14 Things to Do in Mallorca in December

Mallorca in December shows a completely different side of the island, which is usually a summer holiday destination. There are many plans that can be made at this time of the year, from wine tasting to a visit to Santa Claus.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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14 Things to Do in Mallorca in December

Mallorca in December | ©Travelinho

Mallorca is an island to which tourism doesn't make any kind of fuss. During the months of June, July and August, this Balearic island is flooded with visitors, both national and foreign, something that is not surprising due to the large number of things to see and do in Mallorca.

However, many think that the island ceases to exist from the month of September onwards. The reality is that the general opinion could not be more wrong. Mallorca in December is synonymous with plans, culture and fun, with a leisure offer that includes plans for all tastes: hiking routes, observation of the night sky or visits to vineyards.

1. Listen to the Song of the Sibyl

Midnight Mass| ©Kazimierz Gourny
Midnight Mass| ©Kazimierz Gourny

One of the oldest traditions in Mallorca in December is the Canto de la Sibila, a Gregorian chant sung by the Sibyl, a young woman dressed in a white tunic for the occasion. During the chant, she walks around the church accompanied by two small children, all the while holding a sword.

This celebration takes place on December 24th and can be seen in almost every church in Mallorca. Since 2010, the Chant of the Sibyl has been declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. It is a very curious event to see and with which you can teleport you to the Middle Ages, the time in which this tradition was born.

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2. Walk through the Alfabia Gardens

Winter in Mallorca is not too extreme, so walking is always a good plan. And if the setting is the Alfabia Gardens, one of the most important and beautiful botanical gardens of Mallorca and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the plan will be perfect.

When you book your ticket for the Alfabia Gardens you will be able to visit both the exterior, a haven of peace, beauty and tranquility, and the interior of the building which, by the way, was once the residence of an Arab governor. That is why you will find natural motifs that evoke the Andalusian culture, but also Gothic and Baroque elements, incorporated in its last reform in the eighteenth century.

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3. Experience the Festa d'Estandard (Standard Festival)

Festa d l'Estandard| ©ginjol
Festa d l'Estandard| ©ginjol

Another very old tradition in Mallorca is the Festa de l'Estandard, which has its origins in the 18th century. This festival celebrates the day on which King James I ended the Muslim domination of the island.

The festival begins in the Plaza de Cort, where the Royal Standard of the Conquest of Mallorca and the Cimera are placed. Then, it continues with a mass in the cathedral of the city. Finally, the celebration returns to the Plaza de Cort for the reading of the poem 'La Colcada'.

The Festa d l'Entandard is celebrated on the last day of the year: December 31. It is one of the oldest celebrations in Europe and a must for history lovers.

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4. Immerse yourself in the Aquarium Palma

Are you traveling with children? With this plan, you will have conquered them. If not, booking a ticket for the Aquarium Palma is an excellent option to get into the marine world if in December you do not dare to dive into the Mediterranean.

The Aquarium houses more than 8 different thematic habitats among which you will find the Mediterranean, the Tropical, the Jungle or the Medusarium, among others. Sharks, turtles, corals, colorful fish... in this route of more than one kilometer you will find diverse and varied aquatic species that will delight young and old.

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5. Tour Palma de Mallorca on board a tourist bus

Booking a seat on a tourist bus is always a good way to get close to the main monuments and tourist attractions of a city, and if you can also use it as a means of transport to get on and off at any of the stops to visit or walk around the surroundings, all the better.

You choose whether you want to go up to the second floor of the bus, or stay warm on the first floor. In either case, with the audio commentary on board you will learn everything you need to know about the Mallorcan capital.

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6. See the snow in the Tramuntana Mountains

Tramuntana Mountains| ©M.G.N. - Marcel ON OF
Tramuntana Mountains| ©M.G.N. - Marcel ON OF

Take advantage of your trip to Mallorca in December to experience one of the most typical winter plans. Although the island is especially famous in summer for its beaches, in the cold months it also offers impressive landscapes.

Although there are occasions when snow covers the Pla or Palma de Mallorca, it is not very common. However, the Tramuntana mountain range is quite often dressed in white.

