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Excursions around the best beaches in Menorca

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

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Excursions around the best beaches in Menorca

Joao Branco

You will only be able to say that you know Menorca well when you have sailed over its beautiful turquoise waters: its impressive coves invite you to relax and considering that most of them are inaccessible by foot and car or require long walks, joining a boat excursion in Menorca will be a great idea to get the most out of your trip.

But what are the best excursions? How much budget do I need? Can I go with the whole family by boat? I answer these and more questions in this article - read on!

The best option
Menorca: Boat trip to the beaches of the south of Menorca with paella

The best boat excursion to discover the coves in the south of Menorca

Perfect if you want to spend a day aboard a boat sailing the south coast of the island, with its turquoise coves of fine sand. Includes lunch and snorkeling equipment.

Duration: 7 hours
From $ 57 at Hellotickets

Macarella, Macarelleta, Mitjana and Trebalúguer, among others, should be on your wish list when you travel to Menorca. Their fine sand, crystal clear waters, the nature that surrounds them and the tranquility of the sea make them the favorite of all visitors to the island.

You will set sail around 10 am for a relaxing trip through the southern coves. On board you will have lunch included (you will be served a freshly made traditional paella) and bar service to refresh yourself whenever you wish. You will be provided with everything you need so that when you stop for a swim you can snorkel: and enjoy the underwater life of the island.

Little more can be asked from an excursion that includes all this for such a small price, considering that the south coast is the most demanded of the island. Don't forget your swimsuit, flip-flops and sunscreen - enjoy!

Why choose this option: you will have everything included to visit the most popular beaches of the island. You will make stops for swimming and snorkeling and you will not leave a single cove to discover. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Recommended if... you want to visit the southern coves with all inclusive for a very reasonable price.

Las calas del Norte
Full Day Sailing Yacht Trip in Menorca

Enjoy the unspoiled coves of the north of Menorca on a sailing excursion

The ideal option if you feel like enjoying the rugged nature of the north coast of the island. Sail aboard a luxury sailboat for a full day with lunch and snorkeling equipment included.

Duration: 8 hours
From $ 0 at Hellotickets

The north coast of Menorca is very special. The fine sand of the south gives way to steeper coves with turquoise waters away from the crowds that usually concentrate the popular coves of the south. The north coast is practically inaccessible by car and on foot, so discovering it from the boat will be the best option.

Sailing on a sailboat leaving from Fornells you will sail to the rhythm of the wind and the waves to discover the best kept corners of the island. The skipper will look for the best spots for you to stop for a swim and have the opportunity to snorkel.

The best of all is that being a much smaller boat, groups can only have a maximum of 12 people, which makes it a more intimate experience and you can enjoy more of the day. Food is also included, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Why choose this option: if you are thinking of a quiet, relaxing day, where you can sail with a small group along the most unspoiled coast of the island, this is your option.

Recommended if... you prefer to join a smaller excursion, where you can enjoy more of a connection with nature away from the crowded beaches.

The cheapest option
Menorca: Half-Day Boat Tour along The South Coast

The southern coves, in the cheapest boat excursion

Ideal if you feel like enjoying a boat trip spending the minimum: you will visit the most popular coves of the south coast of Menorca, but you will not have lunch included. The excursion lasts four hours.

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
From $ 33 at Hellotickets

If you don't have much time or you don't want to invest too much budget in an excursion around the coves of Menorca, you can always choose this option. The duration is a bit shorter than the other options, since you will only sail for half a day (you can choose if you prefer to do the excursion in the morning or in the afternoon).

As with the full day option, you will be able to visit the best beaches in the south, such as Macarella, Macarelleta, Mitjana, Turqueta, etc. You will have a little less time for swimming, but you will still have the chance to take a dip and snorkel during the tour.

You will leave from Cala Galdana or from Ciudadela, which also gives you more flexibility when organizing your day. And everything will cost you only 28 €. There are no excuses for not sailing in the turquoise waters of Menorca!

Why choose this option: this is the cheapest option available for a trip to the southern coves and will allow you to enjoy them and swim in them.

Recommended if... you have little time or budget to join a boat trip.

How much does it cost to go on an excursion to the coves of Menorca?

Cala in Menorca
Cala in Menorca
Ricardo Frantz:::

You can find boat excursions in the coves of Menorca from 28 € along the south coast: (with a duration of 4 hours) up to 110 € if you want the most premium option on the north coast (sailing for a whole day). In general, the south coast of the island is more popular and there is usually more service: bigger boats, more frequent departures, etc, which makes it a bit cheaper than the north coast.

How long are the excursions to the coves of Menorca?

Boat trip around the coves of Menorca
Boat trip around the coves of Menorca
image|url=|caption=Boat trip around the coves of Menorca :: ©Jordan Irving:::

Due to the great offer and variety of excursions, you can choose between short 3 and a half hour trips and excursions of practically the whole day's duration, about eight hours. Normally, the longer excursions include food and drinks on board, but on all excursions, long and short, you can enjoy bathing and snorkeling to get the most out of the coves.

