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The 6 best Segway Tours in Paris

Don't want to miss any detail of Paris but don't want to walk around the city? Segway tours are your solution. It is an electronic transport device with self-balancing that allows you to make long tours without much effort. Are you up for it?

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

13 min read

The 6 best Segway Tours in Paris

Segway rosados | ©Christina Spinnen

Paris is also known as the "City of Lights" or even the "City of Love". These nicknames are due to its different romantic sceneries and iconic attractions that illuminate the French capital during the night. To appreciate its beauty you can choose different tours to see and do different activities in Paris. Among them are Segway tours, phenomenal for getting to know the city without getting too tired.

Walking around Paris can be a fun and relaxing activity. However, sometimes you may get tired after an hour of walking. Aboard a segway you will not get tired at any time and the best of all is that you can tour the parts of the city you want in just 2 or 3 hours.

1. Segway tour of the most famous attractions of Paris

people on segway in front of attractions| © Les Corpographes
people on segway in front of attractions| © Les Corpographes

Do you want to see the most popular attractions in Paris while riding a segway? Then this type of tour is ideal for you, especially if you do not have much practice using this type of personal transporters because it is ideal for beginners. In just 1 hour tour and in the company of a small group, you will discover this enigmatic city in an original and fun way.

This tour usually has different schedules for you to know the different faces that Paris has during the morning, afternoon or evening. Before starting, you will be given a 30 minutes briefing. At this time you will learn how to operate your segway, receive your helmet and other instructions that the tour company deems appropriate.

During the tour you will hear current and historical facts and curiosities about the sites you visit. You will also have time to take great pictures and selfies. Among the sites you can visit during this tour is the Champ de Mars, a large public garden that you can walk through to meet the enigmatic Eiffel Tower. You can buy your tickets to climb the Eiffel Tower later to see it from the inside.

Near the garden you will find the architectural complex Les Invalides which was originally the residence of retired French soldiers and military personnel. However, this site is more famous because it houses the remains of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Other important stops are the Alexandre III bridge and the Quai Branly museum.

Details of interest

  • Price: about 50 ¤ or more.
  • Duration: about 1 hour.
  • What's included: segway tour, helmet and a briefing before starting.
  • Advantages of this option: it allows you to go through the most famous sites of Paris in no more than an hour.
  • Disadvantages of this option: the tour can be very fast, making you not fully enjoy each of the attractions.

2. Tour Paris on a private segway tour with your partner

couple on segway in front of the Eiffel Tower| ©seeway tour
couple on segway in front of the Eiffel Tower| ©seeway tour

Paris is known as the city of love so if you are traveling with your partner taking a private tour with them is a good option, especially if you are looking for things to do in a day in Paris.

In this tour you will visit the most emblematic attractions of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, Grand Palais, Petit Palais, the Torch of Liberty, the Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero Square, among others.

Touring these sites will be a way to seal your love in Paris and you will do it without major fatigue, having your partner driving his segway right next to you.

This tour is similar to the previous one, only that it includes more stops and more time in each of them. In addition, this is a private tour where you will have time to take pictures and enjoy the scenery, so there will be plenty of time for your personal requirements. The tour guides will make sure to take you to the best spots for memorable photographs.

Due to the tour, the time spent is about two hours. The schedule depends on the tour company you choose. However, the afternoon is the best time as it is close to sunset. This way you can appreciate day and night in one tour.

Details of interest

  • Price: around 80 € or more, depending on the tour.
  • Duration: about 2 hours.
  • What's included: Segway tour, helmet and a tour of the most romantic areas of Paris.
  • Advantages of this option: it is ideal to tour with your partner and enjoy the city in a short time, plus it is private.
  • Disadvantages of this option: this option can be a little more expensive than other similar tours, although it is a little more exclusive.

3. Discover Paris at sunrise on a segway

family segway tour in Paris| ©seeway tour
family segway tour in Paris| ©seeway tour

If you love sunrises, its colors and its weather, then you will love touring Paris in the early hours of the day. This type of segway tour in the morning allows you to avoid the crowds and have the city all to yourself and your small group. The tour normally lasts 2 hours, so you can visit several attractive points of the city.

Normally, this tour starts from the Place de Fontenoy and its first stop is the Eiffel Tower. The next destinations are Trocadero Square and November 11, Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees, Grand Palais and Petit Palais. All of these destinations have incredible architectural designs that you will be able to admire in all their splendor.

At each of the stops you will only have approximately 5 minutes to take pictures and appreciate the views, so this is usually a faster tour. The companies usually include a helmet along with your segway, as well as a hot drink to start the day. I recommend you to bring some snacks for the road or eat before starting the tour.

