10 Best Activities in Mallorca

Mallorca is a true paradise in the middle of the Spanish Mediterranean. For this reason it is an excellent idea to familiarize yourself as much as possible with the fun activities you can enjoy there.

Keyvis Montilva

Keyvis Montilva

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10 Best Activities in Mallorca

Mallorca | ©Mali Maeder

Mallorca has it all, from mountains for those who enjoy hiking, to beaches for those who are looking for a vacation full of sea and also towns and cities for those who are interested in the urban and rural life of the places they visit. That is why the best things to do and see in Mallorca are always connected in some way with the beauty that characterizes this Balearic island.

I invite you to discover all these activities that you have at your disposal in the largest island of the archipelago, because there are all kinds of plans for all kinds of tourists with all kinds of interests. If there is one thing I can guarantee you is that you will never have a dull moment if you decide to follow this list of things to do that I have prepared for you.

1. Boat trips along the coast of the island

Sailing around Mallorca| ©Daniel Olah
Sailing around Mallorca| ©Daniel Olah

The island of Mallorca has one of the most privileged coasts in Spain. There are cliffs, virgin coves, long sandy beaches and all kinds of spaces designated for hiking. The water that bathes these coasts is also beautiful and that is why boat trips in Mallorca will always be among the best activities to see and do in this island. At any time of the year and no matter how short or long the visit is.

You can enjoy them in all sorts of ways, as there are excursions on sailboats that allow you to combine a snorkeling or paddle surfing session with an afternoon on a luxury boat that also offers lunch and drinks in the service. There are other trips on catamarans, a two-hulled boat that is just as interesting and that are also usually accompanied with a drinks and food service.

There are some boat trips that are much more lively, as they are those that are given on a boat for 40 or 50 people that has a DJ on board, food and plenty of alcohol for a party experience in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea in the coasts near Mallorca. Which differs from the other alternatives that are usually aimed at a more family-oriented audience and smaller groups.

The interesting thing is that these types of activities usually last between 3 and 6 hours on average, which allows you to enjoy other plans for the rest of your day. There is also the issue that many depart from the port of Palma, but others also depart from Alcúdia. And that means you will always have this alternative at your disposal no matter if you are in the north or south of Mallorca.

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2. Tourist buses around Palma de Mallorca

Majorca Tourist Bus| ©Joe K
Majorca Tourist Bus| ©Joe K

Tourist buses are a very typical way of getting to know the most visited cities on the planet and clearly Palma de Mallorca is a destination that deserves to be visited in this way. First of all for a logistical reason, since with the payment of about 20 euros per person they take you to about 18 different attractions throughout the city. If you wish, you can also get off to tour them on your own and then take the next bus without paying any additional amount.

Mallorca's Hop on Hop off buses also stand out for their financial convenience. It is a transport that is at your disposal for a whole day, or even two. This is the reason why it can perfectly be the means you choose to visit the most important points of the history of this city such as the Cathedral of Palma and its promenade, the Bellver Castle or the Cala Major.

Keep in mind that it is also an activity that stands out for its comfort, because if you wish, you can spend 3 hours walking around Palma de Mallorca, while you listen to its history in an audio guide without having to get off anywhere. All this while being protected from the summer weather conditions in an enclosed air-conditioned bus.

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3. Tours of the island's capital on electric bikes

Bike day| ©velodenz
Bike day| ©velodenz

If you want to go around the streets of Palma de Mallorca in a more active way that combines exercise with entertainment then you can go for one of the activities that fans of urban cycling love. These are those guided tours on electric bicycles that run through all the tourist corners of the city. They can perfectly be your way to start the day if you want to enjoy the city while also speeding up the process of visiting the most iconic elements of its history.

You should know that this kind of bike tours in Mallorca usually take you to the Bellver Castle as well as to the important buildings of the historic center. Passing through the asphalted cycling lane that runs along the Bay of Palma is also an important element of this type of tourist routes. The prices are another convenient feature, as this type of tours usually cost about 48 euros per person.

