10 Things to Do in Mallorca in February

Mallorca is a wonderful island that has a special charm in winter. Visiting it in February allows you to discover some of its most unknown and fascinating facets. Do you want to know them?

Sonsoles Jimenez

Sonsoles Jimenez

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10 Things to Do in Mallorca in February

Mallorca | ©Alexander071177

February marks the end of the winter lethargy. It is the time when Mallorca dusts off its most festive face to live Carnival to the fullest. And only during this month you will have the opportunity to contemplate one of the most beautiful images of the island: the almond trees in bloom.

In addition, you can visit its traditional markets without crowds, enjoy its famous coves on your own or visit its tourist attractions without having to book days in advance. And there are still many more plans to enjoy Mallorca. Let's get started!

1. Lose yourself in the old town of Palma de Mallorca

Streets of Palma| ©Rolf Schotsch
Streets of Palma| ©Rolf Schotsch

The cathedral, the Royal Palace of La Almudaina, the Lonja or the Consulate of the Sea are great attractions of Mallorca. But in the busiest tourist months it is difficult to enjoy all its beauty, which is not the case in February.

A very fun way to visit these places is to book a tour of Palma de Mallorca, as you will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you the history and secrets of the area so you can see it with different eyes and enjoy it even more.

To finish the day, I recommend you visit Portixol, an old fishing district of Palma that still retains its seafaring essence, but mixed with a bohemian touch. It is always surrounded by a lively atmosphere, ideal to try something typical like a llonguet, an oval-shaped bread roll that can be filled with a thousand delicacies.

Book a tour of Palma de Mallorca

2. Take a boat trip to a cove

Caló des Màrmols| ©Esteve Roca
Caló des Màrmols| ©Esteve Roca

Mallorca can boast of having a spectacular coastline where large sandy beaches alternate with cliffs and coves full of charm. Enjoying the latter almost in solitude is a privilege you will only have at your fingertips a few weeks of the year. February is a fantastic month for this.

When booking a boat trip in Mallorca keep in mind that in February there may be days of rough seas, so don't forget to check the forecast before booking.

The cove of Sa Calobra is one of the most beautiful and best known of the island, and is often included in many boat trips for its incredible crystal clear waters.

Other of the best coves in Mallorca

  • Mondragó Cove
  • Caló del Moro
  • Caló des Màrmols
  • Magraner Cove

Book a boat trip in Mallorca

3. Have fun like a child at the Fira del Ram

Fira del Ram| ©Alberto Bastos
Fira del Ram| ©Alberto Bastos

If you like thrills or need to make plans with children in Mallorca, book at least one afternoon to have a great time at the Fira del Ram.

It is one of the largest traveling amusement fairs in Spain. It brings together dozens of attractions for all ages, from a huge Ferris wheel to the traditional bumper cars, pirate ships and shuttles. All this without forgetting the stalls where you can show your aim or buy some sweets.

It takes place in the Son Fusteret area, located on the outskirts of Palma de Mallorca. It is a perfectly conditioned space for this type of events and well connected by bus with the city center. Normally, the fira lasts from the end of February until mid-April.

Other activities for the little ones

If your visit does not coincide with the Fira, do not worry, there are still fun plans for the whole family to enjoy in February in Mallorca:

  • Palma Aquarium: you can discover the natural wealth of the Mediterranean by strolling through its depths and learn about marine life.
  • Take a trip to the past in the Sóller Train: you will cross the Majorcan mountain range aboard a historic vehicle.
  • Visit the Drach caves: 4 large and spectacular caves connected to each other that are between 5 and 11 million years old.

Book a tour of the Drach Caves

4. Explore the trails and cycling routes

Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle
Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle

The Tramuntana mountain range, a World Heritage Site, is Mallorca's natural treasure. Throughout its length and breadth it hides countless corners of great beauty.

If you like trekking or mountain biking, here you can follow countless routes perfectly signposted, of varying difficulty and very little crowded in February.

