Prague in 5 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

You'll be in Prague for a five-day vacation - how wonderful! Established as one of Europe's most attractive destinations, a five-day trip will be enough to experience a little bit of everything and I tell you how to organize it.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Prague in 5 Days: tips, what to see, and much more

Charles Bridge, Prague | ©Rodrigo Ardilha

I confess that five days to enjoy Prague is my perfect itinerary concept. When you properly order the attractions to visit and events to attend it is possible to not only see and do all that Prague has to offer, but also visit nearby attractions and towns. Want to know how to achieve this? Use the full five-day, morning-to-dusk guide I've put together for you.

DAY 1: See Prague Castle and the Malá Strana district

Prague Castle| ©Govisity
Prague Castle| ©Govisity

Spend the first day of your Prague adventure exploring the neighborhoods located on the western section of the river: Hradčany, known for housing Prague Castle and Malá Strana, famous for its antiquity and beauty.

Explore Prague Castle and the surrounding area

One of the best ways to start exploring the wonders of Prague is by getting to know one of its most iconic works: the Prague Castle complex. The entrance line is often long at certain times of the year so it can be a wise decision to buy tickets for the Prague Castle before your trip or hire a guided tour of the Prague Castle which usually includes the entrance pass.

Inside the walls you can find several attractions of great historical value such as the convent and basilica of St. George, the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the former royal palace and the emblematic Golden Alley of Prague.

You can also take a tour around the Prague Castle where you will find some of the most beautiful mansions or medieval houses in the city.

  • Opening hours: the monuments are open to the public from November to March, every day from 09h to 16h, and from April to October every day from 09h to 17h.
  • Entrance fee: about 16€ per person.
  • Duration of the visit: 2 or 3 hours.

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Spend the afternoon getting to know Malá Strana

Strolling the streets of Mala Strana| ©Andrew Milligan
Strolling the streets of Mala Strana| ©Andrew Milligan

You can choose to have a nice lunch in one of the many restaurants located in the Castle Quarter, and then start your walking tour of Mala Strana, famous for being one of the oldest areas of Prague and home to many attractions of great historical and cultural interest. The best part is that it is not too big an area so you can walk from one point to another. Although there is a lot to see and do in this area I will give you a list of the must-see spots or attractions in Malá Strana:

  • Small Town Square: the favorite meeting point of its citizens since its very foundation.
  • Its churches: located near the square you will find the two most emblematic religious monuments of the area, the Church of Our Lady of Victory and the Church of St. Nicholas.
  • Kampa Island: the most beautiful and most visited garden area in Prague.
  • John Lennon's Wall: a spontaneous work of art that served as a symbol of resistance to the impositions of the Soviet regime on the Czech population.

Enjoy the sunset at the Petrin Tower

Located within the boundaries of Malá Strana, Petrin Mountain is a large green lung full of nature. I recommend ending your first day in Prague by exploring the surroundings. Inside Mount Petrin you will find two attractions worth seeing: the Mirror Maze and the Petrin Tower. The Tower is one of the best places to get a panoramic view of Prague, so bring your camera loaded and wait for the sunset to capture truly breathtaking photographs.

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DAY 2: Explore the oldest parts of Prague

Prague Jewish Cemetery| ©Midnight Believer
Prague Jewish Cemetery| ©Midnight Believer

Spend your second day exploring the oldest neighborhoods located on the east bank of the river: Staré Město and Josefov.

Take a tour of the Jewish Quarter

Start the morning of your second day in Prague by taking a tourof Prague's Jewish Quarter. It is worth walking its streets to learn about the history of the Jewish people in Czechoslovakia and also to admire their traditions and culture. Inside the Jewish Quarter stop to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery and the six synagogues of the place. A tour of a few hours in this cemetery is highly recommended.

  • Hours: from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (November to March) and 6:00 pm (April to October). The cemetery is closed on Saturdays.
  • Entrance fee: approximately 4,5€. You can get a pass to visit all the synagogues and the Cemetery for an additional fee.
  • Duration of the visit: 2 to 3 hours.

Book a tour of the Jewish Quarter

Get the best of Staré Město

No visit to Prague would be complete without a tour of Prague's Old Town. You can spend the afternoon admiring the architecture of the place and wandering streets like Kaprova, considered one of the most beautiful in the center. As for architectural and historical landmarks in the Old Town you should visit:


After the Castle, the Clementinum is the second largest complex in the city. Inside you will find the National Library of Prague, considered one of the most beautiful in the world thanks to its baroque interiors. There is also the Astronomical Tower, famous for being used for astronomical observations since the eighteenth century.