Is it worth taking an excursion to discover the best coves?

 Menorca | ©Joan Mesquida
Menorca | ©Joan Mesquida

Yes, yes. Many of the island's coves are inaccessible on foot and by car. Others require long walks of up to two hours that you will have to do in the intense summer heat. So joining a boat excursion where you can reach the coves comfortably from the water, without being too hot or exerting yourself, is well worth the effort.

If you take a full day excursion, you will have lunch included, which will save you from having to interrupt your day at the beach to go to a beach bar to eat or buy food. You will be able to eat on board whatever the crew has prepared and you will enjoy the swimming, the sun and the crystal clear waters to the fullest.

Where do the excursions to the coves start from?

Ciudadela | ©Jr Harris
Ciudadela | ©Jr Harris

Daily excursions depart from the main towns and beaches of the island: from Cala Galdana: or from Ciudadela: you will embark to go to the southern coves and if what you want is to sail to the northern coves, you will always leave from the port of Fornells:, a small town located in the bay of Fornells, in the north of Menorca.

However, depending on where your hotel or apartment is located, you can choose other starting points, such as Mahón:.

Choose between southern coves and northern coves.

Catamaran ready to set sail | ©Brett Jordan
Catamaran ready to set sail | ©Brett Jordan

The best known coves are the southern coves (Macarella, Macarelleta, Turqueta, Mitjana, Trebalúguer...) but they are also the most crowded. You cannot leave Menorca without visiting them and a good way to avoid the congestion of the parking lots and the agglomeration of the sand will be to visit them by boat. However, if you prefer to discover a more natural and unspoilt environment with less crowds of people (and boats), choose the northern ones.

What do the excursions include? Itinerary, what is included, etc.

Bathing in crystal clear waters
Bathing in crystal clear waters
image|url=|caption=Bathing in crystal clear waters :: ©Daniel Ferrandiz:::

During the excursions you will be able to discover the coves from the boat, enjoy the color of the water and the natural landscapes that surround each of the beaches. In addition, all boat trips include bathing stops and you are usually provided with the necessary equipment for snorkeling. You will be able to swim and discover the marine life of the coves and their rocks and caves.

On the day trips, food and drinks are included, so you will have the opportunity to replenish your strength during the trip, without having to worry about anything.

Regarding the itinerary, the excursions to the southern coves have a fixed route: leaving from Ciudadela or Cala Galdana you will be able to discover Mitjana, Mitjaneta, Macarella, Macarelleta, Trebalúguer, etc. The itinerary of the northern coves is less defined because when sailing on a sailboat it will be the wind and the waves that determine the course of the boat. In any case, the skipper will always take you to find the best spots for swimming and snorkeling and you will enjoy an authentic experience.

Snorkeling in the boat excursions

Snorkeling | ©Mari Martin
Snorkeling | ©Mari Martin

The moment to go snorkeling in Menorca: is probably the most entertaining of the day. A refreshing dip with the appropriate goggles and snorkel provided on the boat will allow you to get close to the hundreds of colorful fish and algae that live on the walls surrounding the impressive coves of the island. The transparent and turquoise waters will make it easy to see and you will feel, for a moment, in the middle of a National Geographic documentary, without having to fly to the Caribbean or the Maldives!

As far as fitness is concerned, you don't have to worry, because snorkeling doesn't require you to hold your breath or go down to the depths of the water, so it will be a relatively relaxing and not very tiring activity.

Tips to organize your boat excursion

Sunset in Menorca | ©Samuel Pagel
Sunset in Menorca | ©Samuel Pagel

The great advantage of joining a boat trip is, precisely, that you don't have to worry about anything other than arriving on time at boarding time and letting yourself go during what is sure to be the best day of your vacation. Even so, keep in mind the following to make the most of the excursion:

  • Take a good look at what each option includes before booking: you have already seen that there are options of all kinds: longer or shorter duration, with or without food included... Read all the details to make sure you choose the option that best suits you.
  • Excursions during the morning vs excursions during the afternoon: if you want to do a half day excursion and you can't decide between doing it in the morning or in the afternoon, I give you a piece of advice. The color of the waters is much more striking during the morning, when the sun is at its highest and brings out the maximum splendor of the turquoise colors. To enjoy swimming, choose the morning option. For a more relaxed walk where you can enjoy the more subdued colors, make the excursion in the afternoon or even at dusk.
  • What to bring**: don't forget the essentials, such as a swimsuit (bringing one to change into is a good idea if you don't want to spend the whole day with a wet swimsuit), sunscreen, water and flip-flops. The rest is all included.
  • What to expect from the boat: if you would like to explore more about how are the boats that ply the waters of Menorca and what is the difference between them, you can check my articles about :::link|text=sailing boat trips|element=sc-210-1788-1788::: and catamaran excursions in Menorca:.