Best Beaches in Mallorca

The paradisiacal beaches of Mallorca offer dreamlike natural spaces to relax and have fun. I'll tell you which are my favorites, so you can incorporate them into your itinerary.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best Beaches in Mallorca

Mallorca Beach | jan_oet

The island of Mallorca is one of the largest of the Balearic archipelago. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has more than 50 kilometers of beaches, most of which stand out for their paradisiacal natural scene: crystal clear waters with a beautiful turquoise color, white sand, some cliffs and pine forests.

Visiting the beaches of this island is one of the best things to do in Mallorca. You will find crowded places with a lively atmosphere like Magaluf and Playa de Palma, as well as quieter ones like Es Trenc, Sa Calobra beach and Canyamel, where you can relax and connect with nature. In addition, there are beaches such as Coll Baix and Camp de Mar, which offer many water activities.

1. The beach of Es Trenc

The beach of Es Trenc| ©Yesus
The beach of Es Trenc| ©Yesus

Mallorca's Es Trenc beach is a stretch of coastline at least 9 kilometers long, offering a mind-blowing scene: white sand and turquoise waters. It is a place with great environmental importance, where you will disconnect from the city and discover amazing natural wonders.

Upon arrival you will find many interesting places, and you can embark on a tour of the beach of Es Trenc de Mallorca at your own pace in which you will see:

  • Las Salinas del Trench, at least 2,000 years old. You will see ponds with sand towers.
  • The bunkers built in 1939 during the Second World War and that today expose in their exterior some poems of the Spaniard Miquel Costa i Llobera.
  • The protected areas, with several species of migratory birds such as flamingos, white-rumped sandpipers, among others.
  • The native vegetation, highlighting the sea lilies and pines.

In addition, in Es Trenc you can dive into its pleasant waters to swim or snorkel, lie on the sand to enjoy the sun, eat and drink in the restaurants in the surroundings.

Information of interest

  • Price: because it is a public beach the entrance is free. If you go by car you will have to pay about 7 € for parking.
  • Location: the beach is located in the south of Mallorca, about 60 minutes drive from the city, near the fishing village of Sant Jordi.

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2. Formentor beach

Formentor Beach| ©Marco Verch
Formentor Beach| ©Marco Verch

Another of the unmissable beaches in Mallorca is Formentor, which stands out for its impressive wild landscape. Its crystalline waters, the fine white sand, the sandy seabed, accompanied by an important ecosystem of posidonias, are part of the attraction of this beach.

This beach of at least a kilometer and a half long, is protected from the waves, thanks to a series of nearby islets. Therefore, you can dive into the water and swim safely. In addition, you will find several shaded areas to rest, because the beach is surrounded by bushes and pine trees, which are close to the shore.

After bathing and contemplating the scenic beauty of the place, you can take advantage of the proximity to Cape Formentor, to visit it in a trip of about 10 minutes by car. There, you will get a privileged view of the cliffs, the Mediterranean and the beach area.

Although you can access the beach by car at any time of the year, you should know that during the summer in Mallorca, the Cape restricts the passage by car, being only possible to go from the beach by bus or by sea. For example, through a boat trip along the beach and the lighthouse of Formentor.

Information of interest

  • Price: the average cost of the entrance to the beach is 5 € per person. On the other hand, the parking service has an approximate value of 10 € per car.
  • Location: near Puerto de Pollença, approximately 40 minutes drive from Mallorca.

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3. The beach of Muro

The beach of Muro| ©René Rainer
The beach of Muro| ©René Rainer

The beach of Muro is a place with an impressive paradisiacal scene. Along its almost 6 kilometers of white sand, crystal clear waters, dunes and pine forests, you will find experiences for all tastes and ages, being one of the most popular coasts of Mallorca.

Visiting this beach is one of the best activities in Mallorca for water sports lovers. Its waters are exceptional for surfing, sailing, paddle surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. You can rent equipment or hire an instructor.

Another particularity of Playa de Muro is that it has as a backdrop the Natural Park of s'Albufera, exactly 20 minutes away on foot. This is an important wetland area with native vegetation and home to several species of birds, which you can see from certain points of the beach or approaching the reserve.

