6 Best Hamptons Day Trips from New York City

New York is a wonderful city, which has a lot to offer to those who visit it, but don't think it's all about Manhattan and the other boroughs. If you want to see another side of the Big Apple, a trip to the Hamptons is the ideal option.

Nicolas Reffray

Nicolas Reffray

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6 Best Hamptons Day Trips from New York City

The Hamptons | ©Doug Kerr

Chosen by many celebrities as their place of rest and leisure, the Hamptons is an oasis of peace that delights with its country beauty and rustic villages. Only 100 miles away from New York City, the Hamptons is a perfect destination for a full day trip.

Away from New York's skyscrapers, you'll find a myriad of rural landscapes, open skies and homes of the highest standard. In the very varied excursions from New York City, you can visit the towns of Sag Harbor and Southampton, go shopping at Tanger Outlets, celebrity homes and much more, these are some of the things you can visit through a tour of the Hamptons, which is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in New York.

1. Visit the Hamptons, Sag Harbor, and the mall

Visit the Hamptons| ©Amanda Bosworth
Visit the Hamptons| ©Amanda Bosworth

Among the many options of excursions from NYC, this is one that combines in a balanced way the tranquility of the meadows of the Hamptons region, with a shopping tour, where you can get great deals at Tanger Outlets to not get out of the rhythm of the big city.

The tour can start from New York and through Queens to reach the coast of Long Island to see the best rural landscapes along with houses of dream designs. In Sag Harbor and Southampton, in addition to seeing the stunning sites, the guides will tell you about the 300 years of history of these cities.

You'll have the chance to stop for a wine tasting, and you'll have free time not only to explore these beautiful places at your own pace and taste, but also to take advantage of the Riverhead Tanger Outlets' offerings.

Details of interest

  • Price: from 160 euros per person.
  • Duration: approximately 12 hours in total.
  • Means of transport: with pick up at the hotel, you will travel aboard a minibus or van.
  • Advantages of this option: wine tasting is included and you have free time to go shopping.
  • Disadvantages of this option: it is not too recommended if you are traveling with children, as they can get tired for the long journey.

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2. Arrive by helicopter for a picnic in the Hamptons

Helicopter Pilot| ©Hellotickets
Helicopter Pilot| ©Hellotickets

Is there anything more glamorous than a picnic on the beach in the Hamptons? The answer is a resounding yes, get to the picnic aboard a helicopter. Without wasting any time in city traffic on your way to the Hamptons, you'll arrive at your destination in a modern and comfortable helicopter, enjoying panoramic views of Manhattan, the countryside and the entire coastline.

This is an experience that you can do with a group of up to 6 people. It can be done during the day or at night, and upon arrival, depending on your schedule, you will have a personal assistant waiting for you with a gourmet lunch or dinner in a luxurious setting. It is worth mentioning that if you have any special menu needs or preferences, you can indicate them at the time of booking the excursion.

After a day in the Hamptons, you will also return to Manhattan by helicopter. This is, without a doubt, an unforgettable plan that stands out among the top 10 things to do in the summer in New York City.

Details of interest

  • Price: about 390 euros per person.
  • Duration: about 5 hours approximately.
  • Means of transportation: the tour includes pick up from your hotel or airbnb to the helicopter.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a completely out of the ordinary experience, where you can live the luxury that celebrities are used to.
  • Disadvantages of this option: not suitable for pregnant women or patients with cardiac pathologies.

3. Private one-day tour of the Hamptons

Cooper Beach| ©Muhammad J
Cooper Beach| ©Muhammad J

In this case, the tour offers you a one-day tour of the Hamptons, traveling in a private car with a personal driver. As in other cases, you can go in a small group with other travelers or with your family, friends, or whoever is traveling with you.

