Dinner and Show Excursions in the Dubai Desert

Would you like to enjoy a special evening in the desert of Dubai? Dinner shows in the middle of the desert are an amazing experience that you have to live.

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Isabel Catalán

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Dinner and Show Excursions in the Dubai Desert

Bab Al Shams Desert, Dubai | ©Top 10 Clubs

One of the best experiences you can have in Dubai during your trip is a trip to the Dubai desert.

Beyond the modern skyscrapers and shopping malls, a few kilometers from the city there is a whole world to discover. Contemplating the vastness and simplicity of the desert is a beautiful contrast to the opulence of Dubai's monuments and mosques that you can't miss.

This desert adventure usually concludes in style with an oriental-style dinner and show at a Bedouin camp in the middle of the dunes. If the idea of living a magical night in the Dubai desert appeals to you, take a look at this post where I tell you what these dinner shows worthy of "The Thousand and One Nights" consist of.

The most economical option

Desert Red Dune Safari, Camel Ride, Show and Dinner in Dubai

Visit the desert of Dubai, enjoy various activities and an exquisite dinner.

Explore the desert aboard an all-terrain vehicle, ride a camel, go sandboarding and culminate your experience with a buffet dinner and a Bedouin-style show.

This option is very interesting, as you will have about 6 hours to enjoy various activities in the desert of Dubai. You will travel through the dunes in a 4x4 vehicle, you can ride a camel and go down the sand practicing sandboarding. Pure adrenaline in a breathtaking natural setting, from which you will take the best photos.

Your excursion will end with nothing less than a fire show and the possibility of getting a henna tattoo or trying on typical Bedouin clothing. Finally, a buffet dinner with unlimited soft drinks will be the corollary of your desert experience.

Recommended if... you want to make the most of your trip to Dubai and get to know its most impressive natural attraction, the desert. With this excursion you can take with you an unforgettable memory and a different view of the Arabian world.

The most complete option

Desert Safari, Camel Ride, Sandboarding, Falcon Experience and Dinner in Dubai

Explore and experience the Dubai desert in a day full of activities.

This tour will take you through the doubts by ATV, camel and sandboard. You will also enjoy a falcon experience and a typical Bedouin dinner.

This 7-hour excursion will take you to experience various activities in the desert of Dubai. From a dune safari to a camel ride, a sandboarding descent and a falcon activity, this experience leaves no one indifferent.

You will have permanent and unlimited access to different types of refreshments and dress up in traditional clothes as if you were a Bedouin. And at the end of the day, you can enjoy a **typical Bedouin dinner **accompanied by a tanoura show, an indigenous folk dance.

Recommended if... you can spend a little more and decide for a full desert experience, without worrying about queues and waiting.

What will you see on Dubai desert tours with dinner and show?

Enjoying a Dinner in the Desert in Dubai| ©Joe Nazarian
Enjoying a Dinner in the Desert in Dubai| ©Joe Nazarian

Dubai desert dinner shows are the culmination of a thrilling multi-hour excursion through the sea of sand that surrounds the city.

After experiencing the adrenaline rush of driving a quad bike at full speed, riding a 4x4 SUV to glide over the dunes or sandboarding over the reddish sand dunes on a board, it's time to relax and enjoy the authentic Bedouin lifestyle.

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What are the Dubai desert excursions with dinner and show like?

At the end of the risky activities on the dunes, you will take a pleasant walk to a Bedouin camp in the desert where the dinner and show will take place. On the way you will be able to contemplate the beautiful sun set over the sea of sand that is the Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve, of which you will be able to take some wonderful souvenir photographs.

Once at the camp you will be greeted with a traditional welcome ceremony where you will enjoy a small snack with Qawha (Arabic coffee), mint tea, typical Arabic sweets, dates and fruits. At this point you will have some time to rest and experience the art of living the Arabian way.

The finishing touch to an intense day full of emotions will be a wonderful Arabian-style buffet-barbecue dinner while watching a fire and dance show.

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What will you eat during dinner in the Dubai desert?

Selecting food from the buffet| ©Funtours Dubai LLC
Selecting food from the buffet| ©Funtours Dubai LLC

The dinner you will enjoy at the Bedouin camp is an Arabian-style barbecue buffet consisting of hummus and khuboos, tabbouleh and baba ghanoush. In the BBQ section, you will find all kinds of grilled meats.

During dinner, desserts deserve a special section. You can enjoy a lot of typical Arab sweets accompanied by dates and fruits. Have them with a cup of mint tea or Arabic coffee.

As for drinks, dinner and show tours usually have an open bar of drinks, tea and coffee. Alcohol is not included, but if you feel like a cold beer you can pay for it separately.

After dinner, you will be offered the chance to smoke shisha (the traditional oriental water pipe) which is usually of one flavor. In case you wish to try other flavors, you can also pay separately. If after tasting the Arabic food you are left wanting more I recommend this post on Where to eat in Dubai to take note on your return to the capital.

