Best Segway Tours in Mallorca

The segway has become over time one of the most comfortable and favorable means of transportation to tour a city. Therefore I invite you to familiarize yourself with the conditions of this type of tours so you can make the most of the experience if you have a visit to Mallorca.

Keyvis Montilva

Keyvis Montilva

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Best Segway Tours in Mallorca

Segway around Mallorca | ©eLuVe

The largest island of the Balearic archipelago is a destination that has it all for the tourist who is looking for a vacation that can combine extreme experiences with a bit of urban tourism and a lot of natural attractions. That is why some of the best things to do in Mallorca have to do with this kind of activities that also allow you to get to know the capital of the island in a comfortable and entertaining way and then continue with other interesting events of your tourist planning.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the operation of Segway tours in Palma de Mallorca, because by doing so you will know that you have at your disposal a quite peculiar and fun way to fulfill your desire to quickly know the city that is also the capital of all the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands. I have been in charge of investigating all the logistical details so that you don't miss anything about this fun touristic means.

The best option

Mallorca Segway Tour

A unique view by segway in Palma de Mallorca

Get to know one of the best islands of the Balearic archipelago in a different way, through the self-balanced light transport vehicles.

Visit the most touristic places in Mallorca by means of a Segway, with which besides knowing the island, you will be able to enjoy a different experience full of comfort, security and at the best possible price.

Recommended if you are looking for a different kind of entertainment with which you can admire the beauty of the city from the comfort of a car.

The best option: a segway tour in Palma de Mallorca

On a Segway in Palma| ©Louise Brown
On a Segway in Palma| ©Louise Brown

If you don't know what a segway is, you just have to understand that it is basically a self-balanced vehicle of light transportation that consists of two wheels in which the inclination of the user accelerates or brakes it with the intention of reaching a destination more easily. Knowing this information I can affirm that this type of electric vehicles are your best resource for touring the streets of Palma de Mallorca and the tourist tours that use them are an excellent alternative for entertainment.

As you can imagine, this type of tours consist of a route that tries to include as many historical buildings with tourist importance as possible. That is why the route that is followed includes sites of the historical center of Palma de Mallorca such as the Jewish quarter, the La Lonja quarter, some streets of Santa Catalina, the Plaça Mejor and also a good part of the seafront promenade and its surroundings.

Keep in mind that this type of tours are usually relatively short due to the fact that these vehicles go at a favorable speed of 20 kilometers per hour. Which means that in an hour or an hour and a half you will have already known all the monuments and buildings of cultural relevance along with the guide who accompanies you throughout the experience. I have to highlight the convenient fact that this type of tours are designed for a very small group of people and therefore it is very likely that there will be a maximum of 10 people.

The cost of a tour like this is usually about 40 euros per person if it is a one-hour tour, while the 2-hour ones usually cost 50 euros per participant. Without a doubt it is one of those activities that are recommended to entertain yourself in the morning before going on one of the day trips around Mallorca as well as for someone who is only going to be on the island for 24 hours and wants to make the most of the beauty of Palma.

Book the best Segway tours in Mallorca

How to book a Segway tour in Mallorca?

Book Online| ©Porapak Apichodilok
Book Online| ©Porapak Apichodilok

The first alternative you have at your disposal to book a segway tour in Mallorca is an online purchase of the service. This option is the most convenient of all because you can do it from home, choosing the date and time that suits you best, paying with your credit card and enjoying the possibility of having a free cancellation of the reservation if you make it well in advance.

The second option would be to wait until you arrive in Mallorca and go to a local tourist agency that offers this service. Although you have to keep in mind that with this means you have no guarantee that the price will be identical or even close to the rate offered online. Neither can you be sure that the first agency you choose has this activity in its catalog of products and much less can you be sure that you will get a space for the moment you are interested in.

Something I also have to tell you is that the fact that you can book and buy this tour before arriving to the island allows you to better plan your itinerary for each of your days in Mallorca. Being sure that the second or third morning of your trip will be occupied with this activity you can perfectly find something else for the same day. Just like those boat tours in Majorca that go around the Bay of Palma for an elegant lunch and a few hours of water fun.

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Duration of the segway tours in Mallorca

Tour day| ©B C
Tour day| ©B C

The average duration of a Segway tour in Mallorca is 1 hour. In fact, it is more common for them to last up to 1 hour and a half if we take into account that there are several 5 minute stops at each of the important sites of the route so that the guide can tell the story about that building, that street or that particular monument.

Such tours with that particular duration are the most popular ones due to the fact that many of the participants are first time users of a segway. That is why they feel more comfortable opting for the shorter alternative in case driving this peculiar vehicle is a real challenge for them.

On the other hand, there are also the Segway tours around Mallorca that last two full hours and the main distinction between one option and the other is that in the second one a much longer stretch of the promenade is covered. This is with the intention of getting as close as possible to Can Pastilla, which is a tourist and hotel district at the eastern end of Palma de Mallorca.

Keep in mind that both options are favorable and that both 1 hour and 2 hours are more than enough to enjoy the experience of driving a Segway. As well as familiarizing yourself with the history and beauty of Palma in a quick and easy way that allows you to focus on other activities for the rest of your trip.

What am I going to see in this type of segway tours in Mallorca?

By segway through the cathedral| ©MacP2007
By segway through the cathedral| ©MacP2007

Segway tours in Majorca try to show you in a close and intimate, but also fast and practical way, the most important aspects of the historic center of Palma as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. That is why this tour includes areas such as the Plaça Major and its old buildings next to the Paseo del Borne and its well-known luxury stores.

