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Paris Airport Transfers

Once you land in Paris, there is no time to waste: here are the best options for getting to your hotel as quickly and comfortably as possible

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

8 min read

Paris Airport Transfers

Airport transfers | ©Colin Brown Photography

The two main airports in Paris are Charles de Gaulle and Orly. Both are very well connected to the city center and Disneyland: I'll tell you the best way to get there from each of them.

1. How to get from Paris airports to the city center

Louvre Museum | ©Fabio Fistarol
Louvre Museum | ©Fabio Fistarol

From Charles de Gaulle to Paris or Disney

From Orly to Paris or Disney

2. Transfers to and from Charles de Gaulle airport

Private transfer | ©Kārlis Dambrāns
Private transfer | ©Kārlis Dambrāns

Booking the transfer in advance (whether public or private) is the most comfortable option and is the one you will save the most time with.

Shared transfer from Charles de Gaulle to your hotel

The shared transfer to Paris from Charles de Gaulle has vehicles for a maximum of 8 passengers. It is a perfectly equipped transfer or van with enough space for luggage, which will pick you up on arrival with other passengers and drop you off at the door of your hotel after a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

How does it work? After booking, you don't have to worry about anything: when your flight arrives the driver will be at the airport and will wait for you for up to an hour (counting that you have to disembark and pick up your luggage, it's more than enough).

Shared transfer from your hotel to Charles de Gaulle

Getting from the airport to the hotel is the first thing we worry about when traveling, but sometimes we overlook the fact that at the end of the trip we will have to transfer back to the airport from Paris and we don't want to be late or waste precious travel time by arriving at the airport too early.

On your return, the driver will pick you up at your hotel in plenty of time, you will travel with a group of maximum 8 people in a fully equipped vehicle and you will be dropped off directly at the terminal where your flight departs from. You will need to provide your return flight details and hotel address when booking so that your driver knows where and at what time to pick you up.

Private transfer from Charles de Gaulle to your hotel

If you want the faster and more convenient option to get from Charles de Gaulle airport to your hotel in Paris, you can hire the private transfer with airport pick-up. Only if your flight arrives from 4 am to 10 pm from Monday to Sunday, a professional driver will pick you up at the arrival of your flight and drop you off at the door of your hotel in just 40 minutes.

The advantages of this option range from comfort, to space for luggage to personalized service. The booking process is online; you will have to provide your contact details and flight information so that the driver can locate you. Once at the airport you will skip waiting or having to look for transportation.

Private transfer from your hotel to Charles de Gaulle

Remember that if you have special needs or luggage, you can contact the company once you have made your reservation to resolve any questions; this is a personalized service.

Shared transfer from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland

If the main reason for your trip to Paris is to visit the Disneyland park and you are staying in one of the park's hotels, you can book a shared transfer to Disneyland from Charles de Gaulle. A perfectly equipped bus will pick you and your family up and drop you off either at your hotel or at the Disneyland Paris bus station, from where you can reach your accommodation in a few minutes.

Shared transfer from Disneyland to Charles de Gaulle

Your return airport transfer from Disneyland will pick you up at your Disneyland Paris hotel and take you to Charles de Gaulle in plenty of time so you won't miss your flight. It is important to note the departure time of the bus indicated when you make your reservation: buses to Charles de Gaulle depart every one to two hours. Once you have made your reservation, you will be given the most convenient time and instructions.

Other options to move between the city and Charles de Gaulle

  • Train (RER): It only stops at terminals 1 and 2 of Charles de Gaulle airport, if you arrive at another terminal you can take direct transport between terminals (shuttles or shuttle). The RER B runs from 4:50 am to 11:15 pm, costs 12 dollars and has several stops in the center of Paris: Gare Du Nord, St. Michel-Notre Dame, Châtelet Les Halles and Denfert-Rochereau. From any of them, you can take the metro to your accommodation without leaving the station.
  • The direct bus: I recommend it only if your hotel is close to the final destination; otherwise, the train is better. You can take the Roissy Bus, with final stop at metro Opera, and Le Bus Direct. The latter has two lines and each of them has several stops: line 2 will drop you off at Porte Maillot, Champs Elysées or Eiffel Tower, and line 4 at Gare de Lyon or Gare de Montparnasse.
  • The city bus: it is the cheapest, but also the most uncomfortable in terms of time and luggage space. Lines 350 and 351 are the ones that go through the airport. If you do not know the city, think twice before using the city bus because it is not as easy to find your way around as it is with the RER and the metro once you arrive in Paris.
  • The night bus: if you arrive at the airport in the early hours of the morning and have no other transportation option, lines N140 and N143 pass through Charles de Gaulle airport and go to the Gare de l'Est in Paris. They run every 30 minutes between 11:55 pm and 5:00 am and cost 10 dollars.
  • Cab or VTC from Charles de Gaulle airport to your hotel: it is undoubtedly a very comfortable option, but also the most expensive, as it can cost between 50 and 70 dollars each way.