You can walk along the piers that go into the sea to enjoy the view. Visit the restaurants located in the surroundings and in the hotel chains, to satisfy your palate with local and international flavors. You could also take the opportunity to join one of the dolphin watching cruises that depart from this beach.

Information of interest

  • Price: entrance to this beach is free.
  • Location: this natural space is located in the northeast of Mallorca, precisely next to the Port of Alcudia, about 30 minutes by car from the center of Mallorca.

4. Sa Calobra beach

The beach Sa Calobra| ©Greg_FOT
The beach Sa Calobra| ©Greg_FOT

The beach takes its name from the cove Sa Calobra, where it is located. This is a quiet place with a fascinating natural contrast, given by the white sand and the huge cliffs that surround it. It is a beach to relax, swim and connect with nature.

From the beach of this cove you can walk along a path and enter a series of caves, which will make you feel like you are in one of the stories of the French writer Jules Verne. In this way, you will reach a second gravel beach that will give you a different perspective of the Mediterranean, the Torrent de Pareis.

Although this beach does not offer water sports, you will have the option of renting a boat to explore the coast and get a different perspective of the place. Undoubtedly, a boat trip in Mallorca you will not forget. And, if you are in July in Mallorca you will have the opportunity to enjoy the annual concert in Torrent de Pareis. You will live a unique experience among the cliffs and with the sea as a backdrop.

Information of interest

  • Price: free entrance to this beach.
  • Location: in Escorca. At least 1 hour and 20 minutes by car from Mallorca.

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5. The beach of Magaluf

The beach of Magaluf| ©oscar cebrian
The beach of Magaluf| ©oscar cebrian

If you are looking for a lively and bustling place, then Magaluf beach is the place to be. This wide sandy area of just over a kilometer long stands out in Mallorca as one of the favorite places for locals and tourists looking for sports and leisure activities.

It is an urban beach with fine-grained white sand and blue waters with a swell suitable for paddlesurfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and water skiing. You will also find children's areas, lifeguards, hammocks, volleyball courts and dozens of restaurants where you can satisfy your palate and, why not, take one of the best gastronomic tours in Mallorca.

In the northern part of the beach anchoring of boats is allowed, being this beach a destination for some boat trips in Mallorca. Also, from there you can join a sunset catamaran cruise.

And, after sunset, you will discover a totally vibrant scene of this Mallorca beach at night. You will find several clubs with parties until dawn.

Information of interest

  • Price: Entrance is free to this beach.
  • Location: the beach is in Calvià. It is about 60 minutes drive from the center of Mallorca.

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6. The beach of Canyamel

Canyamel Beach| ©Cinthia
Canyamel Beach| ©Cinthia

Canyamel is a blue flag beach with a tranquil setting, blue waters and a stretch of golden sand that connects to a rocky coastline, itself backed by a pine forest. It is an ideal destination for relaxing, swimming and even snorkeling.

This discreet beach is considered among the best on the island of Mallorca. Here you will find restaurants with beautiful views, sun loungers and equipment rental for kayaking, diving and snorkeling. The beach also has an estuary. You can stroll through this protected area and enjoy the shade of the trees.

Without a doubt, visiting this beach is a must, which you should incorporate in your itinerary of 2 days in Mallorca or more, along with other activities. For example, a speedboat excursion to Sa Coster, Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent, a sightseeing bus tour around Mallorca, etc.

Useful information

  • Price: admission is free.
  • Location: right on the northeastern tip of Mallorca. At a distance of about 60 minutes by car from the city.

Book a speedboat excursion to Sa Coster, Sa Calobra and Cala Tuent

7. The beach of Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar| ©David McGinlay
Camp de Mar| ©David McGinlay

Camp de Mar beach is an ideal place to enjoy the sun, swim, snorkel, shop and taste the local gastronomy. You can take one of the best tours of Mallorca on your own on this beach and discover everything it has to offer.

