The 10 best creperies in Paris

Crêpes are the typical French dish known all over the world. In this post you will discover the best crêperies in Paris.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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The 10 best creperies in Paris

Crêpes | ©Rachel Claire

If you go to Paris you can't miss the authentic crêpes. This internationally known dish is famous for its versatility as it can be eaten with a large number of products. Whether savory or sweet. A delicious and inexpensive dish that you must try.

If you have reached this post, you will want to know which are the best creperies in Paris to go to. Maybe you want to get the bug and try an authentic crêpe or you want to take a tour of Paris to choose the best restaurant in Paris

You will find a multitude of them, from the smallest street stalls, to traditional old creperies or much more modern classy locals. Take note!

1. La Crêperie Bretonne

Crepe from La Crêperie Bretonne| ©Marina
Crepe from La Crêperie Bretonne| ©Marina

At Crêperie Bretonne Crêperie Bretonne you will find the most traditional and possibly the most delicious crêpes in Paris. In this small and cute restaurant you can taste the typical sweet and savory options as well as their gluten-free versions 100% made with buckwheat.

They have a very original menu with very distinguished varieties for you to go out of the ordinary. Their delicious recipe has been traditional in the family for 80 years. A secret recipe that will make your hair stand on end. In addition, in the menu, you will find a large and diverse selection of drinks and ciders that the waiters will recommend you with great criteria.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: You will find it located at 56 Rue Du Montparnasse. It is also a restaurant in which, surprisingly, you will find open hours that are longer than the Parisian average.
  • Hours: You can go on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11:45h to 15h and from 18h to 23h and Saturdays and Sundays from 11:45h to 23h uninterruptedly. On Wednesdays this creperie will be closed.
  • Average price: La Bretonne stands out for an excellent quality-price ratio. Their crêpes are very large, plentiful and delicious and cost around 12€. I promise you won't be disappointed!
  • I recommend: The crêpe L'épiphanie with its crunchy crust, homemade blueberry jam, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, simple and delicious!

2. Crêperie Suzette

Crêperie Suzette Entrée| ©FossNadin
Crêperie Suzette Entrée| ©FossNadin

Another incredible option to eat a delicious crêpe in Paris is the crêperie Suzzette. In this restaurant opened more than 10 years ago, you will find a very extensive menu of the best options of sweet and savory crêpes, you won't know which one to choose!

In addition to the great variety of crêpes, you will find in the menu several salads, ice creams and even a drinks menu where you will find milk or natural fruit shakes. In addition, from Monday to Friday (except holidays) you will find a daily menu for less than 10 € where you can eat a savory and a sweet crêpe to choose from several, with a drink included. An ideal place to go, for example, if you travel to Paris with children.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: There are several locations of this branch, but I recommend you to go to the one located at 24 Rue des Francs Bourgeois. Located very close to the Notre Dame Cathedral, the first of all.
  • Hours: You will find it open every day of the week. Its opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 12h to 15h and from 19h to 22:30h and on weekends from 12h to 22:30h.
  • Average price: The prices of the crêperie Suzette are quite cheap. You can eat a delicious savory crêpe from about 6€ or a sweet one from about 5€. The price will increase depending on the amount of products you choose.
  • I recommend: Try the galette Provencal with fresh mushrooms, emmental cheese and Provencal sauce.

3. Breizh Café Le Marais

Crepe with Spinach and egg from Breizh Café Le Marais| ©Sham k
Crepe with Spinach and egg from Breizh Café Le Marais| ©Sham k

This creperie is the elegant version of eating the best crêpes. With a Michelin star rating, at Breizh Café you will taste a wide variety of flavors and textures worthy of a gourmet restaurant. In addition, on the premises you will find stores and a hotel where you can stay. The magic of Breizh Café's flavors has reached Japan, imagine the level it is at!

All their ingredients are certified organic and with denomination of origin and of a superior category, coming from the best suppliers. You will find the best traditional crêpes and galettes, as well as the most innovative combinations and elaborations. In addition, the menu offers gourmet starters such as oysters and a selection of the best ciders to accompany your dishes.