Ana's Traveller Tip

For return transfers, be aware of possible traffic and allow plenty of time to be on time for your flight.

3. Transfers to and from Orly Airport

RER car to Paris | ©m-louis.®
RER car to Paris | ©m-louis.®

Shared transfer from Orly to your hotel in Paris

By hiring a shared transfer from Orly to Paris, you will travel in a group of maximum 8 travelers and you will be dropped off at the door of your hotel. When you meet your driver at the airport, you will not have to wait for the rest of the group for more than 10 to 15 minutes as the company has several vehicles and drivers so that this does not happen.

How does it work? You will be asked for your contact and flight information and you will receive a confirmation voucher via email that you will need to present upon arrival. Children under the age of three will board free of charge but if you need a child seat you will have to provide it yourself. Although the luggage space is ample, please advise the company if you are carrying bulky or delicate luggage.

Shared transfer from your hotel in Paris to Orly

This service is available for your return to the airport from the city center. When you book it, you will also have to leave your contact details, your hotel address to be picked up and later you will be able to confirm the time you want to be picked up. My advice, if you want to have a smooth ride, is to leave with enough time in advance considering that Paris traffic during rush hour can be a bit chaotic.

Private transfer from Orly to your hotel in the center of Paris

For an even more comfortable arrival in Paris, you can hire a private transfer service to your hotel. When booking, you will need to provide your details, flight number, and arrival date so that your pick-up can be arranged.

Once you receive the booking confirmation, you will be given the meeting point with your driver. Also, since you won't have to share the vehicle with anyone else, you won't have to wait for anything and as soon as you meet your driver, you'll be ready to go.

Private transfer from your hotel in Paris to Orly

You can book the same transfer back to the airport from your hotel, all you have to know is that the service is exactly the same and it also works 24 hours a day, which makes it a great option for early morning flights. When booking your private transfer, again you will be asked for contact details, your hotel address, and flight details, to schedule your pick-up without any unforeseen events.

Shared transfer from Orly airport to Disneyland

There is a shared transfer service between Orly airport and Disneyland that you can book in advance and that assures you a comfortable and fast transfer between both points. When you go to book it, you will be asked for contact information and flight details and once you have done so, you will receive a voucher with the confirmation of your purchase.

In this voucher, you will have the exact meeting point with your driver, who will be waiting for you a few meters from the airport exit.

Shared transfer from Disneyland to Orly

The same one-way service is also available for your return to Orly from Disneyland Park. It is highly recommended, as there are transfers every hour and it is the most comfortable way to get to the airport without having to get lost in subway transfers with your luggage on your back.

In case you are carrying especially bulky or delicate luggage, my advice is to contact the company to warn or ask if you have any extra charge.

Other options to move between the city and Orly.

  • Direct bus: called Orlybus, it is easily reachable at the terminals. It is the most popular option because in just 30 minutes it drops you off at Denfert-Rochereau station from where you can take the metro to your hotel. The price is also quite affordable: 10 dollars.
  • City bus: bus 1 has several stops in Paris. I recommend it only if one of them is close to your accommodation; otherwise, it takes more than twice as long as the Orlybus and costs more expensive (16 dollars). If you arrive at night, the night bus connects to Gare de Lyon and Gare de L'Est on lines N31 and N313.
  • It takes about thirty minutes, has several stops in the center of Paris to connect with the metro to your accommodation, and costs 13 dollars.
  • Taxi or VTC: you can also take a cab or an Uber upon arrival at the airport that will drop you off directly at your hotel, although it will be more expensive (about 60 dollars in total).

What to do when you arrive in Paris?

Orly airport terminal | ©Mathieu Marquer
Orly airport terminal | ©Mathieu Marquer

You have arrived in Paris. It's time to start getting to know one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so I recommend you to take a look at my posts about the city, as they are full of practical tips for you to decide how you want to spend your time during your trip. Here are the most complete ones so you can organize your ideas.

Frequently asked questions

  • How far is Orly Airport from Paris?

    Orly Airport is about 13 km (8 mi) south of Paris. Transfers from the airport will take around 30 minutes to get to the city.

  • How many terminals does Orly Airport have?

    Orly Airport is a fairly large airport, composed of four interconnected terminals named Orly 1-4.

  • How early should I arrive at Orly Airport before my flight?

    One hour is generally regarded as not enough. Two hours should make it, but bear in mind that traffic-jams in Paris are usual, particularly during the summer.