Dubai Al Marmoom Oasis Sunrise Camel Ride with Breakfast

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Experience Highlights

Get to know the Al Marmoom Desert Reserve in the most authentic way with this camel ride. Specifically, this is a small oasis in the middle of the desert where a Bedouin village lives, i.e. a nomadic desert people. During this 5-hour experience, you will get to know this village, as well as experience an authentic Bedouin breakfast.

The return journey in an air-conditioned vehicle from your hotel is also included. In addition, you will be provided with desert attire consisting of Kandura for men and Abaya for women. Not forgetting that you will be able to have your photo taken with a royal falcon.

  • Stroll through the Al Marmoom oasis with beautiful sunrise views on a camel ride.
  • This experience includes the return journey from your hotel.
  • Learn about the customs and culture of a Berdu village while having one of their traditional breakfasts.

What’s included

  • Camel ride through Al Marmoom Oasis
  • Pick up and return to your hotel in an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Bedouin breakfast
  • Photos with a falcon

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Step by Step

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Al Marmoom oasis at sunrise for about 5 hours on a camel ride. You will get to know the life of a Bedouin people who define themselves as a nomadic people in the desert. You will be able to talk to the Bedouin people and they will show you how they make an authentic Bedouin breakfast, which you will also be able to taste.

You won't have to worry about locating the village in the middle of the desert either, as the return journey from your hotel is included. This way you'll arrive on time and without getting lost.

Because you will be going into a desert, you will also be provided with appropriate clothing during this experience. First of all, to protect you from the sand, but also from the sun. Men will be provided with a Kandura and women with an Abaya. This experience takes place at sunrise for beautiful views, but also for optimal temperature.

Therefore, upon arrival at the Bedouin village you will be given a warm welcome, as you will spend a few hours with them. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with gahwa and sweets . During the 5 hours you will also do other activities besides camel riding. For example, you can have your photo taken with a royal falcon from the village.


· 1045 Reviews
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    The ride was absolutely incredible, we had a safe ride into the desert and were able to enjoy the scenery from the back of the camels. The breakfast absolutely exceeded our expectations.
  • E
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    A very pleasant, exciting and complete excursion
  • F
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    Fun camel ride, delicious breakfast, coffee and music. We saw wildlife and toured the dunes. I will definitely recommend it to others.
  • P
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    Our group was small, it was quite relaxed and at a leisurely pace.
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