Details of interest

  • How to get there: You will find Breizh Café Le Marais at 109 Rue Vieille du Temple, very close to one of the best museums in Paris: the Picasso National Museum. You can go there to eat your crêpe or galette after spending the day admiring the prestigious museum and delighting yourself with its art.
  • Opening hours: It is open every day of the week from 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Average price: The price per person is affordable, considering the virtuosity and quality of its ingredients and dishes. You will find crêpes and galettes from about 6€ for the simplest ones. The special crêpes are priced from 10€ approximately.
  • I recommend: The crêpe with poached peaches, raspberry sauce, vanilla ice cream and fresh mint.

4. Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie of L'Épouse Du Marin

Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie from L'Épouse Du Marin| ©Labux
Crêperie Bretonne Fleurie from L'Épouse Du Marin| ©Labux

This quaint and cozy little place with a seafaring atmosphere has exquisite crêpes and galettes. Although it has three floors, it is always crowded and you will find it difficult to enter without noticing the hustle and bustle of people. It doesn't have much variety, but their products are delicious and you will enjoy tasting their crêpes and then you can continue with your route. You can always take a bike ride. A comfortable way to get to all your points of interest faster.

You can highlight the full crêpes and galettes and you should know that the dough is very faithful to the traditional one and you will love it. The sweet crêpes are also a perdition of how rich they are. I recommend you to order the goat cheese, bacon and egg galette, it is delicious. For dessert, I suggest you order the Gwen Ha Du, you will enjoy its chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I advise you to try their coffee and cider.

The prices are very reasonable. They range from around 3 euros more or less, the simplest option of the crêpe with butter, to the more special versions with more products for around 11 euros.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: The restaurant is located at 67 Rue de Charonne, parallel to Boulevard Saint Germain. You can go to eat after visiting, for example, the oldest church in Paris: The Benedictine Abbey of Saint Germain.
  • Hours: You can go any day of the week from 12h to 14:30 and from 19h to 23h. They do not close any day of the week, so take advantage of your walk and decide to go!
  • Average price: Prices are very reasonable. They range from 3€ more or less, the simplest option of the crêpe with butter, to the more special versions with more products for about 11€ approximately.
  • I recommend: The pear crêpe with vanilla ice cream, salidou and almonds.

5. Crêperie Josselin

Crêperie Josselin| ©Marki-KaB
Crêperie Josselin| ©Marki-KaB

If you want to try authentic homemade crêpes in Paris, you can do it in many places. But there are always some, which stand out above others and many users recommend you to go to the crêperie Josselin. It is a cute, small and with a personal charm that does not leave indifferent. It is worth noting that although it is always full due to its success, you will find yourself as comfortable as at home.

Their dishes are abundant and not copious. The dough of the galettes and crêpes are traditional with its characteristic buttery flavor, as it should be. It has an extensive menu of varieties for which you will not know which one to choose. It highlights the speed of service, so if you go in a hurry but want to eat a delicious crêpe, this is your place!

They also have a menu where you can eat a galette and a crêpe with a drink for about 12 € approximately.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: You can visit the creperie Josselin at 67 Rue du Montparnasse. Located within walking distance of the Luxembourg Gardens.
  • Hours: You can go from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30h to 23h at the time you want, as they do not close at noon. Mondays are closed for staff rest.
  • Average price: Josselin's prices are quite affordable and economical. You can eat a galette for about 10€ approximately and a sweet crêpe for about 7€ or so. If you want to drink a delicious cider, the bottle will cost you around 8€.
  • I recommend: Try the fig jam, cheese and bacon galette, a fabulous choice of contrasts!

6. La Petite Crêperie

La Petite Crêperie| ©Julie F
La Petite Crêperie| ©Julie F

This creperie in the center of Paris, is another good option to eat a delicious crêpe. You can eat while you enjoy the bustle of the Parisian streets or while admiring the incredible paintings and images of artists on the walls. Undoubtedly a warm and bright place full of colors that will make you feel very comfortable.

