10 Things to Do in Mallorca in November

Mallorca in November is an ideal destination with the possibility of making all kinds of plans, from balloon trips to gastronomic fairs.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Mallorca in November

Mallorca | ©Miquel Frontera

It seems as if Mallorca closes its doors for vacations at the end of the summer. However, the reality is that the island has a special charm in autumn and winter. Mallorca in November has a wide variety of plans and activities of all kinds, such as traditional fairs, boat trips or visits to museums.

In the month of November, the best things to do in Mallorca are joined by a series of activities that will make your stay even better. If you travel on those dates, you will be able to know the typical tapas of the island, attend a fair or even see the snow in the Tramuntana mountain range.

1. Get to know the tradition of the Nit de les Ànimes (Night of the Limes)

Nit de les Ànimes (Night of the Dead) in the Park| ©Irene R Aguado
Nit de les Ànimes (Night of the Dead) in the Park| ©Irene R Aguado

On the occasion of All Souls' Day, the Nit de les Ànimes is celebrated in the Parc de Sa Riera, in the city of Palma. In this event different traditional activities of the Mallorcan culture are carried out.

Three stages are set up in the park where various theatrical and musical performances take place. Likewise, different workshops are also held and the children who attend can enjoy the work of storytellers.

To keep the spirit of that day, a wall is installed in the park to leave messages to loved ones who have passed away, since the Day of the Faithful Departed, in the Christian tradition, is dedicated to remembering those who are no longer with us.

In Mallorca, this day takes on even greater importance. According to an old legend, it is on All Souls' Day when King Jaume I leaves his tomb, which is located in the Cathedral (you may have seen it if you have taken a tour of Mallorca), to ride on horseback around the island.

On this holiday, relatives take the opportunity to visit the graves of their loved ones and present them with flowers.

2. Go to Dijous Bo

Dijous Bo| ©Silvina A
Dijous Bo| ©Silvina A

On this occasion, I propose an activity in Inca, the third largest city on the island and located in the northern part of the island. It is here where the biggest fair in Mallorca is held: Dijous Bo.

What started as a cattle market is nowadays a meeting place that highlights the island's traditions.

During the fair, all kinds of activities are held, from rally races to chess competitions. You can also buy typical Mallorcan gastronomic products, handmade leather goods and handmade jewelry. This multitudinous fair normally welcomes about 20,000 visitors from all over the Balearic Islands.

Without a doubt, it is an ideal plan for families with children, since there are many activities designed for the youngest of the house. If this is your case, you should also take a look at this list of the best plans with children in Mallorca.

Practical information

  • Where: all over the city of Inca
  • When: mid-November
  • Price: depends on the activities you want to participate in.

3. Going out to look for bolets

picornell| ©Andreas Kunze
picornell| ©Andreas Kunze

The boletus or mushroomseason starts in autumn. A very typical tradition of the island is to go out to look for mushrooms in the nature. It is a very funny plan and with which you will be able to discover beautiful landscapes of Mallorca.

Among the most common mushrooms of the island are the blava, the picornell, the farinera, the esclata-sang or the peu de rata.

After the walk, it's time to cook the mushrooms and use them to make delicious dishes of Balearic gastronomy, such as sweet rice with sclata-sangs or stuffed trotters.

4. Have fun in TaPalma

TaPalma| ©J. Fernández Ortega
TaPalma| ©J. Fernández Ortega

This plan is ideal for lovers of gastronomy and good food. TaPalma is the name given to the Tapas Fair of Mallorca. It is celebrated during the month of November, generally in the penultimate or last weekend of the month.

The fair goes through different areas of the city of Palma, with the participation of more than thirty bars and restaurants of Palma de Mallorca. All of them fight every year to obtain the gold in the contest.

Undoubtedly, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know the Balearic gastronomy. In addition, it is also a great excuse to walk the streets of Palma, where you will find hidden treasures. If you like gastronomy, you can also take one of the best culinary tours in Mallorca.

Practical information

  • Where: In addition to the Palacio de Congresos de Palma, the fair is held in several restaurants and bars in the city.
  • When: Normally during the last weekend of November.
  • Price: it all depends on the amount of tapas you want to try.