Remember that the goal of this tour is to admire the beauty of Paris at sunrise, so entrance fees to the sites mentioned above are not included. The good news is that you will have the rest of the day to come back and visit them or do any other activity you feel like.

Details of interest

  • Price: more or less 80 €.
  • Duration: about 2 hours.
  • What's included: a segway and a personal use case, as well as a hot drink and a narration by the guide all the way.
  • Advantages of this option: by touring the city in the morning you will be able to start the day off on the right foot and take advantage of the rest of the time to do some other activity.
  • Disadvantages of this option: for some people it may be difficult to get up early in the morning to start this tour, especially on vacations. Try to plan ahead to get to the meeting point on time.

4. Tour Paris on a segway during the night

people on a segway at night| ©Joe Flood
people on a segway at night| ©Joe Flood

Do you love the night sky, the moon and seeing cities lit up? If so, you should not miss the opportunity to explore Paris at night on a segway. The City of Light is perfect to explore at night because all its attractions, from the Louvre Museum to the Eiffel Tower are illuminated. Remember to buy tickets to the Louvre Museum in advance if you want to visit it.

This tour usually starts just after sunset so you can appreciate Paris at night. The guides usually dictate instructions and do a short training session with the group before leaving. I recommend you arrive on time so you don't miss any of the guides' instructions.

The first stop is usually Les Invalides, the Military Museum and Napoleon's tomb. If you like history you will love to hear what the guides have to tell you about these sites.

These tours also usually pass by the Alexandre III bridge that crosses the Seine River in Paris and looks beautiful illuminated at night. If you are interested, you can take a cruise across the Seine River at the end of the Segway tour.

Other must-see stops include the Grand Palais, Place de la Concorde, Louvre Museum, Musée d'Orsay and of course the enigmatic Eiffel Tower.

Remember that these types of tours only guide you to the attractions and their cost does not include entrance fees. What it does include is a helmet, a segway, a professional guide and if it is cold or rainy, some companies may include raincoats, anti-cold covers on the handlebars of the segway and a coat.

Details of interest

  • Price: approximately 92 €.
  • Duration: about 1 hour and a half to 2 hours.
  • What's included: professional guide, protective helmet, segway and raincoats and cold weather clothing in case you do this tour in Paris during the winter.
  • Advantages of this option: taking a tour at night allows you to admire and discover the illumination of all the Parisian attractions.
  • Disadvantages of this option: at the time of this tour most of the museums are about to close or have already closed. Therefore, if you want to visit them you will have to do it the next day or before the tour.

5. Breathe fresh air riding a segway at Parcours Bois de Vincennes in Paris

people walking by Segway| ©the_bill
people walking by Segway| ©the_bill

If you want to get to know Paris away from the Eiffel Tower I recommend you to tour the Parcours Bois de Vincennes by segway. These parks are located in the historic forest that was once used as a hunting site for French kings. It is located on the edge of Paris and is considered the lungs of the city.

You can get to this site using public transportation, via metro, streetcar or suburban train (RER). Once there, look for the meeting point indicated by the company. As in all these tours, before starting you should do a little training and listen to the instructions and other comments that the guides have for you.

In addition to the helmet and depending on the weather, you will receive gloves, poncho, windbreaker and an anti-cold cover for the handlebars of your Segway. The tour will take you through the forest trails, where you will encounter sites such as Land Art and the lakes of Daumesnil and Minimes. The spots that will surely captivate you the most are the lakes and the Tropical Garden.

This tour lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. During this time you will be able to rest and enjoy the scenery in the places indicated by the guides. I recommend doing this tour in Paris during the spring. Breaks are usually at the Grand Pagoda and the Romantic Temple on Reuilly Island.

Details of interest

  • Price: about 60 €.
  • Duration: from 2 to 3 hours.
  • What's included: a segway with its helmet, certified guides, equipment to protect from rain and cold if the weather warrants it.
  • Advantages of this option: this type of tours are an opportunity to be in contact with nature and breathe fresh air.
  • Disadvantages of this option: to get to the meeting point of this tour you must take public transportation or a cab. This means more time and more money.

6. Segway tour through the urban art of Paris

Woman on Segway and man walking| ©Tony
Woman on Segway and man walking| ©Tony

Paris is a city full of art, but not all of the artwork is found inside museums. For many artists or art aficionados, touring the city to explore Street Art or urban art in the 13th arrondissement of Paris is the best plan. With this type of tour, you can appreciate the paintings and artwork that adorn the entire site.

The journey can be long, so traveling on a segway is the most ideal because it can last between 2 to 3 hours so you do not miss any work of art. In addition, traveling on the segway will prevent you from getting tired of walking so much and you will only have to get off the equipment when you want to take selfies or photos of the murals you find.

