Mallorca in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Getting to know Mallorca in three days is not an impossible task, as long as you carefully organize the timing of each of the visits in your itinerary.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Mallorca in 3 Days: a guidebook for getting the most out of your visit

Mallorca | ©Rolf Schotsch

Mallorca is an island with a lot of history and a long list of destinations to discover. From cathedrals, churches, spas, beaches, museums, viewpoints, natural areas and ruins to artisan markets, restaurants, cafes and bars.

There are certainly a lot of things to do in Mallorca and your three-day stay might seem a bit short. However, this is plenty of time to see the must-see sights, join a tour, walk at your own pace, shop and enjoy the local nightlife.

Day 1: Explore some of Mallorca's landmarks

Arab Baths of Palma.| ©Elena R
Arab Baths of Palma.| ©Elena R

Start your first day in Mallorca exploring some of the main monuments of the island's capital: Palma de Mallorca.

With this itinerary you will be able to contemplate the architectural style of these places and learn about the history they hide.

Visit the Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca and relax in its thermal waters

The Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca are a good option to start the itinerary of your first day on the island, since you will be able to enjoy the history of the island, contemplate the impressive Muslim architecture of the baths and, at the same time, relax in the thermal waters after a long transfer from the airport.

Upon arrival you will feel like you have been transported to the eleventh century, the period in which the baths were built, enjoying one of the few remnants of the passage of Muslims through this town, Unfortunately, all other buildings of that era were replaced after the arrival of the conquering troops of James I.

You will be able to access a central room with hemispherical domes and a series of columns with arches. On the other hand, while taking a hot bath in the area intended for it, you will quickly notice some curious cracks in the floor, responsible for allowing the circulation of steam and water.

Useful information

  • Price: from 3€ per person.
  • Hours: 9:30 am to 7:00 pm (winter) and 9:30 am to 8:00 pm (summer).
  • Where: Arab Baths of Palma de Mallorca at Carrer de Can Serra 7.

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Contemplate the architectural beauty of the Basilica Church of San Francisco

After relaxing in the Arab baths, you can take advantage of its proximity to the Basilica of San Francisco, to visit this national monument built between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

With this visit you will discover this famous architectural complex, consisting of the minor basilica, the cloister and other buildings. All of them, structures with a great historical importance for the island of Mallorca and its capital.

During the tour, the first thing you will see is the facade of the church, in which the Baroque style predominates. It also highlights the statue of Fray Junípero Serra.

Once inside the building, you will see how the design line is baroque and you will find an interesting image of St. George. You can not miss the Cloister, right next to the church. It is an emblematic building whose trapezoidal shape and architectural beauty will surprise you.

Information of interest

  • Price: free admission.
  • Hours: Tuesday to Saturday (10:00 to 18:00 hours).
  • Where: Basilica Church of San Francisco.

Enjoy the shopping center, craft market and nightlife of Mallorca's historic Plaza Mayor.

The tour continues at the Plaza Mayor, which is approximately seven minutes away from the previous destination. There, you will have the opportunity to walk through one of the largest and most iconic squares on the island, where centuries ago the building of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition was located .

This square has a huge shopping mall, built in the late 1960s. You can stroll through the stores and do some shopping, sit in one of its cafes or eat in its restaurants and even attend the craft markets on Friday and Saturday mornings.

Also, if you do not know what to do in Mallorca at night, this square is a good destination to visit its lively bars and enjoy the recurring musical shows that take place there (local artists).

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Tour the Cathedral of Santa Maria and admire the island from its terrace

Mallorca Cathedral| ©Secret Pilgrim
Mallorca Cathedral| ©Secret Pilgrim

Leaving the Plaza Mayor you will have to walk approximately six minutes to the Cathedral of San Maria de Mallorca or La Seu, as this monument is also known.

This religious building was built in Gothic style. Its history dates back more than 700 years, specifically from 1229, when it ceased to be a mosque and was consecrated to Christian worship by order of the conqueror James I of Aragon.

This monument stands out among the cathedrals of Europe, because it has the tallest structure of the entire continent and boasts the largest Gothic-style rose window. During the visit, which lasts about an hour, you will have the opportunity to tour the inside of the cathedral and the museum of sacred art.