5. See the snow in the Tramuntana Mountains

Tramuntana Mountains| ©M.G.N. - Marcel ON OF
Tramuntana Mountains| ©M.G.N. - Marcel ON OF

Another perfect plan to get lost in the Mallorcan nature and disconnect from the noise of the city. Depending on the rains and temperatures, if you go to Mallorca in November, you may be lucky enough to see the Sierra de Tramuntana snow-capped mountains. This is a spectacular image with which you will surely take more than one photo to remember.

These types of plans are ideal for you, if you are looking for a trip in which to get to know Mallorca in depth. You will see the island beyond the superficial glimpse of the tourist and you will get to know it in all its splendor.

6. Discover Mallorca's best kept secrets at Openhouse Palma

Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev
Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev

Palma de Mallorca is a culturally rich city. Besides the most famous ones, such as La Seu, Bellver Castle or the Royal Palace of the Almudaina, Palma also has other monuments of artistic interest. However, many of them are closed to the public, so it is not possible to visit them.

However, if you go to Mallorca in November, you will have the opportunity to visit many of these places. This is possible thanks to the Openhouse Palma, an architectural festival that tries to highlight the city's heritage.

The institution behind this festival is La Asociación Cultural Open House Palma, who opens the doors of the best hidden treasures of the city. The visits are guided by knowledgeable volunteers, who tell visitors the most interesting facts about the various monuments.

Among the buildings that are open to the public are the Círculo Mallorquín, the Portopí lighthouse, Ses Cent Caes, the Son Espases hospital and the Oceanogràfic de Balears center. In addition to the visits, different activities are organized, such as bicycle routes, photography contests, conferences or children's workshops.

7. Taste the Balearic autumn gastronomy

Mushroom cake| ©Bruno O
Mushroom cake| ©Bruno O

Autumn brings a special color and light to Mallorca and this is reflected in its gastronomy. Whatever the time of the year, Balearic cuisine stands out for its delicious recipes. However, beyond sobrasada and cocas, there is a universe of autumnal recipes that you must try during your trip in November.

One of my favorites is the mushroom tart, which you can make yourself with the mushrooms you pick. In addition, there are also many dishes made with sweet potato, one of the main products of Mallorcan cuisine.

You cannot miss the chestnuts on fire, the roasted Majorcan butifarra sausage and the arrós brut.

8. Discover the center of Palma Mallorca without crowds

In the palm| ©EdgarJa
In the palm| ©EdgarJa

November is undoubtedly the perfect month to visit the center of Palma de Mallorca, as you will not have to deal with the heat or the tourists.

Mallorca, in addition to its incredible beaches, is famous for its cultural richness. The old town of Palma de Mallorca is worth seeing, preserving the typical essence of the Balearic Islands.

There are many monuments that make Palma a city with a unique artistic heritage. Therefore, I recommend that you dedicate a part of your holiday itinerary to enjoy this great city. Lose yourself in its cobblestone streets, either on foot, by bicycle or Segway, and get to know its local stores and visit the main monuments.

Book a Segway tour through the center of Palma de Mallorca

9. Take a boat trip from Port de Soller to Sa Calobra

Port Soller| ©SheffieldRambler
Port Soller| ©SheffieldRambler

Taking a boat trip around Mallorca is, without a doubt, one of the best plans you can do on the island. This activity allows you to know the coast of the island, which hides coves of dreams. However, the great majority of companies that organize boat trips suspend their activity from October onwards.

However, there is a boat trip that you can do during the month of November. It departs from Port Soller and has its destination in Sa Calobra, a cove located under the Sierra de Tramuntana. Ideally you should do this excursion on a sunny day to make the most of the ride.

The excursion lasts one hour and runs along the north coast of the island. Although you can also go to Sa Calobra by bus or car, the truth is that the road is somewhat uncomfortable because of the curves, especially for those who get dizzy easily. On the other hand, arriving by boat, you will enjoy privileged views and avoid this inconvenience.

How is the boat trip to Sa Calobra?

During the trip, you will see the beautiful white houses that hover over the bay, as well as the boats that sail through its waters. In addition to the coast of the island, you will also contemplate the mountain range of the Sierra de Tramuntana, creating a contrast of sea and mountains that you will surely want to immortalize in more than one photo.

