The Dubai Desert: Quad biking adventure

Fancy an adrenaline-filled adventure during your vacation in Dubai? Head to the Lahbab desert to drive a quad bike through the dunes and see incredible landscapes.

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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The Dubai Desert: Quad biking adventure

In the desert | ©Leif Bergerson

Have you ever ridden a quad bike? It is one of the most exciting experiences you can live during a trip to the desert of Dubai. Nothing compares to the feeling of sliding at several kilometers per hour through the towering sand dunes mounted on one of these vehicles.

From 47 € you can pilot a quad in such a fascinating scenery as the Lahbab desert and complete this little adventure with other risky activities such as sandboarding, dune bashing in a 4x4 or a buggy ride. You will have the emotions to the surface!

But not everything is action during this excursion because there will also be time to relax watching the sunset and taking pictures of the desert landscape. The contrast with the skyscrapers of the city will leave you speechless. Let's see what these quad biking tours in the desert of Dubai are all about!

1. What does the experience of driving a quad bike in the desert of Dubai offer?

Quad Biking in Dubai| ©Hisham Binsuwaif
Quad Biking in Dubai| ©Hisham Binsuwaif

Quad biking in the Dubai desert is one of the coolest memories you will take away from your trip to the United Arab Emirates. You will have the opportunity to explore beautiful landscapes in the Lahbab desert and take some sensational pictures of the sunset over the sand dunes.

However, if you want to get to know this place from a totally different perspective and experience a little adventure, I recommend you to experience the adrenaline rush of driving a quad bike in the Dubai desert at full speed.

Why take this excursion?

If you are passionate about extreme sports, there is no doubt that driving a quad bike in the Lahbab desert will be an experience you won't forget. Sliding rapidly up and down the dunes is a dizzying and exhilarating sensation, highly addictive!

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2. What are the quad biking tours in Dubai like?

Enjoying the tour| ©Adrien Delforge
Enjoying the tour| ©Adrien Delforge

Quad biking in the desert is usually part of a tour that includes other activities in this unique setting, such as sandboarding or dune bashing in a 4x4 vehicle.

After all the action there will also be time for rest and relaxation. Many of these excursions to the Dubai desert include lunch or dinner with entertainment and a variety of workshops with Arabian culture as a backdrop. So, as you can see, these are super complete activities to enjoy nature and Dubai culture in a very original way.

What do these excursions usually include?

  • Quad biking in the Dubai Desert
  • Dunebashing with professional driver
  • Sandboarding in the dunes
  • Short camel rides
  • Stopover in the desert to see the sunset
  • Lunch or dinner with show and workshops
  • Transfer to and from hotel
  • English speaking licensed safari guide

How long will you be able to drive the quad bike in the desert?

Generally, you will have 30-45 minutes to ride the quad bike and the rest of the time will be divided between all the other activities.

Is it dangerous to drive a quad bike?

Like all adventure activities, quads present a certain risk, so when riding them you must take precautions.

As they have four wheels and not two, many people are confident but you should not let your guard down because it is an unstable vehicle with which you have to be very careful not to tip over.

If you have never driven a quad before and the first time you are going to do it is in the desert of Dubai, you have the advantage that you will have the assistance of a monitor who will explain in detail how to handle the vehicle and how to properly put on the safety equipment. In addition, during the circuit, the monitor usually guides the convoy through the dunes and will provide assistance whenever you need it.

To enjoy the experience with all the guarantees, it is very important to follow all the instructions of the monitor and not to go crazy with the quad letting yourself be carried away by the adrenaline.

Where is quad biking in Dubai?

This type of excursion usually takes place in the Lahbab desert, a unique location in the region characterized by its high and beautiful reddish sand dunes. A magnificent place to practice adventure sports and contemplate one of the most beautiful sunsets on the planet.

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3. What is the price of quad biking tours in the desert of Dubai?

Cash| ©cottonbro
Cash| ©cottonbro

From62 ¤ you can book an excursion to discover the desert of Dubai and drive a quad bike through the dunes in an incomparable setting.

During this activity, in addition to riding a quad you can also get on a 4x4 SUV for dune bashing or surfing the sand with a sandboard. If you like extreme sports, during your stay in the city you should reserve some time to try these disciplines. Not only for the activity itself but also to explore the Lahbab desert, one of the most beautiful corners of the United Arab Emirates.

The price is totally worth it as it is a very complete excursion. In addition to contemplate beautiful landscapes and practice extreme sports, it also allows you to make a small cultural immersion through the subsequent brunch or dinner with show in a Bedouin camp.

On the one hand you will get to know a little better the typical gastronomy of the area and on the other hand you will attend a very entertaining demonstration of music, dance and Arabian folklore. In the article Excursions with dinner and show in the desert of Dubai I tell you in depth what they consist of. They are amazing!

And as regards the cost of an excursion of this type, I advise you to take a look at the post How much does it cost to visit the desert of Dubai: prices of excursions as there is a thorough review on this issue so you can better organize your budget to fulfill this dream.

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4. When is the best time to go quad biking in the Dubai desert?

Four people quad biking in the desert| ©Andre Mouton
Four people quad biking in the desert| ©Andre Mouton

The best time

Since Dubai has a subtropical desert type climate, no matter when you travel to the city it's always going to be hot. However, during the summer the thermometers easily shoot up to 50ºC so it is not the best time to take a trip to the desert and go quad biking.

