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Maiorca Boat Tours

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

5 min read

Maiorca Boat Tours

©Daniel Olah

In the Mediterranean, beach paradise is found in Mallorca. Its landscapes rival in beauty with those of the Caribbean thanks to its hidden coves of white sand, turquoise waters and wild vegetation. Dreamlike places that invite you to relax, enjoying the sun and the sea breeze, forgetting the world for a few moments.

The Argentine poet Jorge Luis Borges said that "Mallorca is a place similar to happiness" and possibly that is the feeling that best defines a boat trip in Mallorca, admiring its beaches under the blue sky and swimming among fish. Do you want to know how to do it? Keep reading!

1. Options for a boat trip in Mallorca

Discover the beautiful Majorcan coastline | ©Oscar Nord
Discover the beautiful Majorcan coastline | ©Oscar Nord

2. Catamaran tour 5 hours: from Palma de Mallorca.

Catamaran sailing the waters of Mallorca | ©Miquel Gelabert
Catamaran sailing the waters of Mallorca | ©Miquel Gelabert

One of the most recommended activities to do in Mallorca during your vacations is to get on board of a beautiful sailing catamaran to sail along the south coast of the island for 5 hours and discover the spectacular coves and postcard beaches that dot the Mallorcan coastline.

Contemplating Mallorca from a boat in the middle of the sea is a marvel, and from my experience, it is a relaxing and fun activity! You will have the opportunity to sunbathe while having a drink, to admire the views of this typical Mediterranean landscape from the deck and to take some fantastic pictures as a souvenir of the excursion.

However, the highlight of the activity comes when you drop anchor in Portals Vells or Cala Vella and put on your snorkeling gear to jump into the water and explore the rich seabed with your companions.

While they prepare a delicious barbecue on board, you will have a good time to swim, to swim among fish and to snorkel, who knows if you will spot a mermaid!

What does this activity include?

During the activity you can have a welcome cocktail while you rest on the nets or on the benches of the catamaran and watch how the boat moves away from the port of Palma leaving behind the fabulous yachts moored there.

Then, depending on the time you choose, on this catamaran tour lunch or dinner is offered. The menu for both meals consists of the following dishes:

  • Chicken breast barbecue
  • Chicken kebabs
  • Sausages
  • Green salad and Russian salad buffet.
  • Bread and sauces.
  • Cake and watermelon.
  • To drink: sparkling and still water, soft drinks, juices and non-alcoholic summer red wine.

Useful information

  • The tour lasts 5 hours
  • During the excursion you will make two stops where you can swim and snorkel: one in Cala Vella or Portals Vells (depending on wind conditions) and one in a nearby cove.
  • You will enjoy a buffet lunch

Recommended if...

If you feel like an adventure at sea discovering dreamy coves or if you are passionate about diving and marine life. This excursion is ideal to do with family or friends.

3. Boat trip to Cabrera

Enjoy the natural beauty of Cabrera
Enjoy the natural beauty of Cabrera

A boat trip away from Mallorca is located the island of Cabrera, a dream place with a practically virgin nature where it gives the sensation that time has stopped and we are far away from civilization.

The naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente used to say that Cabrera was "Ulysses' Mediterranean an hour from Mallorca", a very accurate assessment because this Balearic island has much of mythical and paradisiacal, a corner in the Mediterranean that seems created for the repose of the senses and meditation.

With this boat trip to Cabrera you will have the opportunity to explore by sea and by land one of the most beautiful jewels of Spain for 6 hours. You will learn about the history of this national park, the largest in the country and the second largest maritime park in the western Mediterranean, and visit the small islands in the area.

In addition, you can take a dip in the beautiful Cueva Azul area, in an idyllic setting of crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery - a magical experience you will not forget and well worth the trip!

During the tour there will also be time to stop and discover the Cabrera castle (a fortification dating from 1410), the lighthouse and the Cabrera museum (located in the old cellar of Can Feliu that shows us the archeology, ecology and ethnology of the island). A very interesting visit, no doubt.

At the end, if you want to enjoy some precious panoramic views over the port of Cabrera, I recommend that you go up to the top floor of the museum to observe the landscape from the window.

Useful information

  • The tour lasts approximately 6 hours. You should arrive 30 minutes in advance at the meeting place to show the confirmation email you received when you made the reservation before starting the activity.
  • Visit to the Cabrera National Park by land and by sea.
  • Stops at key sites such as the castle or the museum of Cabrera.
  • Audio guide. Headphones are not included but you can purchase them at the time.

Recommended if...

If you are looking for a different boat experience and get to know the Balearic nature.

4. Frequently asked questions

Sail the coast of Mallorca | ©Evan Bollag
Sail the coast of Mallorca | ©Evan Bollag

How does the booking work?

When you confirm your reservation, you will receive an email with all the information you have provided. Check that everything is correct and keep it to show it to the boat staff on the day of the experience.

What should I bring on a boat trip?

For the Catamaran Tour from Palma de Mallorca and the Boat Trip to Cabrera I recommend that you bring swimwear, sunglasses, a towel, a bottle of water and sunscreen. Both experiences have a stop in a cove and you will enjoy a swim and a little sunbathing in front of the sea.

5. Other experiences you may like in Mallorca

Walk through the streets of Palma ©Tom Podmore
Walk through the streets of Palma ©Tom Podmore

Besides taking a boat ride in Mallorca, there are many more things to do on the island to enjoy a memorable vacation.

If you are preparing a getaway to Mallorca and want to discover its must-see places, don't miss my guide to the city with everything there is to see and do in Mallorca::.