13 things to do in Dubai in October

October is a magical month. The pleasant temperatures invite you to discover the secret corners that this city of a thousand and one nights has prepared for you. Will you join me?

Nuria Rozas

Nuria Rozas

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13 things to do in Dubai in October

Dubai Sunrise | © Tamas

One of the perfect times of the year to travel to Dubai is autumn and especially October. The city of skyscrapers shines with a special light and the temperatures, unlike the scorching summer, are quite pleasant (between 24º and 35º degrees) for outdoor activities.

Discover, in this article, how to live a unique experience during the month of October.

1. Experience a magical evening in the desert

Enjoying the evening in Dubai| ©Umar Khan
Enjoying the evening in Dubai| ©Umar Khan

If you want to put the finishing touch to your trip to this magical city, I advise you to book an excursion with dinner and show in the desert of Dubai, since at this time you will enjoy the pleasant night climate and you can say goodbye to the city in style. Plus, you'll be safe from the sandstorms that occur in other months of the year.

The adventure of sleeping in the Dubai desert usually includes a dinner full of local aromas and flavors, ending with an oriental-style show in a Bedouin camp under the starry night. You'll see the clearest sky ever! Is there a more romantic plan to end your getaway?

Book an excursion to Dubai desert

2. Enjoy a cruise in Dubai

Cruises and Dubai| ©35mmMan
Cruises and Dubai| ©35mmMan

There is no more ideal plan for the month of October in Dubai than booking a dinner cruise, a time when the weather will allow you to make the most of this romantic experience.

In this tour of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in a luxurious boat, you can admire wonderful panoramic views of the illuminated city and its main buildings such as the Arabian Tower or the Burj Al Arab, while enjoying a delicious buffet style dinner with Arabic and international dishes, including a welcome drink.

Book a dinner cruise in Dubai

3. See Dubai from above

Dubai and Balloon| ©Land Rover MENA
Dubai and Balloon| ©Land Rover MENA

And the unique and incomparable plan of your trip to Dubai in October, is a hot air balloon ride, an experience from a height of between 600 and 1,200 meters high in which you will be amazed with the impressive skyscrapers by the sea.

Thus, you can admire the best panoramic views for between 40 and 70 minutes. Of course, if you dare to book this balloon flight, keep in mind that the total duration is four hours because it includes the transfer to and from the hotel and a complimentary drink.

In addition, you will be accompanied by a certified driver who will guide you throughout the activity.

Book a balloon flight in Dubai

4. Have fun like a kid at a water park

Water Park| ©Stephen Colebourne
Water Park| ©Stephen Colebourne

My favorite experience if you wake up on a hotter day than usual, is to book a dolphin encounter at the Atlantis water park in Dubai. You'll have the chance to swim alongside dolphins and learn all about the habits and routines of these marine mammals. And if you have a certain respect for them, don't worry because you will be accompanied by a professional guide at all times.

And don't worry about the equipment, because before the dive you will be provided with a wetsuit and vest.

In addition, this experience includes free access to the impressive Dubai Aquaventure water park and discounts to access the Lost Chambers Aquarium and enjoy like a kid all its attractions and slides, more than a hundred. Start early and make the most of the day!

Book tickets for Aquaventure Dubai

5. Escape to Abu Dhabi and visit its grand mosque

Sunset in Abu Dhabi| ©Shenli Leong
Sunset in Abu Dhabi| ©Shenli Leong

If you are lucky enough to spend a minimum of 4 days in the exotic city of Dubai, I suggest you save one of them to book an excursion to Abu Dhabi, which is only an hour and a half away. October is one of the best months to visit because temperatures drop 5 degrees Celsius (you will have an average of 30 degrees Celsius) and it is a great time for sightseeing.

In this article I explain in detail how to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in an easy way. In my case, I chose to make the trip to Abu Dhabi with a guided tour to not miss anything.

What to see in Abu Dhabi?

  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque popularly known as the Great Mosque, white in color, is one of the most beautiful and impressive temples you will find. A true architectural masterpiece.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi Museum: a modern and futuristic building worth visiting, even if only from the outside. It reminded me, in a way, of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.
  • Qasr Al Watan: this is the presidential palace of the United Arab Emirates. If you travel Abu Dhabi you are lucky because this jewel opened its doors to the public recently, specifically in March 2019.
  • Ferrari World: the only theme park dedicated to the famous Ferrari brand, which is located on Yas Island, an artificial island next to the city, perfect for speed lovers!

Book a tour to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

6. Have a frightening Halloween in Dubai

At the IMG Worlds of Adventure park| ©OneTwoTrip Travel Expert
At the IMG Worlds of Adventure park| ©OneTwoTrip Travel Expert

With the permission of the Americans, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays in the city. The holiday is celebrated in style on October 31 in Dubai' s hotels and shopping m alls, which are decked out with typical decorations such as pumpkins, witches, monsters and skeletons for a frightfully fun day for locals and tourists alike.