Once you have arrived at Sa Calobra, you can move to the bay of Kieselstein and the Paradise Gorge, one of the most impressive natural formations of Mallorca.

You can also hike up to the village of Sa Calobra from the bay, although the path requires good hiking shoes. However, if you want to complete the excursion this way, you will have to arrive at Sa Calobra early, so I recommend you book the first excursion of the day.

Book a boat tour in Mallorca

10. Visit the villages of Mallorca in November

Valldemosa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh
Valldemosa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh

If you are going to Mallorca for several days in November, I recommend you to explore as much of the island as possible. It has charming villages that you will love to get lost in.

Therefore, one of the best plans you can make is to rent a car and drive around the island. Depending on the time of the year, some villages are more recommendable than others. For the month of November, you cannot miss Valldemossa, Sóller and Esporles.


Valldemossa is a beautiful village located in the Sierra de Tramuntana, which gives off a special glow in November. It is very close to Palma, just 20 kilometers away, and it is surrounded by an incredible vegetation in which olive trees and cypresses are the protagonists.

This Mallorcan village began to be a tourist attraction in the 19th century. At that time, it was a place of retreat for internationally known artists, such as Frédèrich Chopin. Today, Valldemossa still attracts big celebrities, such as the actor Michael Douglas, who has a country estate in the municipal boundaries of the village.


Sóller has also been the devotion of important historical figures, such as Archduke Ludwig Salvator. This town is located in a valley of orange trees and has a great artistic relevance thanks to the architectural legacy left by Rubió i Bellver, an architect and disciple of Gaudí.

I recommend you to stroll through its streets, where you will discover a cocktail of architectural influences from different periods, such as typical French palaces or modernist buildings. Among all the places to see, I recommend the Church of San Bartolomé, the Bank of Sóller and the Plaza de la Constitución.


The last village I recommend is Esporles, a municipality located in the Sierra de Tramuntana. It is very close to the capital of the island, just 12 kilometers away.

You will love its stone houses and winding streets. On your visit, it is highly recommended that you visit the Granja de Esporles, an old mansion that today serves as a museum. If you are a wine lover, you will also like to visit the Es Verger winery, which focuses on the production of organic wine.

11. Contemplate the autumn sunrise from a hot air balloon

Sunset and hot air balloon| ©james_duncan
Sunset and hot air balloon| ©james_duncan

The next activity I propose is great for anniversaries and birthdays and, without a doubt, one of the best activities you can do in Mallorca.

Depending on the company you hire, the trip will depart from one place or another, although, one of the most common take-off locations is Cala Millor. The experience includes a flight over the island, where you will be able to see from its wonderful coastline to its incredible mountains. At the end, you will celebrate the famous baptism of the air and receive a flight certificate to remember.

In addition to the above, you can also include in the reservation a buffet breakfast, as well as the transfer from the hotel. However, these extras are often not available from November onwards, it all depends on the company you decide to travel with.

Beyond the above, it is possible to do the balloon ride at sunrise or sunset.

Book a balloon ride in Mallorca

12. Go into the depths of the ocean at Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium| ©Carmen Juan
Palma Aquarium| ©Carmen Juan

Although, normally, the weather in Mallorca in November allows you to do many outdoor activities, it is always possible that a rainy day dawns. In that case, one of the places you can visit is the Palma Aquarium, an aquarium located in Palma.

It is made up of different areas, all of them designed for the visitor to get to know the marine universe in depth. The tour begins with the Mediterranean Sea, an area where you can observe different types of corals, as well as anemones, starfish and sea urchins.

The tour continues with a sector dedicated to tropical seas, where you will be able to see curious fish such as the surgeonfish up close.

Finally, Palma Aquarium has an outdoor area where you will find entertainment staff for the little ones. In this part you can also see a pond with carp, sea turtles and rays. There is also a restaurant where you can have a drink at the end of your visit.

Practical information

  • Where: Carrer de Manuela de los Herreros, 21,
  • Hours: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, every day of the week.
  • Price: Tickets for adults are around 28 €, while children pay around 17 €.

Buy your ticket for the Palma Aquarium