You can also climb up to the bell tower and the terraces of the flying buttresses to enjoy a privileged panoramic view of the sea and the island in general. Certainly, this is a suitable activity to incorporate among the things to do in Mallorca in summer, winter or any season of the year.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 20€.
  • Hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 to 16:45 hours).
  • Where: Santa María Cathedral.

Get to know the Royal Palace of La Almudaina in Mallorca

The Royal Palace of La Almudaina is a mandatory destination for any tourist, so you should include it among the best activities in Mallorca during your first day.

You will have the opportunity to visit the Royal Alcazar, officialized as a royal residence during the 13th to 14th century. Today it has been converted into a museum that you can visit from Tuesday to Sunday.

The tour of the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, built by order of Jaime II of Mallorca on the space that once occupied the Arab citadel, begins in the Hall of chimneys, which takes its name because in this area was the heating system.

Afterwards, you can enter the Hall of Kings, where you will find some portraits of the island's monarchs and, immediately, move on to the Rabbit Room. Afterwards, you can go up to the terraces and contemplate the medieval garden of S'Hort del Rei and the bay area.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 7€. (Wednesday and Sunday free after 15:00 hours)
  • Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10:00 to 19:00 hours).
  • Where: Royal Palace of La Almudaina. To get there, just walk south along Carrer del Palau Reial towards Carrer del Mirador, about a couple of minutes from Santa Maria Cathedral.

Day 2: Visit some villages and natural areas

Drach Caves in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G
Drach Caves in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G

Even if you only have two days to visit Mallorca, I would recommend you to dedicate one of them to the itinerary I propose for this second day.

During this day, you will visit some villages and natural areas of the island. However, in order to cover as many attractions as possible and make the most of the day, I recommend you to get up early.

Tour the Caves of Drach

The second day in Mallorca begins with a visit to the Drach Caves, which you can visit either with a guided tour or by purchasing tickets at the ticket office.

In either case, you will have to travel to Porto Cristo, approximately 45 minutes by car from Mallorca. In this way, you will live a one-hour adventure, in which you will walk through the interior of the cave (1200 meters), while enjoying the impressive natural environment.

At the end of this tour, you will be surprised with a short concert of instrumental music.

Afterwards, it's time to leave the cave, taking part in one of the most amazing boat trips in Mallorca, as it is done through the crystal clear and calm waters of the subway lake Martel.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 15€.
  • Hours: every day (9:00 to 17:00 hours).
  • Where: Cuevas del Drach.

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Meet the Caves of Hams

Only four kilometers away by car you will find your next destination, that is, the Cuevas dels Hams, where nature and the hand of man embrace to offer you a geological space of great beauty.

There you will enjoy different and amazing natural sceneries, being ideal if you are traveling in Mallorca with children.

Normally, you will walk through the botanical garden of the Round Cave to the Blue Cave, where a blue lighting system stands out, creating a series of interesting visual contrasts.

Also, in this area, you will have the opportunity to watch a projection with the history of the island and details about the discovery of the cave. Afterwards, you will enter the Classical Cave, with hundreds of stalagmites and stalactites, to finally reach the subway lake Sea of Venice and witness a classical music concert.

Useful information

  • Price: from 22€.
  • Hours: every day (10:00 to 17:00 hours).
  • Where: Cuevas dels Hams.

Take an excursion to the village of Valldemossa

Valldemosa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh
Valldemosa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh

After visiting this pair of caves, I advise you to head to the west of the island, specifically to the village of Valldemossa, which is usually part of the best day trips in Mallorca.

It is best to walk through the streets of this beautiful town, while you gradually discover its history, take pictures, eat and rest in one of its restaurants, buy souvenirs, among other things.

On this excursion you will also see the Royal Carthusian Monastery of Valldemossa, known for being the former residence of King Sancho I and, later, the home of the composer Frédéric Chopin.

Right next door, you will find the Palace of King Sancho and the Gardens of King Juan Carlos, whose panoramic view will surprise you. Then, the best thing to do is to take a walk through the historic center of the village, to discover its picturesque streets and the Church of Sant Bartolomeu.

Stroll through the village of Sóller

The village of Sóller, in the northwest of Mallorca (approximately 55 minutes from Valldemossa), turns out to be another of the island's attractions to incorporate among the 10 things to do in Mallorca in June or any other month of the year.

On the way you will have to go through impressive tunnels that pierce the mountains until you reach this beautiful town surrounded by a majestic valley. There you will find a quiet atmosphere with a lot of history, a series of monuments and privileged natural views.