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What shows will you see during dinner in the desert of Dubai?

Dubai Desert Show| ©Vathsala Karunanayake
Dubai Desert Show| ©Vathsala Karunanayake

During the Dubai desert dinner you can enjoy an array of oriental-themed live shows and workshops to liven up the evening. Some of the most popular ones are as follows.

Dinner Shows

  • Belly dancing: An ancient artistic discipline from Middle Eastern and North African countries performed by beautiful hip and belly dancers. During Ramadan it is not available.
  • Tanoura Dance: Traditional dance of Egyptian origin practiced by dancers called "dervishes" who turn on themselves in a kind of ritual dance for which great endurance and balance are required. It has Sufi origins, in other words, from the mystical branch of Islam.
  • Fire show: This performance will add a little adrenaline to your dinner. You will see the skill of the actors handling the fire and creating an amazing show with it.

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Workshops and activities at dinner

  • Falconry falconry show: You will be able to watch the falcons fly and even hold one of these beautiful birds in your hand to take a souvenir photo with it.
  • Henna workshop: During the excursion you will be able to participate in a henna workshop (non-permanent natural vegetable dye) to decorate your hands in oriental style with beautiful artistic designs.
  • Camel ride: It is one of the most popular activities to do during the excursion to the desert of Dubai. That's why I advise you to take the camel ride after dinner, when it is less crowded.
  • Photography with traditional Arabian costumes: It will be one of the most fun souvenirs of the tour. You will be able to take some pictures of yourself wearing a traditional Arabian costume and feel like a real Bedouin for a night.

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What is the price of the dinner and show excursions in the desert of Dubai?

Dinner in the Desert| ©Dom Pates
Dinner in the Desert| ©Dom Pates

From36 ¤ in Hellotickets you can get a ticket to join an excursion to the desert to enjoy a magical evening under the stars dining like a sultan and having fun watching some typical shows of the Orient.

To live this experience the only possible way is to hire the activity with an operator since it is not possible to do this excursion on your own. Driving at full speed over the sand dunes is very dangerous for a non-professional driver.

If you would like to know more about the cost of these activities before booking your tickets, I recommend you to read the post How much does it cost to visit the dubai desert: excursion prices.

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What is the best time to attend a dinner show?

Before nightfall in the desert| ©Praveen Kumar
Before nightfall in the desert| ©Praveen Kumar

Normally, Dubai desert excursions usually take place around 3 PM to take advantage of the afternoon in the desert and do adventure activities, watch the sunset and then have dinner outdoors at the Bedouin camp.

However, there is also the possibility to choose a morning excursion if it fits more with your plans in the city. These types of activities usually start between 7 and 10 AM, depending on the time you choose.

Whichever type of Dubai desert tour you opt for (morning or afternoon), the duration of the activity is usually around 6 hours and at the end you will return to the city on a calm and quiet route to rest after an intense day at the Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve.

And which day of the week to choose?

Friday is the day of rest in Islamic culture, so many stores in the city close on that day to rest. It is therefore a good time to leave Dubai for the desert for an exciting outdoor adventure.

These excursions are very well organized so you will not find large crowds and you can enjoy a very pleasant experience.

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Best time of the year for a dinner and show tour in the Dubai desert

Enjoying the evening in Dubai| ©Umar Khan
Enjoying the evening in Dubai| ©Umar Khan

Dubai' s climate is subtropical desert, so whatever date you choose to travel to the city it's always going to be hot. However, depending on the season, the heat can be mild or scorching.

When organizing your trip to Dubai and specifically this excursion to the desert, I advise you to avoid summer (when temperatures soar and become unbearable) and opt for autumn or winter, when the heat is more bearable and the stay is more pleasant.

If you want to know more about the weather, in the post Best time to travel to Dubai you will find more details about it.

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Other tips for visiting the desert of Dubai

People at dinner| ©Dubai Tourism
People at dinner| ©Dubai Tourism

To get the most out of this Dubai desert experience, I recommend taking a look at these tips to help you.

  • Make your reservation in advance: When you are clear about the time you are going to travel to Dubai try to book this tour as soon as possible as it is very popular and you run the risk of running out of your place for the date you want.
  • Wear comfortable and cool clothes: While the sun is shining in the desert it is usually quite hot. That is why it is advisable to protect yourself with cool and comfortable clothes. At night the temperature drops, so don't forget to bring some warm clothes.
  • Carry your camera and phone charged: Before leaving, remember to charge these devices well to take lots of pictures during the excursion. In the desert there is no coverage, but if your camera battery runs out, your cell phone will help you to take videos and photos.
  • Hydrate frequently: In the desert it is very hot. Remember to carry your own water bottle in your backpack and drink frequently to avoid dehydration. Also include some sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun.

In the post Tips for visiting the Dubai desert you can find more useful recommendations to organize your getaway to the Dubai Safari Conservation Reserve.