During the day you will have free time to organize yourself as you wish, besides being able to stop with the driver in certain places. Within the tour, you will be taken to spend some time at the famous Coopers Beach, and make a 20 minute stop at the colonial Mulford Farm. You will also be driven through Montauk, in the town of East Hampton, the Long House Reserve, with its almost 6 acres of gardens full of trees, vegetation and all kinds of sculptures, the iconic Montauk Point Lighthouse, the Parrish Art Museum and the Shinnecock Museum and Cultural Center.

You will be able to see the other Hamptons resorts and the rest of the region on your own. You will be there for lunch, where you will enjoy the prestigious restaurants that this incredible place has. Although you must remember that lunch is not included in the price of the excursion.

Details of interest

  • Price: from 570 euros per person.
  • Duration: about 8 hours approximately.
  • Means of transportation: the tour includes hotel pick up, you will travel aboard a private car.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a private tour with a driver at your disposal, ideal for maximum relaxation and not having to worry about anything.
  • Disadvantages of this option: lunch and drinks are not included.

4. Hamptons and Long Island Winery Tour

Billionaire lane| ©Doug Kunts
Billionaire lane| ©Doug Kunts

This tour takes you from Manhattan to the Hamptons for a day dedicated to food, and especially wine tasting, with a visit to wineries in the area. These tours are some of the most complete, as they include transfers, an experienced guide and a very special itinerary.

The tour begins in Southampton, where you will tour its quaint stores, beaches, cafes and the iconic Billionaires Lane, a 5-mile-long waterfront street made up of the most luxurious mansions. Then you will continue to Sag Harbor, the whaling town that has its origins in the 18th century where you will explore the region and have time for lunch at the harbor and if you like you can taste the famous fresh seafood.

As the last and main part of the tour, you will cross aboard the Cross Sound Ferry to North Fork where you will find small towns, vineyards, 29 wineries and some farm stands.

Details of interest

  • Price: from 1050 euros per person.
  • Duration: about 12 hours approximately.
  • Means of transportation: includes pick up from your hotel or Airbnb, and you will travel aboard a van or minibus.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a thematic tour, dedicated to gastronomy and good wine, ideal to delight your senses.
  • Disadvantages of this option: it may not be an ideal option to do with children.

5. Manhattan to the Hamptons helicopter tour

Views of Manhattan over the Hudson| ©Hellotickets
Views of Manhattan over the Hudson| ©Hellotickets

This is a tour that takes you from Manhattan to the Hamptons by helicopter, not only to reduce an approximately 3-hour ground trip to a 45-minute flight, but also to take in the breathtaking scenery along the way. This tour is, without a doubt, one of the best helicopter rides in NYC.

Once in the Hamptons you will have about 4 to 5 hours to tour the place at your own pace. In that time you will be able to tour the magnificent beaches, the restaurants and stores, historical sites and of course the luxurious mansions. Many of these buildings belong to celebrities such as Madonna, Steven Spielberg or Beyoncé. And if celebrities and show business is something that interests you, consider on your return to the Big Apple to take one of the many tours of movies and series filmed in New York City, because I assure you that you will not regret it.

Please note that this experience includes only the helicopter ride, transfers to the heliport, lunch and any other activity you decide to do in your free time in the Hamptons will be at your own expense.

Details of interest

  • Price: from 800 euros per person.
  • Duration: approximately 6 hours.
  • Means of transportation: you will have to arrive by your own means to the heliport, to enjoy an incredible helicopter ride.
  • Advantages of this option: it is a tour in which you can enjoy the aerial view of the region and all the charm of the Hamptons.
  • Disadvantages of this option: it is not suitable for pregnant women and patients with cardiac deficiencies.

6. Hamptons Shopping Tour

Shopping Day| ©freestocks
Shopping Day| ©freestocks

This is a tour designed specifically for shopping in the Hamptons. The experience is personalized, as it is done in groups of no more than 6 people.

The guide in charge will take you and your group to see the most important places of interest in the Hamptons, such as mansions, ports, beaches and historical sites. But besides that, and as the star of this excursion, you will have a shopping tour where you will be shown the best places to buy all kinds of things, and free time in the malls to buy what you want in a quiet way. Among these places is the famous Tanger Outlets.