I advise you to bring your camera and, of course, appropriate clothing for the occasion. Beyond that, all you have to do is look at the view and play with the snow.

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7. Taste Mallorca's winter gastronomy

Frito mallorquín| ©Garthof
Frito mallorquín| ©Garthof

If you are visiting Mallorca in summer, eating too much may not feel too good. Winter, however, is the perfect time to nourish yourself with hearty meals. Balearic gastronomy is splendid and has dishes unique to the area, which cannot be seen beyond its borders.

For colder days, I recommend the following dishes:

  • La calderera, a lobster soup that will warm you up in the most delicious way possible.
  • The frit, made with offal, which is the name given to certain parts of the animal, such as the liver.
  • The dry soup, based on seasonal vegetables.

Finally, be sure to try the arroz brut or dirty rice.

Although you can try the island's specialties on your own, if you want to delve deeper into its gastronomy it is best to take a gastronomic tour of Mallorca or even learn how to prepare traditional dishes yourself in a cooking class where you will certainly warm up and your mouth will be watering!

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8. Enjoy a unique light show

Winter Solstice| ©Feliu Renom
Winter Solstice| ©Feliu Renom

As you may already know, December is the winter solstice, an event that takes place at the same time all over the world, although, depending on the hemisphere, the seasonal change will be one or the other.

The solstice, in itself, is a celebration surrounded by myths and legends, which change depending on the city and country.

In Palma de Mallorca, the winter solstice offers a unique light show, which brings together many of its inhabitants. Every year, the public waits impatiently for the sun's rays to pass through the rose windows of the Cathedral, causing a spectacle of colors.

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9. Stroll through the historic center of Palma de Mallorca

Streets of Palma| ©Rolf Schotsch
Streets of Palma| ©Rolf Schotsch

Take advantage of the absence of tourists in Mallorca in December to walk the streets of the old town of the city. The historic center of Palma de Mallorca is really beautiful.

Despite being a city dedicated to tourism, it has managed to keep its essence over the years, transmitting a Balearic-flavored spirit that makes it unique.

I recommend you to take a good coat and some comfortable walking shoes and walk through the winding streets of Mallorca. In addition, in December the streets have a special charm, thanks to the Christmas lights.

The Cathedral and the Royal Palace of Almudaina

Among the many monuments that Palma de Mallorca treasures, the most important is its cathedral, also known as La Seu. This construction dates back to the reign of James I, who, after surviving a shipwreck, promised to build a temple in honor of Santa Maria.

The Cathedral of Mallorca began to be built in 1229, although it was not completely finished until 1601. These, almost 400 years of sweat and effort resulted in a work of art that, today, is declared a Historic-Artistic Monument.

Next to the Cathedral is the Royal Palace of the Almudaina, which is a reflection of the history of Mallorca, leaving traces of the passage of the different civilizations that have settled on the island. In addition, its interior has been faithfully preserved, containing curious objects and places, such as the royal chambers or the private baths of the kings.

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10. Get to know the Bellver Castle without the crowds

Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev
Bellver Castle| ©Sergei Gussev

At the top of the hill that was once called Puig Mezquita is the Bellver Castle. It is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of the island, but in summer it is usually full of tourists. To see it in peace and quiet, it is best to take advantage of your stay in December.

In the middle of a pine forest and with the sea at its feet, Bellver Castle is one of the most dreamlike places in Mallorca. The construction dates back to the 18th century, during the reign of Jaime III. Today, it belongs to the City Council of Palma de Mallorca.

The castle's greatest treasures

Beyond the breathtaking views and dreamlike surroundings, the castle deserves to be visited for its interior.

One of my favorite areas of the entire fortress is the parade ground, where there is a tombstone in honor of Alexandre Jaume i Rosello, who was the deputy who got the castle to become part of the municipal heritage of Palma de Mallorca.

You can tour the castle by yourself or hire a sightseeing tour. Perhaps, this second option is the most recommendable, as you will discover all kinds of curious details about the fortress.

