Mallorca in 5 Days: everything you need to know

Mallorca in 5 days is a quite feasible trip. However, you'll have to divide your time well in order to make the most of your visit to the island.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Mallorca in 5 Days: everything you need to know

Mallorca | ©JamesPDeans

Mallorca is synonymous with beaches, relaxation and summer. However, there are many tourists who set out to get to know Mallorca in 5 days and give all their time to the capital, Palma de Mallorca, a city with an immense cultural heritage. However, there are many other things to see and do on the island.

Therefore, in this guide of things to see and do in Mallorca in 5 days, I propose a tour of the best places on the island. You will be able to see from monuments to paradisiacal beaches, passing through beautiful and charming villages.

Day 1: Palma de Mallorca and Gastronomic Tour

Cathedral of Majorca| ©Secret Pilgrim
Cathedral of Majorca| ©Secret Pilgrim

The first stop in Mallorca that I propose is the capital of the island, Palma de Mallorca.

Despite the huge number of tourists, both national and foreign, that Palma welcomes every year, the city still preserves its Balearic spirit. This can be seen in its local architecture, with whitewashed houses and cobbled streets.

To make the visit, you can choose to hire one of the guided tours around Mallorca or do it on your own.

Visit the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

One of the most remarkable monuments of the city is the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Monument and its origin dates back to almost a millennium ago.

It was in 1229 when construction began, following the promise of King James I to honor Santa Maria with a temple. Although construction began in that year, the truth is that it was not finished until 1601.

Since then, the cathedral of Palma has undergone many renovations, some at the hands of great artists, including Gaudí. Among my favorite things about this Christian monument is the mural that dresses the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, made by the painter Miquel Barceló.

Also, if you travel to Mallorca in summer, you will be lucky enough to visit the terraces of the cathedral, which offer magical views of the city.

Visit the Royal Palace of the Almudaina

The Royal Palace of the Almudaina is located right next to the Cathedral, less than a minute's walk away. A different way to do this tour is with one of the Segway tours available in Mallorca.

It is striking for its geographical location by the sea. It is a symbol of all the civilizations that have passed and settled on the island. Traces of the Talayotic, Roman and, predominantly, Muslim periods come together to shape its walls.

Inside, you can see the royal chambers, the great fireplace of the Salón Mayor and the private baths of the kings. In addition, every Saturday there is the famous changing of the guard of honor.

Undoubtedly, another of the great attractions of this National Heritage are the views it offers. The different terraces of the palace offer dreamlike panoramic views of the bay of Palma. The gardens of the Almudaina are also worth a visit.

Among all of them, I would like to highlight the medieval garden of S'Hort del Rei. Strolling through its paths, you will feel as if a time machine has taken you to another historical moment and you can perfectly imagine the king walking through the same place.

Discover Bellver Castle

Once you have seen the two main monuments of Palma, you are going to go a little further away from the city to see another of my favorite places: the Bellver Castle, about 10 minutes drive from the center of Palma. You can also take bus line 4, in which case it will take you about half an hour. Another option is to use one of Mallorca's tourist buses.

It is an architectural jewel that looks like something out of a fairy tale. It is located on top of a hill once called Puig de la Mezquita. With more than 100 meters high above the level of Palma and leafy pines giving it shade, the Bellver Castle is a must on your visit to Mallorca in 5 days.

Among all the areas that compose it, it is worth mentioning the parade ground. Here you will find a tombstone that pays tribute to Alexandre Jaume i Rosello, the deputy who managed to make the castle become municipal property and thanks to whom we can all visit it.

In addition to the parade ground, it is also worth seeing the chapel of San Marcos, patron saint of the castle. In this place, where today wedding celebrations are held, you can observe elements of its original architecture, such as the majolica tiles of the presbytery, dating from the fourteenth century or the silk, silver and gold front of the sixteenth century.

Take a gastronomic tour of Mallorca

I want to end the first day in style by paying tribute to **Mallorca'**s gastronomy. The island not only stands out for its landscape and cultural heritage, but also for its culinary richness. There are many Mallorcan dishes that will conquer your palate.

Therefore, I recommend you to take one of the best gastronomic tours of Mallorca. To make your mouth water, I'll tell you about the sobrasada, the coca de Trampó or the roast suckling pig Mallorcan style.