The tour includes pick up and return to your hotel or Airbnb in a private van. Refreshments and lunch are not included.

Details of interest

  • Price: from 1100 euros per person.
  • Duration: about 12 hours in total.
  • Means of transportation: pick up from your accommodation is included, you will travel in a comfortable van.
  • Advantages of this option: guide through the best stores and malls.
  • Disadvantages of this option: it is exclusively for those looking for shopping, as this activity is emphasized over the tour of the area.

How to book an excursion to the Hamptons?

Reservations for the trip| ©Vlada Karpovich
Reservations for the trip| ©Vlada Karpovich

The best way to book a tour to the Hamptons from New York City is through the internet. This way you can verify that whoever is offering the tour has good references and positive comments, and you will also be able to see the many options available and choose the one that best suits your plans. Remember that this is an ideal place to visit with the little ones in the family, so a trip to the Hamptons is one of the top 10 things to do in New York with kids.

Tips for a trip to the Hamptons

Westhampton| ©Peter Bond
Westhampton| ©Peter Bond

The Hamptons has many sights to see, and this can make a single day there leave you wanting to keep touring. For this reason, a fundamental tip is to organize your visit very well.

Look at the alternatives offered by the guided tours to see which one best suits your tastes. Do you want to spend more time on the beach? Are you more interested in the architecture and luxury mansions? Do you want to go shopping? Define what you don't want to miss and then visit the remaining attractions in the remaining time.

Anyway, if you have something left to see, what better excuse to return to the Hamptons and maybe next time stay there for a few days? This place is ideal if you decide to visit New York in August.

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Why take a trip to the Hamptons?

Quogue Wildlife Refuge| ©Mike W
Quogue Wildlife Refuge| ©Mike W

The Hamptons are very close to Manhattan, but it is important to be clear that traveling on your own can be complicated in terms of time management and being able to squeeze in a day to see all the sights. If you are not staying in the Hamptons and, instead, you are going to make a day trip from NYC, the best option is to hire a guided tour.

Accessing the Hamptons by public transportation can take quite a long time, for example, by train the estimated time is approximately 3 to 4 hours, which greatly reduces the time available in the area (if we want to return in the day). On the other hand, by hiring a tour, the time is perfectly organized so that your hours in the Hamptons are worthwhile. The tours take you to see the main points of the area and give you considerable time to appreciate the place.

How long is a Hamptons tour?

Montauk| ©Wolfgang Wander
Montauk| ©Wolfgang Wander

Due to the amount of things to see and enjoy in the prestigious coastal region, the average length of an excursion to the Hamptons is between 8 and 12 hours total. So if you are planning to book a tour from New York City to the Hamptons, keep in mind that between the tour itself and the transfers you will be spending a full day. Consider this when planning your days in the Big Apple.

What will I see on a trip to the Hamptons?

East Hampton| ©Doug Kerr
East Hampton| ©Doug Kerr

It all depends on the option you choose among the alternatives, but the most important places of tourist attraction in the Hamptons and its surroundings are:

  • Westhampton: this stands out for being one of the Hamptons villages with the most peaceful atmosphere.
  • Quogue: this village is the wildest and where nature stands out. Very interesting at this point, if you have time, visit the Quogue Wildlife Refuge.
  • Southampton: one of the most glamorous areas, with its Main Street full of stores, cafes, upscale restaurants and more. Among the restaurants I recommend Sant Ambroeus where you will taste the best Italian pastas.
  • East Hampton: the most luxurious mansions of the Hamptons are located here.
  • Sag Harbour: this is a whaling village with a lot of history behind it. It stands out for its picturesque and cozy atmosphere.
  • Montauk: this site is home to the iconic lighthouse and the best waves for southern surfers. Also notable for its fresh seafood, you can indulge yourself at the Lobster Roll restaurant.

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