At the end of October, the IMG Worlds of Adventure theme park, where Marvel and Cartoon characters come to life, usually organizes a special event dedicated to Halloween, where visitors can experience the zombie apocalypse, get lost in the haunted maze and live a terrifying experience. Don't hesitate to book a night bus tour of Dubai to kick off the night and get a taste of how this holiday is celebrated in Dubai.

Book a night bus tour of Dubai

7. Immerse yourself in Indian culture with the Festival of Lights

Celebrating the festival of Diwali| ©WeedNeel
Celebrating the festival of Diwali| ©WeedNeel

After enjoying your tickets to the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest skyscraper, do you think you've seen all that Dubai has to offer? I'm sure the Diwali Festival of Lights, which takes place in October or November in Dubai (depending on the year), will change your mind with its breathtaking display throughout the city.

Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan metropolises in existence. With a population of almost 3 million Indians, this community represents the largest demographic group in the country. As a result, the city welcomes Diwali, the Indian Christmas celebration, with great enthusiasm, a very important event in the city's calendar of activities. In fact, for Hindus this festival is as respected as Christmas is for Christians.

Dance, music and color all over the metropolis

You can see a light show in the main square. In addition to performances and dances next to the famous fountains of Dubai, which are transformed into a large colorful stage to the rhythm of Indian music for the occasion. The day usually ends with fireworks at the main points of the city, including Bluewaters Island.

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8. Enjoy camel racing

Camel Racing| ©Lars Plougmann
Camel Racing| ©Lars Plougmann

Camels are part of Emirati culture and life, which is why it is so common to book a camel ride in Dubai. These animals provide food, sustenance, transportation and also entertainment to the locals. One of the most long-established traditions, which is still maintained today, is camel racing, a sport that starts the season in October.

The camels train throughout the year, have a special diet and undergo veterinary check-ups, as if they were top-level athletes. Generally, the races start early in the morning, around 7 a.m. and finish around 8:30 a.m., when the sun gives a truce to its inhabitants. It should be noted that admission to this event is free and it is held two or three days a week.

And if you want to be the protagonist afterwards, don't hesitate to book a camel ride in the Al Marmoom oasis.

Practical tips for watching the races

  • Cameras are not allowed on the race tracks.
  • Refreshing drinks can be purchased inside.
  • Youcannot bet on the winning camels.
  • If you can, don't forget to pack a small pair of binoculars in your suitcase.

Book a camel ride in the Al Marmoom oasis

9. Celebrate Oktoberfest under the palm trees

Enjoying Oktoberfest| ©Barasti
Enjoying Oktoberfest| ©Barasti

If you thought that Oktoberfest, the popular beer festival that has been celebrated in Munich (Germany) since 1810 and has spread to countries all over the world, had not arrived in Dubai, you were very, very wrong. Never doubt the power of barley!

In fact, the festival is one of the best ways for tourists to welcome autumn in the city of a thousand and one nights. The Oktoberfest is celebrated every year in October in several hotels in Dubai, such as the Sheraton Jumeirah, the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the JW Marriott. Check their schedule and if you finally decide to go, don't forget to toast to the cry of... "Prost!".

Sausages, plenty of beer and lots of fun

Before you go, you must learn rule number one: just like in Germany, here beer is ordered and served by the liter. Train first! At the Oktoberfest in the United Arab Emirates, the spirit of the original event is replicated, but at thirty degrees. It is likely that in many hotels you can drink your Paulaner lying on a sun lounger. Not a bad change, right?

In addition, the staff at the accommodations often copy the attire and don one of the typical regional costumes. German food (sausages and salted doughnuts) have also arrived in this Persian Gulf city for the festivities - you'll feel like a real Bavarian!

10. Watch the changing of the seasons in the Miracle flower garden

Visiting the Miracle Garden| ©Oiva Eskola
Visiting the Miracle Garden| ©Oiva Eskola

One of my favorite fall activities is to observe the hues of this season in the parks. At this time of year the Miracle Garden opens its doors and looks especially beautiful. And like everything else in Dubai, it's a space full of flowers... big time! The park is in the Guinness Book of Records thanks to, among other attractions, the largest flower clock in the world and the recreation of one of its legendary airplanes.

In addition, it also offers daily parades and shows starring its fantastic floral floats accompanied by live music and street dancers. Important fact! Although no food can be brought into the grounds, there are over 30 food and beverage stands, including restaurants, cafes, candy stores and a tempting fresh fruit juice kiosk - ideal for refreshment!

What to see in the Miracle Garden?