At Camp de Mar beach you won't have time to waste. You will find many things to do. For example:

  • Live an underwater experience, joining the classes of the H2 diving academy or on your own.
  • Take a walk along the beach, contemplating the splendid natural contrast of turquoise waters, white sand, cliffs and pine forests.
  • Walk along the pedestrian street, lined with souvenir stores and beach products.
  • Eat at La Illeta. This is a restaurant located about 20 meters away from the beach, which is connected to it through a wooden bridge.

In addition, in Camp de Mar you have the option to rent a bicycle and ride around the beach in a fun and sustainable way. You can also take advantage of the natural environment of the beach to do coasteering and live an extreme adventure. To do so, you can join a kayaking, snorkeling and coasteering tour in Mallorca.

Information of interest

  • Price: free admission.
  • Location: about 60 minutes away from the center of Mallorca, towards the southeast of the island.

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8. Palma Beach

Playa de Palma| ©Kyle Taylor
Playa de Palma| ©Kyle Taylor

Playa de Palma is anything but a haven of tranquility. This long stretch of soft white sand, accompanied by shallow turquoise waters, is home to one of the liveliest resorts in all of Mallorca. You will find dozens of clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Whether you plan to stay 1 or 7 days in Mallorca, this beach is a must-see destination if you are looking for a fun-filled atmosphere: loud music and the hustle and bustle of people passing between the bars and the beach. You can swim freely, lie on the sand to sunbathe or rent a sun lounger.

You can walk along the promenade and thus get a privileged view of the place, which combines the natural and the urban. Also, due to the proximity of the beach to the main tourist attractions, it is a starting point to, for example, visit the Aqualand El Arenal Mallorca, undertake one of the best bike tours in Mallorca, among other things.

Information of interest

  • Price: free access.
  • Location: on the south coast of Palma de Mallorca. About 40 minutes drive from the center of Mallorca.

9. Llenaire beach or Tamarells beach

Llenaire beach| ©iskendervahapla
Llenaire beach| ©iskendervahapla

Llenaire beach, also known as dels Tamarells, is an uncrowded place where you can swim, sunbathe, practice some water sports or just enjoy the beautiful natural scene. It is a kilometer-long beach with fine-grained white sand, clear turquoise waters and blue flag distinction .

On this beach you will find all the services (sun lounger rental, lifeguards, showers, toilets, etc). In addition, on the beachfront you will find a number of restaurants, where you can satisfy your palate and have a drink; some stores, with souvenirs and beach products.

Among the main attractions of this beach is its promenade, lined by pine trees and the privileged view of the mountains of the Sierra de Tramontana. The beach is popular for having good conditions for diving, being one of the unmissable destinations on the route of some tours of the best beaches in Mallorca with snorkeling. It is also a suitable place for windsurfing and sailing.

Information of interest

  • Price: entrance is free.
  • Location: the beach is located in the northwest of Mallorca, about 35 minutes by car, near Puerto de Pollença.

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10. Coll Baix beach

Coll Baix Beach| ©Sergei Gussev
Coll Baix Beach| ©Sergei Gussev

This beach of crystalline waters is one of the best hidden treasures in Mallorca. It is located in the Coll Baix cove, guarded by lush vegetation and cliffs. Here you will find fun for all ages: leisure areas, water sports, sun loungers, family restaurants and much more.

Coll Baix beach has been awarded a blue flag, which means that it meets a series of environmental safety requirements. To get there, you will have to walk along a rocky path from the parking lot, as this natural space is disconnected from civilization.

You will have many spaces on this beach. On the one hand, you will find the shallow water areas , which are ideal if you are with children in Mallorca. There is also the living seabed, which you can discover by snorkeling.

And, thanks to the moderate swell that prevails all year round on the beach, you will have the opportunity to practice parasailing or windsurfing. You will also have the option to ride a fun aquatic banana, take a ride on pedal boats, among other activities that you will enjoy on this day trip to the best beaches of Mallorca, Coll Baix.

Information of interest

  • Price: access to the beach is free.
  • Location: this beach is in the municipality of Alcudia, specifically about 50 minutes drive from the center of Mallorca.

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