You will see the Plaza de la Constitución, with its terraces, cafes, restaurants and the Church of San Bartolomé. You will also see the rails of the tramway, which crosses the square. In fact, you can board this means of transport to go to the Port of Sóller.

Afterwards, you can enter the Modernist Museum Can Prunera and appreciate an important sample of furniture belonging to the society of the twentieth century. Continue the excursion at the Sóller Railway Station, where you will find a couple of permanent exhibitions of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró.

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Day 3: Tour of the coves and beaches of Mallorca

Millor Cove| ©rbjag71
Millor Cove| ©rbjag71

To end your three-day trip in Mallorca, nothing like touring the coves and beaches of this island.

You will discover hidden landscapes of great natural beauty, where the blue waters contrast with the sand, the green areas and the sun's rays.

Mondragó Cove

Cala Mondragó is a nature reserve located approximately one hour southwest of Mallorca. In this area begins the recommended itinerary for the third and last day of the tour.

In the cove you can walk along the white sand, dive into the crystal clear waters. If you want to find some shade, you should go to the back of this cove, where you will find a small green lung, composed of a series of desert plants and some pine trees.

In addition, in this cove you can make some sporting experiences, such as being part of one of the best bike tours of the island or hiking.

In fact, you should know that this place is suitable for people in wheelchairs and is equipped with everything necessary for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Useful information

  • Price: from 6€.
  • Opening hours: every day (9:00 to 16:00 hours).
  • Where: Cala Mondragó.

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S'Amarador Cove

The next destination is located approximately 10 minutes away from Cala Mondragó, so you can go from one to the other without any complications through a path.

When you reach Cala S'Amarador, you will notice that it is larger than the previous one. In addition, you will feel enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquility, because it is a hidden bay and, therefore, less crowded.

In this cove you can swim in calm waters, lie on the sand to sunbathe or just sit in the shade of the vegetation that surrounds this area, so you can contemplate the views.

In fact, depending on the time and season of the year, you can see how the sun merges with the water. A true visual spectacle, in which there will only be you and nature. Undoubtedly, this is a suitable visit if you do not know what to do in Mallorca in June and until September, which are the hottest months of the year.

Caló des Moro

After enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Cala S'Amarador, get back in the car and drive to Caló des Moro (approximately 23 minutes away). When you arrive, you must go down a slightly long path with an uneven surface. However, it will be worth it, because little by little you will discover an incredible panoramic view of the cove.

Once in the cove, you will see its beautiful turquoise blue waters, in which you can dive and swim safely. This is because the waters are shallow and, in addition, thanks to the cliffs, you will be protected from the winds and waves. You will also enjoy the white sand, the surrounding vegetation and the incredible view of the sunset.

Es Trenc Beach

To finish the third day's tour, drive approximately 34 minutes from Caló des Moro to the south coast of Mallorca, where Es Trenc Beach is located.

It is a natural space with an extension of seven kilometers with dunes, white sand and turquoise waters, which invite you to dive into it. You will be able to relax, take advantage of the natural environment and even the sunset to take some pictures.

Certainly, this is a good plan to incorporate in the things to do in Mallorca in July or any other month of the summer and autumn season.

Afterwards, you can return to Palma de Mallorca and, depending on the time of your flight, you can participate in one last activity of up to three hours. For example, one of Mallorca's gastronomic tours or a Segway tour through the main streets.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 5€.
  • Hours: every day (9:00 to 21:00 hours).
  • Where: Es Trenc beach.

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Tourist card to save on the scheduled itinerary

Palma Pass Express| ©Angele C
Palma Pass Express| ©Angele C

The tourist card will be your best ally while visiting the island of Mallorca. You will enjoy important discounts on tickets to monuments, museums, restaurants, stores and some transport routes.

You can purchase Palma Pass Express, (access to three museums), Palma Pass 72 hours (access to the island's transport, all monuments and museums) and Palma Pass Family (3 attractions for a couple of adults and children).

  • Day 1: Monuments of Mallorca
  • Arab Baths
  • From 3€
  • Every day
  • Location: Palma de Mallorca
  • Day 2: Villages and natural areas
  • Caves of Drach
  • From 15€
  • Every day
  • Location: Municipality of Manacor
  • Day 3: Coves and beaches
  • Cala Mondragó
  • From 6€
  • Every day
  • Location: Municipality of Santanyí