My advice is to flee from the typical junk food that is usually used on trips. Go to typical Mallorcan bars and restaurants and try their typical dishes: cities and cultures are known and understood through the stomach.

Day 2: Caves of Drach and Manacor

Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G
Caves of Drach in Porto Cristo| ©Norman G

After a visit to the main monumental sights, I want to show you another of Mallorca's great treasures.

This time, the artist behind this place is nature itself. The Drach Caves are located in Manacor, a fishing village that stands out in the island for its great beauty.

To get to Manacor, you can do it either by private vehicle or by public transport, although perhaps the most comfortable way is to hire a day trip in Mallorca that includes the caves.

Surprise yourself with the Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach have a route of, no more and no less, 1000 meters. As you enter this place, you will be able to let your imagination run wild, making sense of the different natural formations that you will find along the way.

As you look up, you will see how the stalactites and stalagmites seem to fall on you, as if it were petrified rain. Between the different caves and their compartments, the water makes its way forming several lakes, which give the place a more magical touch.

One of them is Lake Martel, which ranks as one of the longest subway lakes in the world, with 100 meters long and 27 meters deep. Classical music concerts are held at Lake Martel, where musicians move through the water in small wooden boats.

In order to enjoy the full experience, I recommend that you hire a guided tour of the Caves of Drach in which they explain each of the details of interest of the caves.

Visit to the Drach Caves with Porto Cristo and Pearl Shop Mallorca

Visit Manacor

To go from Cuevas del Drach to Manacor, it will only take you about 20 minutes by car. There are also different bus routes, which combine lines 424 and 401.

The importance of Manacor is reflected, or more motivated, in its size: it is the second largest city in Mallorca, only surpassed by Palma. Manacor has an incredible tourist attraction, given its cultural heritage.

Therefore, I recommend you to take advantage of one of the days of your trip to get lost in its streets and stumble upon its different treasures. However, there are some monuments that I want to emphasize, as they are the most important.

First of all, you can not miss the parish of Mare de Déu dels Dolors de Manacor, a neo-Gothic cathedral dating from the nineteenth century.

In case you visit it on a Monday, you will have the opportunity to browse the flea market that is placed outside the cathedral. On the other hand, another essential of Manacor is the Museu D'historia, declared a monument. The building in which the museum is located is from the Arab period, something that can be easily perceived in its architecture.

Discover the Museo de Nadal

In Manacor you can also visit the Nadal Museum, where you will find an exhibition with all the trophies that the tennis player has received throughout his career.

As if that were not enough, the museum allows you to compete virtually with great athletes of the international environment, as well as have fun with interactive games.

Day 3: Tour the most beautiful villages of Mallorca (Valldemossa and Pollença)

Valldemossa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh
Valldemossa| ©Mia & Steve Mestdagh

As you may have already noticed, the beauty of Mallorca is not summarized, far from it, in Palma. Therefore, my recommendation is that you spend one day in the capital of the island and that you spend the rest of your trip discovering the treasures scattered throughout Mallorca.

Since it is impossible to see all of Mallorca in 5 days, I leave you with two of the most beautiful villages: Valldemossa and Pollença.


Valldemossa is about an hour's drive from Manacor. This village is located in the Sierra de Tramuntana and stands out both for its wonderful geographical location and for the cultural richness of its historic center.

Among the best places in the municipality is the port of Sa Marina, where you can take a dip, contemplate the boats in the harbor or eat at Es Port, one of the best restaurants on the island.

It is also advisable that you take advantage of your visit to Valldemossa to visit the Real Cartuja, located in the center of the municipality.


From Alcudia to this municipality there is a distance of approximately 20 minutes by car. In addition there are also good connections by bus.

In addition, Pollença is very close to Alcudia, so you can visit both on the same day.

Since it was once the Roman capital of the Balearic Islands, Pollença hides many archaeological remains, such as the Roman bridge. In addition, there are many monuments in the municipality. Among all of them, I recommend El Calvario, although you will have to climb a total of 365 steps to reach it.

Enjoy a unique sunset at the Cape of Formentor

In Pollença you will find the Cape of Formentor, one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. In it is located the Lighthouse of Formentor, which has an altitude of 200 meters.

Of course, you can not fail to enjoy the beach in the area, with crystal clear waters and fine sand. You will love watching the sunset in this part of the island.