In their menu you will find several types of crêpes that stand out for their thematic names. Although there are not too many options, you will be able to see vegetarian options if that is what you are looking for. If you want a gluten-free option, you can choose your crêpe to be made with buckwheat and you can modify the ingredients to your liking. You will see starters such as salads, quite abundant.

It is worth noting the speed and friendliness of the service. In addition you have the typical Parisian menu of galette + crêpe and drink for about 13€ more or less.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: You will find La Petite Crêperie at 85 Rue Albert , located very close to one side of the Seine River. It is also close by if you want to visit the Catacombs of Paris.
  • Opening hours: You will find it open from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 11 pm.
  • Average price: As for the price, they are relatively normal prices. You can eat a galette from about 12€ and for dessert you can order a crêpe for prices around 6€.
  • I recommend: If you are daring, try the galette with montbeliard sausages, potatoes with fine herbs, emmental, onion confit, egg and horseradish cream.

7. La Crêperie des Canettes

Creep from La Crêperie des Canettes| ©Cecile
Creep from La Crêperie des Canettes| ©Cecile

This creperie in Paris is a real hit. Their crêpes are delicious and you will love them! Although the place is very small and cozy, you will love it. Besides, you should know that it is a place frequented by local people and that is a plus, right?

You will find in their menu many types of galettes and crêpes, with fish, meat, vegetables, cheeses**, the most traditional crêpes**... You will have a hard time choosing among so many varieties, because theyare alldelicious! If you wish, vegetarian options are also available.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: This creperie is just a few blocks from the Luxembourg Palace and its gardens. As the name of the place indicates, you will find it at 10 Rue des Canettes.
  • Hours: Any day from Monday to Saturday from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm, uninterrupted.
  • Average price: It is a recommended place in the area apart from the fact that the prices are very affordable for its quality and location. You can eat the most classic crêpes from 5 € and the most "exclusive" ones are priced from 8 €.
  • I recommend: If you are a cheese lover, try the Roquefort galette with walnuts and crême fraîche.

8. The crêpe de Brocéliande

Eating at La crêpe de Brocéliande| ©Quentin T
Eating at La crêpe de Brocéliande| ©Quentin T

At La crêpe de Brocéliande, open since 1982, they cook and elaborate the best traditional crêpes with the best products and in the most organic and natural way possible. You can taste the galettes and crêpes made with buckwheat or wheat with or without garnish, in the most conventional way.

The waiters will recommend you the best options for both crêpes and drinks. They also stand out for the speed of service and friendliness of the staff. You will find a lot of variety in the menu and they also have trays and products to take away. It is a small place, as is common in Paris restaurants. So I recommend you to book a table or you will have to wait.

The prices are very reasonable and are around the same prices, or very similar to other creperies of the same quality. Prices range from approximately 8€ to 16-17€ for the most special and gourmet ones.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: This creperie is located at 15 Rue des Trois Frères, a few steps from the famous I love you wall. A good place to go after a stroll through the Parisian streets.

  • Hours: You can go on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 12h to 15h and from 19h to 22:30h and on Saturdays from 12h to 23h and Sundays from 12h to 22h, in continuous schedule.Mondays and Tuesdays will be closed.

  • Average price: The prices are very reasonable and are around the same prices, or very similar to other creperies of the same quality. Prices range from approximately 8€ to 16-17€ for the most special and gourmet ones.

  • I recommend: Try the onion confit galette with apple, bacon, egg and cheese, delicious!

9. Au Petit Grec

Au Petit Grec's crepe| ©Auptitgrec
Au Petit Grec's crepe| ©Auptitgrec

In this creperie you will taste, possibly, some of the best crêpes in Paris. They boast of having the tastiest and healthiest ones, even if it sounds ironic. But yes, it is a fact because of their fresh products with all their nutrients booming.

Their crunchy texture will not leave you indifferent, your mouth will be watering! It is a very small place and where you will have to queue because of the amount of people who are connoisseurs of their crêpes and galettes, but it is very much worth it! Anyway, if you prefer, you can order it to go and eat it while you continue visiting the best neighborhoods of Paris.

