Mallorca in 1 Day: all you need to know

If you are planning a quick visit to Mallorca, of only one day, it is best to dedicate it to its capital, Palma. Undoubtedly, this city offers a great number of attractions for all tastes.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Mallorca in 1 Day: all you need to know

Mallorca | ©Sergei Gussev

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and the center of the economic and artistic life of the whole archipelago. Upon arrival you will find yourself in front of a city brimming with charm and beauty: with its honey-colored stone buildings and impressive Gothic architecture.

There are many things to see and do in this destination, but if you are just passing through Mallorca and time is not on your side, here is my one-day itinerary, designed for you to get to know one of the most charming cities in all of Spain.

Spend your day exploring the beautiful Palma de Mallorca, but try to come back on another trip to visit other areas of the islands such as Manacor; the Calas de Mallorca or the iconic Caves of Drach.

This itinerary covers an intense day of adventures and sightseeing, so I recommend sleeping early the night before and recharging your batteries. To make the most of your time in Palma de Mallorca it is advisable to book your Mallorca airport transfer in advance.

Have breakfast in Palma's Old Town.

In Palma| ©EdgarJa
In Palma| ©EdgarJa

If your intention is to make the most of your day exploring Palma, I recommend getting up early and going out to explore the streets of the Old Town in the morning sun.

This recommendation is especially valuable if you go to Mallorca in summer, as you will have the opportunity to enjoy the quiet and coolness of the morning before the hoards of tourists and the heat make an appearance.

Take a moment to have breakfast in one of the quaint cafes in the area. Many of them open their doors really early. Here is a list of suggestions.

  • QUADRAT: Open to the public from 7:30 am in the morning, the restaurant is part of the Hotel Francés.
  • Sa Bodegueta: Sa Bodegueta opens its doors at 7 am, its address is Carrer del Sant Crist no.2.
  • Cappuccino Palau March: Serving from 8am. It is located at no.13 Carrer del Conquistador.

Walk through Parc de la Mar and enjoy the scenery.

Parc de la Mar| ©ILA-boy
Parc de la Mar| ©ILA-boy

Located at the foot of the imposing Cathedral of Mallorca is one of the most beautiful public parks in the city: Parc de la Mar. I recommend taking the tour early on a leisurely stroll while waiting for the opening time of the city's monuments.

With approximately 70 hectares of surface, the promenade is full of trees and beautiful palm trees to provide shade on hot days, it also has a gigantic saltwater lake that functions as a water mirror of the Cathedral.

As you will see upon arrival, Parc de la Mar offers spectacular views of the cathedral.

If you are a photography enthusiast, take advantage of this moment to capture the imposing beauty of the Gothic monument.

3. Visit the most important religious temple of the city: the Cathedral Santa Maria de Palma.

Cathedral of Mallorca| ©Secret Pilgrim
Cathedral of Mallorca| ©Secret Pilgrim

Any tour of Palma must include a stop to see the most beloved work of architecture of the locals: the imposing Cathedral of Mallorca.

Built with the most beautiful details of the Gothic style, the construction of its beautiful façade began in 1229, under the orders of King Jaume I of Aragon.

Even if you only have one day to tour Mallorca, I recommend you not to miss the tour inside the cathedral, where you will find one of the tallest central naves in the world, with 44 meters high, as well as imposing Gothic stained glass windows and beautiful period decorations.

Known by the locals as La Seu, the Cathedral of Mallorca is Palma's most visited tourist attraction. I recommend you arrive early and, if possible, book your tickets in advance, as the queues to visit the temple can be long and you don't have time to waste.

Useful information

  • Opening hours: Open to the public from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 5.15 pm and on Saturdays until 2.15 pm. Closed on Sundays.
  • Price: From 8€ per participant.
  • Duration of the visit: 1 hour is usually enough time to visit the place.

Tour the Royal Palace of La Almudaina.

Royal Palace of La Almudaina.| ©Eduardo Arostegui
Royal Palace of La Almudaina.| ©Eduardo Arostegui

Your next stop is right in front of the iconic cathedral: the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, the official residence of the King and Queen of Spain during their stays in Mallorca.

It is also one of the must-see sights on the island, as it is an impressive piece of architecture that combines years of history and tradition.

When scheduling your visit remember that certain days of the year the Royal Palace is closed for tourist visits. This list includes certain holidays such as New Year or Christmas, or days closed for official acts.

You can download the official App of the Almudaina Palace to have at hand a free audio guide with an explained tour of the different rooms of the Palace.

Useful information

  • Hours: Open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. Hours from October to March are from 10 am to 6 pm; and from April to September from 10 am to 7 pm. Closed every Monday of the year.
  • Price: From 7€ per participant.
  • Duration of the visit: Between 40 and 60 is enough time to tour the facilities.

Take a relaxing walk through Los Jardines del Rey.

King's Gardens.| ©Gaspar Serrano
King's Gardens.| ©Gaspar Serrano

In the back area of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina you will find some beautiful Moorish style gardens that, in other times, were part of the Palace itself.

Nowadays the place is part of the public gardens of Mallorca and the best time to visit it is once you have finished your tour of the Palace.

If you go to Mallorca in April or at any other time in spring you will find the vegetation of the place at its best.

