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Moulin Rouge Tickets in Paris

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

Jun 12, 2021 • 11 min read

Moulin Rouge Tickets in Paris

©Leandro Kibisz

When we think of the Moulin Rouge, the world's most famous cabaret, we visualize cancanes and imagine period music in Paris. Today it is possible to relive this splendor.

1. The best tickets for the Moulin Rouge

Entrance of the Moulin Rouge
Entrance of the Moulin Rouge

The real magic of the Moulin Rouge is in its vintage night show and for this hundreds of tickets are sold every day, which you can buy individually or as part of a pack with other activities in Paris:

  • Ticket for a show at the Moulin Rouge - From $ 109
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2. Ticket for a show at the Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge table | ©Unsplash
Moulin Rouge table | ©Unsplash

The shows held at the Moulin Rouge may change according to the season, but they will always be based on the mythical cancan dance that made this cabaret famous. The rise of this dance coincides with an era of optimism and social satisfaction; at the gates of the twentieth century there was confidence in technological progress, artistic avant-garde and economic growth.

There was, in general terms, a generalized joy and a desire to enjoy life that materialized in this dance that painters like Tolouse Lautrec portrayed in their paintings. All this atmosphere is still recreated every night to this day, and to experience it, it is best to buy in advance your ticket for a show at the Moulin Rouge::.

The schedules

The Moulin Rouge is usually open every day of the year with few exceptions and the show runs at 9pm and 11pm. The show lasts about two hours and the ticket includes half a bottle of champagne. You have the possibility to choose dinner with the show ticket; in this case the experience will last about four hours.

The price

Something to keep in mind is that the price of the tickets for the Moulin Rouge depends on the extras you add to the show, i.e. dinner and drinks. There are about four menus to choose from (one of them vegan) of French dishes and different prices and you can include or not the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Of course, you have to request it in advance because the cabaret does not work as a restaurant where you can order a la carte. The Moulin Rouge show is attended by both tourists and locals and, especially in high season, it is advisable to book tickets in advance to avoid running out of room for the day and time chosen.


If you choose the dinner option, you can choose from several types of menus (including vegetarian and vegan dishes) that change according to the season and always include a starter, main course and dessert. The price of the ticket increases significantly with the choice of dinner and, although I recognize that the menu is very careful both in taste and presentation, the real added value of the Moulin Rouge is not the dinner itself but the show.

If you want to live the experience of dining in this cabaret go ahead, but do not do it looking for excellence in the cuisine because what you will find will be something correct and enjoyable, but nothing more. Also keep in mind that the tables at the Moulin Rouge are shared, so if you want to enjoy an intimate dinner this is not the best option.

Ana's Traveller Tip

The tables at the Moulin Rouge are shared, French style; keep this in mind if your idea is to enjoy an intimate dinner with your companion.

3. Entrance to the Moulin Rouge and tour of Paris illuminated.

Lining up at the entrance to enjoy the show
Lining up at the entrance to enjoy the show

If you are going to enjoy the stage that brought together personalities such as Edith Piaf, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minelli or Frank Sinatra and the cabaret that obsessed artists such as Tolouse Lautrec... How would you like to see the illumination of the city that made them fall in love?

With this :::link|text=option combining the tour of Paris and the Moulin Rouge|element=pr-34840::::, a vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and show you the Eiffel Tower, the Opera, the Champs Elysées or Notre Dame illuminated while you discover curiosities about the city and its monuments.

He will then drop you off at the door of the Moulin Rouge to enjoy the show and will come back to pick you up at the end of the evening to take you back to your hotel. A comfortable and magical evening to make the most of the Parisian night.

4. Entrance to the Moulin Rouge and dinner at the Eiffel Tower or cruise on the Seine River

Cruise on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background | ©Heather (Gruber) Williams
Cruise on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background | ©Heather (Gruber) Williams

It is the :::link|text=premium option to enjoy Paris|element=pr-34818:::: that all lovers would choose for their honeymoon. Besides the city of light, they say that Paris is the city of love and two of the most romantic experiences you can live there are, precisely, a cruise on the Seine River and contemplate Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower while enjoying a typical French dinner.

You can choose one of these two experiences and complete it with the entrance to the Moulin Rouge as a finale to the evening. This pack includes transportation in a private bus between the points of interest and the assistance of a hostess available throughout the evening. You will find a significant discount on this pack compared to the price of these two experiences separately.