I especially recommend Es Camí des Correu, a royal road of medieval origin linking the towns of Esporles and Banyalbufar. It is a little more than 8 kilometers of route in which forests of oaks and pines await you.

Other routes through the Mallorcan mountain range

  • The one around the historic town of Valldemossa.
  • And the one that runs between Sóller and Fornalutx.

Walking them is a good way not only to admire the natural beauty of the island, but also to breathe the essence of some of its most beautiful villages.

Urban routes

If you are not a lover of nature activities or you prefer something quieter in the capital, but that allows you to move around and enjoy the outdoors, I recommend you to book a bike tour in Mallorca.

For three hours you can get to know the entire historic center of Palma de Mallorca accompanied by a tour guide who will tell you the most interesting secrets of the city.

Book a bike tour in Mallorca

5. Enjoy the museums of Mallorca

Rafael Nadal Museum| ©Kazimierz Gourny
Rafael Nadal Museum| ©Kazimierz Gourny

It is inevitable that in February there are somewhat colder or even rainy days. It is the perfect excuse for you to discover very interesting spaces that are sometimes overlooked due to lack of time or because the pleasant temperatures invite you to enjoy other outdoor plans.

If you like art, there are must-see museums in Mallorca:

  • Mallorca Fundació Miró Tickets: the brilliant artist had a close relationship with the island that made him cede to its capital a very interesting collection made up of thousands of pieces. Admission is free on the first Sunday of the month and Saturday afternoons.
  • Museum of Sacred Art
  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma
  • Juan March Foundation
  • Museum Sa Bassa Blanca of sculptures in Alcudia
  • Chopin Museum in Valldemossa
  • Robert Graves Museum in Deià
  • Museum of the Fang in Marratxí, dedicated to pottery
  • Footwear and Leather Museum in Inca.

Book tickets to the Fundació Miró

6. Fall in love with the markets of Mallorca

Santa Catalina Market| ©Joachim Rechel
Santa Catalina Market| ©Joachim Rechel

The markets that are held in many towns of Mallorca are known for their animation. And in February you will enjoy them as never before. The reason? The crowds are smaller than in other months of the year and you can stroll around the stalls and stop at them with all the calm of the world and without stress.

The best known are those of Sineu, Alcudia, Inca or Sóller. However, in any flea market you visit in Mallorca you will find plenty of typical products and souvenirs to fill your suitcase.

For lovers of antiques there are also markets where you can go in search of old treasures. If we talk about fame, it is essential to mention the one in Consell. It opens on Sundays from 8:00 to 14:00 in the polygon of this town, located only 30 kilometers from the capital of Mallorca.

7. Don't miss the blossoming of the almond trees

Almond trees| ©@Blende_9
Almond trees| ©@Blende_9

Did you know that in Mallorca there are more than six million almond trees? This traditional crop is a great source of income for the island. In addition, in February it gives life to a delightful visual spectacle. The fields are dressed in white and pink and remain so during the few weeks of flowering.

But besides contemplating the beauty of the landscape, it is the perfect occasion to taste some typical sweets made with almonds, such as the Mallorcan gató, and buy products made with both the fruit and the almond blossom or wood.

And maybe while admiring the landscape you wonder why the color of the flowers is different. Here is the answer: if they are white they are sweet almonds, while if they are pink the fruit will be bitter.

Where to see almond blossoms

There are many places where you can admire this peculiar image of the island:

  • The Tramuntana mountain range
  • Inca
  • Llucmajor
  • Son Servera.

Precisely, in the latter is celebrated the Fair of the Almond Blossom, a showcase to learn more about this crop and its importance to the island.

8. Enjoy a gastronomic experience

Mallorcan Sopes| ©Pere Muntaner
Mallorcan Sopes| ©Pere Muntaner

I suggest you take a route through the flavors and aromas of Mallorca. And they are sure to surprise you. If you are one of those who have only tried ensaimadas or cocas, I can tell you that you have a lot more to taste on the island.

