Legoland Dubai: tickets, prices and opening hours

Legoland Dubai promises a day of fun for families and creative minds. This complex is part of Dubai Parks & Resort, which is made up of 4 parks.

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Luisa María Lugo

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Legoland Dubai: tickets, prices and opening hours

Legoland Dubai | ©Jeremy Thompson

The little ones at home will love it if you include a visit to Legoland on your list of things to see and do in Dubai. They can ride amazing rides and roller coasters, build their own experiences and play in different areas of this great park.

This complex offers to build cars with Lego blocks and enjoy many more attractions. Among the most visited is LEGO technic Twister, a wheel where the whole family can get on and start spinning; the faster it goes, the more dizzy they will be, which means more fun!

The best option

Legoland Dubai Tickets

Enjoy a family day out with skip-the-line tickets for Legoland

Unlimited access to the attractions of Legoland Dubai and have fun on any of the roller coasters or in the themed areas where you can even build yourself with Lego pieces.

With tickets to Legoland Dubai you will have unlimited access to all the attractions and shows of this great park dedicated exclusively to Lego. You will be able to enjoy a full day without having to wait in line at the entrance to get your ticket, which will allow you to make the most of your time in the park.

With more than 15,000 Lego pieces built, 40 attractions including roller coasters and many other experiences, this park is a paradise for fans of these legendary building blocks. In addition, many of the models come to life so you can have a great time in its different themed areas. For example, in Miniland you will see a Lego representation of the buildings of Dubai, or in the Imagination area you can build your own cars and then drive them? Don't miss it!

Recommended if... You are a Lego fan and don't want to waste time queuing at the park entrance.

How much do tickets to Legoland Dubai cost?

Legoland Water Park entrance| ©Jeremy Thompson
Legoland Water Park entrance| ©Jeremy Thompson

One-day tickets to Legoland Dubai are priced at approximately 75 ¤. If you book these Lego park tickets online in advance you have unlimited access to all attractions and shows, but it does not include access to the Legoland water park.

There are also combined ticket passes with tickets for other Dubai Parks Resort parks that may be a better investment. I recommend buying that one if you plan to visit other attractions such as Legoland Water Park, Motiongate and Bollywood Parks.

On the other hand, box office prices may be cheaper but I don't recommend it as you may find yourself without tickets when you arrive at the park as well as having to wait in long queues. Therefore, I always recommend getting tickets in advance and you will not waste time.

Is it worth buying a ticket?

Just by looking at the park entrance you will realize that you are in for a day of many family adventures. See the park from the top of the Kid Power Towers. In Lego City, the little ones can become firefighters or get their driver's license. One of the most visited areas is Miniland where the little ones can feel like giants.

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Legoland Dubai opening hours

Inside Legoland| ©Jeremy Thompson
Inside Legoland| ©Jeremy Thompson

The park is open all year round from **10:00 to 18:**00. During Thursdays and Fridays (and days with more affluence or are holidays) they extend 2 hours more the closing.

I recommend you to check the schedules before you go in case there are any changes. Another tip is to go before opening time; this way you can be one of the first to arrive and avoid the queues.

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How to get to Legoland from central areas of Dubai

Dubai Metro| ©Fabio Achilli
Dubai Metro| ©Fabio Achilli

It is located within the Dubai Park and Resort complex, close to Sheikh Zayed Road in Jebel Ali and near The Palm Island. To get there you must take the red metro line or a tourist bus to the south and get to the final station Jebel Ali. From there you can take a cab to the park.

There are several transfer options from the airport, but if you want to arrive by car you must drive south on Sheikh Zayed Road E11, towards Abu Dhabi. Dubai Parks & Resorts, is located just beyond the Jebel Ali area, on the left side. The drive, if there is not too much traffic, should take about 45 minutes.

Parking at Legoland Dubai

This park offers parking for its visitors. Consideration is given to people with limited abilities by offering them separate parking. Wheelchair service is offered so that they can move from that area to the internal area of the theme park.

You can pay for parking at the entrance of the park or online which is faster. The normal rate is about 23 € and the preferential parking is about 29 €.

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Is it advisable to go to Legoland Dubai with small children?

Visiting Kindongs at Legoland with the family| ©Jeremy Thompson
Visiting Kindongs at Legoland with the family| ©Jeremy Thompson

Legoland Dubai is a family theme park where children between the ages of 2 and 12 can enter. While there is no rule stating that children under 2 years old cannot enter, the minimum height for almost all attractions is 90 cm. This means that, although you can bring your baby or a child under the above-mentioned age, he/she will not be able to go on the rides.

All rides and games in the theme park are subject to safety protocols, therefore, the park is a safe environment where you can take your young children.

Children under 3 years of age do not pay admission. In addition, this park offers assistance in case of possible injuries and transfer to places where they can be medically assisted.

To avoid any accident if you go with small children, it is important to be attentive to them in every attraction they enter. In fact, for this project they also took into account the spaces to provide shading and climate control in virtually every play area. So if you're going to Dubai in July or August, you're guaranteed a safe attendance.

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What you can't miss at Legoland Dubai

Miniland at Legoland| ©Ronald Innes
Miniland at Legoland| ©Ronald Innes

Legoland Dubai Resort opened in 2016 as the first family theme park in Dubai is the only one in the Middle East and number 7 worldwide. Therefore, it is full of dynamic activities and games that you can't miss if you have children between the ages of 2 to 12 years old.