Ana's Traveller Tip

The Moulin Rouge dress code is smart casual: you don't have to wear a suit or evening gowns, but discard sportswear.

5. Organize your visit

Cruise on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background | ©AmitLev
Cruise on the Seine with the Eiffel Tower in the background | ©AmitLev

How to get there

The Moulin Rouge is located in the Montmartre district, specifically in the Pigalle area, also known as the red light district of Paris. Although if you are staying in the center of Paris you will not be able to walk there (or at least not walking, as it is quite far away), the area is perfectly communicated as it is one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

If you haven't bought your ticket for the Moulin Rouge in a package that includes hotel pick-up, the easiest way to get there is by metro: the 'Blanche' stop on line 2 will drop you right at the door. A cab or a VTC are also valid options, although I recommend that you look at the map before requesting the vehicle to be forewarned against unnecessary detours.


The show times at the Moulin Rouge, with some exceptions, are always the same: there is a show at 9pm and another at 11pm every day from Monday to Sunday. Please note that you should come early enough to see the show; about fifteen minutes before is recommended.

For dinner option

If you have the dinner option (available only for the first show), you should arrive at the Moulin Rouge around 6:30, as dinner is served at 7:00. The Moulin Rouge show lasts two hours and then you will have a few minutes to enjoy the champagne included with the basic ticket.

What to do in the surrounding area
The Pigalle area is one of the most picturesque in Paris; there you will find huge erotic stores (many with shows included) that attract attention not only for their content, but also for their bright neon lights. Pigalle by night is an area full of life and it is difficult to find comparisons to describe it.

My advice is that before or after your date at the Moulin Rouge you walk around this area (you can get off at the metro stop 'Pigalle' and from there walk to 'Blanche') and soak up the essence of this daring and energetic Paris.

Do not rule out a visit to the erotic museum: in my case I was pleasantly surprised by the good taste with which the museum's collection was organized and the tranquility with which it could be seen, totally in contrast to the bustle outside. Of course, think twice before going up to the top floor of the museum, which is where the most sensitive works are accumulated.

How to dress for a show at the Moulin Rouge

One of the most frequent doubts among those who book tickets for the Moulin Rouge show is how they should dress to attend the show (I personally spent "a couple of minutes" on Google looking for information and options).

The dress code is formal without the obligatory jacket and tie and avoiding shorts and sportswear. Inside you will find everything from the odd morning coat in the VIP boxes to jeans. Having been through this experience, I will tell you that it is easier to choose an outfit than it seems. The best, the classic "dressed up but casual"; you are neither going to walk around the city nor are you going to any wedding.

Is it possible to go to the Moulin Rouge with children?

Children from six years old (always accompanied by an adult) are admitted to the show sessions. This is something that, considering the history of the cabaret and the current atmosphere of the area, is usually surprising, but the truth is that the show is suitable for all ages. When I went to see the show I didn't see any children and I don't think it is usual to see them, both for the time of the show and the price.

Photographs and video

If you are thinking of taking your camera (or even your cell phone) with a 100 % charged battery to this show, you can already discard the idea. No photos or videos of any kind are allowed during the show or dinner. The waiters may attract attention and, in addition, the organizers themselves will offer you the official photo during the dinner for an approximate price of 20 euros.

How to get back to the hotel from the Moulin Rouge
If you choose the second session of the show, keep in mind that you may miss the last subway at the exit since the closing time is 1:15 am. In this case, you have at your disposal both taxis at the stop across the street and VTCs, but if you want to save money I recommend you to choose a Friday or a Saturday as days to see the second session of the show as these days the Paris subway closes one hour later.

Ana's Traveller Tip

To enjoy the area, choose the 21:00 show. Before the show, visit the upper Montmartre with the Sacre Coeur and the painters' square and, after the show, stroll through Pigalle and have a drink in one of its clubs.

6. Guided tour of Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge district

Sacre Coeur, Montmartre | ©Francisco Anzola
Sacre Coeur, Montmartre | ©Francisco Anzola

Whether it's the same day you go to see the Moulin Rouge show or a different day, you can't miss exploring the area on a visit to the Montmartre neighborhood during your trip to Paris. The history of the belle époque is not complete with a visit to the cabaret; Montmartre hides many more stories that will seduce you with the same intensity as that of the red mill.