  • Hours: Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 5 pm; Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 5.30 pm.
  • Entrance fee: approximately 13€ per adult.
  • Duration of the visit: about one hour.

Old Town Square and surroundings

Old Town Square.| ©Jorge Franganillo
Old Town Square.| ©Jorge Franganillo

An 8-minute walk from the Clementinum will take you to the Old Town Square. Around the square you should see the old town hall building with its Astronomical Clock Tower and the Church of Our Lady of Týn.

Book your ticket to the Astronomical Clock

Sunset at the Powder Tower

Prague is called the city of a hundred towers for a reason: you will find several and all equally impressive. However, the Powder Tower is one of the most famous and most historic. If you arrive before sunset you can climb to the top and get fantastic views of the city.

  • Hours: daily from 10:00-18:00 (November to February). Every day from 10:00-20:00 (March and October). Every day from 10:00-22:00 (April-September).
  • Entrance fee: approximately €9.50 per person.

Enjoy a relaxing evening with tapas and beers

After spending the day touring the streets and monuments, spend the evening resting and enjoying a night of tapas and beer in one of its traditional pubs. It is a valuable opportunity to do a tasting of Czech craft beer, acclaimed among the best in the world. Below is a list of establishments to eat good food and enjoy good Czech beer in the vicinity of Staré Město.

Book a pub crawl in Prague

DAY 3: Meet a Nazi concentration camp.

Courtyard of Tezerin Camp| ©ho visto nina volare
Courtyard of Tezerin Camp| ©ho visto nina volare

On the third day of your trip, spend it getting to know the ghetto located on the outskirts of Prague; you should also visit the famous Charles Bridge and visit each of its statues.

Terezin Concentration Camp

As in many other European cities, World War II marked a before and after in the history of Czechoslovakia. In the vicinity of Prague the backdrop for this black episode would be the Terezin Concentration Camp.

Created in 1941, the Theresienstadt Ghetto was in operation for three years; during this time the area was mainly used as a transit camp to the main extermination centers located in countries such as Poland and Belarus. The poor living conditions and forced labor were designed so that older or unhealthy Czech Jews would die in this place before arriving to other, if not crueler, destinations.

If you are interested in the harrowing history of World War II this is an excursion not to be missed. The Theresienstadt ghetto is less than an hour from the center of Prague and you will find several companies offering excursions to Terezin.

  • Price: approximately 55€ per person.
  • Time: usually in the morning.
  • Duration of experience: with the transfer to and from the meeting point, reserve about 5 hours of your itinerary.
  • More information: Terezin Concentration Camp Day Trips from Prague.

Book an excursion to Terezin

Go to Charles Bridge before sunset

Charles Bridge before sunset| ©R Boed
Charles Bridge before sunset| ©R Boed

After visiting the Terezin concentration camp you will arrive in Prague with enough time to see a monument that you may not have had time to admire in the previous days. If this is the case, take advantage of the late afternoon and then head to the Charles Bridge to walk it and watch the sunset on the waters of the Vltava River.

We are talking about the oldest and most beautiful pedestrian bridge in all of Prague; which serves and has historically served as a connection point between two of the most beautiful and touristic areas: Staré Město and Mala Strana. Due to its privileged location hundreds of tourists cross it every day several times a day.

However, Charles Bridge is, in itself, just another tourist attraction in Prague. Beautifully decorated with approximately 30 statues, you can walk around and admire each one of them. Pay special attention to the Statue of Saint Nepomuk, a national martyr condemned by the King and whose statue is supposed to grant wishes. Due to its prime location it offers incredible visuals - bring your camera ready!

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Take the Prague Ghost Tour

One of the best experiences you can have in Prague after sunset is <a href="link|text=take a "Prague ghost tour"|element=pa-1034">taking a "Prague ghost" tour</a> through the historic center. With the night illumination, the monumental Czech gothic buildings become more impressive; if you accompany this with scary stories about local beliefs and legends you will have a night to remember!

You can find tour options in English, however I recommend booking as far in advance as possible as groups fill up fast. Some of the stops on the tour include: walking through the old alleys of the Jewish quarter, visiting small churches, convents and medieval houses.