If you want to live this experience, my recommendation is to choose spring or autumn because although they are also warm seasons, it is not as hot as summer so you can enjoy outdoor activities without spending so many hot flashes. In addition, it is mid-season in Dubai, so the trip will be a little cheaper than if you choose to go in winter.

Prices increase between the months of December in Dubai and March in Dubai but temperatures are the most pleasant of the whole year as they do not usually exceed 30 ºC. If budget is not an issue, this season is a great time to go quad biking in the Dubai desert.

To learn more about the city's climate, don't miss the post Best time to travel to Dubai, so you can better plan your trip and all the activities you will do during your stay!

The best day

Any day is a good day to live an adventure in the desert of Dubai but Friday, in particular, being the weekly day of rest in the Islamic culture, you can take advantage of the fact that many stores close that day to leave the city.

There is not much to do there, so it is a good idea to head to Lahbab for a little getaway and have fun unloading adrenaline piloting a quad. You will see amazing landscapes and you can record yourself riding one of these vehicles through the huge dunes of the desert. Is it or not a great plan?

The best time

In the morning, if you have little time or can't tolerate the heat

This depends a bit on the agenda you have during your stay. For example, if you are going to spend only a few days in the city(2 days in Dubai or 3 days in Dubai for rest) the best option is to choose a morning schedule since the excursions start early (between 7 and 10 AM) and last about 4 hours, so that when you return you will have the whole afternoon free to do other things you have pending in the city.

In addition, the morning excursions are a good option if you do not tolerate the heat and prefer to get up early to take advantage of the more pleasant temperatures during the first hours of the day.

In the afternoon, if you are staying several days in Dubai and are looking for a complete experience

But if you plan to spend more time in Dubai (about 5 days in Dubai or 7 days in Dubai sightseeing) and the heat does not matter to you, in my opinion the experience of visiting the Lahbab desert and driving a quad bike in this spectacular sea of reddish sand is much more global if you choose an afternoon schedule because the excursions are longer (they last around 6 or 7 hours) and you do a lot of other activities like sandboarding, dunebashing in 4x4, a camel ride, belly dancing or photography with traditional Arabian costumes, among others.

Excursions to the Dubai desert in the afternoon usually start around 2:30 or 3 PM to make the most of the afternoon in nature practicing adventure sports, watching the sunset in a spectacular landscape and dining under the stars in a Bedouin camp before returning to the city.

If you have the opportunity, my advice is to opt for the afternoon quad biking tour in the desert - it's much longer, more complete and more fun!

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5. Tips for visiting the desert of Dubai and riding a quad bike

People Driving a Quad Bike| ©Monica Ippoliti
People Driving a Quad Bike| ©Monica Ippoliti

To get the most out of the experience of driving a quad bike in the Dubai desert, I recommend that you take note of all these tips.

About quad biking

  • Driving a quad is an activity that involves some risks, so I recommend that you take out insurance in case of any kind of mishap. Generally, these excursions usually have insurance but have your own just in case, as health care is very expensive in Dubai.
  • Follow to the letter the instructions of the instructor to drive the quad.
  • The quads do not have a body, so wearing protective gear is essential (approved helmet, arm and leg protectors, and arm and leg protectors).
  • When driving the quad, do not turn the handlebars sharply as the vehicle could tip over. The best way to preserve your safety is to drive smoothly.
  • Drive your quad sitting down and without taking your feet off the footrests. This will avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Drive the quad at a speed appropriate to your capabilities and those of the vehicle. Do not go too fast or the quad could play a trick on you.
  • Quad racing is forbidden, so don't get into fights with your fellow riders. Having four wheels, these vehicles give a false sense of security and you can easily get involved in dangerous situations if you do not handle it correctly.

About the day in the desert

  • Pack some motion sickness medication in your backpack because during the excursion you will be doing several extreme activities that could make you feel nauseous at some point.
  • Remember to hydrate frequently and don't wait until you feel thirsty. It is very hot in the desert and during the excursion you will do a lot of activities that require a lot of physical effort, so bring plenty of water and an isotonic drink to replenish your energy.
  • The heat of the desert could also give you a headache, so don't forget to bring a hat and add some medicine to your first aid kit.
  • Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 so that the desert sun does not burn your skin. Also bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense sunlight.
  • For excursions in the Dubai desert and to protect yourself from the heat during the day, it is best to wear loose-fitting clothing made of cool fabrics that cover the entire body. However, temperatures at night can drop drastically so I advise you to pack some warm clothing in your backpack if you are staying for dinner with a show.
  • As for footwear, it is best to wear closed shoes to drive the quad. Other shoes will not be comfortable.

If you liked these small tips, in the post Tips for visiting the desert of Dubai you have more useful recommendations that will surely help you get the most out of this exciting adventure in the dunes.

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6. What other extreme sports can you do in the Dubai desert?

Sandboarding| ©Maria Borisenko
Sandboarding| ©Maria Borisenko

In addition to driving a quad, other extreme sports you can enjoy in the desert of Dubai are sandboarding (surfing in the sand at high speed), dune bashing in 4x4 (sliding down the dunes as if it were a roller coaster) or a buggy tour (with which you will have the sensation of floating over the desert).

If you are passionate about action and risk, you will have a great time in this type of excursions because you will have the opportunity to try all these activities for a while and live unforgettable moments. You will also have the chance to see a unique landscape such as the Lahbab desert and to take some amazing pictures for your souvenir album.

To know everything about these activities and what you can do if you join one of them, I advise you to read the posts The Dubai Desert: Sandboarding in the dunes or The Dubai Desert: buggy excursions.

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