10 Things to Do in Mallorca in Winter

With temperatures much more pleasant than many other European cities, winter is a fantastic time to visit Mallorca and enjoy the many activities it has to offer.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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10 Things to Do in Mallorca in Winter

Mallorca | ©Mika Laitinen

It is no secret that visiting Mallorca at any time of the year is a spectacular plan. Being the main island of the Balearic archipelago, there are always celebrations, festivals and fun activities to see and do in Mallorca.

But if you have decided to travel in winter to Mallorca and you are looking for unique activities to enjoy during your vacations, the island offers a great number of them. In this article I leave you some of my favorites in case you want to include them in your itinerary...

1. Get to know the Festa de l'Estendard

Estendard Festival| ©ginjol
Estendard Festival| ©ginjol

Every December 31st during the winter in Mallorca the traditional Festa del Estandard is celebrated in the city of Palma. It has its origins in the 13th century and is one of the oldest civil celebrations in Europe.

It commemorates the reconquest of Mallorca from Muslim rule by King Jaume I.

Different commemorative events are held and are highly recommended for curious travelers who seek to learn about Mallorca's historical and turbulent past.

Where it takes place

  • The delivery of flowers takes place on the eve of the celebration at the statue of the King located in Plaza d' Espanya.
  • The ceremony of the Standard takes place in Plaza de Cort.
  • And the mass in the Cathedral of Mallorca.

How to buy tickets

Tickets are not necessary, it is a free event. However, it may be interesting to book a guided tour of Palma on the same day, as it usually passes through the locations where the celebration takes place.

This is a way to better understand the festivity, as you are accompanied by an expert guide.

Book a tour of Palma de Mallorca

2. Watch the Winter Solstice at Es Baluard

Winter Solstice| ©Feliu Renom
Winter Solstice| ©Feliu Renom

The phenomenon known as the winter solstice takes place in the last third of December.

Mallorca is one of the best places to appreciate this phenomenon, because in winter the island is famous for its clear skies, with little rain and few clouds, which facilitates the observation of stars or other natural phenomena such as the solstice.

The Baluard Museum organizes every year a small celebration that includes the observation of the solstice from the terraces of the museum. From here you get a privileged view of the Cathedral of Mallorca to observe the way the sun rises through the main facade.

How to buy tickets

They are not necessary, the event is free. However, I recommend that you do not stay only with the exterior image of the building and take the opportunity to book tickets to the Cathedral of Mallorca, because inside it is absolutely spectacular.

Book tickets to the Cathedral of Mallorca

3. Do hiking routes

Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle
Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle

Winter is an excellent time for outdoor sports, such as hiking and cycling.

Famous for its sunny, clear and cool days, Mallorca in winter has little rainfall and far from the scorching heat that characterizes the summer months.

You can hire a trekking route in an organized excursion or take the route alone. In any case, enjoying the stunning nature of the island is a mandatory requirement, as it is one of the best activities in Mallorca.

Best hiking routes in Mallorca.

  • Biniaraix Ravine Route.
  • Route of the Ermita de la Victoria.
  • Route to the Puig de Galatzó.
  • Route Torrent de Pareis.
  • Route to Castell de Alaro.

More accessible alternative

If adventure and nature are not your thing, but you want to enjoy the good weather of Mallorca in winter in a more active and different way, I recommend you to book an electric bike tour around Mallorca. You won't get too tired, but you will move while you get to know the capital of the island.

Book an electric bike tour in Mallorca

4. Take an excursion to the Drach Caves

Drach Caves in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G
Drach Caves in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G

Considered by tourists and locals as one of the best tours in Mallorca, winter is an excellent time to visit the Caves of Drach, as you will avoid crowds and have more space to enjoy the place.

Upon arrival you will find ancient caves defined as an impressive archaeological phenomenon. Inside is Lake Martel, one of the largest subway lakes in the world.

The Drach Caves are located at the eastern end of the island of Mallorca, in the small town known as Porto Cristo. Transfer from Palma Mallorca takes approximately 1 hour by car.

How to buy tickets

This adventure is one of the most popular organized excursions on the island. Therefore, I recommend you to book an excursion to the Caves of Drach online to secure your ticket, which costs approximately 64€ all inclusive.

Book an excursion to the Drach Caves

5. Enjoy the Christmas markets of Mallorca

Christmas Market in Mallorca| ©Ostaleri
Christmas Market in Mallorca| ©Ostaleri

One of the most beautiful winter traditions in Mallorca is its colorful and lively Christmas markets. It is a tradition that is celebrated year after year for the amusement of the whole family.

On your tour through the markets be prepared to enjoy activities such as musical performances, dance shows and acrobatic shows, but also children's workshops, Christmas character presentations, craft markets and local gastronomy.