  • Schedule: usually starts after sunset to get to know Prague by night.
  • Price of the experience: from 19€ per person.
  • Duration: about 2 hours of tour.

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DAY 4: Get to know Nové Město, the modern part of Prague

Wenceslas Square| ©Jonathan Fuchs
Wenceslas Square| ©Jonathan Fuchs

On Day 4 in Prague you will see the best of Nové Město, learn about Prague's modern history and end the evening with a boat ride.

In the morning explore Wenceslas Square and the surrounding area.

Wenceslas Square Spend the morning of your fourth day exploring the surroundings of Wenceslas Square. An elongated square located at the foot of the National Museum, it has been the scene of[protests and revolutions](escenario de protestas y revoluciones){target="_blank" rel="noopener"} that have defined Prague's modern history. In its vicinity you can find various commercial establishments including: luxury hotels, fashion boutiques and fine restaurants.

National Museum of PragueLocated in the southern part of the Square, the National Museum of Prague is the largest museum in the city. Because of its impressive zoology collection it is a fun and educational stop when visiting Prague with children. The building itself is an attraction due to its Renaissance architecture facade and fabulous interiors.

  • Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Admission fee: approximately 10€ for the entrance ticket.
  • Duration of the visit: about two hours.

Grand Europa HotelBefore leaving Wenceslas Square, head to the Grand Europa Hotel to admire one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau facades in the city. Take some pictures and continue your tour of Nové Město.

Explore the Vyšehrad Fortress

Vyšehrad Fortress| ©Dmitry Djouce
Vyšehrad Fortress| ©Dmitry Djouce

Spend the afternoon exploring and getting to know the Vyšehrad quarter, its famous fortress and the important architectural works housed inside. From the square you will find several transportation alternatives that include the use of the metro or cab; however I advise you to use the streetcar: it is fast, inexpensive and on the way you can enjoy the beautiful views offered by the southern part of the city. From the Square itself, take line 14 at Václavské náměstí station and get off at Ostrčilovo náměstí station, just a few minutes walk from the Vyšehrad Fortress.

Perched atop a small hill, the fortress offers spectacular visuals of the river and the city. When touring the interior and its beautiful medieval buildings try to pay attention to the following points: the famous Vyšehrad Gallery, the Rotunda of St. Martin, the subway corridors and of course the Brick Gate.

  • Opening hours: from November to March from 10 am to 5 pm; from April to October from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Price: approximately 5€.

Take a night cruise on the Vltava River.

Board a boat in Prague harbor to enjoy a delicious dinner, accompanied by live music and spectacular views of the city of Prague at dusk. As night falls, the beautiful buildings are tinged with an artificial golden light. One of the most famous tours takes place on the Jazz Boat where the boat's musicians play fabulous jazz throughout the evening.

  • Schedule: meet at the meeting point for dinner time.
  • Price: from 60€.
  • Duration: at least three hours of your evening for this activity.

Book a dinner cruise in Prague

DAY 5: Enjoy the Czech spa resorts

Sadová colonnade and viewpoint| ©Christian Zaft
Sadová colonnade and viewpoint| ©Christian Zaft

The last day in beautiful Prague is to explore beyond the city's borders and enjoy the Czech spas, famous for their beauty and healing properties.

Excursion to the spas of Karlovy Vary

Among the best excursions to do from Prague is a visit to the region of Karlovy Vary to see its famous spas and its magnificent Baroque buildings. Founded by Emperor Charles IV, local legends tell that the emperor discovered the spas when he was chasing a deer in the waters of the reservoir.

There are many ways to get to the Karlovy Vary region, however the most convenient is to book an excursion to Karlovy Vary from Prague. From the center of Prague there are excursion buses and although the itinerary may vary depending on the company you hire, among the things worth seeing in Karlovy Vary are: the twelve spas of Karlovy and Marianske Lazne, the historic architecture of Marianske Lazne and the fabulous Renaissance columns in Karlovy.

  • Timetable: excursions to Karlovy Vary depart from Stare Mesto early in the morning, at about 9 am.
  • Price: around 100€.
  • Duration: the excursion with round trip transfer to the Karlovy Vary region from Prague will take about 10 hours and you should reserve a full day for this excursion.
  • More information: Karlovy Vary Day Trips from Prague

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