Dinner in Sa Pobla

Finally, end your day with a Balearic-style dinner in Sa Pobla. This municipality is located 18 minutes by car from Pollença.

If you prefer to opt for public transport, you can also travel from one municipality to another by bus, which will not take you more than half an hour. As for the most recommended restaurants in Sa Pobla, there is the Menestralia and the Mare Nostrum.

Day 4: Alcudia and S'Albufera Park

S'Albufera Park| ©Heather Cowper
S'Albufera Park| ©Heather Cowper

Alcudia is another of the most beautiful villages in Mallorca and is only a 10-minute drive from Polleça. The Natural Park of S'Albufera belongs to the bay of Alcudia, which I mentioned in the previous point.

It is the most extensive wetland area of the Balearic Islands, with a total surface of 1,650 hectares. The Natural Park of S'Albufera runs through the municipalities of Sa Pobla and Muro and is considered a Wetland of International Importance.


Your first stop will be Alcudia. Whether you are coming from Manacor or Palma, it will take you about 50 minutes by car. As far as Alcudia is concerned, this town is well known all over the island for its wonderful beaches. It is located in the north of Mallorca and allows a trip to the past thanks to its medieval aroma.

You cannot miss its old town, which expands through winding cobbled streets. Here you can see the ancient walls of the town, as well as the main monuments.

It is also very interesting to see Pollentia, an ancient Roman city and current archaeological site.

Lose yourself in the nature of the S'Albufera Park

From Alcudia to the park of S'Albufera, it will only take you 15 minutes by car. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can go by bus. In the latter case, the trip takes approximately 25 minutes.

To access the park, you must register as a visitor at the reception desk you will find upon arrival. Here you will be given a series of rules for the care and preservation of this natural space.

You can also ask for information about the different itineraries that can be done in the area. For the moment, there are four routes:

  • Route des Colombars
  • Sa Roca Route
  • Route d'Enmig - Ses Puntes
  • Cibolllar Route

Depending on the time you are going to dedicate to your visit, you will have to choose one route or another. All of them have their own particular charm, but some are shorter than others. For example, the d'Enmig - Ses Puntes route is the longest of them all and will take you a morning.

Dinner next to S'Albufera park

End the day in style with a dinner next to S'Albufera park, in one of the restaurants in the area.

My recommendation is Figueret Restaurant, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. If you are more into modern cuisine, opt for Fusion19, one of the best sushi places on the island.

Day 5: Cabrera and best beaches of Mallorca

S'Amarador Beach| ©Marcelo
S'Amarador Beach| ©Marcelo

Another of the best natural areas of Mallorca is the Cabrera National Park, which is located in the south of the island. It is an archipelago made up of a total of 3 islands and fifteen islets, among which the island of Cabrera stands out.

The whole archipelago has been awarded the title of National Park due to its rich ecosystems and one of the best-preserved seabeds in the entire Mediterranean Sea.

Visit Cabrera National Park

To go to Cabrera, you will have to hire one of the best boat excursions in Mallorca, which usually lasts a little more than half an hour.

Depending on the space you have left for the park in your travel itinerary, you will be able to see the castle and walk around it or tour the island and get to know it in depth.

My recommendation is to choose the second option, which will take you a morning. The reality is that Cabrera has a lot to offer, from museums to cemeteries or archaeological sites.

You will also find a bar where you can rest and stop for a drink, which is located in the port of Es Port. As for the castle, this fortress dates from the fourteenth century and had, at the time, a great strategic importance.

Given its functionality, the castle has been destroyed on multiple occasions, so what you will see of it today will be only the ruins. However, if you climb to its highest part, you will be amazed by the views of the island.

Lose yourself in the island's beaches and coves

Among all the beaches and coves of Mallorca, there are some that stand out for their breathtaking beauty. Since you are in Colonia de Sant Jordi, the starting point and destination of your excursion to Cabrera, I would like to highlight two beaches in particular: S'Amarador and d'es Trenc. The first is half an hour's drive from Sant Jordi and the second is less than 15 minutes away.

S**'Amarador** is a cove that belongs to the Mondragó Natural Park. If you travel with the whole family to the island and you are looking for things to do with children in Mallorca, this is one of the best.

The cove stands out for the tranquility it offers and has a wide shore where the little ones can play in complete safety. If you have time and desire, go to the beach d'es Trenc, an idyllic beach belonging to the natural area of Es Salobrar.