  • Clock: this marvel of an installation, measuring more than 15 meters in diameter, is built with real flowers and plants, whose designs change according to the season, something particularly relevant in a country with such an arid climate.
  • Emirates 380: can you imagine flying in a plane designed with flowers? Well, even if you can't travel with it, in the garden you can see the Airbus A380, a life-size version of the Emirates A380 aircraft, Dubai's flagship airline, which has become the largest floral installation in the world created with 500,000 fresh flowers. Super curious!
  • Smurf Village: this is an attraction especially designed for children. In it you can observe a village full of these blue characters made with floral arrangements. At night, they organize fun shows to liven up the evening.
  • Lake Park: a very cute lake surrounded by houses and boats covered with flowers, frogs designed with bushes and flamingos (but fake). It is worth a visit!

11. Around the world in one day at Global Village

Visiting Global Village at Night| ©Syed Ali
Visiting Global Village at Night| ©Syed Ali

If you are an inveterate traveler, you will probably love Global Village, an entertainment area that usually opens every year at the end of October and consists of the recreation of more than 40 countries that aim to bring visitors closer to their culture through dances and dances, typical products and crafts.

My favorite show, which takes place in the heart of the theme park, was the fire-spitting dragon, next to the side. On its shores you will also find the iconic floating market, where you can taste gastronomy from all over Asia, while enjoying the performance. A perfect plan!

How was the idea born?

The origins of this peculiar park date back to 1996 on the banks of Dubai Creek, where vendors were placed in stalls where you could buy the typical products of different countries. However, little remains of these humble beginnings, as the facility has now become a large park.

12. Watch the migratory birds in a nature reserve

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Reserve| ©Fariz Safarulla
Ras Al Khor Wildlife Reserve| ©Fariz Safarulla

Watching migratory birds in their natural habitat is one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have on your October trip to Dubai. In the wetlands, just a few meters from the bustling city of Dubai, lies theRas Al Khor Wildlife Reserve, which is home to thousands of species.

What species will I be able to see?

Although the reserve is closed to protect the animals and the ecosystem of the area, you will be able to access the bird observatories free of charge and immortalize with your camera the numerous pink flamingos that migrate every year in search of a better climate to shelter and find food.

Among the pink feathers, you can spot grey herons, cormorants, common storks, ospreys and many more species. The reserve, made up of 6 kilometers of wetlands, includes a series of salt marshes, mudflats, mangroves and lagoons where birds nest.

13. Go on an African safari and spot giraffes, crocodiles and lions

White lion at Dubai Safari Park| ©Asif Ali Yousafzai
White lion at Dubai Safari Park| ©Asif Ali Yousafzai

A more feasible and economical alternative to traditional safaris in Kenya or Tanzania is to visit Dubai Safari Park, which resumes its activity in October, after the summer closure due to high temperatures. Exploring the inside of the park can take you four to five hours and if you prefer you can buy the night pass that will make you feel like in a movie of the adventurer Indiana Jones.

Dubai Safari Park, located in Al Warqa 5, houses approximately 3,000 animals from all parts of the planet. The focus is on environmental education and animal conservation and welfare and consists of five key areas: African Village, Asian Village, Arabian Desert, Explorer Village and Adventure Valley.

There are two types of entrance to the park:

  • Users who purchase the general admission ticket can access all of the park's villages, except for one attraction, the Safari Journey, an experience that lasts 35 to 40 minutes where you can see lions and giraffes up close riding in a vehicle as if you were in the African savannah.
  • Visitors who purchase a Safari Journey ticket will also have access to all of the park's villages.

Nuria's Traveller Tip

One of the rules for entering the park is to cover your shoulders and knees. If you do not comply with this dress code you could be locked out.

Temperatures in Dubai in October

Morning in Dubai| ©Steve Jurvetson
Morning in Dubai| ©Steve Jurvetson

You are probably wondering what is the best time to visit Dubai in terms of temperatures to enjoy all that you can see and do in Dubai. Specifically, in October we can find lows of 24º C and highs of about 35º C. You can enjoy the good weather, but without getting scorched to death as in July in Dubai and August in Dubai. At this time the thermometers register up to 5 degrees less.

In my experience, I suggest you avoid the central hours of the day and make the most of the mornings and afternoons. The good news is that it never rains during this month, so forget about packing an umbrella because you won't need it! That's nice, isn't it? In this article I give you some other practical tips for traveling to Dubai.

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October prices in Dubai

Cash on hand| ©cottonbro
Cash on hand| ©cottonbro

Can you imagine relaxing in one of the best hotels in Dubai at a good price? In October it is possible. Unlike the winter months which are the most expensive of the year, since it is high season, in autumn you will find many bargains because it is the middle season.

As for the influx of tourists, you will see that the city is not as crowded as in other periods. In October a large part of the theme parks resume activity after the summer break due to the high temperatures and the metropolis begins to resume its pulse. You will feel like an Arab sheikh with the city almost all to yourself!

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