You will be surprised by the many varieties of galettes and crêpes you will find. And I must tell you that I find the prices very cheap for how tasty they are.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: You will find two places in Paris to taste the crêpes of Au P'tit Grec. One located at 68 Rue Mouffetard, very close to the Pantheon in Paris and the new location opened at 9 Rue Victor Cousin, between the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Gardens.

  • Opening hours: The opening hours of both are from Monday to Sunday from 11h in the morning to 0:30h at night without interruption.

  • Average price: From the most classic and traditional to the most special. Their prices vary from 3€ approximately to 10€ more or less for the salty galettes and from 2€ for the sweet crêpes. Pretty cheap, isn't it? Go and don't let them tell you about it!

  • I recommend: I recommend that since this is a place where you can make your own crêpes, don't overdo it too much. The chocolate crêpes with coconut and banana are delicious!

10. Chez Nicos

Chez Nicos| ©Nico A
Chez Nicos| ©Nico A

This place is great if you want a quick crêpe. The place, like most of them, is very small, you can wait to sit inside, although I advise you to order it to go and continue to know the streets of Paris while you eat a delicious crêpe or galette.

Chez Nicos has a wide variety of sweet and savory crêpes, so many that you will have a hard time choosing! If there is one thing I can highlight about this crêperie it is the size they serve. So big that it will seem that you can't finish it, but nevertheless, you won't be able to stop eating! In addition to all this, if you prefer, you can place an order and have it delivered wherever you choose. In addition to sweet and savory crêpes, you will find in the menu a great variety of Paninnis, in case you feel like changing your mind.

Interesting details

  • How to get there: Chez Nicos is located at 44 Rue Mouffetardaa few streets also from the Panthéon in Paris.

  • Hours:This creperie is the option that covers more hours of all the options that I have put throughout the guide. It is open everyday of the week from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. Perfect if you get a craving in Paris at night and want to eat a crêpe at the last minute!

  • Average price: The prices of this place are quite cheap, usually not more than 7 € approximately, both in sweet crêpes and savory galettes. A very economical price for what you will enjoy.

  • I recommend: Any option of this crêperie is good, since you can also make the crêpes to your liking and add whatever you want. Whatever you order is a good option.

Why should you eat at a crêperie?

Sweet Crêpe| ©Eva Elijas
Sweet Crêpe| ©Eva Elijas

As you may know, crêpes are one of the quintessential dishes of French gastronomy, also known worldwide. Surely in every many times you have succumbed to its charms and wanted to make them by your own hand, right? It is a simple, delicious and very versatile dish that you can eat with a countless number of different products, whether sweet or savory.

For that very reason, if you visit Paris, you can't miss the opportunity to try the authentic crêpe or galette. Moreover, being in Paris you will find a crêperie every few meters, due to the large number of places that make them. I don't think you will be able to choose just one place, you will probably want to do a tasting tour and choose the best one according to your criteria, it's the best thing to do! Enjoy the tour and eat lots of crêpes!

Tips for choosing the best crêperie in Paris

Crepe| ©Marina M
Crepe| ©Marina M

There is no set of tips to choose better or worse. I simply have to tell you that, if you are in Paris, you will taste the best crêpes. The traditional recipe is unique and each place will make it in its own way, but you will rarely be disappointed. What I can tell you is the best thing a crêpe should have to be well done.

There are several things to keep in mind. In France and for the most part, most crêpes or failing that, most galettes (savory) are usually made of buckwheat or wheat dough. First of all, a crêpe must taste buttery. If it has that taste, it is one of the main characteristics of an authentic French crêpe.

Secondly, the crêpe should be crunchy when you eat it. If it does not have that texture, or if it is soft or chewy, it is not a real crêpe.

Well, so much for the guide to the best crêperies in Paris. I have chosen the best places for you, and I hope you will enjoy them and not be disappointed. Enjoy Paris and its crêpes!

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