In the murals you will find paintings by famous artists such as Seth, Okuda and Inti. One of the most anticipated works on the tour is usually Lémurien Microcebus by Bordalo II, an artist known for reusing urban waste and turning it into paintings and artwork. Feel free to take pictures and pose next to his murals.

The guides of this tour will tell you interesting facts about the artists and their work. If you have any questions you can ask them. The tour ends at the starting point, where you will have to return the segway and helmet. Without a doubt this tour is great to see what tourists sometimes miss in Paris.

Details of interest

  • Price: about 60 €.
  • Duration: 2 to 3 hours.
  • What it includes: a guided tour through the Street Art of the 13th arrondissement in Paris.
  • Advantages of this option: it is an ideal opportunity to appreciate art outside the museums of Paris.
  • Disadvantages of this option: on this tour you will not see the most popular and famous attractions of Paris.

What will I see on this type of tour?

people on segway seeing statues| ©Phototidbits
people on segway seeing statues| ©Phototidbits

Segway tours through Paris are planned for relatively quick tours. In a short time they aim to cover the most popular attractions in the city. It is an ideal experience for those who enjoy the great outdoors and don't want to miss anything this place has to offer.

Depending on your tastes and what you want to appreciate, you can choose morning or evening hours. These tours offer a different perspective of Paris, as during the night almost all the attractions are illuminated. The lights can change colors depending on celebrations or important dates in the country.

Also, you can walk through streets adorned with urban art so you can visit more than just the best museums in Paris. If your thing is to connect with nature and breathe fresh air, you can also visit the lungs of the city. As you can see there is a plan for everyone.

Tips for a segway tour in Paris

group of people on segway| ©Markus Tacker
group of people on segway| ©Markus Tacker

Unlike bike tours, you don't need to know how to drive a segway. I just recommend you to be on time at the start of your tour so that the guides can explain you how to use the device. But don't worry: in about 10 minutes or so you will learn how to drive it as it is not a very complicated device.

In addition to being on time and paying attention to all the indications, I recommend that you visit the restroom before starting the tour. These tours are organized with the idea of taking advantage of the time and seeing many attractions. Although there are stops to appreciate the sites and take pictures, the minutes at each stop are limited.

Also, I advise you to bring some snacks and a bottle of water for the road. Although you should not walk, surely the heat of the day can dehydrate you, so it is better to be prepared. At the end of the day you can also visit a restaurant in the capital or even decide to take one of the best gastronomic tours that will show you the best flavors of the city.

Why is it advisable to take a segway tour in Paris?

Happy family on segway| ©Julie
Happy family on segway| ©Julie

Visiting a city as famous as Paris is an opportunity you should not miss at any time, especially if you have only two days to see and learn about Paris or a tight schedule in general.

Sometimes while walking through the streets you can easily get distracted or tired of the tour. Traveling on a guided tour aboard a segway you will not have these problems as you do not have to make much effort along the way.

This type of tour is recommended for seniors or people with reduced mobility. As long as they can stand up, the segway will be an ideal transport for them not to miss any corner of Paris. So you have no excuse to take your parents or grandparents on a tour of their choice.

In addition, these tours are done with the help of certified guides. While passing by the sites specified in the tour, you will be able to hear interesting facts about the history of the site. In case you have any questions you can ask them without any problem. On the other hand, these tours can be taken at any time of the day regardless of the weather, since in addition to the helmet and the vehicle, the companies offer raincoats and coats to protect you from the cold.

What are the advantages of taking a guided Segway tour vs. visiting Paris on my own?

guide with a group of people on segways| ©Happy A
guide with a group of people on segways| ©Happy A

If you don't know how to get around Paris, you will probably need a lot of time to get around the city without getting lost. Sometimes a map is not enough and you need an expert to show you where to go.

Just keep in mind that the metro can get you everywhere, but there are so many lines that it would be strange to find your way around. With a certified guide you can find the attractions you want without any problem.

On the other hand, if you have little time for sightseeing in Paris, Segway tours are an ideal option. If you are traveling with friends you can all go together as these tours are usually done with small groups of 8 to 10 people. This way you can have a more fun and enjoyable experience.

In addition, these tours usually have an approximate duration of 1 to 3 hours, depending on the sites included in the package. This gives you the opportunity to make the most of the day. You can do other activities during the day and finish with this tour or vice versa.

Remember to always wear your helmet to protect yourself along the way. Although they are safe tours, it is advisable to prevent damage from unexpected bumps or falls.

Join a bike tour

If you are more classic and prefer to pedal a little through the streets of Paris there are also bike tours that take you to discover the city of light, where it is increasingly common to see cyclists. You have from electric bike tours to others at night from only about 40 euros.

Book a bike tour in Paris