protagonists in this theme park.

Lego castles, a scale representation of central London, pirate ships, driving areas in real Lego cars and educational workshops are complemented by a water play area to cool off from the sweltering summer heat.

All this and much more are the attractions that make up this children's entertainment complex. Restaurants and cafeterias are also arranged throughout the facilities to guarantee the whole family a complete afternoon in which a good meal is another great memory of the experience.

What should you wear when visiting Legoland Park in London?

Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett
Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett

At Legoland Park London you will go for a walk, that's for sure. It is therefore essential that you wear comfortable shoes and breathable clothing if you visit during the summer, which is characterized by being quite humid in the south of England.

If you are traveling in winter, it is preferable that you dress in comfortable clothing that gives you a wide range of mobility, but don't forget to be well wrapped up, as the wind that blows during winter days is another distinctive feature of the English south.

As for how the little ones should be dressed, I can advise you to bring different changes of clothes, as they are likely to be interested in getting wet if the weather is favorable and getting dirty between so many games and activities is always a latent possibility.

When you are back in the city you will realize that it is not such a physically exhausting experience. That's why it's also an excellent idea to top off your day with some of the best night tours in London so you can also have some adult entertainment in a day full of children's activities.

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Are there any specific conditions for visiting Legoland Park in London?

Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett
Legoland in London| ©Josh Hallett

Confirmation of your purchase of tickets to Legoland Park in London is immediate if you book more than 7 days in advance of your chosen date. If this is not the case, confirmation can take up to 48 hours, pending confirmation of availability for the transfer, as well as at the venue's ticket office.

Children must always be accompanied by an adult, no exceptions, and wheelchairs are not included in the assistance protocol, but only in coach transfers. Trains follow the same inclusivity guidelines that define British public transport.

Apart from these small conditions, tickets to Legoland Park prevail as one of the best things to do in London during the summer, or even a cold winter.