The total route is usually about 28 km in total and the most common thing is that when you book an activity like this you will be included safety equipment such as helmet and elbow pads. As well as the rental of the electric bike and the guide that accompanies you throughout the tour along with the small group of cyclists that usually make up this entertaining excursion.

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4. Hot air balloons to see the island from the sky

Hot air balloon ride| ©Rob Luscombe
Hot air balloon ride| ©Rob Luscombe

For many people a hot air balloon ride is one of those experiences that you have to have at some point in your life. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to do it when you are visiting Mallorca with 15 other people. They join this incredible event that will allow you to travel through the Mallorcan sky to enjoy a Mediterranean sunrise.

The balloon ride takes place while you have breakfast and a hot tea that will help you fight the cold wind that blows stronger and more frequently at those heights. Keep in mind that this is an activity that usually lasts about 3 or 4 hours and the departure and return point of the balloon is the same. Which means that you can perfectly leave your car in the parking lot of the field from where the balloons ascend without paying any additional fee.

It is not an economical activity, since on average it usually costs about 180 euros per person. However, it is still an experience worth sharing with the family. That is why this excursion is one of the best one-day activities to do in Mallorca with children, since being in a balloon floating above the clouds and seeing the horizon of a beautiful island is something that impresses both the grown-ups and the little ones of the house.

5. Tours of the island in formula 1 inspired cars

Port of Andratx| ©Cycling Man
Port of Andratx| ©Cycling Man

There are true driving fanatics who have always dreamed of the idea of riding in a car that at least resembles a Formula 1 car. If you are one of these people then you will be pleased to know that you have the incredible opportunity to join a guided excursion in a high-speed three-wheeled car. It takes you through the most iconic roads of the island that offer you panoramic views of its coastline and also let you drive at a really exciting speed.

It can be said that these excursions are part of the best tours in Mallorca due to the fact that they consist of a route that includes iconic corners such as the Estellenc mountains and the Costa Cavia. That is in one of their tours, as in the other, the sunset tour, the route usually focuses on passing through the villages of the Costa Cavia and then taking a stroll through the port of Andratx.

These tours include drinks and a professional guide specialized in the routes of Mallorca and in the driving of high-speed three-wheeled vehicles. They also include fuel surcharges if necessary and clearly the rental of the vehicle you will use.

Depending on the chosen excursion, the tour can last 2 and a half hours and can also be extended up to 4 hours if it is the route that goes up to the Estellencs mountains. The rate is combined, because it is for two adults who would go aboard the same car driven by some of them. That means that the approximate price is 70 euros per person and about 140 if you see the combined rate. If the route is 4 hours long the price usually goes up to 180 euros for two participants.

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6. Gastronomic tours of the island

Taste the tasty tapas in the La Lonja district.| ©Marco Verch
Taste the tasty tapas in the La Lonja district.| ©Marco Verch

A place is known through the palate. That is the philosophy of many tourists who know how to enjoy the culinary world in the places they visit throughout their lives. That is why gastronomic tours in Mallorca are a very interesting alternative for those who want to return home knowing that they have tasted the most distinctive foods of this beautiful and interesting island.

Mallorcan wine with tapas of local cheeses, a shopping session in the markets where the locals restock their kitchens, Balearic seafood, fish of the day and even ice cream and sweets in a traditional bakery. All this is accompanied by the historical notes that the guide specialized in gastronomy will make about the sites that are visited and the streets that are traveled to reach them.

I emphasize the fact that this activity usually includes the tasting of 10 different elements of the local gastronomic scene in a period that usually extends for about 3 hours during the afternoon. Which means that by paying for the activity, which usually costs 100 euros per person, you get to experience a lot of culinary preparations that would be much more expensive if tasted independently throughout your trip.

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7. A visit to Rafael Nadal's museum

Rafael Nadal Museum| ©Kazimierz Gourny
Rafael Nadal Museum| ©Kazimierz Gourny

Sports lovers are another group of people who also have a space among the best things to see and do in Mallorca thanks to the Rafael Nadal Museum. It is a permanent exhibition of the trophies that the very famous Spanish tennis player born in Mallorca has accumulated throughout his successful career.