Main Christmas markets in Mallorca

  • Christmas Market in Puerto Portals: lasts from mid-December to January 6 and has spectacular Christmas decorations, local food and dozens of stalls selling original gifts.
  • Christmas Market in Plaza Mayor de Palma: lasts from the end of November until January 5th and you will find a beautiful exhibition of nativity scenes.
  • Christmas Market in Pueblo Español: located in the area of Son Dureta in the city of Palma, there is no shortage of good food and the appearance of stellar characters such as Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men.

6. Participate in the Fiestas of San Antonio and San Sebastiá

Sant Antoni Festival| ©Angel Sion
Sant Antoni Festival| ©Angel Sion

The festivities in honor of Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian cover the whole half of the month, so if you go to Mallorca in January to spend a few days, this is an activity you should not miss.

For approximately 10 days, the whole island is immersed in the best of festive atmospheres. Although the program of activities varies from year to year, you will find extremely diverse activities, such as sports competitions, religious events, concerts and fireworks shows in the bay.

The most endearing spectacle is the Verbena de San Sebastian, celebrated simultaneously in the main squares of Palma with live music, a large bonfire and lots of food and drink. You can find the detailed program on official websites such as the Palma Town Hall website

7. Join the Quarteró party!

Quarteró Festival| ©GillyBerlin
Quarteró Festival| ©GillyBerlin

On the last Sunday of January the Fiesta del Quarteró is celebrated. This free and free admission celebration, old and traditional, sought to celebrate the end of the harvest season. The festivity was off the radar of Mallorcans for several generations and was rescued a few decades ago by the locals.

It consists of a full day of celebrations and takes place on a historic estate in the small town of Bunyola. It is ideal to include in an itinerary of a few days, such as a 5-day trip in Mallorca or less. And, to get there from the city, you can take bus 204.

The best way to enjoy the celebration is to take a cultural route through the town, listen to the live music, try the traditional food and watch the dance performances.

8. Get to know "Sa Rua", the Carnival of Mallorca

Carnival in Mallorca| ©Baleares.com
Carnival in Mallorca| ©Baleares.com

The colorful Carnival in Mallorca is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. So, if you go to Mallorca in February you should take the opportunity to enjoy its two modalities:

  • The Sa Rueta children's carnival: it holds a morning parade with colorful floats, games and fun prizes.
  • The adult carnival of Sa Rua: starts after 5 pm and includes a colorful parade and subsequent celebrations.

Both can take place on the same day or on different days, depending on the organizers' preference. And they start in the street La Rambla to follow a route that runs through the historic center of Palma. Do not worry about getting a ticket, as it is not necessary and it is free of charge.

9. Enjoy ice skating in Majorca

Ice Park| ©Sébastien Bury
Ice Park| ©Sébastien Bury

During the holiday season, in Mallorca it is possible to carry out activities more typical of cold climates, such as the traditional winter ice rinks.

They are installed every year between the last days of November and the first days of January.

In my opinion, if you go to Mallorca with children for the winter vacations, this is an activity that you should do with your family. The only requirement is to be at least 4 years old to rent skates and enjoy the rink.

Ice rinks in Mallorca

  • Christmas Fun Park: it is located in Port Adriano. It opens every day from 12h to 18.30h. On holidays, December 24 and 31 the schedule may vary.
  • Ice Park: it is installed every year in Parc de Ses Estacions de Palma. It operates every day from 12h to 20h. On holidays, December 24 and 31 the schedule may vary.

10. Take the opportunity to make a gastronomic tour in Mallorca

ensaimada| ©Marco Verch
ensaimada| ©Marco Verch

Mallorcan gastronomy has its secrets and the best way to discover them is on one of its famous gastronomic tours around Mallorca.

Winter is one of the best times to do this type of activity, as the streets of the city are cool and clear. Also, if you go to Mallorca at Christmas time, you can enjoy a number of exclusive dishes of the season.

The tour includes tasting in some of the best restaurants in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, as well as the guide, and you can book it online days before your visit.

Majorca's tourist influx in Winter

Plaza de España| ©Adele Chrestien
Plaza de España| ©Adele Chrestien

Winter in Mallorca coincides with the low season in the Balearic Islands. This season runs from November until the arrival of Easter, when the flow of tourists increases significantly.

This is the perfect season to avoid crowds and enjoy the lowest prices of the year. It is highly recommended for travelers accustomed to cold climates who can even enjoy activities at sea (the beach or a boat trip in Mallorca) without major inconveniences.

It is also recommended for all those travelers who want to enjoy the Balearic Islands without the overcrowded tourism that you will surely find the rest of the year.