Of all the tours I have done in Paris, of which you can read more in this article on Paris Tours:, the Montmartre tour is the one I have repeated most often precisely because I never tire of hearing the stories of all the artists who found in that neighborhood the true meaning of the famous slogan 'Liberté, Égalite, Fraternité'.

Tour route

Who are they going to tell you about on this tour? Tolouse Lautrec, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Edith Piaf, the movie Amélie or the gay icon Dalida. Many stories, all intermingled and all that while you walk through the narrow streets of Montmartre with the light of sunset (for me one of the most beautiful moments to do this tour) and then sit and watch the city from the stairs of the Sacre Coeur.

The Montmartre tour with the Paris Pass card

This is a city pass with which you will have free access to different tourist attractions and museums in the city of Paris. Entrance to the Moulin Rouge show is not included with this card, but a two-hour guided tour of the neighborhood is included.

Whether you are visiting Paris for the first time or not, if you are going to visit several of the main points of interest the Paris Pass it pays off: it has more than 60 places included, it includes public transport in Paris and there are different prices depending on the days you want to use it. You can read more about Paris Pass in this article.

7. Other bohemian corners of Paris

Hidden corners
Hidden corners

The Moulin Rouge is an icon of the bohemian life of Paris at the end of the 19th century, but it is not the only one. The city of Paris, specifically the Montmartre district, is full of places that speak of this era. If you want to take a walk through the most bohemian corners of the city of light, in addition to, of course, walk the narrow streets of Montmartre, do not miss places like:

Painters' Square

Or Place du Terre which is how it appears on the maps. There you will find the heart of the painters' quarter with a multitude of artists selling their works or making portraits to tourists. Despite the concentration of people, the quality of the works concentrated there makes the place remain authentic.

Dalí Museum

A few meters from the painters' square, this museum goes unnoticed despite the exquisite collection inside. If you like Dalí's work you will enjoy this little surrealist corner. I have written an article on Museums Tickets where you will find this museum and another list of what, for me, are the most recommended museums in the city.

Montmartre Museum
A neighborhood like this had to have a place to tell its history. In this museum located on rue Cortot you will see from images of the neighborhood belonging to different times to objects that tell you about the cabarets and the cursed poets who stayed in this enclave.

Literary cafés

Surely you are familiar with the café de Chat Noir because of the famous posters of the black cat that you will see in all the souvenir stores in Paris, but this is not the only one. Both in Montmartre and in the Montparnasse district, south of Paris, you can find places frequented by intellectuals such as Paul Verlaine, Baudelaire, Apollinaire or Hemingway.

Moulin de la Galette
It is one of the 30 mills that were in this neighborhood at the beginning of the last century. Although during the day it is easily located walking along the rue Lepic, at night it can be more complicated because of the branches that hides it. Today it is an elegant restaurant, but its merit is that it was one of the most represented cabarets in the work of various bohemian artists including Renoir.

Other interesting activities in Paris
If you want to add to your trip an activity that contrasts with the bohemian airs of Montmartre and the Moulin Rouge, I recommend that you consider adding one of the most majestic visits that can be made in the capital: a visit to the Paris Opera Garnier.

In this case you don't need to pay for a show to visit its amazing interior, as there are guided tours of the inside of the building outside of performance hours. Here is my practical guide to Opera Garnier Tours: so you can find out more about it.

If you feel like squeezing the most cultural side of Paris, its variety of museums will not disappoint you. Select your favorite in my article on Museums Tickets or go directly to the King of museums, the Louvre. I leave here all the information you need to organize your visit: Louvre Museum Tickets and Tours.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a dress code for the Moulin Rouge?

    There is a dress code, however it's not as extreme as you probably imagine. The general requirement is "smart dress", which basically means no shorts, sportswear, leisurewear, sports shoes and certainly not flip flops. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from "Dressing to the nines" to really show off your bourgeois sensibilities.

  • Is the Moulin Rouge family friendly?

    If they are older than 6 and dressed properly then they will be accepted, however as its cabaret, the content of the show isn't exactly seen as appropriate for young children, especially considering the area it is in.

  • Is it safe around Moulin Rouge after the show?

    With Moulin Rouge situated in the base of Montmartre, an area which is in many ways similar to Amsterdam's Red Light District. For this reason, it probably won't surprise you to find that is very safe, due to the touristic nature of the area, along with a resurgence of gentrification around the area.

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