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How much does it cost to visit the dubai desert: tour prices

Visiting the desert of Dubai is one of the best experiences you will live during your trip. But do you know how much it costs to do one of these excursions? Read on!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

4 min read

How much does it cost to visit the dubai desert: tour prices

Dubai Desert | © Enrico Strocchi

The city of Dubai, with its modern skyscrapers and shopping malls, is an amazing place but if you are going to spend several days there, when you need a break from the monotony, going outside the city to explore the surrounding wilderness is one of the best plans you can make during your stay.

In fact, a visit to Dubai cannot be understood without a trip to the desert- one of the best things to do in Dubai! So that you can organize your budget in detail, here's how much the experience can cost you and if there is any way to save.

1. How much do excursions to the Dubai desert cost?

Cash| ©cottonbro
Cash| ©cottonbro

From 45 € in Hellotickets you can get a ticket to join an excursion to the Lahbab desert from Dubai to live an exciting adventure among huge reddish sand dunes.

There are many operators offering desert tours in Dubai so before buying the tickets, I recommend you to take a look at all the activities included in the tour to make sure they include all the things you want to do in the desert.

Book a desert excursion in Dubai

2. What factors determine the price of desert excursions in Dubai?

Dune Walk| ©Hugh Tobin
Dune Walk| ©Hugh Tobin

The duration of the excursion (from 2 to 7 hours) and the number of activities that take place during the excursion are factors that determine the price.

Since the visit to the Lahbab desert is one of the star experiences to live in Dubai there is a lot of variety in terms of tours and you can choose the one that best suits your pocket as well as your interests and your agenda.

Broadly speaking, the tours to the desert of Dubai usually include:

  • A short ride on a camel or quad bike in the desert.
  • A ride in a 4x4 vehicle over the huge dunes (Dune Bashing).
  • Sandboarding on the dunes.
  • A stop to enjoy the sunset and the panoramic views of the desert landscape.
  • Dinner and show in a Bedouin camp.

Book a desert excursion in Dubai

3. Do children pay an entrance fee to go on an excursion to the desert in Dubai? Are there reduced rates?

Children enjoying the ride in the desert| ©
Children enjoying the ride in the desert| ©

That's right, all tour participants (including children) must have their own ticket.

However, depending on the tour you choose, you can take advantage of reduced children's rates (usually for those between the ages of 3 and 11) and pay a little less than adults.

This way, you can at least save a little! Which is always good news to give your wallet a break in the most expensive city in the UAE.

Book a desert excursion in Dubai

4. How to book a desert excursion in Dubai?

Making a Reservation| ©Christina Morillo
Making a Reservation| ©Christina Morillo

Since this is a very popular tour for all tourists visiting the city, it is best to book your tickets online in advance before you leave if you want to make sure there is availability for the date you have in mind (especially if you are traveling in high season, that is, in the months of December, January and February). In my opinion, this is the most convenient, quickest and safest way to reserve your seat.

In Hellotickets you can check the availability of the excursions to the desert of Dubai on the date you want as well as compare the price of these experiences, schedules and activities included. Surely you will find the excursion that best suits you!

Although you can book this activity once you are in Dubai directly, I do not recommend it because if you leave it to the last minute the available options will be scarce and you run the risk of finding an agency that is not very reliable and does not meet your expectations.

Book a desert tour in Dubai

5. Can I do the Dubai desert tour with a tourist card? How much does it cost?

Dubai Explorer Pass| ©MyLittleAventure
Dubai Explorer Pass| ©MyLittleAventure

If you are thinking of buying a tourist pass to visit Dubai you are in luck because the excursion to the desert is one of the attractions included in the two Dubai tourist cards: the Dubai Explorer Pass (from 183 €) and the Go Dubai Card (from 276 €).

In the Middle East, the epicenter of luxury is Dubai. So the best way to save during your trip is to buy one of these tourist cards if you want to live a little adventure doing a lot of activities or visiting the main tourist attractions of the city.

In addition to savings, Dubai tourist passes have more advantages such as free entry and priority access to the most important sights of the city and interesting discounts that you can apply during your vacation.

Buy the Dubai Explorer Pass

Compare Dubai Tourist Cards

If you are one of those who enjoy the trips making the most of the time seeing all the possible attractions of the city, always get a tourist pass. To know Dubai well you have these two options. I leave you this comparison to help you choose the best one:

  • Dubai Explorer Pass
  • Starting at 183 €.
  • Choose from 3 to 7 Dubai attractions to visit.
  • More than 45 attractions to choose from.
  • Valid for 60 days from the first activation.
  • Go Dubai Card
  • From 276 €.
  • See all the attractions you want with 2 to 7 day passes.
  • More than 30 attractions to choose from.
  • Valid for 15 days from the first activation.