The La Lonja district with its characteristic architectural style that combines Arab elements with other quite Mediterranean and Iberian criteria is another area that is on the itinerary of this type of tours. The Jewish quarter, the building of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Mallorca, the Santa Catalina quarter with its respective square and the Cathedral of Mallorca next to the Almudaina Palace are other sites included in the route.

The promenade with its panoramic views of the bay and the Parque del Mar are spaces that complete a tour with these characteristics. Which is logical, since they are very close to the other points of the route and also for the fact that they are an ideal terrain to enjoy the most of the fun driving Segways. Especially for the end of the tour which is a moment when even the most insecure driver has got used to this interesting individual vehicle.

The fact that so many important sites of the city are known in such a short and practical time gap makes this type of Segway tours in Palma one of the recommended activities for those people who have a one-day trip to Mallorca and want to make the most of every minute of their visit.

Tips for a segway tour in Mallorca

Girls on the tour| ©Cindy de Bree
Girls on the tour| ©Cindy de Bree

There are several tips I can give you to make the most of a Segway tour in Mallorca and all of them have to do with decisions that favor your comfort and safety. The first tip is to trust what the guide tells you about driving the segway, because even if you have never used one in your life, it is quite easy to learn how to drive them. Keep in mind that the same guide is in charge of telling you all the details related to the driving of the vehicle.

The second recommendation is that you take hydration with you for the experience, because although there is no physical effort to drive a segway, it is true that the sun and the heat of Mallorca can dehydrate you very quickly. Consequently, the thirst you would feel in such circumstances can seriously limit your enjoyment of the tour. So carrying a bottle with plenty of water is essential for your comfort on this tour.

In fact, speaking of comfort, it is important that you have sunscreen on hand and apply it to your face and body just before you start this tour. Because the strength of the sun can cause you to get a quick sunstroke and this is something that no one wants in the middle of their vacation.

Actually, the use of sunscreen is a personal commitment you should make to yourself for most of the best activities to see and do in Mallorca, as almost all of them usually take place outdoors under the Mediterranean sun.

How much does a Segway tour in Mallorca cost?

Money in Euros| ©Pixabay
Money in Euros| ©Pixabay

The approximate and most frequent price for a segway tour in Mallorca is 40 euros per person if it is a 1 hour tour and the rate goes up to 50 euros per person if it is a 2 hour tour. This price includes the payment of the guide who trains you to learn how to use the segway and who accompanies you during the whole route to tell you about the history behind the sites that you will see during the tour. It also includes the rental of the electric segway and safety equipment, i.e. the helmet.

These rates are convenient if you analyze the fact that this is a modern service in an extremely innovative vehicle that is not common in many parts of the world. It is also convenient if you take into account that this price is the standard reference for this type of tourist tours, since the best bike tours in Mallorca also have the same amount and in that case we would be talking about a service that is given with the rental of electric bicycles.

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What are the places you cannot miss on a segway tour in Majorca?

Alcudia, Majorca| ©Staffan Wingborg
Alcudia, Majorca| ©Staffan Wingborg

There are several places that are included in the route of this type of sightseeing tours that are undoubtedly part of that list of places you can't miss if you are visiting Palma de Mallorca. The historic center of the city is clearly one of them, but the area where the cathedral is located, the promenade and its docks full of luxury boats, the Santa Catalina neighborhood and the Paseo del Borne itself are other corners of this capital that are fortunately included in the itinerary of this urban tour.

The fact that all these places can be visited in the same day and in such a short period of time, favors the interests of those who are looking to experience to the maximum what Palma de Mallorca has to offer before going to a more rural and natural part of the island.

In fact, that is why a tourist tour with the characteristics of a Segway tour is one of those activities to see and do in Mallorca in December, as many people take advantage of them before going to the rural lodgings where they will spend the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Why is it advisable to take a Segway tour in Mallorca?

Enjoying the tour| ©Martí Ramis
Enjoying the tour| ©Martí Ramis

Now, a Segway tour is recommendable mainly because of comfort and logistics. In terms of logistics, I mean that when you are on a segway you enjoy a service that allows you to accelerate the time you would have to dedicate to the tourist tour of the historic center of Palma in a fun, innovative and modern way.

The comfort has to do with the fact that a segway does not require any physical effort to be driven, since it works with the degree of inclination that your body and your arms exert on the central axis of the vehicle where the steering wheel is located.

So, by participating in this activity you can fulfill your desire to tour the historic heart of the island in a fairly fast way, leaving you the rest of your day free for any other activity. Which could very well be some of the best gastronomic tours in Mallorca or a visit to some of the stores in its well known shopping streets.

What are the advantages of taking a guided tour vs. using a segway in Mallorca on my own?

Segway in Mallorca| ©Mallorca Top Activities
Segway in Mallorca| ©Mallorca Top Activities

The first advantage there is in a guided segway tour with respect to the experience of having to drive one alone independently is that you would have to learn to do it on your own, since you will not have a guide at your disposal who will teach you to understand how this peculiar vehicle works.

The other factor is the selection of the route, since with a guided tour you are only in charge of following the route that the group leader plans and that guarantees that you are choosing safe streets to drive your segway. On the other hand, if you drive it separately you will have to familiarize yourself with the streets of the city to be able to decide if a route is the right one to arrive quickly and without any risk to each of the stops you are interested in making.

The final advantage has to do with fun, as it is much more entertaining to share the experience with a group of people than to ride in such a peculiar and curious vehicle all alone all over Palma de Mallorca with no one to laugh at this experience with you.