A curious part of the park, is to visit a section where they explain to children and adults how Lego pieces are made in the plant. It is here that you can order a Lego block with your name printed on it, a great souvenir to take home.


In Legoland Dubai you will find Miniland, there children can play with more than 20 million bricks with which more than 15 thousand miniature figures are built. It also has more impressive attractions, such as roller coasters, vehicle constructions with Legos and long roads for Lego cars. All Legoland parks include this attraction, where they show the city where the park is located in miniature.

Main themed attractions

  • Factory experience: it is in this place where children and parents can learn the process of how each Lego toy brick is made step by step. If you want, you can buy as many Lego bricks as you wish and even have your child's name engraved on one of them.
  • LEGO City: this game is one of the activities in which children take the leading role, it is possible to fly a plane, drive a vehicle, be ship captains and become firefighters just like Rescue Academy.
  • Imagination Zone: this is a space where children can let their creativity fly by building anything they want. There are different graphic colors, huge floors, ceilings and many, many bricks.
  • Kingdoms Aventure: this attraction is inspired by a medieval kingdom, with roller coasters in the shape of green dragons. Here children take part in a royal tournament between the kingdoms. The boys feel like real medieval knights and the girls like princesses. They also face mummies and skeletons in the search for hidden treasures. The minimum height requirement for this attraction is 0.76 m, or enter with an adult.
  • LEGO Adventure: here the little ones dive into an underwater adventure.

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How much time do you need to visit Legoland Dubai?

Market Restaurant at Legoland| ©Jeremy Thompson
Market Restaurant at Legoland| ©Jeremy Thompson

In this theme park you will find more than 40 dynamic and recreational attractions. Depending on the activities and the time the child wants to play, one day may not be enough to go through everything. So I would say that you need at least 2 days.

But, if it is not in your possibilities to go 2 days in a row because you are going to spend in Dubai 4 days or less, in one full day you can do quite a lot if you arrive early. This way you will have the opportunity to see and ride as many attractions as possible.

Inside this theme park there is also one of the largest Lego stores in the Middle East. I advise you to visit it at least an hour before it closes, so the kids will have enough time to choose which LEGO set to bring.

Places to eat inside Legoland Dubai

Something that will allow you to make the most of your day at Legoland Dubai is having places to eat inside the park. It is valid that you go from the morning and eat in one of its 10 restaurants. Here is a list of the ones I consider to be the best:

  • The Fried Chicken Co
  • Caesar's Pizza & Pasta Buffet
  • Knight's Tablet
  • Market Restaurant

Tips for visiting Legoland Dubai

Legoland Water Park Dubai| ©dubai new style
Legoland Water Park Dubai| ©dubai new style
  • If you go in high season make sure you arrive early to avoid queues when buying your ticket at the ticket office.
  • Visit the Water Park for a more complete experience of the park, you will have floats for different types of weights.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, remember that in Dubai temperatures can be very high. So, it is best to wear cool clothes, comfortable shoes, hats or caps to protect yourself from the sun.
  • The attractions are designed for children, but adults and children over 12 also have a great time. So you can also ride rides like the roller coaster or the submarines.
  • Don't forget that it is possible to take pictures everywhere so you can take unforgettable memories with you.
  • If you are going to eat at the park's restaurants, I recommend that you do so before 12 noon and after 2 pm to avoid rush hour.
  • Bring a change of clothes for the little ones, as they may get wet on one of the rides. Also bring your water bottle.

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Visit Legoland Dubai for Christmas

LegoSanta| ©laurakrowlands
LegoSanta| ©laurakrowlands

If you travel to Dubai for Christmas and visit Legoland you can enjoy an amazing day of family fun. You'll have the opportunity to build Lego festive tree ornaments with your little ones, play Lego bingo, decorate festive cupcakes and enjoy the snowfall. You'll also get to see LEGOSanta during his surprise visits.

From December 5-25 one lucky daily winner will have the chance to open the door of the LEGO advent calendar and get the prize behind it. So the more times you visit Legoland at Christmas, the more chances there are to win.

At Caesar's Pizza & Pasta Buffet, one child can eat free with each adult paying full fare. There you enjoy tasty salads, pastas and pizzas. The Cafe includes holiday cookie frappes, chocolate raspberry treats and peppermint mochas on its menu.

If you do your holiday shopping, they offer free gift wrapping at The Big Shop from Dec. 12-31. Limited edition Legoland gift wrap is also available for purchase.

Legoland Dubai Hotel

Legoland Hotel entrance| ©LEGOLAND®
Legoland Hotel entrance| ©LEGOLAND®

Legoland Hotel is located at the entrance of Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park within the Dubai Park & Resort complexes. By staying there you enjoy exclusive benefits when you visit Legoland Dubai. For example, you can enter the park before other visitors.

In addition, there are Lego-themed play areas with children's entertainment and outdoor pools at the hotel - goodbye boring hotel rooms! Each suite is capable of accommodating up to 8 guests, and in the regular rooms a maximum of 5.

In conclusion, if you are planning to visit the UAE with your family (and more if you have small children) Legoland is an almost mandatory stop. This huge amusement theme park has fun for children, young and old.

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