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A visit to the Montmartre neighbourhood will give you the purest essence of Paris in one place. Its colourful streets blend seamlessly into an idyllic scene that flirts with extremes, from the cabaret shows of the Moulin Rouge to the sublime atmospheres of the Place du Tertre, the painters' playground, and the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, with its Byzantine architecture.

During this two-hour tour, a professional guide will tell you about the history of Montmartre and you will discover why it is one of the most artistic and legendary areas of the 'City of Light'.

  • Discover Montmartre, the Parisian neighbourhood where artists such as Picasso and Dalí lived.
  • See the surreal beauty of its streets, cafés and terraces, which have been featured in films such as Midnight in Paris and Amélie.
  • Stop by the Moulin Rouge, the most famous cabaret in the French capital
  • Discover its history full of art and culture with a professional guide.

What’s included

  • Guided tour of Montmartre
  • Professional guide
  • Visit to historical sites in the district

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Step by Step

By joining this two-hour tour you will get to know Montmartre, one of the most bohemian and beautiful neighbourhoods in Paris. Its idyllic and colourful streets paint an authentic and characteristic scene of the French capital.

Its cafés, restaurants and terraces have been the source of inspiration for artists such as Salvador Dalí, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, who at some stage in their lives lived in the area.

Among the most emblematic places you will visit with your professional guide are:

  • Moulin Rouge: the most famous cabaret in the French capital, where the cancan shows are performed with beautiful dancers as protagonists.
  • Place du Tertre: the popular 'artists' square', where painters and caricaturists who draw their inspiration from the Montmartre environment create their works.
  • Sacré-Coeur Basilica: this Byzantine-style architectural jewel perches on the Place Louise-Michel, providing an idyllic panorama like something out of a film.
  • Lapin Agile: known as the oldest cabaret in the city, it is famous for the celebrities who used to visit it, including the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso.
  • Montmartre Vineyard: a beautiful wine-growing area of approximately 1,500 square metres located in the heart of the neighbourhood, where the authentic Montmartre wine is produced.
  • Café des Deux Molins: it became a cult place because it was the café in the film Amélie, where the main character worked as a waitress.
  • Pigalle: this street in Montmartre is known for its adult erotic shops, which is why it is also called the 'red light district'.

This is why films such as Midnight in Paris, Amélie or La Vie en Rose have used Montmartre as a natural film set, as it exudes the authentic essence of what the 'City of Light' is all about.


· 559 Reviews
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    100% recommended!
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    good in every way. I went with my partner and my son and we really enjoyed the ride with my partner but my son was quite bored. It is not a tour that children can appreciate. Anyway I came back knowing a lot of things I didn't know about certain famous people in history.
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    Very good! I recommend it. Bring a drink because it is quite a long walk.
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    I liked it very much, I give it 5 stars.
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