February is also a great month to indulge your palate. Hot dishes are in vogue without the need to despise those served cold. In Mallorca there are dishes for all tastes, whether you are looking for traditional flavors or for signature cuisine. I recommend:

  • Arros brut or "dirty rice": a rich rice stew with vegetables, sausages and meat, among other ingredients.
  • The roast suckling pig or fried Mallorcan: hearty dishes and the latter made with pork or lamb.
  • Tumbet, trampó or Mallorcan soup: all of them are light dishes based on vegetables grown in the island's vegetable gardens.
  • Try the several Michelin-starred restaurants in Mallorca. In February you will not have so many problems to book.

Do not forget to accompany each feast with a good wine

I cannot fail to mention in this section the excellent local wines. The island has a long winemaking tradition and two denominations of origin: Binissalem and Pla i Llevant. Therefore, any of its wines is a great choice to accompany your meal.

In addition to a wonderful culinary experience, you can also immerse yourself in the elaboration of these wines. Mallorca has a good number of wineries where you can learn much more about them and participate in a tasting or two.

9. Live the Carnival like a Mallorcan

Carnival in Mallorca| ©Baleares.com
Carnival in Mallorca| ©Baleares.com

February is the month of Carnival and in Mallorca it is also celebrated in style. Here it is called Sa Rua and begins on Dijous Llarder, the Thursday before Ash Wednesday.

The parades of troupes and floats, which flood the streets of the different municipalities of the island, are traditional.

It is a must if you travel with children, since the little ones have their own celebration, Sa Rueta, a children's carnival in which there is much more than just parades. It is a day in which they can enjoy a host of activities, from workshops to contests to musical performances in the street.

There is also room for gastronomy

And if you have a sweet tooth, these festivities will delight you. Be sure to try the traditional sweets of these dates, including coca de tallades or carnival ears.

10. Immerse yourself in the most romantic sunsets

Sunset on a beach in Mallorca| ©Kamillo Kluth
Sunset on a beach in Mallorca| ©Kamillo Kluth

The beauty of the Majorcan coast is indisputable and contemplating how the sun sets at sunset is an authentic privilege. If you are traveling as a couple, I recommend it, as it is a very romantic plan to put the finishing touch to the Valentine's Day celebration on February 14.

There are countless viewpoints from which you can let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment:

  • Sant Elm: is a small village located at the easternmost point of the island. From its privileged location the sunset is shown in all its splendor, with the added attraction of the islet of Sa Dragonera as part of the postcard.
  • Cape Formentor: is another of the ideal places to enjoy a romantic sunset. Keep in mind that the road to reach the lighthouse is very winding and at times runs along the edge of cliffs.
  • Es Colomer viewpoint: if you prefer a less complicated access. From here you can enjoy fabulous views of both Cape Formentor and the Tramuntana mountain range.

Temperatures in February in Mallorca

Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev
Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev

Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea means that the climate on the island is not harsh. Thanks to this, Mallorca offers in winter a great variety of activities.

In February, the average temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius, but on some particularly sunny days it can be slightly higher. However, do not be confident and do not try to be brave and go for a swim, the sea water is still cold, it does not exceed 14 degrees at this time of year.

It is advisable to pack warm clothes in your suitcase, especially if you are planning to visit the Tramuntana mountain range. Here the climate is much colder than in the flat area of the island and it can even snow on the highest peaks. Don't forget to bring a raincoat, rainy days are rare in February, but the wind can be very humid.

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The influx of tourists in Mallorca in February

Mallorca| ©Paul
Mallorca| ©Paul

Mallorca has enough attractions to visit at any time of the year, but February is low season. This is especially noticeable in foreign tourism, which prefers other dates to visit the island. In fact, the number of visitors from other countries can be up to ten times higher in the strong summer months.

All this makes February a perfect month to tour the island and visit its great attractions without traffic jams or waiting. You can even improvise some plans as the days dawn without fear of going wrong. And two added advantages: cheaper flights and hotels and more affordable prices in general.

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