11. Visit the best Christmas markets

Christmas Market in Mallorca| ©Ostaleri
Christmas Market in Mallorca| ©Ostaleri

Take advantage of your visit to Mallorca in December to enjoy the Christmas magic that floods the island at this time of the year. One of the best things to do in Mallorca during this month is to visit the Christmas markets that are spread throughout the island. This activity is one of the best things to do on your winter trip to Mallorca.

In this type of markets you will find all kinds of items, from original ornaments for the tree to gifts that are out of the norm for your loved ones. Of all the events of this kind, my favorite is the Feria de Nadal i Reis de Palma.

It is a collection of more than a hundred stalls scattered throughout the main streets and squares of the city. The stalls host the most varied themes, from nativity figures to typical sweets of this time of year on the island.

Other Christmas markets in Mallorca

Another of the best Christmas markets is Rata Market, which is held in an old fire station in the Son Castelló industrial estate. In this market the main protagonist is the crafts, although it also has a gastronomic area.

If you are looking for something different, I recommend the Pueblo Español Christmas market. This celebration consists of a representation of the most characteristic monuments of the country. In addition, activities are organized for the youngest members of the family, such as craft workshops or visits to Santa Claus.

The icing on the cake is the Christmas Market in Puerto Portal, which has been chosen as one of the 5 best Christmas markets in Europe.

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12. Do some hiking without being too hot

Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle
Hiking in Mallorca| ©Kristoffer Trolle

While in summer, the heat and humidity make it impossible to even think about going hiking in Mallorca, in winter it is one of the best plans I can propose.

Excursions at this time of the year do not attract so many tourists, so you will be able to connect with nature in total tranquility. As if that were not enough, December dresses the landscape in green, bringing out the best side of the island.

There are many options of hiking routes to do in Mallorca at this time of the year, including alternatives for beginners in this field or for experts; as well as for those who prefer the mountains or those who prefer the beach.

Best hiking routes in Mallorca

One of the most famous is the excursion to Cabrera. It is organized on weekends, although a minimum number of registered people is required for it to take place. The excursion departs from Colonia de Sant Jordi and lasts about 40 minutes, approximately, until reaching Cabrera. Since in December you will not be able to swim at the beach, I recommend that, when you reach the island, you go up to the castle to enjoy the views.

Another easy and incredibly beautiful route to do is the Greenway of Manacor-Artá, which crosses the old route that once made the railroad.

It is ideal to get to know the natural heritage of Mallorca, from its carob tree plantations to its rosemary forests. The route passes through the municipalities of Manacor, Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Son Servera and Artà.

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13. Learn at the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca

Mallorca Planetarium| ©Menchu D
Mallorca Planetarium| ©Menchu D

What could be better than taking refuge from the cold and discovering the most lunatic side of the island during your trip to Mallorca in December?

Undoubtedly, this is a plan that usually goes unnoticed by those who visit Mallorca. However, in winter you will not have the opportunity to make the most characteristic plans of the island, which require sun and warmth.

For this reason, traveling to Mallorca in December is the perfect excuse to go to the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca.

Get to know the Planetarium of Mallorca in depth

It does not matter if the day is clear or not. In case it is not, you will not miss the incredible treasures that fly over the firmament. On these occasions, the visits take place inside the Planetarium, which has fulldome technology to allow observation.

If, on the other hand, you are lucky enough to come on a clear day, you can look for yourself from one of the telescopes available to visitors.

On the other hand, this experience is also great for those traveling with the family to Mallorca and looking for things to do with children on the island. Going to the Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca, the little ones will learn from fun and curiosity.

14. Ice skating

Ice Park| ©Sébastien Bury
Ice Park| ©Sébastien Bury

Is there a more Christmas plan than ice skating? Your trip to Mallorca in December is the perfect opportunity to feel like a real protagonist of an American movie. Although Mallorca does not have many ice skating rinks, one is enough for you. Especially if that one is Ice Park.

Ice Park is located in Palma, in the Parc de Ses Estacions. It opens in November and has more than 400 square meters of ice. The facilities provide equipment for all ages, so you can do this activity if you are traveling with children.

In addition to Ice Park, some Christmas markets in Mallorca also have ice skating rinks, so I recommend you to check the calendars and activities of all those that interest you.