Useful information

  • Opening hours: Open to the public 24 hours a day.
  • Price: Free for all visitors.
  • Duration of the visit: You can spend 20-30 minutes walking around the place.

Take a break for lunch in the Llotja de Palma neighborhood.

Forn de Sant Joan| ©Ken H
Forn de Sant Joan| ©Ken H

The Llotja neighborhood is located in the old part of the city and is one of the must-visits in any tour of Palma de Mallorca due to two fundamental aspects: the beauty of its old Gothic architecture and its gastronomic offer.

To reach the place from your location in the Jardines del Rey you only need to cross the Av. d' Antoni Maura in a westerly direction. Take a break for lunch and take a moment to stroll through the narrow streets and admire the beautiful stone buildings. Here are some suggestions.

  • Forn de Sant Joan: The restaurant is located in an old 19th century bakery. The gastronomic offer includes a variety of typical Mediterranean dishes but reservations are required in advance.
  • La Paloma: Located in one of the oldest and most emblematic buildings of La Lonja, this place serves some of the best tapas in Mallorca.
  • Orient Express: A Spanish gastronomy café ideal for a light lunch. The place offers fabulous views of Llotja de Palma, one of the oldest and most emblematic gothic monuments of La Lonja neighborhood.

Visit the Arab Baths of Palma.

Arab Baths of Palma.| ©Elena R
Arab Baths of Palma.| ©Elena R

Very common throughout the city during the years of Muslim occupation on the island, a visit to the Arab baths is important to understand the historical past of the city. For their construction it was necessary to provide the city with a functional hydraulic system well ahead of its time.

In the heart of Palma you will find at least one of these impressive structures in the form of excellently preserved ruins.

In addition to numerous historical aspects, on this quick visit you can learn how the Arab baths worked, their duct system and the chimneys used to air-condition the chambers.

From your location in Barrio la Lonja, the sites are about a 10-minute walk from La Catedral.

In the city you will also find functional Arab baths where you can go for a spa day, although I recommend this for longer visits, for example a 5 day trip to Mallorca.

Useful information

  • Opening hours: Open to the public daily from 09:30 to 20h. During the winter the opening hours are reduced to 19h.
  • Price: The entrance to the place costs about 3€ approximately.
  • Duration of the visit: About 30 or 40 minutes are usually necessary to complete the visit.

Tour Palma de Mallorca by Segway.

Touring Palma by Segway| ©Louise Brown
Touring Palma by Segway| ©Louise Brown

Touring Palma de Mallorca by Segway is one of the most fun and short duration activities that travelers can do during a first visit to the city. The activity has gained enormous popularity in recent times and can be undertaken on short trips of as little as 1 day.

Numerous local tour operators offer this type of experience, where an expert guide takes the group of travelers through Palma's historical highlights, including the iconic Cathedral, the Jewish quarter, the government building, the old medieval wall and much more.

It's a good option for the afternoon if you've had enough of walking; it's also a fun alternative tour to do with the family and even if you're going to Mallorca with children on vacation; minors from 8-9 years old are usually allowed.

Useful information

  • Schedule: There are several schedules available, in the morning and in the afternoon.
  • Price: Around 50€ per participant. The price includes the rental of all the necessary equipment for the excursion.
  • Duration of the tour: Varies depending on the company you hire and the itinerary. Tours usually take between 1 or 2 hours to complete.

Book a Segway tour in Palma

Visit the Plaza Mayor of Palma at dusk.

Plaza Mayor| ©António José Rocha
Plaza Mayor| ©António José Rocha

The main square of the city is called Plaza Mayor de Palma and is worth a tour in itself.

Many important events are concentrated here throughout the year, such as the colorful festive markets during Christmas in Mallorca. During the festive season, crib stalls are set up and are focused on selling gifts for the holidays.

Regardless of when you travel to Mallorca, I recommend going to Plaza Mayor at dusk to enjoy the sunset over the city.

The buildings surrounding the square are mostly offices or private residences but almost the entire first floor is occupied by cafes and restaurants where you can sit and enjoy a snack.

Useful information

  • Hours: Always open.
  • Price: Free of charge.
  • Duration of visit: As long as you want.

Say goodbye to Mallorca with some good tapas.

Taste the tasty tapas in the La Lonja district.| ©Marco Verch
Taste the tasty tapas in the La Lonja district.| ©Marco Verch

In recent years the city has recovered one of the most famous Spanish traditions: the tapas culture. I recommend to say goodbye to the night in Mallorca enjoying this delicious custom. Going out for tapas in Palma is the best way to connect with the authentic Mallorcan culture.

If you go to Mallorca in November you may come across festivities such as the TaPalma Tapas Festival, one of the most anticipated, fun and delicious culinary events taking place in the city's annual calendar.

Now, my favorite alternative for travelers visiting the city for the first time is to take a gastronomic tour in Mallorca. In this experience an expert guide takes the group of travelers through a tasting tour that includes drinking and eating at various restaurants in the city.

Useful information

  • Schedule: Available in different schedules and formats.
  • Price: Around 100€ per participant, the price includes a number of tasting dishes.
  • Duration of the visit: It usually takes about 3 hours to complete.