Inside there are also exhibits associated with the history of sport in modern times and all sorts of memorabilia and memorabilia from the careers of such giants of the industry as Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt and Tiger Woods.

It also stands out as a very immersive and technological attraction like few other places in the world. There are all kinds of interactive games that allow you as a visitor the chance to compete virtually with other great tennis players of the stature and fame of Rafael Nadal. You can also participate in these virtual reality experiences competing in electronic games of rowing, cycling, formula 1 and other elite sports disciplines.

Tickets to the Museum of Rafael Nadal are not at all expensive, as they handle a rate of 20 euros per person with free cancellation. Which makes this experience that usually lasts about 3 hours on average a good investment if you have little ones at home who are very passionate about tennis and specifically for one of the great representatives of Spanish tennis.

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8. A Spanish cooking workshop with a local chef

Local Chef| ©Johnathan Macedo
Local Chef| ©Johnathan Macedo

It's never too late to learn new things in life and interestingly enough, vacations on a Mediterranean island are an ideal time to venture into new experiences. For this reason, cooking workshops that focus on teaching visitors to Palma de Mallorca about Spanish gastronomy have become one of the most requested activities among those looking for fun things to do on this beautiful island.

This is usually an event in which a renowned chef and his assistants teach a small group of students about the secrets behind some of the most iconic and also unknown dishes of the Spanish culinary world. Usually 5 dishes are prepared in a comfortable kitchen that is conditioned so that everyone present has a memorable evening to share with a small group of people that usually does not exceed 10 people.

There are vegetarian options for attendees who do not consume animals and their derivatives and the best part of the whole thing is that it is an educational experience that combines a luxury dinner with a renowned chef for about 3 hours. Which means that the price of about 95 euros per person ends up being a very favorable investment.

9. Visit to the port of Sóller by train or by bus

Port of Sóller| ©SheffieldRambler
Port of Sóller| ©SheffieldRambler

The Port of Sóller is one of the most interesting and striking destinations on the north coast of Mallorca and is connected to the south of the island by a railway line that once represented a true marvel of modern engineering. Riding on this train is an extremely entertaining activity due to the fact that it offers you a very privileged view of the interior of the island. This while enjoying a means of transport that is about 100 years old.

There is also a guided excursion that allows you to arrive comfortably in an air-conditioned bus from Palma to the village of Sóller. You could also enjoy a short streetcar ride from this northern point of the island to the picturesque port of the same name, which is about 20 minutes away.

No matter which one you choose, you should know that this town is one of Mallorca's architectural treasures. That is why its visit, either by train or by bus, is one of the most requested activities by tourists in Mallorca when it comes to short and fun plans to get out of the island's capital.

The best thing about it is that an excursion like this usually lasts about 6 hours and that leaves you time to enjoy Segway tours in Mallorca that also offer you the opportunity to ride an unusual and entertaining means of transportation.

10. Diving sessions

Scuba Diving| ©Aviv Perets
Scuba Diving| ©Aviv Perets

Scuba diving will always be one of the best activities to do in any part of the world with favorable sea coasts. In the case of Mallorca, not only is it surrounded by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, but it also has virgin coves all around and a couple of natural reserves that allow you to explore the underwater world in complete tranquility.

An activity of this style usually includes the specialized equipment for diving and the accompaniment of the instructor. In some occasions the transfer from your accommodation to the port from where the boat leaves and also the payment of the fee for diving in a marine reserve in the case that it is done in one.

It is an experience that has rates that are usually around 100 euros per person and that can occupy about 3 or even 4 hours of your day if you add the time it will take to get to the port from your accommodation.

The dive session usually lasts about 1 hour and something that makes Mallorca diving stand out is that it is usually favorable from early spring onwards. Therefore this is one of the best activities to see or do in Mallorca in April, although if you don't have problems with cold water, you could also do it in the winter months.